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I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for as long as...

I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I learned at a very young age, maybe 12 or 13, that T-Shirts and light colored tops were a HUGE no-no. As soon as I was old enough to understand that this was a problem, I looked for a solution. I've used every deodorant that's ever been made, I've been prescribed two different deodorants, and nothing has worked. People that don't have hyperhidrosis have no idea what it's like. You're always self conscious of your arm area, worried about sweat marks, worried about smelling, and extremely uncomfortable when you're sitting in a wet shirt. The other day I was flipping through an old cosmopolitan magazine (it was September 2014, I think) and found a page that talked about sweating in different areas (your scalp, your face, your underarms, your legs) and at the bottom it said that if you sweat excessively you may have hyperhidrosis (I already knew I had this). Then it said that you may want to consider botox (which I knew was an option) or miraDry. MiraDry?! What is this?!?! I googled it and IMMEDIATELY knew that I needed it. I found a doctor in my area that performed the procedure, and booked a consultation that same week. After the consultation I booked a day for the procedure, the next week. Which also happens to be today!

So here is how my procedure went (this is gonna be long):
I went in to the office, my appointment was at 10AM and they brought me back to a room. The medical assistant measured my armpit (which I was very self conscious of because I was told not to wear deodorant and at this point, my pits were pretty wet) and then put the stencil on it. The stencil was used so the doctor knew where to inject the anesthesia. The medical assistant told me that would be the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. Then the doctor came in and started injecting the local anesthetic. They said the were doing 18 shots on each arm but it honestly felt more like 25-30. It really wasn't painful at all, just little pinches. It was just a very weird feeling for me. The idea of a local anesthetic freaks me out because the thought of not being able to feel one of my body parts is just scary (I'm a control freak, hahaha). Half way thru him injecting me, I got super dizzy and had intense anxiety, so the medical assistant got me some water and a lollipop, because they said my blood sugar was probably low. Silly me, I didn't eat before the procedure, so take this as a warning: EAT BEFORE!!!!! After he did both of my armpits, the doctor left and the medical assistant began the procedure. I didn't feel anything when she put the little suction cup on me. The only time I felt pain was towards the bottom of my armpit. I guess there wasn't enough anesthesia (I made a mental note to tell the doctor to put more on the lower part of my armpit for my second treatment). This pain was more of a burning, it only lasted like 5 seconds, but honestly, it was pretty bad. But it only happened twice on my right arm, didn't happen at all on my left. Afterwards, she gave me frozen water bottles to put under my arms to ice them, which is a smart idea because they fit perfectly. My whole body was a little shaky, which they said was normal, and my arms were tingling.

It's now 2:00 PM, about 3 hours after my procedure. The anesthesia has already worn off. I've been icing a total of 2.5 hours. They really stressed how important icing is because it will help with the swelling. I took some motrin (they said it was okay instead of tylenol, tylenol doesn't really have much of an effect on me). My armpits feel very tight, almost like I worked out and I'm sore. I also feel like there's a lump on my arm, almost like I'm holding something there. Hahah, very odd, but really not much pain. I will try to update in a couple days. I hope this review helps because I read so many reviews on here which played a huge role in me deciding to go ahead and get this procedure.

6 days later...

It's now been 6 days since my procedure. The day after my procedure was definitely the worst as far as swelling goes; it looked like I gained 15 pounds just in that area and I couldn't put my arms down to my side. However, I iced the entire day of the procedure and the next day. So come the third day, the swelling wasn't horrible. My swelling has gone down, now my arm pits are "lumpy". Sometimes if I move my arms in a certain direction or press down on the lump, it feels like one of my nerves are being pulled. I'm assuming that's normal. Also, some areas are still numb. Besides that, i would say my procedure went really well.

As far as sweating goes, I haven't sweat at all. There was one day at work (about 4 days after the procedure) where I was running around. My armpits were damp, but definitely not enough to leave any type of sweat mark or stain. I also haven't noticed any smell like I used to. I applied deodorant for the first time 5 days after the procedure, but I used the aerosol spray because I was scared to put a solid one on. I have experience "phantom sweats" as many people have reported on here: it felt like I had sweat dripping down the back of my arm but when I checked, there was nothing!

3 Week Update

I'm now three days post treatment and I'm doing great! My armpits are still a little lumpy, but not nearly as much as they were. They have gone down so much that I don't think another person would even see the "lumps". The parts that are lumpy are also a little numb, but I'm not too concerned about that.

