31 Yrs Old Fit Mom of Two Kids Who is Tired of Loose Skin and Stretch Marks!

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I workout very hard and have achieved an ok body...

I workout very hard and have achieved an ok body all except for the tummy! I have come to the conclusion that this is the only thing left for me to do! I have surgery in two weeks and I cannot wait! He says I may not need the lipo. And probably the full tuck. My goal is to remove as many stretch marks as possible and no more wrinkly loose skin. I am worried about not being able to get in the gym for
6 weeks but will do what I can until my body is ready! Super excited and just a tad nervous!

4 more days until stretch marks are outta here!

Surgery is in four days and I can't believe it. I need to make sure every thing is ready for recovery time. Mother's Day weekend! What a perfect gift since my precious children ages 14 and 10 gave me these beautiful marks and loose skin. Last week I worked out everyday. Running and weights I havnt lost any weight but instead maintaining. That has a lot to do with muscle building. I am super afraid of not being able to workout after surgery. Scares me to lose my strength that I have gained. And the progress I've been making on my booty. But I know I need to start somewhere and this surgery is a must! Posting a few more pics to show off this belly I'll only have for just a tad longer!!!!

One more day!!

I had some crazy dreams last night! I dreamt that I went to the wrong PS and then missed my appointment because I had the times wrong. Luckily it was all a dream and I will be at the right place at the right time tomorrow morning!! And waking up to a newly improve belly!!

One day post op

Well ladies I did it! And so far so good! Hasn't been quite 14 hrs but I am feeling pretty good! I was/am able to get dressed, use the bathroom, walk around, get up and down all by myself. My pain isn't so bad. I swear the main discomfort Im feeling so far is from the binder digging into my legs! Lol my back hurts from being hunched over. But the incision itself isn't all that bad. (For now). I only have one drain and have emptied it three times. The first time it had 2oz the others were 1oz. I am taking oxycodones and a muscle relaxer along with the antibiotics. I havnt experienced any nausea so I consider myself lucky for that! I snuck a few pics for you all too! I also didn't have any lipo and my muscles didn't need to be moved. So I'm sure that has something to do with less pain.

Day 2 post op

Well my fellow TT gals. Happy Mother's Day!!! My only complaint so far is my back hurts when I'm standing because I can't stand straight other than that. The drain dosnt bother me and very minimal pain from the incision. Still taking my meds as prescribed. I was feeling so good yesterday that we added a new member to our family. Her name is daisy! Jingle bells (our cat) isnt so sure about her yet. Lol. I even "walked" around pet smart!
Still no BM. but I am not uncomfortable so waiting to take any pooping aids. Lol. I did take a shower last night if you can call it that. I stuck a chair in there and sat on it. I did end up putting the padding/gauze back on because I feel it gives me extra protection. As much as I dislike the bodysuit it does give my tummy the support it needs.

Day 3 post op

So I'm not gonna lie this sucks! I'm so swollen which is making everything feel tighter. The tape
Is itchy and sometimes burns/pinches. The drain is just annoying. The binder is a blessing in disguise . I can't walk but for a few minutes because my back feels like it's breaking. I finally took meds to have a BM because I was so bloated. I have driven three times today to get kids to and from school. That sucked. I'm just done! I was hoping to stay positive throughout this but today really does suck. I tried to wash dishes but can't stand the back pain. Hopefully tomorow is better.

Post op pic day 3 swelling!

Post opDay 6!

So I am feeling better, still hunched over walking like a granny, still have back pain, and now I have what I think is a Seroma over my belly button area. It's so jiggly and def filled with liquid. I think it could be building up from being hunched. I did take pain meds late last nite to help me sleep and take away the pain in the back. Belly button is healing up pretty nicely. I still have some stretch marks which I knew I would but sad there are atill so many on my sides. But oh well it's still an improvement. I think I'll be happy once I'm standing straight again. And even more so once competly healed! It's hard to stay upbeat when my normal routine is so jacked up. Not working and running, gymming and missing the kids practices and games have me in a funk. I'll get back
To it I know just worried it's gonna take longer than expected. Go
To see ps tomor! Hoping the tape comes off it's so itchy! And the drain comes out. And I have read on here that he may drain the built up fluid with a needle. That would make me happy I don't like
Seeing that weird bulge. Lol anyways looking forward to better more normal happy days!!!

