Almost 5 months PO. TT, BL, and Lipo Done 5/25/12

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I just turned 27 and am the mother to a beautiful...

I just turned 27 and am the mother to a beautiful 4 year old girl. I've always been "curvy" growing up but pregnancy sent me in to the 200's and my waist just lost control. My 38D breasts went to an 40E and then deflated to a 38DD after I stopped nursing. I've dropped most of my pregnancy weight and have stayed stable at this weight for awhile and I figured there's no better time then now to get moving on my dream of a flat tummy and perky breasts! Since I'm not planning on having any more children anytime soon, I figured I'd like to enjoy the last few years of my 20's in a 2 piece bathing suit. I'm doing this to boost my confidence and energize myself again.

My procedure is scheduled for May 25th and I'm super anxious! I will update with "before" pictures very soon and of course the "after" pictures to follow!

Gathering my supplies! I've posted a pic below of...

Gathering my supplies! I've posted a pic below of some of them. I also received my surgical garment yesterday which is slightly..."grandma like" but I think I can deal. 17 days left!!!

Tonight when I get home I will try my best to post my pre-op pictures (didn't want any evidence of them on my computer at work).

I keep scanning this site for people's before and after pictures and I am completely anxious. I discussed with my doctor where my tummy tuck scar would be and he assured me that it would follow my c-section scar and would be hidden under a bathing suit - ahh, big sigh of relief!

2 weeks and counting down! I'm incredibly nervous...

2 weeks and counting down! I'm incredibly nervous as if I have this huge list of things to do before surgery and i don't know how I will get them all done. I've been creating mini to-do lists so that I don't forget anything, ha! I'm in the middle of some laser hair removal treatments as well, which are all conveniently scheduled for right before surgery - brazillian bikini and underarms (which so far after 1 treatment is going great!) Maybe by the end of the summer I'll be one hot mamma? :)

My PS has given me the option do do my drains at the sides of my incisions, or in the pubic area. I'm not really sure which way to go on this. Anyone have any advice? If you do them in the pubic area, are you left with 2 random scars?

Oh god....5 days until surgery and my freaking out...

Oh god....5 days until surgery and my freaking out has gotten worse! I'm excited then scared, then anxious.... all this was happening before but now its 100x worse. It doesn't help that I'm already an anxious person. I wish it was the 25th already and I was already knocked out on the table. I want my results now! :) I've been nesting and getting all my medications lined up, magazines stacked next to the bed, ipad loaded with apps and games, all my medical supplies in a tupperware box next to the bed... And trying to make sure all my bills have been paid for the next 4 weeks so I don't forget when I'm all drugged on pain meds. Today I was scouring youtube watching videos on tummy tucks and some peoples reviews. A lot of women are getting pain pumps - never heard of them but apparently they help. I tolerated my c-section without pain meds, I'm hoping this isn't too far off from the pain level then. Anyway the surgery videos are really helping me understand exactly what happens during the operation and I think its making me feel better to be able to SEE it. I hear the breast lift is a cake walk for recovery compared to the TT.

I want to take a second and say thank you to all of you that have been so supportive and have answered my questions through posts and emails. You are all so amazing and I'm glad I found this site to help get me through this life changing event!

So here I am in the final few days leading up to my surgery and I'm ready to see you all "on the flat side". :) Good luck to my girls who are also going in on the 25th! We can do this together :)

A little more than 12 hours to go! I' have this...

A little more than 12 hours to go! I' have this feeling in the pit of my stomach from nerves and I've been really distracted today. I'm excited to get to the other side and start recovering. To ight I'll be packing my bag up for the trip. It's outpatient surgery but I want to make sure I have anything I might need for the ride home. More than anything I'm nervous about the anesthesia. 4.5 hours seems like a long time to be under! I didn't sleep at all last night ... Let's hope I can catch a few hours of sleep tonight! I'll be keeping you all updated!

I did it! I think it ended up being 5 hours...

I did it! I think it ended up being 5 hours instead of 4.5 but I'm okay with that. As soon as they knocked me out, it felt like it was only 5 minutes and they were done! Waking up was interesting, I wasn't in pain but I felt sore. I remember I was shivering and they tossed those warmed blankets on me. Standing up and sitting up for the first time were difficult but more uncomfortable than painful. ALSO it hurts like b*tch when you cough! My doc was great and I'm already pleased with my results. I havent taken any pictures on me after but I did post the one the doc sent me. He removed 2800g of skin and 2700 cc of fat through lipo of my waist and back

Last night was uncomfortable, not going to lie....

