28 Years Old, 5'4, 100lbs Silicone Subglandular - Columbia, MO

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Hello RS!! My procedure is in 11 days and I'm...

Hello RS!! My procedure is in 11 days and I'm absolutely stoked!!! I've been practically flat chested all my life, barely grew boobs in puberty. My husband of over 6 years loves me the way I am, but happily supports me and it is our happy choice to have a BA. I've done a lot of research and feel pretty comfortable with my choices. I have a pretty narrow chest, and barely fill an A cup. My Dr advised (and I'm totally comfortable with this) 325cc HP round cohesive silicone gel, subglandular. I know there is some debate about sub-G vs sub-Muscular, but my Dr has over 35 years of experience and determined that even with the little breast tissue I have I will still have a lovely result and not see indentations of the outline of the implant if I do sub-G. Honestly, I have so little pectoral muscle, that it would probably do more harm than good to try to cut it and stuff an implant beneath it (my opinion). So sub-g makes sense for me. I've worn 32A all my life, always on the tightest rung. I'm probably actually a 30 or 28. I'm aiming for a full 30C, which would be a full 32B. I think it would be very flattering and similar to what I look like with big push-up bras now (which is my goal). I've only told select family members who would be concerned simply to know that I'm having surgery; and they, also, just want me to be happy and healthy. Here are some boobie wish pics and my befores (be nice! I know they're small/nonexistent) Also, if you've had a BA, tell me how you prepared the week in advance. What did you do/not do, take meds/didn't take, exercise, moisturizer? I bought a kit, Jenny Edens Recovery kit for BA recovery that has a bunch of stuff that I've read should be very helpful for a fast and full recovery. Pic included

1 week from tomorrow!!!

Only 7 days from tomorrow! I'm so excited! I know the next week is going to fly by, I just have a few more things to get and I'll be 100% ready! I tried on some home made rice sizers at home and the 325cc look like they'll be perfect!!! Hubby thinks they'll be perfect ???????????? We just can't wait to have really have real boobies!!! - side note, I know the implants will be higher up on my chest than this.

7 days from this moment - I'll have boobs!!!

I'm so excited! Got my Jenny Edens kit today, I'll ask my PS tomorrow if I can start using it before the surgery or if he wants me to wait until after. Pics of it above. Time is flying and I can't wait to wake up with my beautiful new "girls"!!!!! Thank you, ladies for all of the great advice and positive vibes! I can't wait to start my new chapter!!

Another of the 325cc rice sizer

Just today and tomorrow then boobs!!!

My surgery will be at 11am on Thursday, but I have to be there at 8am. The surgery center is about 5 hours away from our home, so we're going up the night before and spending that night and the night after surgery there. Yesterday was all nerves and no happy, but I'm better now, lol. I've just never had surgery before so this is pretty big for me. I barely slept last night ???? I tried to sleep at a more upright angle, but I just woke up hurting halfway through the night; I took down my pillow fortress and slept fitfully on my side until my alarm went off. Hopefully I'll rest well tonight and tomorrow night, I really wanted to be better rested before the surgery. Nonetheless, I'm still stoked!!! We're doing last minute preparations to our vehicles and home tonight and then we head off into the sunset tomorrow!!! I'll post a list of what I'm taking with me later (I wish more ladies would, it's so helpful to see what other people may have thought of that I didn't ??)

The night before ????

I was 100% nerves today!! Still kind of am ???? We're on our way to the hotel now, trying to shake off the nerves with some rock. It's really happening! Help lol

Boob-mas Eve!!!

That's what my hubby is calling it. And tomorrow is boob-mas!!! Taking final before pictures makes me so sad, they really look prettier in person than in pictures. But it's okay, I'm trading them in for real boobs in the morning!!! I was going to post what I brought, but I'm super sleepy and very much need to go to bed. I'll make a "list of what I brought and what I wish I brought" after. What I can say is that if you have to stay in a hotel, stay in one that has a full size refrigerator and freezer in it. Worth it for your snacks and drinks. I felt carsick and nervous on the way here, but so much better after a shower and some applesauce and ginger ale! See you beautiful amazing ladies on the other side!!!! ??????