Pics day 5&6

1 week post op

Went to ps today. Took out the drain which had a clot in it so that explains the built up fluid that he did end up draining. Didn't hurt at all. I may end up going back again next week if It fills back up. I feel so free not to have that drain hanging out if me!! And feel like if I go us in standing straighter I can. Back still hurts but def getting better with each day ! Staying patient.

day 9 post op TT

So this weekend has been a busy one. I find I tire very easy. Soooo not use to that. But I know my body went thorough something traumatic and just needs more time and more rest. I had to do a bridal party of 6 yesterday morning. (I'm a hairdresser) That was enjoyable because it was for my best friends mom, but oh how challenging! I was there for 5 hrs. I came home and was competly tuckered out And my back in a lot of pain. Took a nap for two hours and then we took the kids out for dinner. By the end of the day I was just done and very swollen. I woke up this morning feeling good. I just spent an hour cleaning my kitchen. The last week it hasn't been cleaned the way I do it. I couldn't take it anymore! I also took out the trash and recycling and did some laundry. And now I'm in pain again lol I know I'm over doing it and need to slow down when the swelling kicks in. I am just rambling now. My kids and boyfriend are tired of hearing me complain but they just don't get it. I am walking a tad more straighter today so that's a plus!!!! Suppose to go back to work in two days! Fingers crossed I am able to.

7 days post of. Fluid build up

12 days post op

Well ladies it's been 12 days and I'm feeling good! Went back to work yesterday! Worked 7 hours. The last hour kicked my butt but I made it through and it felt great to be back at it. Still taking pain relievers. It def helps with the back pain. I am standing almost tall again. Not quite there but so close!!! Still have some fluid build up on top of the stomach. My left side seems a little bigger than the right. But I am waiting to be worried about anything until I see the ps next week. From what I see on here it just takes time for it to really heal and reveal it's true self. Can't wait to be able to fit I to some of my shorts again. I didn't realize after the TT I would be so swollen. So I've been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts for now. Hope all of you have a great day.

13 days post op infection???

So my ps said to leave the tape on for as long as possible. He said to just trim off what lifts off by itself. The very center started to lift so I finally caught a peek of the incision. And it looks infected. Hopefully not it looks like pus and very red. I can't feel it because I am still very numb there. No fever. But just dosnt look good. Other than that I am feeling well. Getting stronger and stronger with every day! It's Memorial Day weekend and we always have a big party. Including kickball, Wiffle ball, a blow up slip n slide and hula hooping! I don't think I'm ready for all of that yet though lol. :( but the weather here in md. Is looking like it's going to be a beautiful weekend!

2 days shy of 3 weeks post op

Hello ladies! Saw my ps this morning. He said the "infection" is just my body spitting out the sutures. He removed a bunch of them and the rest of my scab from my bb. Told me to just keep changing the dressing. I'll go back in 3 weeks which will make the 6 week mark! I am still very swollen which I don't like because I look and feel fatter than I was before
The TT! He says it's common. I know it takes time I'm just worried I'll be stuck with this muffin top! He removed more fluid build up too. I def can see a change in the shape from my profile but my hips are just driving me crazy. Oh well what's done is done and time will tell! I am going to try to run tomoro! I havnt ran in 3 weeks and I can feel it! I usually run about 40 miles a month. So I just feel blah. Hopefully the next update will be a little more inspiring. Just being true to myself.

4 weeks post op!!!

Hello hello! I can't believe it's been about a month since surgery. Things are healing. Slowly but healing! I ran 2 miles yesterday a slow pace but still two miles. Did done dips on the park bench and some walking lunges up and down the stairs. Cannot wait to start at the gym again. I've lost a few lbs but I know that its muscle I'm losing and not fat. My incision is healed all but the middle where I believe the tension was it's greatest. My body is spitting out the sutures there. And I guess not enough blood supply. "My own theory based in research" lol I just keep changing the gauze out twice a day. He says it will heal fine. Still hoping the bulges above the incision on my hips smooth out eventually. I know I just need to be a little more patient. To early to tell if I will need any revisions. I still can't wear many of my shorts and jeans comfortably yet. Again patience! I go back to see my ps in two weeks. Hoping by then things will be even better. Belly button has never been an issue and is healing great! Ordered some new bathing suit bottoms and tops hoping I love them on! Bring on the sunshine I'm ready!

5 weeks post op

Hello ladies!
Things are progressing the incision looks to me healing, I keep the gauze changed twice a day where I wet down a piece stuff it in and then lay a dry piece over top then secure with medical tape. . I'll go back next week to the ps. I have a lot of numbness in the area above the belly button. There is a small knot I think from where he has drained the fluid before. All in all I'm getting there. I did lay on my stomach for the first time a few nites ago! A little stretching feeling but I unfair did it! I ran a total if 11 miles this week. The worst times but I did it! Tried out a couple push ups in the park in a bench I managed 10 by the end of the week. It wasn't exactly comfortable. We will try a plank next week and see how that goes. One of my new swimsuits came in the mail. I love the top. Need to get use to the bottoms. The bunching on the sides kinda hide the weird dips on my hips. Can't see in the pics but there are still stretch marks on the sides and many in my thighs. But will learn to keep living with them. Something everyone needs to rememwbr you will still have stretch marks after surgery! Lol any how have a good day ladies!!!
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