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I am a 24 year old who has lived with large...

I am a 24 year old who has lived with large breasts ever since middle school. Before surgery I was wearing a 38CCC or a 36F. Constant back, shoulder, and neck pain along with frequent headaches. I have one child and that just made my breasts even larger. On top of having pain every day, I would get the stares from people. Finally, I had enough. I luckily have great insurance and they covered the 100% of the procedure.(Healthlink). I am still not sure exactly how much the breast reduction costs but I will update this as soon as I find out. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or if I left out anything you were curious about!

September 20th: Night before surgery. I am super nervous and not sure if I can sleep tonight. Had a dream that I had 4 nipples after surgery. Cannot wait until the procedure is over and I'm on the road to recovery.

September 21st: Day of surgery. Went in early to the outpatient surgical wing of the hospital and was prepped for the procedure. The doctor marked on my breasts and they started the IV. I was a bit nervous so I asked for something. I think they gave me a drug called Versed. After that I don't remember much except for singing a song about unicorns and then I was out.

Post Op: Woke up with a pounding headache (they said this was a normal side effect from the general anesthesia). They gave me medication for that and it went away within a few minutes. Other than that, I felt pretty good. My chest didn't really hurt at all. I did feel a little nauseous and was reluctant to eat the crackers they had in front of me. I did drink a 7-Up though. I did have a little trouble urinating due to the catheter but it went away after the 2nd or 3rd time using the bathroom. The procedure took 3 1/2 hours and I didn't even think about them having to use a catheter. Went home and tried to sleep. Kept waking up every few hours due to all of the fluids they had given me.

September 22nd: Day 1 post op. I was feeling pretty good. The Vicodin they had given me was making me pretty nauseous so I stopped taking it 24 hrs after the surgery and switched to extra-strength Tylenol. Surprisingly I wasn't it much pain at all. I still needed helping getting around but I was feeling pretty good. Still not eating much but trying to drink lots of clear liquids. The nurse told me to take Colace and that I'd thank her later. I recommend this to everyone who goes through this procedure! Got my drains out and noticed the left one was draining quite a bit more. The doctor didn't really say anything so I thought it was normal. Glad to have them out of the way! They are quite a pain.

September 23rd: Day 2 post op. My breasts feel fine, however, the left one is hardening some. I called my surgeon and he said he thinks I may have developed a hematoma. He wants to see me tomorrow morning and if it is serious enough he will have to operate. Praying that it isn't that serious. The last thing I want to do is go back into surgery. My pain is well managed by the extra-strength Tylenol and I am very thankful for that. My energy level has improved but still being very careful. No arm lifting or brisk movement. Mainly watching TV with my legs propped up. Sleeping on my back is getting very old! Thank God for my body pillow and abundance of other pillows.

September 24th: Day 3 post op. I can finally take a sigh of relief! I do have a hematoma in my left breast, however, it does not need to be operated on. The doctor removed the huge ace wrap and I got to put on a regular sports bra with bandages underneath. Feeling great. He wanted me to relax and take it very easy the next couple of days and he will see me back on Wednesday. I am so happy, the last thing I wanted to do is go back under the knife. My next couple of days consists of Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. ;)

September 26th: Day 5 post op. Doctor removes the stitches and puts on steri strips. My hematoma is looking better and is liquefying. Couldn't be happier! I got out and buy a new bra, Bali, and it is so extremely comfortable! I would recommend this to anyone recovering. I bought this one at JC Penny's for $22. It sounds a little pricey but definitely worth it. I forgot to ask the doctor how many grams he removed! He said he was going to removed around 500 out of each breast but that was right before surgery. I go see him next Wednesday and will make sure to ask then.

Later that afternoon...BRA BURNING CEREMONY!!! :) :)

...will update more soon! Feel free to comment or ask any questions! So thankful for this community. I remember reading all of the stories and being so encouraged to go through with this surgery. :)

Just wanted to clarify that I was a 38 DDD not a...

Just wanted to clarify that I was a 38 DDD not a CCC (no such thing), sorry guys!!

Day 6 post op: Feeling great. Didn't expect quite...

Day 6 post op: Feeling great. Didn't expect quite this much bruising, but it is mainly on my left side. That breast was slightly bigger, could that be why? Loving my new Bali bra! My breasts are still numb(ish) underneath. I can feel my nipples but not a lot of feeling on the skin underneath. Is this normal? Will it come back soon? The doctor said I could resume normal activities just not aerobics. I have officially lost 4 lbs since the surgery. I'm wondering if my doctor didn't take more than 500 grams from each breast, can't wait to ask. Posting some pics of the bruising on my left side and a few others. Has anyone else experienced bruising like this?

Has anyone used scar treatment and seen...

Has anyone used scar treatment and seen significant results? Just curious, thanks!

Day 6 post op (evening) - For the first time,...

Day 6 post op (evening) - For the first time, feeling a bit of discomfort. Posting another pic of my bruising. I think the numbness is finally wearing off and I'm finally feeling some pain. My left breast has some random shooting pains in it. Has anyone else experienced this? Leftie definitely seems like the "problem child."

One thing I love about my breast reduction is that it lifting my breasts A LOT so you can now tell that I have a waist! It makes me appear thinner. Before, my breasts completely hid the top part of my waist. I'm sure you ladies can relate!

Yesterday (day 9 post op) was pretty rough. My...

Yesterday (day 9 post op) was pretty rough. My left breast started hardening even more, becoming increasingly more painful. I called my PS and he met me at the ER. I live about 40 minutes away. When I talked to him on the phone he said we might need to operate that night on the hematoma. After he looked at me he said that we didn't need to operate, THANK GOD. However, he did stick a needle in both of my breasts to numb them, then he tried to drain the hematomas. It didn't really work, he said they still needed to liquify, right now they are still too hard. He gave me a script for percocet and told me to ice them. He is going to see me back in a week. Very relieved that I don't have to have surgery but still in a lot of discomfort. I thought my hematoma had gotten better but this weekend has definitely proven me wrong. I cannot wait until the hematomas go away (I now have one in my right breast, too). I felt bad for bothering my PS on a Sunday. He is so sweet and understanding though. Has anyone else had issues with hematomas? I'd really like to hear your stories and how your PS handled it! Thanks!

I was referred to Dr. Seaberg by a few different people. His work is excellent. I was told that he is not just a surgeon but an artist and it is definitely the truth! He is very gentle and patient to answer of all your questions. His staff are wonderful as well! So blessed to have such a great experience! If you live in Missouri or a surrounding state, don't hesitate to make the trip, you will NOT be disappointed. This man is amazing! I think it's important you find a doctor you trust and feel comfortable with, and I trust Dr. Seaberg wholeheartedly. I also like that he doesn't have a fancy office to impress anyone. It's very basic and neat. His results speak for them self. I went to school with two girls who had also went to Dr. Seaberg and they had each had implants and one of them also had a tummy tuck. They looked amazing! Granted, I kind of had the opposite done, but still just as pleased. His website is www.seaberg.info Can't say enough good things about this Dr. Seaberg and his caring staff. October 20th - 4 weeks post op. Hematoma is getting better but still there. Ugh...I think my breasts looked better at 2 weeks post op then they do now. They had a fuller shape to them. Has anyone else went through this? I'm hoping by 9 months they look normal...

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