On the other side!!!

It's done! I'm super loopy from all the meds (meperidine, hydrocodone, Valium). Yesterday and this morning were pretty much a 5 to 10 on pain and nausea and vomiting 40 mins after I ate anything. The ace bandage that they had wrapped around me was just short of excruciating ???? Taking it off was an enormous relief! I seriously hope I make tons of progress in the next 2 days, I think i will. Here are some first peeks!! I definitely have frankenboob and they're super wide and flat. ALSO, they didn't do high profile, they said that wouldn't fit with the cc's i wanted so they did 325 cohesive gel moderate plus profile. I think they'll be gorgeous! I just have to come our of this medical coma! Lol more updates to come

Day 3 Post Op (2nd day after surgery)

Feeling so much better! day of surgery and morning after were very nauseous because of Meperidine and too little food in my belly. Haven't had meperidine since yesterday morning, hydrocodone and extra strength Tylenol PM have been doing the trick to keep me sleepy and not in pain. This morning Xtra Strength Tylenol and hydrocodone and Valium have allowed to me feel 50% normal. Just tightness and stinging on the sides and incision sites (inframamarry crease). I do have one odd complaint, a dime sized space on the bottom of my left heel feels like it is "asleep" and has been that way for a few hours now. Maybe just because I've been laying down too long? Otherwise, I'm ready to get home and finish recovering so I can get to work early Monday and catch up on all the "fun" I've been missing out on lol

The bandage

I just want to say that I am 95% sure that 85% of my pain the day of surgery and the morning after was that the Ace Bandage was way way way too tight. My hubby would lift up the bottom of it, and I could actually breathe in. Lift up the top and I could also get a deeper breathe. Every one of my ribs, front and back feel very tender and bruised. Part of it might be the skin tightening, but I truly think a lot of it was that the bandage was so tight. As soon as Dr Kaplan took it off, it was instant relief. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to breathing normally again. It made my first day and a half super rough though. SO if you have a choice, go with the surgical bra. I dont think I would have needed the meperidine at all if the wrap hadn't been so tight. And I would have been able to sleep better too. Rant over! I'm feeling pretty sore but like a normal human being again :) And I'm loving my new pretties!!!!

Headed home!!

Feeling so much better without the wrap and without meperidine! And looking good, too!! I can't believe this is all me! Just super thin Calvin Klein bra and camisole from Wal-Mart.

I'm freaking out a bit

I put on clothes or just a shirt, and they disappear. I fold back the loose shirt I'm wearing to reveal the sillouette and they look teeny tiny! I know moderate plus won't be as much projection as HP, but it's freaking me out a little that all I can see behind my shirt is nipple and very little projection. Help!

Day 4 Post Op

We got home yesterday early evening. I'I made the 4 and a half hour drive back with no nausea!! It was definitely the wrap and meperidine causing the nausea. Haven't had a bm yet, hubby is getting stuff to help me with that. Boobs are super tight, but 95% of my pain is from my poor bruised ribs :( hubby is going to pick up some Arnica Montana cream to rub on them to hopefully help alleviate that. It's my worst complaint. Boobs are super hard, feels like I'm wearing fake boobs on top of my real boobs (probably because I haven't regained sensation all over yet) and I've been massaging them as frequently as possible. Also, when I had the bandage on, there was a spot that itched that I couldn't reach under my arm but farther back. It really bothered me because it hurt/itched. After we got home and I looked in the mirror I saw it and it looked like an oval spot of jelly :/ I asked hubby to look at it and he said it was a blister, probably from a cauderizer used during surgery. Ouch :( I accidentally popped it when scratching a few mins ago and hubby put triple antibiotic and a bandaid over it. Boobs feel heavy, but mostly tight. I plan on getting lots of sleep today, hopefully this week will be super boring and uneventful and most importantly not painful.