Last night was uncomfortable, not going to lie. The percocet and soma does really help but I still feel so sore. Like I said yesterday, getting up and sitting down are my hardest challenges. I have't felt naseus since I left the hospital but I have some Zofran in case. Its hard to be so woozy from the pain meds and trying to remember when you take your next one. My poor phone has 10 alarms set so I won't forget and I can stay on top of them.

Thank god for my mother, grandmother, and sister who have been helping me out with little things. Even going to the bathroom, They have to un clasp my garment and stand there with me. I can't wait to take a shower today and when I do, I'll be sure to get some pictures of my tummy and breasts so you can see. My breasts feel hard as rocks and it sort of looks like I have implants - my doc said I had enough natural tissue that he could create the fullness on the top for me.

On that same note, My doc called me last night to check in with me. I'm so thrilled with him and my results already. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

1 day post-op in the evening. Pain right now if is...

1 day post-op in the evening. Pain right now if is about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being worst). I'm staying ahead with my pain meds and its majking it much more manageable! The swelling has started and its just uncomfortable.

The swelling has begun.... almost so much that I'm...

The swelling has begun.... almost so much that I'm having trouble getting my garment on after a shower. By the way, showers are amazing! I've been able to keep down food and have been moving around a little bit more and more. Pain today is about a 3 or a 4....(4 when its getting time to take another pill). The surgery center gave me this breathing incentive device that I have to practice taking deep breaths into... its hard but its good to open up your lungs and get the fluid out. I'm still thrilled with my results and a little shocked at my boobs but its good :) I can't wait to get these drains out! They are a pain in the butt and they look terrible.

Day 3 post-op and I'm feeling great! My pain is...

Day 3 post-op and I'm feeling great! My pain is about a 2-3 and I seem to be able to move more and more everyday. My back is so stiff but that's from standing hunched over all the time. I'm almost standing straight today but I'm not going to push it. The compression garment is great - I feel supported and it seems like its keeping the swelling down. Every now and and then I'll feel a little "wave" of sensation across my lower belly, it doesn't hurt, it just feels like a baby moving for those of us who were pregnant knows what I'm talking about). Just to clarify, NOT pregnant :) Just feels like that motion.

My PS told me not to take the cotton out of my belly button yet but I want to see it!!! Maybe today I'll try and take a peek. I'm also going to post up more pictures this afternoon so you all can see how I'm healing. I bought the 50 Shades of Grey book to read while I'm healing but unfortunately the pain meds are making it hard to read small print. I might have to wait a little longer to know what everyone's talking about, haha!

Hope all of you out there are healing well. If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

SWOLLEN!!!! :( It's miserable. Sometimes I feel so...

SWOLLEN!!!! :( It's miserable. Sometimes I feel so tight just from the swelling alone that I think my sutures might pop but I know they wont. I had to take a break from my compression garment after my shower. It was just so tight and it felt good to wear normal underwear again - Ha! Its a short-lived break though and the garment will be put back on momentarily. Now that I have a flat tummy, I've been trying to eat a better and my lack of appetite is helping me so far. I've started drinking my morning coffee again and I missed it so much. Now if only I could get Starbucks.

The drains come out on Thursday and I can't wait. The area where they are is numb so they don't hurt but its a pain to have to loop them in and out of my garment and clothes. Plus who wants to carry around a bag of drainage. Not sexy.

Everyday I'm feeling better and that's a relief. I got to see my belly button today - very cute!

Well today I did wayyyyy too much! I had to go to...

Well today I did wayyyyy too much! I had to go to Walgreens for more Rx and then to Target to find compression shorts and the 90 degree weather just knocked me out ...not literally I just started feeling dizzy and had to go home and lay down. Btw, I did not drive myself today!! My lower back and love handles are swollen badly... Even worse then yesterday. I realize that the chicken teriyaki dinner from Cheesecake Factory last night was probably loaded with sodium and now I'm feeling the repercussions. I really really want to take my compression garment off but I know thats not good for keeping the swelling down. I also switched off my Percocet temporarily and took some ibuprofen hoping that would bring the swelling down. So far, not much luck. I now have an ice pack on my lower back that is helping take the pressure off a little.

