Can't Wait!!!! 13 Days! - Colton, CA

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I am going to be getting a Tummy Tuck and...

I am going to be getting a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to my hips with Dr. Ben Childers. I am so happy to finally have a nice belly that I haven't seen in many years.

I'm 5'10 and 177lbs right now. I have lost 90 lbs. I have also had one pregnancy. My son is 5.

I have tons of stretch marks and no matter how much I work out and eat right there is just skin that hangs there and sags. I am so excited for this journey to start!

I forgot...

I'm 29. I am so excited! I can't believe it's so close!!!! I will load photos the day before surgery.

11 days can't come soon enough...

Decided to take pix now. I've gained some weight which makes me sad. Must have been eating because I was stressed with school and also because my friends seem to eat whatever and it doesn't really matter much. No more of that! I'm making sure I get on good eating as much as I possibly can before surgery. Once I'm off my birth control pills my appetite should get better too. I took pics and an uploading them now. I'm glad everyone else here can relate.

The new me, starts now!!!!!!! 11 days!!!

I was just thinking...I am unhappy with how I let myself gain some weight back. I understand that life happens and I'm human. But, I know that I need to make changes now!

I'm back to monitoring what I eat constantly. No more junk food or fast food. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins and lean meats. I am also putting in major effort to work out. I wont beat myself up, but I need to do better for my longterm health and happiness. I will not be getting another surgery...this is a one time deal. It was an eyeopener I had today.

PO Day 1

Saw my Dr. early this morning. He said I'm doing we'll and everything looks great. Told him it's burning where my drains enter my body and he said that's normal. Coughing hurts Sooooo bad!! Didn't have leaking considering I woke up every few hours to empty my drains. The Dr. said most of the fluid in my drains us from the lipo procedure.

First Real Shower! PO Day 4

After that shower I feel like a million bucks. I also switched to a smaller garment. It's helping me walk better than the other one. I also took a pic. I'm very happy with my results! I guess all the MOM and Colace and cutting back on my norcos all caught up with me. I think that was a reason I wasn't able to sleep last night.

22 days PO

Loving my new tummy and no love handles! Just need to work on my thighs once I get cleared to work out again! I see my PS in about 5 weeks. I was back to work PO day 14. Dr. said he took out about 5 lbs of skin and fat.

Dr. Ben Childers is a wonderful plastic surgeon. I had 4 consultations and he was the best. His work looks the best in all of the photos that I saw and he just reassures you that you are in good hands.

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