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I'm 49 and with my BIG "50" looming 5 months away...

I'm 49 and with my BIG "50" looming 5 months away I'm starting to notice more and more fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. At my most recent followup appointment related to my augmentation done in 2012, I talk with the surgeon about options/suggestions of what to do? I thought fillers would be the way to go but actually he recommended Fraxel Restore treatments. I'm scheduled to have my first one Feb. 5th, 2016. Wish me luck!!

Post Fraxel Restore treatment

So I had my first treatment Friday and today is Monday. The treatment itself was intense but tolerable. I've been gauging my results daily. Thus far I'm happy with the results but still nervous about the final outcome. Meaning, it's hard to tell with still having some swelling how well things will pan out. Swelling can give you false sense of hope till it completely goes down and the lines reemerge. Anyway, I'm very pleased with the overall results of my treatment. My Dr. said to give it a month before I gauge my results from this treatment and 3-6 months for the final outcome. Stay tuned.

Update post fraxel 2

Day 5, still have a little swelling around eyes. Feeling good today, off and on before I was having a little achiness in my cheek bone area. Likely due to tightening and regenerating new skin cells. Today the new skin is starting to come through and I'm actually getting compliments on the benefits from co-workers. My face feels more tone, plumped up, and the appearance is newer.

Details about cost, etc.

So I wanted to put this blurb in here related to cost. Each Fraxel treatment for me cost $500. So far, I've only had one treatment. I was told it might take up to three treatments to achieve my desired results so I estimated total cost of $1,500. I think people ought to be aware of this because each person's face is different as well as their desired end result. Give yourself at least month healing time to see if you will even need more treatments. You continue to heal and improve for 3-6 months but I feel after 1 month you should be able to gauge if you're reached your desired results and may not need multiple treatments. Also, research your provider and price. Obviously don't sacrifice quality over price. I had my Fraxel done by a board certified Cosmetic Aesthetician working through a local Hospital. I think this improved my expenses immensely over choosing one of our local independent Cosmetic Aesthetician's.

Day 6

So the dead skin is almost gone and I still have a slight bit of puffiness around my eyes. I'm so excited about the results thus far that I scheduled a second appointment in a month. 2 is as far as I had planned to go. Budget wise and results. The photos don't really do justice to the results. Prior to the first Fraxel I hated my tear trough area. They were crepey and nothing I tried helped. This procedure has plumped up my face where needed and toned as well. Because of this I no longer have to pat my makeup on and hope it doesn't look to awful throughout the day. So much better. Two thumbs up for that! :)

Day 7 update...

I think my swelling has went down for the most part, but I still have some skin sloughing off around my nose and forward. I scheduled my second Fraxel treatment on Feb. 26th. That's my limit. I'm happy with the results as they are but feel one more treatment could take it over the top. I think for me more after that would be pushing it. My skin has improved allot, the tone, texture and much of the lines, pores and volume are much improved. Stay tuned.

Day 8...

After talking to someone in Plastics yesterday, (I work in the Hospital where I had my treatment and their department office is a walk around the corner), I decided to continuing showing those that are interested continued photos past day 7. Day 7 is for some when the healing, etc. has calms down and runs at a slower pace for up to 3-6 months. She said that I am still in that healing process and had swelling, etc. They know better than I. Each day since putting makeup back on I'm noticing that I'm needing less to achieve desired results. Feeling my face now when washing it and putting makeup on, especially around my eyes, it feels like someone put air back into a deflated balloon. That's the part most the reviews don't say that I think is important to know. It's a good thing. I have cheeks and contour coming back!! Love it.

Fraxel Restore 2nd treatment

This time I think I see some marked improvement under both eyes regarding the fine lines. I would like to note that one day prior to this treatment I was given an injection by my allergist that's an immune system booster for my allergies. I take the allergy drops but 2x a year I can get this shot that helps calm down my allergies. This helps with the itching, watering and puffiness under my eyes. I sort of wonder if it hasn't helped with my fraxel as far as healing faster? The first time I was red and swollen a few days long than this one. Other things I want to mention others haven't touched on. My 1st fraxel treatment the laser was set on 45, this 2nd time it was set on 65. I'm to give things a little longer to calm down but there's a chance I may have a 3rd one. Just because 3-5 are what they recommend for fine lines, etc. Since I feel I now see a nice difference, the 3rd one could make them hardly visible. we'll see. Thoughts or questions?

Fraxel Restore 2nd treat/ Difference in healing, etc...

They called to do my one week post procedure check today. It turns out that the improvement I saw in healing time is normal and the Allergy booster injection had nothing to do with it. She said, each time your skin gets more used to it and reacts better. Which explains why some that have the $$ do several. However my budget has a ceiling! (laughing) Word of advice, in my limited experience I've learned, if you don't have the budget to do 3 treatments in a reason amount of time, try a cheaper option. Like peels, microdermabrasion, etc. Reason being, I was NOT sure the 1st treatment was worth it and questioned if I should spend the $ for a 2nd. The 2nd one showed enough improvement that I'm having a 3rd. Which I think will me very happy and satisfied. In addition, because your skin continues to age and results will be gone sooner than later, if you can't do them in a reasonable amount of time apart (2-3 mths or sooner) I'm doing mine every three weeks for maximum results.
Sarah Kribben

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