I'm still sleeping in a recliner which is not my choice of bedding but laying flat seems to make the swelling worse. I'm proud of myself for leaving the house today, I did my hair and makeup and wore non-recovery clothes. but like I said, too much too soon an I was begging to come home and crash. My pain is still low on the scale, about a 2. The muscle relaxers are still really helpful though but I've been spacing them further and further apart (12 hours instead of 8). My drains are supposed to come out tomorrow!! Whoop whoop! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I want these babies out! I might have mentioned this before but the drains were put at my hips and my compression garment is squeezing them uncomfortably :(

On a positive note, even with the swelling, my clothes are fitting so much better! My flat tummy and perky boobs are a dream come true. I can't wait to try on bikini top and not have to use the halter strings as support for my boobs! Lol it can only get better from here! I'll update agan after I see my PS tomorrow!

The drains are out! Thank goodness! And no, they...

The drains are out! Thank goodness! And no, they did not hurt when they came out - it only took 2 seconds for each side and then he put a band aid over the opening. No need for a stitch :) He also removed the stitches from my belly button, and the rest (tummy and breasts) are dissolvable and will disappear on their own. The tape along my "T" incisions were replaced and the steri-strips on my nipples will stay for a few more weeks. I had one little spot on my tummy tuck incision that was a little "oozy" but he cleaned it up and put some gauze on it. I'm thrilled with my check-up! I feel like I'm on the right track and I'll be sporting a 2 piece bathing suit in no time.

I can't tell you how much better I feel without those stupid drains. I'm still sore, especially around my lower back and butt area but that's to be expected. Pain is tolerable with ibuprofen today but I still need the muscle relaxers especially when I sleep. I'm almost done my pre-cautionary antibiotics regimen so that will be one less pill to take!

New pictures to come tomorrow probably!

Small victory today - I was able to lay on my side...

Small victory today - I was able to lay on my side for a little bit which definetly took pressure off my back but was still uncomfortable due to the swelling. I posted some new pics today and the swelling seems to be localized to my lower back and butt area. I've been a bad girl and haven't put my compression garment back on since my shower this morning but I am wearing my compression capris.

Also another small victory, I wore a tank top after my shower with no bra and they looked fantastic!!!! I almost cried :) There has never been a time in my life where I have been able to do that! Since they looked good in that, I tried on two bathing suit tops and WOW! I cannot believe how good my boobs look in both a halter bikini and a bandeau top.I'm glad I didn't decrease my size in the process and just went with the straight up lift. My belly button has been a little red but no oozing and that spot on my TT scar has dried up. No pain complaints except for the pressure from swelling. I'm trying hard to monitor my sodium in my diet and hopefully in the next few weeks my "shelf" butt will disappear a little more. I'm anxious to get back in the gym but one day at a time...

Happy Healing everyone!

Today I went back to work! Wishful thinking that i...

Today I went back to work! Wishful thinking that i could make it the whole 8 hours but I at least made it till 3pm. The tummy tuck and breast lift seem to be a cinch with healing, it's the lipo that is causing pressure, swelling, and discomfort. It's all manageable but still not back to normal obviously. I despise my garment :) I'm just so sick of wearing it- I know its helping though. My bruising has gone down a lot and the swelling stays minimal if I take it easy and lay down. I had an extra little stitch at one of the drain holes that was poking out and my PS snipped it out today no problem. Overall I'm healing well!

15 days post op and I'm doing well! My lipo...

15 days post op and I'm doing well! My lipo soreness and bruising is down to barely nothing- I'm still swollen but not nearly as bad as last week. I've been wearing the compression garment like its my job and yes I still hate it ( the warmer weather makes it worse). Obviously the CG is doing what it's supposed to do so I'll zip my lips and wear it until I can convert to spanx. I just ordered the Assets by Sara Blakely High waisted Standout Slimmers. At least I'll be able to wear my own bra with the Spanx. I added some comparison pictures yesterday and I'm thrilled with the results so far! My PS says I will continue to shrink in the next few weeks! Woohoo!

As you can see the tape hasn't come off completely yet except for underneath my breasts and in the middle of my tummy. The area on my tummy had a little bit of drainage coming out, PS says its not infection. I just need to keep it clean and keep some gauze or a panty liner over it for a bit.