Day 5 Post Op

Went back to work today, total bummer! Had to play catch up, so it ended up being an 11 hour day. I'm blessed to have a desk job and 98% of the repetitive motions I perform didn't use any of the muscles affected by the surgery. A couple of things I've noticed since the surgery: Moderate amount of swelling in my "groin" area on the right side, about 2x4 inch area. Very weird, I'm super skinny so it was very noticeable under my clothes. It was very tender in the area since the surgery, but I thought it was constipation. The rest of the pain was so bad that I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it. I mentioned it to my nurse and she said we'd keep an eye on it. Boobies were super tight, under my CK bra and medium camisole felt like they were crushing me! Super loose sweater and lots of massages are making them much softer ?? So happy!

Waiting for hubby to drive me home!

Just a pic of me in my sweater (it's always cold in my office). I'd normally have to wear push up bras to achieve this look, but this is with them all squished in a (loose) CK sport bra and (tight!!) camisole with a shelf bra and ever so thin pad so my nipples don't poke out like missiles lol. I'm so pleased! This is exactly the size I was hoping for! No boob greed yet!

6 days post op pics, bruising

I'm very bruised, and stretched very tight. I'm in some pain at work, but Tylenol and Arnica mostly take care of it. Staying positive! Hubby has been an absolute champ! Something new: rubbing Arnica Montana gel all over the breasts and bruises left me with almost zero pain while I had it on. It did give the pics an odd glaze though.

In my favorite bra and Arnica Montana gel praise

Having some returned sensation to nipples, some muscle spasms. Probably the worst day of pain at work I've had so far. However, I'm home with my pain medicine and muscle relaxer, ready to recoup some more. Also, if you aren't using Arnica Montana gel on your bruised or swollen areas you are living with unnecessary pain. I just slathered some on my bruised ribs and armpits and it was almost instant relief. It makes sitting up and laying down so much better. If I did it again, I would have hubby put it on me as often as it recommends on the bottle. Readjusting to eat or because I slipped down on my pillow fortress was super painful on my chest and sides for the first several days and I feel like (based on how very much it's helping now) it would have made those moments less dreadful.

Some before and after collages!

1 Week Boobversary!!! And now I have boob greed

It's been one week!!!! I love just having something there, it looks so nice in clothes without having to wear a super padded push-up bra ?? It'll just be so much better when the pain stops. I've been getting stabbing pains in the nipple and some burning in the middleish area, but I know it's just that my skin was stretched so super tight and I'm bruised, but I'm just a baby and have a life and want to get back to normal. In addition, I have boob greed. I know i went with the biggest implant they could fit, so I'll just have to let my skin stretch out some and go from there :) but I'm still so happy to have what I have now :) :) :)


Not a very ladylike subject, but if you would rather not feel like you're dying of a bowel obstruction, take care and take a stool softener while you're taking pain medicine. Please.

Bleeding through my gauze :(

I'm bleeding some through my stitches on the right breast from one place. It was a pencil eraser size this morning and now covers have the gauze :( i think it might have stopped but it still bugs me. I guess I've over done it using my right arm. I'm just going to take it super easy this weekend, no chores :( Nurse said to just leave it alone. Ill post pics when I get home

Just a bad day.

Still constipated, bleeding, hot and tight. I'm not normally so problematic but I'm really catching all of the yucky stuff today. This weekend is going to be 1000% peace and healing! Please send me your good vibes!

Much better today!!!

Wow! Today was so much better! I chilled out, painted my toe nails and put some clear coat on my fingernails. Hubby washed my hair (I've done it myself a couple of times but we're trying to take it super easy because my incision was bleeding) and I've had a couple more BMs so I feel human again!!! Only Tylenol today and I feel really fine :) here are some pics! Did any of you have some bleeding incision and dr say to just leave it alone, that it's normal?

I'm so grateful for Realself!

Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the wonderful and super helpful advice and encouragement I've recieved over the past few weeks since I started this review. It takes a lot of courage to share your insecurities, imperfections or what have you with a lot of people that you don't know; but it is all for one common goal: to give your experience as an example to help other women make their decisions and come together to uplift, encourage and help advise during what is usually a very emotional and personal time. I was just telling hubby that even though he is an amazing support, I would have felt very isolated and very uninformed if I hadn't stumbled across Realself. Honestly, Dr Kaplan didn't give us much extra information. So all of the advise, suggestions and "this worked well for me"s has been a lifesaver and really put my mind at ease. I'm just so thankful for you ladies and thank you for putting yourselves out there to help others!! You're awesome and beautiful!!!!

