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Im 45 years young, married with two beautiful kids...

Im 45 years young, married with two beautiful kids ages 2 and 6 years old. I've lost 80 pounds in the last 15 months. I'm 5'8 and weight 213 pounds. I had weight loss surgery (vertical sleeve) in March 2011 and it was the best decision for ME and I'm glad I did it. The weight is starting to taper off....over last 8 months, I've lost only 10 pounds and my weight loss surgeon says weight loss starts to taper off at 18 months. My goal weight is 190 -- and I can honestly think my stomach skin and fat is 10 pounds easily! I work out 5-6 times a week with yoga, swimming, cardio and weights.....stomach is still there.

Tomorrow is my consult with the surgeron I want to have tummy tuck with with breast reduction (or lift == based on his recommendation).. I'm on pins and needles. Will be a sleepless night for sure. My biggest fear is that he will tell me NO and to go lose 20 more pounds. that's easy! I've been obsessing about my weight all my life....I'm finally at a place where I'm liking my body...curves and all....just ready to enhance it and get rid of this jelly belly! My husband loves me big or small and he supports me 100 percent in this endeavor (as he should, he's paying for it! LOL!)

Thanks to all those women who have gone before me.....your stories and experiences have and will continue to be invaluable! I'm hoping to have surgery in July or September! Will let you all know tomorrow how it goes. Fingers crossed!!

Well ladies, sorry it's taken me a few days to...

Well ladies, sorry it's taken me a few days to post an update. I was in Chicago for business and was just too darn busy to do anything else (inbetween shoppin of course - LOL! For those of you who live in Chiciago, love, love, love your city! My first time there and will for sure be returning with my hubby in kids in tow in the near future!

So....... HOUSTON, WE HAVE LIFT OFF! The appointment with the plastic surgeon went well! He said I was an excellent candidate for a full tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and upper belly. I about fell to the floor I was so happy! My surgery date is on July 12 at noon! I paid half for half of my procedure that day (June 14) and now am starting to get a little nervous! I kinow this is something I've dreamed about doing and now it will be a reality! Holy Cow! ANd the BEST news of all -- I asked him how much did her think the excess skin and fat on my tummy weighed. He said he thinks around 7-10 pounds....not including lipo on my flanks and uppper belly. My PS is going to submit breast reduction to insurance to see if they will cover it......he said it's a 50/50 chance that they will. I would do that a few months down the road after tummy.

My sister was all on board to come out and help me with the kids, but now she's being a flake! Going back and fourth about the date I"ve chosen and why couldn't I wait until August, etc..... Uh...HELLO? Wanting to get the fat off the belly is a priority for me....and her trying to dictate the date, aint happening! What I'm going to do is put my daughter in preschool for an entire week (she goes 3x a week, as those are the days I work) after surgery and the same for my son -- he will go to summer camp the week after surgery, giving me time to recover. My husband will take off the day of surgery (a thursday) and Friday.....and be with me on Saturday and Sunday of course. Then I have a few girlfriends who will stay with me on Monday and Tueday. Do you all think that 5 days of having someone with me is enough? Will I be okay to be at home alone after that?

My mom, who lives out of state is having a few medical issues, so she can't come be with me -- but now she's freaking out because my sister (who is an RN) has convinced her that only someone with a nursing degree can change bandages, etc. After explaining to my mom that women all over the world have this done outpatient, etc. and that the doctors wouldn't be doing it outpatient if they didn't think it was safe.

Now that it's my turn....I've forgotton everything I've read on this site as my focus before was just finding women who have been through this and see what my chances were for having the surgery. Please send me all of your links, advice, things I nwws. My pre-op appointment is next Wenedsday, June 27th.

P.s. My PS has his patients use spanx after...

p.s. My PS has his patients use spanx after surgery -- not the traditional velcro compression garment. That has me nervous, since all I've read and seen on here are the velcro compression garments right after surgery. Any thoughts?

I dont know where the last few weeks have gone!...

I dont know where the last few weeks have gone! They've flown by super fast. Its now only 7 days away and I feel like I have a bag full of butterflies in my stomach. I hope I can calm down and just focus on my kiddos and husband over the next week until out rolls are reversed and Im the one being taken care of!

48 hours until surgery.....feeling pretty calm.....

48 hours until surgery.....feeling pretty calm...rigbt now!

Oh hour and a half until surgery!...

Oh hour and a half until surgery! Hubby and I about to leave to surgery center in 10 minutes! Keep me in your prayers! Xxoo

Hi everyone!! Well, I made it to the flatside!...

Hi everyone!! Well, I made it to the flatside! Surgery went great yesterday....and the doctor said he removed 12 pounds. Crazy, right? Im very tired...caN barely keep eyes open. Will write more after nap. Xxoo

HI Ladies. Today is Day 4 Post Op. I'm feeling...

HI Ladies. Today is Day 4 Post Op. I'm feeling really good -- recovery has been way, way better than I anticipated. My surgery was on Thursday, July 12 and I was in surgery for 4 hours. I remembering being so thirsty when I was in recovery! I couldn't eat ice chips fast enough! I had extended tummy tuck with muscle tighting and lipo. Right now, I'd say the lipo done on my flanks is what is the most umcomfortable. I can't even say it hurts -- just uncomfortable and very numb!