My sweating has decreased DRAMATICALLY. Coming from a girl who would put on a shirt, walk to the kitchen and be dripping sweat, I'm barely sweating now. I even worked out last night (2 miles on an elliptical) and hardly sweat at all! I'm in shock and seriously can't wait for my second procedure because I can't even imagine how amazing it will be after the second one. I'm able to wear things I would have never even considered wearing before I had the miradry treatment. It's life changing. I still get a little smell though, so I wear deodorant every day. I'm hoping maybe the second treatment will get rid of the smell. If not, that is okay, because I can deal with a normal smell!

Any doubts I had about miradry have disappeared from my mind and I've been recommending it to so many people. Seriously, this is amazing.

3 Months

It's been a little over 3 months since I got my treatment done, so I figured I would give an update while I have a little bit of free time. As I've previously said, I really do believe that miradry works. I would say I've had about a 90-95% reduction. The other day I noticed I was sweating a little bit, it even went thru my shirt, but it was pretty hot out and I had a long sleeve shirt on. I just made the appointment for my second procedure (May 13). I plan on doing a level 5 so I'm going to give myself at least 3 days to recover and ice. I can't wait for the second treatment because if the first one was as effective as it was, I can't even imagine what a second treatment at a higher level will do!

2nd Treatment

So I got my second treatment done yesterday. I had it done on a level 5. Same procedure as last time; marking with the stencil, injections (I ate before this time so I avoided that whole dizzy, nauseous feeling), and then the actual procedure. This time around, there was only 2 times that I could feel the heat, and it really wasn't that bad. My left arm pit started swelling immediately after the procedure was done, so I thought I was in for a pretty bad recovery. However, I woke up this morning and the swelling isn't nearly as bad as it was the day after my first treatment. There is some swelling and some soreness, and I can't completely put my arms down to my side. However, last time, it felt like i was holding a softball under both of my arms, and this time, maybe a golf ball :). I'm very happy with the strategy of getting a level 4 for the first treatment and a level 5 for the second treatment. I'm so excited to see the results of the second treatment. Also can't wait to wear some cute dresses this summer that I would have never even considered wearing!!!

P.S. if anyone reading this lives in NJ and is thinking of getting this done, I highly recommend going to dr. Thompson. I don't have anything bad to say about any of my experiences with him or anyone that works in his office. Unfortunately I can't remember his medical assistant's name, but she was awesome and so sweet. I had a little anxiety at the start of the procedure and she and Dr. Thompson were both talking me out of it and really helped me a lot.

(almost) 3 months

It's been about 2 1/2 months since I had my second procedure done. My lumps are almost completely gone, I still have a small one in my left armpit, but I remember from the first procedure it took about 3 months for them to completely go away. I would say that my sweating has decreased about 95%. I hardly EVER sweat. However, on days like today when it is 90 degrees and very humid, I do sweat a little bit. But it's nothing compared to what it used to be like. I also still have to wear deodorant, especially on hot days (I've noticed some people say they don't wear it anymore). I don't want to give an official reduction amount just yet because 4 months after my first procedure I noticed my sweating started to come back a little bit. I have high hopes that won't happen this time around, but we will just have to wait and see. I am loving the freedom of being able to wear whatever I want! And since I wear scrubs at work, I love that I don't have to worry about having sweat stains when I reach over a patient!!!

One Year Later

It has been one year after I had my miradry procedure and I am still positive that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I hardly ever sweat. I now sweat like a normal person would, like when it's really hot out, but even then it is minimal. I am so beyond happy with my results. I would say in all, I've had a 90% reduction in my sweating. I have noticed that the hair on my underarms was also effected, some spots don't grow back at all, which is definitely a plus since I'm a girl ;). Hardly any smell either. I mean, by the end of the day, after working, I don't smell at all. I do still wear deodorant though just because I like to smell good :) It's so nice now that I can wear girly deodorants just for the smell, and not strong men's deodorant to mask my smell! It did take quite a few months for my bumps to go away from the treatment but my armpits are back to normal now...minus all that sweating!
Colts Neck Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thompson was awesome, from the consultation all the way to the procedure. Everyone in his office was so nice and genuine and always willing to help. If you live in the area, I definitely suggest him. He makes you feel comfortable, as does everybody in the office.

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