27 Year Old Mommy of 3!!! (Pre- Surgery) - Colton, CA

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I'm 27 yrs old. Having children at an early age...

I'm 27 yrs old. Having children at an early age help my poor dieting aid in my unwanted stubborn belly fat. I've juicing dieting and exercise but it just won't disappear ???????? So now I have resulted to the surgical part of it. What I am expecting is to have my body back the way it was before I had my children or something close to it ??????

Day 2 (Post-PO) Omg IM IN LOVE????????????????

Dr.Childers is freaking amazing!!!!! I can't wait to get all healed up! So far I am looking amazing I can only wait to see my full results!!!! Now the pain (Yikes) I'm definitely in a lot of pain. I suppose we never know how much we use our abdomin.... The tubs and everything or okay. Minor urging but Dc. Says its normal. More updates coming soon ????????????????????????????????
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Childers about a month ago. Dr. Childers was very informative about the Tummy Tuck Procedure. He made me feel comfortable about having the procedure done. I go in in a few hours and I'm super excited to bring you all on my journey. The anticipation has killed me so here I am at 3:46 am lol...

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