I officially went back to work last Monday and it was an adjustment. Some days were better than others but I always ended up swollen at the end of the day. I'm almost standing up straight 100% but like I said some days are better than others. I've also been able to sleep on my side! Yay!

I would definately do this whole process again in a heartbeat! My skinny jeans were lose yesterday- my skinny jeans!!!! The recovery has been pretty uneventful. Can't wait to rock a bikini soon!

Sorry for the late update everyone! I've been busy...

Sorry for the late update everyone! I've been busy these past few weeks but I'm doing well. The swelling has gone WAY down and the incisions are almost all healed. My tummy opened up a little because of my stupid self walking along in unstable sand this past weekend. So its all neosporin and gauze for me on that part. I've posted some new pictures below - it seems like I have some dog ears forming on the sides of my hips where my drains were. My PS is going to do a revision in office to take care of those. For now, I only have about a week left in this compression garment - yay! I discovered that I still am uncomfortable laying on my tummy for now but its not unbearable. Sitting up, standing up, all those wonderful things are not an issue for me - I'm not walking like a granny - hooray! :)

I've noticed that I feel much better on the days where I drink more water (and not eat as much salty foods)... my swelling stays down and I have the most energy. Maybe this is all in my head? Anyway, that's been my experience so far.

Also, I'm down about 15 pounds since surgery! Yay! Of course the first few weeks I didn't show any weight loss, I was swollen with all that fluid. But I am happy to report - the water weight has retreated!

I suppose that's all for now. Feel free to ask me anything!

I have no complaints, my results have been...

I have no complaints, my results have been phenomenal! Yesterday I had my "dog ears" cut out because my lipo worked so well and the skin at my sides couldn't keep up with the shrinking. My doctor says I'm doing very well, considering most people don't see lipo results until 3 months post op. The dog ear revision was easy... local anesthesia, in office, done in about an hour. I'll post some pictures up later but I have the lovely surgical tape back over the incision. Last night I had a little trouble sleeping because I had to sleep on my back again and I was a little sore at the incision sites (but no where near what the tummy tuck was). I'm taking some advil to manage the pain.

I've also been spitting a few stitches around my breast incisions, nothing crazy - it looks like a little red pimple and I just took a pair of tweezers and pulled the loose stitch out. It heals right back up, thank goodness. Google says that some people are more prone to spit stitches, guess I'm one of those people.

I really need to put some updated pictures on here and I promise I will get to it very soon! I'm so happy with my results so far. I've shrunk down so much I had to get a smaller garment!!! Yay! The first time I was able to wear a bikini out, I almost cried. Its been years since i could do that and this whole process has been completely worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hope all you ladies are healing well!

Sorry ladies for the delay in pictures. I tried...

Sorry ladies for the delay in pictures. I tried uploading some but all the pictures I take with my phone are blurry (there are 2 new ones). I'm going to get some pictures taken at the docs office again tomorrow so they will be consistent.

Small update: even though I had the revisions done on Wednesday, I went to a theme park yesterday and was able to ride all the rollercoasters no problem. Today I had a tiny bit of swelling so I put my garment back on. I also had to take some Ibuprofen yesterday and today but overall no problems. The areas that were revised are a little swollen and bruised as to be expected.

Okay ladies, here are my 2 months PO pics...

Okay ladies, here are my 2 months PO pics...

In 4 more days, I will be officially 5 months...

In 4 more days, I will be officially 5 months post-op! Time seems to have gone by so quickly. I added some new pictures (dated 10/5/12)... I need to work on gettig the comparison ones together again. As you can see, my swelling is (and has been for a while) completely gone! This summer I got to wear my bikini and it was awesome! Dr. V did my revisions the last time I updated here and no more dog ears! The healing for the revisions was way easier too - only needed a day down time and I healed much faster than the initial tummy tuck...probably because the areas were smaller. The scarring is looking much better, and I have been using my Biocorneum scar cream too. I had to stop for a few weeks while the revisions healed. Now the scars are much less red and not raised at all. Hopefully in a few months they will be barely recognizable.

Anyway, thing are going well and I haven't had any issues. I'm thrilled with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm thinking about some thigh lipo for next spring but we'll see how working out pays off for me....

Until next time....
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