Day 10!!

A little better everyday :) bruise still looks horrible though. But applying the Arnica Montana makes it fade some every day.

Hubby says the pic of my bruise was too shadowy to tell.

2 weeks post op!

Been a busy week at work! Going to have stitches removed in a week from today. I feel a hundred times better today! I think today is a turning point in my recovery. i had a super long day at work, and I still went to the store, gassed up the car and came home and didn't feel like poop! Its bedtime and I don't feel crazy tired or crummy! I feel human again :) boobies are soft and getting jiggly and squishy :) Plus, bruising is lightening up every day. I posted a question for Dr.s on this site asking about my bruising, and they made me feel much better about it :) it's healing, I just had some more bruising than most, but not worrisome. Overall feeling awesome and loving my new look!!

Not much is different, but still happy!

I've had a lot of hyper sensation in my nipples and on the stretched skin that is coming back to "life". No more constipation, a lot less tightness during the day at work. Just the pain from the hyper sensitivity.

Taking shape!

Less pain every day, brusing going down quite a bit. Also the implants are dropping. As sensation returns to nipples they get hard, which makes them look really great :)

In a top

Update 20 days PO

Boobies are both squishable, lefty more so. I was way more physically active at work today than usual, but they never bothered me while I was working (storing stacks of paper records) so I think I'm on my way out of the woods :) they're looking prettier everyday, bruising diminishing every day. Still some sensitivity on the skin that is still stretching, but really no complaints. Going to remove stitches tomorrow after work. I forgot about my boobs and sprinted down the hall at work to return a name badge to an employee, got back to my desk and realized that that was the first time I have ran since the surgery! And no pain or weird feelings, awesome!!! As long as my stitch removal goes well, I think I'm well on my way to a gorgeous pair of pretties!!! Also, ignore the state of my dressings. I use antibacterial Dial soap over them every night, they're just 3 weeks old. My doc very directly told me to not remove them until stitches were removed, and not to remove stitches til 3 weeks post op. I push on the stitch line and experience no pain, just a little extra pressure than other places on the breast. Don't let it worry you. Plus, doc put the tape on different places on each breast, makes the perspective trick your mind into thinking one is higher, but they are actually very very similar in size and how far they have dropped.

Just a thought

Just to let everyone know, I started with almost nothing at all. I feel like most women on this site have about as much as I now have and are embarrassed and are holding their breath until their procedure. I literally got the biggest implant plus 25cc that is recommended for a person my height, chest wall and tissue. My results and recovery are different than what a person who already has more breast tissue will have. If you're looking for an example of what someone who is very skinny, tight skin over almost no breast tissue plus 325cc Mod plus profile will look like, that is what you're seeing here. I have a ways to go, but I was already a beautiful woman before the surgery; I know that having beautiful breasts for my body type will compliment my whole self. Here's to being lovely and happy, even before the final result!!!

Got my stitches removed, Mondor's cords and bruising almost gone!!!

I totally psyched myself out about getting stitches removed. I've never had stitches before so I was super worried, but it didn't hurt a BIT. I'm generally emotional, so I felt like crying after just because I built it up so much in my mind lol I have 3 Mondor's cords under my left breast, and a knot where the end of the stitch was on the inside of the right breast. I'm going to start using my scar salve and hopefully with massaging the knot will dissipate. The Mondor's cord, they don't hurt unless my arm is extended and touch them at the same time. It's been sensitive on those spots for the past week so I thought it might be that and confirmed it after we took the bandage off. I also think I'm getting stretch marks, but hopefully all of my stuff will make it fade. My boobie butter and scar salve. Today marks 3 weeks!

3 weeks 2 days!

Loving my new look! And they'll only get better!!

1 month yesterday!

One is pretty darn squishy almost all the way through and the other is jiggly, but somewhat firm compared to the other (Lefty squishy righty firmer) bruising has gone down tons, almost no pain at all and I love my look! Hoping there is nothing wrong with righty, being that that was the side the dr overextended my arm the day after surgery.

