Consultation review - Interviewing PS for Tummy Tuck/colorado Springs, CO

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I plan on getting a tummy tuck in mid-spring of...

I plan on getting a tummy tuck in mid-spring of this year. For many years, I've debated with myself and finally come to the conclusion that I'd rather get one now, even if I may lose weight later in life and have to do it again, than stay this way. So far, I have had consults with 2 plastic surgeons. Dr. Campanile of Denver and Dr. Raskin of Colorado Springs. Below are my thoughts.

My fat body, 5 mos later

Dr. Raskin would recommend me to a gastric bypass doctor, not a plastic surgeon because I was too fat. I went in for a tummy tuck in March with Dr. Campanile is Denver. 5 months out and I'm very pleased. Dr. C was incredible. Below are the pictures. Please note, I still have residual swelling which will continue to go down.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Raskin consultation mid-January. I was given the lowdown by his very sweet assistant who continued to tell me how they care about my safety. Then when Dr. Raskin came in, he told me I needed to lose about 10 pounds before he'd even give me more than a perfunctory glance over. My goal is not to look like a Barbie doll but to fix my diastasis. I'm healthy, just a size 14, in all other ways with no underlying health conditions. But plastic surgery was about my safety and all the women he's had clotting issues with in the past, were slightly overweight. I was in their maybe 20 minutes, most of which was with his assistant. Again. She was very nice. I felt for whatever reason, I was not their 'type' of patient so wasn't worthy of a real consultation. I have a very good self image and we all know losing weight isn't the hard part, it's keeping it off. I just felt he didn't really want to do much with someone like me so he didn't waste time. It's a little frustrating because I spent a few thousands (yup, thousands) dollars every year on just looking good. I love Botox. Love Juvaderm. I love Restylane. I've had lots of non-invasive work done from cavitation to deep massage so it's not that I look trashy or dirty or like one of the unwashed masses. I just felt I wasn't his 'type'. He told me that he has recommended gastric bypass or medical weight loss for many women who go to him but didn't think I needed it. I just needed to go to the pool and swim a bit. I still don't feel that's why though. I do feel that if I had any less self-esteem, he would have destroyed it. The way to inspire confidence in a woman, even a size 14 woman, is not to tell her she's too big and then to tell her if she were bigger, there's gastric bypass. I do not know what he charges but I was expecting a price tag of around 12k to fix the diastasis, etc. I just finished my consult with Dr. Campanile so will give my opinion on him in the next post.

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