I showered last night and boy, what an ordeal! My husband and I were so nervous about taking off the bandages -- which were on like glue and hurt and pinched my skin as they came off. The water felt good, but I felt like I was going to pass out a couple of times when my husband was drying me off. I had to take a few breaks, then resume with the drying, the antibacteiral cream, bandages, then compression garment back on. I'm using spanx garment, per my PS -- and let me tell you, not fun pulling that thing up over the drains! Urgh!

Okay, so my new tummy.....OMG! I can't believe the flap is GONE! And my scar -- is so, so very low! It actually looks like the scar is already healed -- it's that thin! I have alot of swelling, so it's not flat right now (and that kinda made me sad) -- but I have to just be patient and let my body heal!

Oh, and the best thing that happened today -- I went poop! Now, you girls that have gone through this know what a major achievement and relief that is! I didn't realize it until today! I fell SOOOOO much better! I was having major restriction (I had weightloss surgery, vertical sleeve, in March 2011) -- and can't eat very much, just like I had my sleeve done all over again! It felt like food was getting stuck in my chest. So I talked to my bariatic surgeon today and he suggested I start taking protonics (acid reflux medication). So I took one of those pills today and on top of going to the bathroom, I feel like a new woman! LOL!

Tomorrow is my first post op appointment with PS. I wonder if he will remove one of my drains? I know he said he normally removes one in 1 week and the second after week two. So we will see. Will post photos soon!

Also, I'm walking 90 percent upright today -- which is shocking to me! I thought I'd be hunched over for weeks. Praise the Lord I'm not. But I will say also say -- my back hurts....alot! Having to really prop back with pillows when sitting down. I am sleeping in recliner I borrowed from a friend. I can't even imagine trying to get up from a bed. Also, toilet seat riser is teriffic too. I will say that I worked out religiously for the last 8 months and I do think the strength training and cardio have helped in this major surgery and body transformation.

Added two photos from Day 4 post op. Today is...

Added two photos from Day 4 post op. Today is already one week since surgery! Man, does time fly! I can't believe it's already been one week. I also drove today for the first time to Walgreens to pick up a few items. Very strange being behind the wheel. I'm feeling good ladies......lots of swelling.....too much for my liking, but what's girl to do?!?!? Just have to grin and bear it!

Hi Ladies! I'm now 17 days post op and let me tell...

Hi Ladies! I'm now 17 days post op and let me tell you, Im feeling so wonderful! My recovery has been amazing. I remember someone on this website telling me to plan for the worst and hope for the best -- and praise the Lord I got the BEST end of it! Not a lot of pain at any given time, just a sore back a few days out of surgery. That lasted about 3-4 days -- and now I feel pretty normal. Only bummer is that I still have my drains in. I am draining about 70 ccs on right side and about 45 on the other for the past few days, but my plastic surgeron's physician's assistant said last week that she wants to keep them in until I'm at 30cc's or below on both. I figure it's better for it to drain in the bulb, than to build up in my body, right? But I'm definately not looking forward to them pulling the drains out -- esecially since I'm not as numb and everything is "waking" up and nerves coming back to life again. Oh dear, wish me luck when I go back next Tuesday! By the way, swelling has gone down significantly, but I'm still swolen -- especially just above my lower belly, just above my vagina. PS said that is the last place for swelling to go down, due to gravity.

I also weighed myself yesterday and I was down to 197! Yahoo! I went in at 209 and he removed 12 pounds, so that's what's showing up now! I'm so happy, I cried when I got on the scale. I haven't seen a "one" in front of my weight in at least 15 years. I'm wanting to get off another 10-15 pounds and more importantly -- I truely miss going to the gym and hiking! I can't wait until I'm cleared to start exercising.

I did go to the mall on Friday to get a new bra and tried on a few things -- even with these darn drains - Urgh! I was a 14-16 prior to surgery and I fit into a size 12 dress and thats with swelling still! I was so shocked and amazed! I knew my spare tire was taking up alot of room. I hope everyone is doing well.....happy healing to you all!

Hi Ladies....sorrry to long since I've updated,...

Hi Ladies....sorrry to long since I've updated, but have been busy with getting kids ready to go back to school and just life crept up! After my obsession with getting a tummy tuck, now I'm actually focused on living! Well, kinda sort new obsession are my boobies! After being denied by my insurance to cover a breast reduction, I appealed, and got word 3 weeks ago that they are going to cover the procedure! YAHOO! Flat tummy and perky boobies, all in one year, holy cow, I hit the lottery! My breast reduction is scheduled for Sept. 6, so only two weeks out!

I'm including some new photos -- I can't believe how great my tummy looks! Aug, 23 was six weeks since surgery and Im pleased as punch! My scar -- what scar? You can barely even tell it's there -- that's how thin and small her got it! One thing he will do is a slight revision when I do my boobs...he's going to take off a little more skin right above the pubic area. He said I was so tight when he sewed me up, but said it goes to show how different people's body react and settle after surgery. He's going to do the revision for free....score!

As you can see in the photos I took last night (Aug. 23), I still have one drain in, which is coming out today at 10:30am! I've had it in for 6 weeks and my drains for the last few weeks have been hovering around 35-40cc's, so he said it's time to get it out. Thanks's been a pain in the ass to have that damn thing in this long.....but, it is what it is!

Hope everyone is doing well -- for those who have had BR -- give me a shout out and let me know how your procedure was and what I can expect!

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