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I am 23 years old have 2 kids 5'3 100lbs. I'm a...

I am 23 years old have 2 kids 5'3 100lbs. I'm a 34a now hoping to be a big b or small c. I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember! I'm done having kids now so I think now is the time to finally do it. I know a few girls who have had theirs done & they referred me to their doctor, they both loved him & their boobies look great! Monday will be my first consultation with him & I cannot wait! I'm really hoping to get my surgery done within the next month but we will see...

Mood killer!

So one of my family members promised to let me borrow the money to get my boobs done & now a few days before my consultation they have changed their mind. So needless to say I'm not in a good mood today...I have some money saved up that I was going to use during the time I was off work, I could use that money but it's still not enough to pay for all of the surgery. I'm am so ready to get this surgery done & way to impatient to save up for it. How did everyone else get theirs done that didn't already have the money saved up?


Ok ladies so I had my consultation today & it went great! The doctor & nurse were both very nice & informative. They answered all of my questions & my friends (she actually asked more questions than I did lol) I decided on 350cc which I'm thinking now I may want 375cc since I'm going under the muscle...Just don't want them to look to big & fake on my tiny body. I'm pretty sure I am going with Twilight sedation has anyone else done this?


After lots of stressing I finally have the money to pay for my BA! I couldn't be more happy! Now I just have to go pay for it & set up my surgery date :)

I have set a date!

Had pre op today & decided on the 400s I'm still not sure that's what I want though. Sometimes I feel like 400s are going to be to & other times I feel like they won't be big enough weird....Surgery is scheduled for August 15 so 2 weeks 3 days from now. Anyone have any advice to give my before surgery or suggestions of things I will need after surgery?

One week from today I will have boobs!

In 7 days I will have big boobs! Doesn't even seem real yet but I am starting to get a little nervous about it... mostly because I don't know what to expect with twilight sedation. I'm not scared about waking up & seeing what's going on (I actually think it would be kinda cool) I'm mostly worried about being in pain the entire time. I usually handle pain pretty well but this is a totally different experience for me but I know it will be worth it in the end :)

Good luck to all of the other ladies with upcoming surgeries.

1 day!

I am having my BA tomorrow! Hospital just call and said to be there at 7:15 a.m. I'm so scared...not really about the surgery anymore but about how much pain I will be in afterwards. So glad it's finally here though! I will try to update tomorrow.

Did it!

It's finally over! Got to the hospital at 7:15 started surgery at 9:15 and made it back home by 2:00 (had an hour drive home) It wasn't near as bad as I had thought it was going to be. I did end up doing the twilight sedition and it was great! I highly recommend it. I'm not in to much pain right now just a little sore & tight. I think they already look great so can't to see them after they D&F. I will be posting pics soon. Thanks to all the ladies who have given me great advice & been there to talk to about it.


Now I know why your not supposed to let your pain meds ware of. I feel asleep & didn't take anything before & omg I am in so much pain now!


I think they look pretty good so far.

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