28yo, No Kids, 32B 120ish lbs - Columbia, MD

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I've been wanting this for years, finally going...

I've been wanting this for years, finally going through with it but I just started a new job and can't get off until September. I already set my appt and have had one consultation. It's so far away and I don't want to wait.
I'm 5'6, 122lb and a 32b, but very wide set so they don't even look like a B. At my consultation, I decided on Mentor 325 silicone but it's been about 6 weeks since that and I've changed my mind each week. I think I want bigger. I know I can't wait.

35 days!

It's finally getting close. So excited! Going to decide between 325 and 350 at the preop which is coming up fast:)

18 days!

Now that it's getting close time is flying. Had my preop with my pcp yesterday which was just bloodwork, and a couple condescending comments about having the procedure- wasn't about to complain to the person with the needle.
I'm going back between nervous and excited. I had my first nightmare about it last night but I just keep picturing two months from now and it helps.

9 days left :)

Surgery time is chosen, I have to be there at 6am and I can't wait! I've been obsessively making lists of things I need to bring or have set up, an entire list of every pill I need each day and the time so that my fiancee can follow. I've filled all the prescriptions and finished all my shopping - lots of soft foods. I've even been practicing sleeping on my back! I'm too prepared for nine days out!!
My last preop want great, and I'm even more confident in my PS choice. I decided on 320mentor silicone, under muscle. I'll be getting exparel for the pain. I have no pain tolerance, so I'm hoping this makes a big difference! Not looking forward to it wearing off though.
I haven't bought any bras yet because I don't know what size I'll need. As of now, I'll only have the one they put on me. I tried getting a cheap front close at Wal-Mart but a 34 barely fits me now, and I'm only a 32. I'm sure I'll need another for when the swelling goes down but I don't want to go buy one of every size...Any suggestions?

back home after surgery

Ow. Used exparel and can't imagine how much worse the pain would be if I hadn't.sitting standing is awful. Can't breathe. Still look small and far apart but I couldn't have standed any bigger. Don't know how I'll pee.
Everyone at hospital was super nice

got sick twice, still lots of pain

Getting up was the worst. Had two oxys and a valium so far. My left is excruciating, burning. It feels like it's going to pop out. Glad I didn't go any bigger. Right is fine.

2 days post (almost)

Now that I'm forcing myself to eat and drink before taking my pills, I'm not getting sick anymore. My heads awful from all the medicine, but if I don't take it before I need it I can't get back on top of the pain in my left breast. It burns awful on one side. I've yet to find the sweet spot to sleep in where I don't wake up with a sore neck or back but it's getting better. Trying to move around more when I can. My fiancee has mostly been babying me.
TMI but apparently common after all the meds, peeling is tough! It starts and stops and takes minutes now.
I was really lucky at the hospital with everyone being super sweet. My first post op appt is Thursday so I'll find out more then but they don't look bad. At least my being so wide set means no uniboob! ????
Killing time until my next pills at five!

Does anyone else gey awful headaches?

I've been having borderline migraines since the surgery. This is now worse than the breast and back pain. I usually wear contacts but have been in glasses for surgery and because I'm sleeping so much I'm not wearing them much either. I'm wondering if it's the constant switching between being able to see and everything being a blue that's causing the headaches but I can't read or stay on my phone long and I'm going out of my mind bored.
What did everyone else do to keep busy without overdoing it? I'm almost three days post and my appt is today so that should help, though I'm not looking forward to a long car ride.

three days post (photo)

Was 32b. Now 34c? Still very swollen and they're under my arms pretty bad. Wish they could be closer together but I knew it wasn't possible going in. Here's for some serious side boob when all is done.
Colace wasnt cutting it for the bloat, trying dulcolax now too.
6 weeks til sizing!!

PO Day 4

I'm now totally off the painkiller and only taking half valium as absolutely needed. Still having weird spasms and sensations (earlier I could've sworn I felt a bead of sweat rolling down my right breast but I wasn't sweating and it was totally dry) but it's tolerable and getting off the meds almost got rid of my headaches. I'm having bad neck and shoulder pain, way worse than breast pain. Not sure what's causing it, I loosened my bra straps but they weren't too tight to begin with. I've switched to sleeping flatter on my back and that helped with the lower back pain but not the neck and shoulders. I'm using tiger balm there.
I have showered three times now and even better for everyone around me, started using deodorant today! So awkward to work around sideboob????
I can't wash my hair or turn the water off or on alone yet. Tomorrows my first night(and only) night alone while my fiancee is out. Really scared about it but I think I'm doing mostly OK. Better than earlier this week! Definitely leaning towards worth it but wish they matched a little better. Only time will tell????

another pic

PO Day five
Left one looks much better than right but it's been the more painful/ spasmy of the two, so maybe it's just working faster? Hope they even out and the swelling goes down before back to work - I went small and I still don't have any office attire that fits over them!
Highlight of day thus far: I washed my hair alone!!!
Next goal is to be able to spasm without it being totally visible to anyone around me. Or better, not spasm at all!
Oh TMI, colace is finally not needed. Still need to lose ten pounds I gained since Sunday, even though I've barely been eating and mostly yogurt and applesauce, occasionally some organic low sodium soup.
I haven't been advised to do massages yet and not sure if my PS will want me to. I slept half on my side for the hour of sleep I got last night fixed my back pain but caused major spasms so I gave up on sleep.

hard on top, one side only

I'm 16 days p/o and my breasts couldn't be more different. The left had been the painful one since the beginning but it looks and feels almost normal. The right breast looks right at the bottom, like the implant has settled but my right breast is still obviously raised and very hard. The same spot on my left side feels the same as before surgery. My breasts weren't really high right after so there wasn't much dropping necessary, I don't understand what it is that's so hard. I'm worried about CC. My Dr hasn't advised massage and I don't see her for another three weeks to have it looked at.

current picture

Hi ladies! Current picture is up. Righty still has a lot of work to do- I hope it gets better.
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