I Cant Beleive I Finally Did It!! Still in Shock - Columbia, MD

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I am 24 years, old and I weigh 155lb, yesterday...

I am 24 years, old and I weigh 155lb, yesterday before my surgery I was wearing a 34 H /G and hoping I went down to a 34 C ( not sure yet haven’t taken off the bandages). I have always been known as the girl with the “big boobs” ever since high school. And became sick of it, you hear all the time “those things are a blessing, you should be grateful!” “People pay to have those”. But I never felt lucky at ALL!! Lol they became a pain the butt!! So for the last two I have been going back and forth decided if I should do it or not, I finally came to a decision about 2 months before my 24th birthday that I was going do it! Since my birthday was in January I thought this was a good way to bring in the New Year!
No more back pains, bra strap indention, spending 80$ or more on a bra. I can finally go into Wal-Mart and Target and BUY A BRA! I can finally wear a bathing suit and not worry about covering the “girls” up, I can finally exercise without wear 2 sports bra and a baggy t-shirt! I think I’m most excited about getting is cute sundresses, and wearing tube tops ( something I have not been able to do since high school).
Yester morning was surgery, I was extremely nervous, and scared I never had major surgery done before. but the doctors and nurses but m mind at ease so I eventually calm down. All I remember was going into the operation room, them strapping my arms down, putting a mask on me then waking up with my parents and sister in the room. I felt a little pain while I Was leaving the hospital but as soon as I got home I took my medicine and went right to sleep!
Today is day 2, and I haven’t took off the surgical bra yet (scared to see the results) but I will check tonight and put up some pictures!!....no pain today just very sleepy ?

Today makes 3day post-op, and Im feeling a lil...

today makes 3day post-op, and Im feeling a lil better, not much energry and still randomly falling sleep lol but I am able to stand and walk around on my own, today Im going to take of my bandages and bra to shower, I am a lil nervous to look!!! Im still in shock I cant belive that I had the guts to get it done!!! so proud of myself.

Day 4 of my post-op!! I still havent looked at...

day 4 of my post-op!! I still havent looked at them yet becasue yesterday when I was taking the bra off, I felt like I was about to pass out! lol (dizzy, lighted headed) so I just went back to my seat in my chair. Im still in shock! I had a few poeple to come visit and just seeing me with the bra on, with the padding, they say I look good and different! Iam not as tired as the 1st day but Im not going over do myself!

Day 6 post-op! Im feeling great, I dont want to...

day 6 post-op! Im feeling great, I dont want to over do my-self and think im doing good and over do it and hurt myself because it hasnt even been a week yet! but It feels like a month lol ( i guess im starting to get tried sitting in the house)...the pain has went down to a 3 on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the most painful). yesterday was the first day i took off the bandages and look at my new boobs, and I was shock that they are really gone! I WAS doing great, standing and looking but I started to feel light headed, and got dizzy , puke everywhere (maybe I wasnt ready)...has anybody experience this????...I havent gotten in the shower yet (scared it might hurt) but Im going to try tonight wish me good luck!!

Today marks a 1 week since the surgery! tomorrow i...

today marks a 1 week since the surgery! tomorrow i will meet with my PS for the first time since the surgery, Im real anxious to see what he says! Im feeling no pain today Just really tired for some reason, It feels like I’ve been sleeping all day, I felt extremely tired right after the shower this afternoon, Im not taking any more pain medicine, maybe my body is just still just drain energy ( I mean it only been a week ).
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