Today was a good day :)

Hubby massaged the right (one that has been slower to drop and fluff) with some oil and I can tell it's coming around. Time is my friend. Also, I'm really happy with the size. I saw my besties (who live about an hour and a half away) for the first time since my surgery and (they knew how small I was with and without push up bras) they were like whoa girl!! You're huge! They're not enormous implants, but as petite as I am they were noticeable. I showed them the girls in spaghetti strap tank so they could see without showing off all my good looks lol They're very happy for me, and think I look even more beautiful than ever, but their reaction has made me wonder if other people have had those thoughts. I was hoping it wouldn't be crazy noticeable for people who only saw me with lots of clothes on. They said they could tell even with my loose shirt on top of the tank. Maybe it's because they've known me for 7 years; but even if people notice, it's not a huge deal. I love them! This is the way I wish I had always looked. I'm not saying I think my body is perfect, but I feel like a short Barbie doll and I love it :) like a busty Stacy doll lol.

Better posture pic

Video depicting squishiness

The right one is still firmer than the left, but each day it's letting go more and more. Lefty has definitely started fluffing, making the right look smaller.

Just over 2 months post op!

It's been a while since I've made a post! A lot has changed, the right breast has gotten much softer and more malleable. They look very nice and I have no pain. Incisions have healed without incidence, the left has almost no scar tissue surrounding the incision and I'm still working on gently breaking up the scar tissue on the right by gently pressing on it from end to end with my scar salve from the Boob Recovery kit. I used all the medicine from the kit, I waited until after my surgery to start using the medicine. I do recommend it. It was quite a bit of money, but it was nice to have all of those products in one kit. Plus the boobie butter and scar salve last a long time, as you only need a little each time. Recovery was pretty rough for me for the first month. Looking back, I would do it again, but I would have taken more time off. Take as much time off as it is possible for you to do.

5 months post op

It has been 5 months since my procedure, and I'm taking vitamin E to help the firmness in the right breast. It is still firm (which is disappointing, I did everything I was supposed to). Also, when I press the right breast inward, the line that was dissected was not a perfect curve (to make a rounded cleavage). There is a straight line instead of a curve, which made my breast pocket a little bit smaller and makes that breast look boxy instead of round when they're pushed together. I'll see Dr sometime next month, I called last Saturday and she (the nurse, the Dr'a wife) told me to call during the next week. I got her voicemail and she hasn't called me back. So, hopefully I'll see the Dr next month. I knew they wouldn't be perfectly symmetrical, but this isn't okay. Also, I got the impression after my procedure that my Dr is a "blame dodger". The day after my procedure I was in terrible pain and terribly nauseated. I was dry heaving in his office, and all he had to say was that none of his other patients got sick, I don't understand. We had to beg him for nausea medicine :( I was afraid to tell him about one breast still being firm, (hoping that with massage and supplements that it would relax on its own) because he might tell me it's my own fault somehow. But the improperly dissected breast pocket is in no way my fault. I really had hoped that even if I had issues, that my Dr would at least listen to me. Not make me feel like it's me against him :( it's incredibly sad to me. Being a paying customer and his patient, shouldn't the ultimate goal be my wellness and reasonable satisfaction with the results? Sorry to rant, I certainly wish I had nothing to say but "loving them!"

6 months since my BA!

It's been 6 months since my BA. My right breast is still firm, Dr suggested I come in and let her perform a closer capsulotomy on it (squeeze it until the firm capsule ruptures). Brief research online describes that method as basically arcane. So I opted out. I'm trying a product called BI secret, so we'll see how that goes. It advertises that it will soften firm breasts after BA, and you can even take it to prevent CC. I'll post updates every 2 weeks going forward to document the progress of the BI Secret.

BI Secret info

Here is some info about BI Secret
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kaplan and his nurse Chris are very nice, professional and willing to work with your schedule! During my consultation, he told us important things about his professional history to help you feel more comfortable with him as a competent and caring surgeon. They answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable about our choices. Thank you!

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