IPL/laser Nightmare. Colorado Springs, CO

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I was told by my dermatologist that I had spider...

I was told by my dermatologist that I had spider veins in my cheeks & it could only be removed by laser. He recommended another dermatologist who dealt with laser treatments & even said some of his office workers had gone to this doctor & had great results. I had recently come off of accurate to treat some awful cysts that I battled with for years.
I went to this "laser specialist"/dermatologist, and has a consult. We took pictures, discussed my skin , history, Medications, and mentioned a couple times that I was only 2 mos post accurate. They documented it but insisted it wasn't an issue since I was no longer using it.
They told me it was a 50/50 chance it would help & told me what to expect--some redness, swelling, tenderness, dryness, but would only last a week. I agreed & had done some research on my own & decided to go she'd with 1st treatment.
Let me explain I was 51 & had just gotten off accutane 2 mos prior--the accutane dried out my skin some but that was it. Except for the spider veins I had developed, my skin was very smooth, acne free & in good shape for my age.
To make a long story as short as possible, little did I know my nightmare had Just begun.
I didn't heal "within a week"...my skin became so dry, red, raw under my eyes. I went back several times to this clinic & they tried different creams, serums, etc which only made it worse. My skin looked raw,"old", saggy, and "hurt"..the "nurses/estheticians had NO idea what happened , even told me at one visit "I should get eyelid surgery, cause we don't know what happened"...Seriously??!!
I finally went to a 3rd dermatologist for a 3rd opinion--after my own dermatologist of several years couldn't help, although he did a biopsy of my skin & it came back "skin is damaged due to laser"...the lab who did biopsy had NO idea what I had been thru...!!!
I finally went to a 3rd dermatologist to get another opinion. She said the same thing & also I should NEVER had laser after being on accutane--it slows down the healing process & I should've waited at least a year!! I went thru months of redness, pain & ugliness.
I finally went to a specialist in eyelid surgery.i was told I needed to heal both physically & emotionally before they would do surgery. Several months later I had 3 eyelid procedures,and went back to the dermatologist who gave me a 3rd opinion.
Along with the surgeon & my now new dermatologist I have been healing my skin & inner self. This awful experience scarred me emotionally & it's been a very long year!!
The end of September will be one full year since my last of three procedures. I have been using vitamin c serum , special creams , and lots of patience/time! I wish this on no one and please do your homework! I thought I had researched enough & trusted my original dermatologist , but obviously didn't research enough about accutane & lasers.
I don't trust lasers & have a hard time trusting doctors. I'm still healing physically , but emotionally I have finally gotten "ME" back!
Please beware ....do lots & lots of research & question everything!!
I thank God for seeing me thru this....I wouldn't have made it if not for my faith & there kindness of my eyelid surgeon & my current dermatologist. I wish everyone luck...and positive results if you do this!!
Colorado Springs Dermatologist

This doctor admitted "things were not handled correctly" but refused to help pay for my eyelid surgery. I have glaucoma & so it was a bit more risky to do this as well...but I'm grateful it's over & thank God everyday with how far I've come!

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