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I had my BR on May 25th and I have absolutely no...

I had my BR on May 25th and I have absolutely no regrets. I had about 6lbs removed (I forgot to get the exact grams) and I definitely feel much lighter...immediately after the surgery. I was a 40J and now a 40D. At first I thought they were on the small side....but after trying on shirts I realized that my new breast fit perfect.

My recovery was uneventful. I woke up from the surgury is lots with a painful burning sensation. I stayed medicated the first week and the most painful part was getting out of bed. I actually only used my oxycodine at night the second week....because I did a little driving. I took 3.5 weeks off, but I could have definitely went to work a week earlier.

I would recommend any women with large breast to do it. I was hesitant for several reason...I'm overweight and black. I would say that although it is preferable to have a breast reduction at your ideal weight, if you are healthy and your doctor okays its definitely worth it. Also, I was scared because black skin in prone to keloids. I had the anchor cut with the bottom scar extending to the sides...and they are healing nicely.

Insurance covered my BR and my PS submitted the paperwork and it was approved very quickly...I had my surgery about 6 weeks after the consultation. My insurance required I pay a $300 deductable and 15% of the costs. I have gotten several individual bills and my total expense was about $ far. I think this is expensive because I'm used to HMOs....but its better than paying $9000. My HMO wouldn't even refer me to a PS....I had 6 lbs removed!!!

Its scary and exciting....but so worth it. I should have done it 10 or 15 years ago.

I had my 6 month checkup on 17 Nov....and I had a...

I had my 6 month checkup on 17 Nov....and I had a issue with my scars. My major concern with the surgery was scarring and I have hypertropic scars. My incisions were healing nicely but a few months after the surgery I noticed that scars were getting puffy.

Before the surgery, my doctor had discussed silicone sheeting. My incisions were healing so good, I didn't think I needed them....dispite having other hypertropic scars. I'm kicking myself for being cheap....I should have gotten the silicone sheets! Also, I didn't call the doctor when I noticed a change...I didn't think he could do anything and I didn't want to bother him ( I know... crazy).

The only area that healed perfectly was the incision that runs from my nipple to the bottom anchor. The incisons around my nipple (which is kind of hidden by my aerola) and the bottom anchor are hypertropic. The inside of the bottom anchor incisons are the more puffy areas. At six months---that area is still tender. The doctor explained that the scar was still settling. He injected steriod in that area only---it is too painful to do steroid injections all over. Also, he recommended I get the silicone sheeting to flatten the scar---which I did last week.

I think the steriod injection helped, because the scar stop hurting and my scar appears flatter. I started wearing the silicone sheets on my nipple area and anchor scar, which takes dedication. The sheets have to worn at least 12 hours a day and sometimes they move. He told me to come back in 3 months.

I just wanted to say.....despite the scars, I think it was still worth it. I would recommend black women and anyone else with a history of hypertropic or keloid scarring to get the silicone sheeting.

I love my new breast!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. C was an excellent doctor. I knew from our initial consultation that I wanted him to do my procedure. My only concern was that he is on this site but never responds to breast reduction questions. I was concerned that he wasn't a "breast" expert. He assured me he has done several breast reductions and he has excellent creditials. The first surgeon told me he could do a lollipop incision....I have read several doctors not recommend that for large reductions. Dr. C was honest and told me that he couldn't remove enough tissue and I wouldn't be happy with the results. I love my results and I'm very happy with my results. I would definitely recommend him if you are in the DMV area.

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