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Hi, my name is Debbie. I'm a 42 years old, 5'2½"...

Hi, my name is Debbie. I'm a 42 years old, 5'2½" tall and my weight fluctuates between 135-140 lbs. I have been wanting to get lipo for a LONG LONG time. Even though, I used to be MUCH thinner when I was younger, I ALWAYS had chunky hips, rear and thighs.
Over a short 3 year period after giving birth to my only child, I gained 40 pounds and those areas got MUCH worse. I had joined a gym and RELIGIOUSLY went every single day for 2 years and saw NO results (Personal trainer was baffled!) When I turned 40, I spent a LOT of money going to a Nutritionist. I combined that with working out 3-4x/week, and after 4 grueling months, I only lost 15 pounds and STILL those "saddle bags" and pudgy hips stayed in tact. I gained all that weight back over the past 2 years and I pretty much have given up.
I feel liposuction is the ONLY way I'll ever rid myself of these pesky fat deposit areas. I know, because of my age, I will not ever be a "bikini model" by any means. I just want to look better in my clothes and feel more comfortable.
I am getting lipo done on my inner & outer thighs, hips and my lower abdomen. I am anxious, nervous and excited all at once!! I am also getting Ultherapy done on my face which I will be reviewing separately.
Pictures coming soon :)

Had my smartlipo done yesterday. Dr wound up doing...

Had my smartlipo done yesterday. Dr wound up doing my flanks, lower abs, hips, inner & outer thighs. He removed 2200cc's. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times, but not unbearable.
After the procedure was done, I felt extremely sick and lightheaded. My doctor stayed with me and monitored me for hours before sending me home with my husband. He is a really kind doctor and is genuinely concerned for my well being. He called my husband twice after we got home and again this morning to check up on me.
When I got home, I went right to sleep. My husband woke me every few hours to drink, take my meds and go to the bathroom. I had seepage from a few if the wounds and was pretty wet when I got up. I slept on towels on top of puppy "pee pads" wrapped in an old bed sheet so I wouldn't damage my bed.
I am in considerable pain today, I can't get comfortable in any position. I don't want up kept taking the pain pills, but feel like I have to.
I almost fainted this morning when I first got up to go to the bathroom. After I ate I felt a little better, but when I got up again to change my clothes, I almost passed out again.
Now, I've been laying in bed, and just getting up to go to the bathroom with help from my husband.
I'm hoping to feel better by Monday. I'll update again then.

4 Days post op - Still not feeling 100% that's for...

4 Days post op - Still not feeling 100% that's for sure. The bruising is BAD. The pain is not as bad, but still there. Tylenol does the trick for a few hours, but it's wreaking havoc on my digestive system causing terrible stomach cramping today.
Went to the Dr yesterday and he said I look good, but that's HIS opinion! LOL! I can definitely see a change, but it's hard to tell exactly because of the swelling. They took all my bandaids off and said the holes are all closed already. Then, he put new foam contour pads on me and the same horrible garment :( Said I have to stay in it until Friday, then I can switch to a different garment for the following few weeks. I'm peeling the pads off tonight to shower again. I hope I can get them all back on in place, if I can't, I'm going without them. They are REALLY annoying to deal with! I will update with pictures after my one week follow up on Friday.

1 week photos

These are after one full week. Still a TON of bruises and swelling.

1 month later....

So, I'm pretty much healed except for a little numbness still in my flank areas and a couple of small hard spots. Dr. has been having me come in for "Smooth Shapes" treatments which has been helping reduce those.
I think my outer thighs are going to need to be touched up. Dr said to wait a couple more months to be sure it's not just from the residual swelling. Also, I decided if I'm going to get that done, I'm going to have him now do the rest of my stomach. After getting just the lower part done, I think I now look like I've been stuck in a tube! I have "muffin top" even when I'm not wearing pants. Not a good look. I'm still overall pleased with the results, but realize more needs to be done. I've attached side by side comparison pictures. My body photographs very different than I look like in person. (I'm sorry when I took those "before" pics, I didn't move my arms out of the pictures! Don't know what I was thinking.)
Anyway, I've also come to the realization, Smartlipo works best on SMALL areas. If you want a LOT done, like I did, you're better off getting regular lipo. My Dr did a great job with what I gave him. Not looking forward to getting more done and going through that horrible first week after again, but I know just a few short weeks later, I'll feel it was worth it.

Round 2 of Smartlipo

After 9 months, I decided to get more Smartlipo done. This time, I had my entire abdomen done. Last time, I had just the lower part done which created a "muffin top" like appearance when I had no clothes on, that I absolutely HATED. I'm hoping having the rest done now will give me a better result. I also had my left hip and both my outer thighs touched up. I am posting my before pictures and will post some "after pictures" as soon as I'm healed.
This time, I knew what to expect overall. However, having the entire abdomen done was a little more painful than the other areas I had done. Around the belly button area was very uncomfortable as well as the areas near my ribs.
I'm one day post op and have the same discomfort as last time pretty much. A lot of swelling and bruising. Leaked quite a bit last night, but it seems to have stopped now. I'll update again in a month with some more pictures.

1 week post

I decided to do a quick 1 week post op update. I feel good!! First week after surgery was MUCH easier this time than last time. I only wore the pads for the first day. (I reacted badly to the adhesive this time) Since day 2 I've been rotating my garments, but they are all ULTRA firm high waist shapewear type garments. I also wear a waist cincher belt. It's not exactly "comfortable" but I'm determined to have everything stay nice and FLAT this time :)
I still have some bruising, and a couple of hard spots, but I know that just like last time, in a couple of short weeks, they will be all gone and a distant memory. So much easier going through all this the 2nd time knowing what to expect and how to handle things :)
I had my follow up appt with my Dr late last week. He and I are both VERY pleased with my results! Once again, he did a great :)
Attached some new pictures. I'll post more when I'm 1 month post op.

Sorry for not updating this sooner!!!

It's been almost a year since my 2nd round with SmartLipo. I still am overall pleased with the procedure. It all turned out well for me!! Here are some final pictures I had taken one month after the 2nd round showing comparisons of before any work was done and after 1 month of the second round.

Dr did a great job! He is very caring. See my other review for more info.

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