39 Year Old with Inherited Eye Bags, Finally Going to Something About It - Colorado Springs, CO

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My whole family on my mothers side has extremely...

My whole family on my mothers side has extremely bad puffy, loose skin, dark circles. My younger sister started developing them in her early twenties, while mine started at 30. These last 9 years they have gotten progressively worse. I look pretty young for my age other than this "extra baggage" I even wear glasses that I don't need to try to hide them.

6 more weeks to go

So procedure is still about 6 weeks away. Planning on taking about 10 days off (hopefully that's enough) I ordered some eye cream from Sephora that has arnica in it to help with bruising. Oh I'm also going to have some Radiesse injected in my smile lines while under anesthesia (might as well) That will be my first experience with any kind of filler.

Pictures aren't showcasing how bad they really are.

I guess it really depends on the lighting. I find it comical that I'm actually trying to take a picture that "highlights" my bags rather than conceal them, to justify why I want this surgery. They might not be as bad as some peoples, but they bother me a lot. Anyway I ordered some arnica & bromelain tablets from Amazon. I also ordered an icy eye mask.

2 weeks to go!

I paid for my surgery today. They gave me a booklet with pre & post op instructions. No food or drink after midnight, need a ride & a responsible adult with me for 48 hours after operation... The usual. I've had multiple surgeries in the past and never had any issues with anesthesia. In fact, I was pretty active after my breast reduction and couldn't sit still. I'm hoping for the same experience this time and recovery should be relatively smooth. I am excited!

It's all done!

So today was the day! Surgery is done And I'm home trying to relax. My eyes are bruise already & swollen. The feel irritating and scratchy. No major pain but I did when I first woke up. I was a 7 but after they gave me some pain medication it dropped down to a 2. Woke up from anesthesia trying to sit & I remember the nurses telling me to "STOP" & to calm down lol. I'm so glad it's over, now I can focus on healing.

Day two post opp

I've been sleeping (trying) upright in my recliner. Only managed to get 3.5 hours, last night but keep dozing off here & there. My eyes look worse today but under all the bruises and swelling, I can see a great result. Pain is well controlled with the 325 hydrocodone. Not really that painful, just sore and slightly itchy. Been drinking lots of coconut water & pineapple juice, taking the arnica pellets and applying the arnica cream to the bruises. So far so good!

Slow Progress

Day 3 since surgery and this is the first time it looks better, rather than worse when I woke up. My Left eye is a lot more swollen & bruised than the right but the purple is turning to yellow in a few areas. I been (gently) massaging the arnica cream a few times a day. I stopped taking the hydrocodone & started regular Tylenol. I've had a dull headache some soreness around my eyes but nothing terrible.

Almost a week

Well tomorrow it will be a week. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow and I'm excited to get my stitches out. Been sleeping a lot and I finally went to the store today for the first time. Put on some shades and you couldn't even tell I just had surgery. My bruises get better everyday, swelling has gone down too. I have a slight headache that won't go away and my eyes feel strained/tight when I look around, up, down and to the side.

Stitches out!

I had my post op appt today and Hallelujah my stiches are out! My eyes feel so much better now. Dr Heinz's nurse Caprice has a gentle touch & I barely felt anything. she said I look good and my bruises should be gone in about a week. Swelling might take longer. Today is the first day I'm really starting to feel normal again.

Minor Setback

So last week, after my stitches came out I noticed some slight separation in the outside corner of my left eye. It was leaking a lot, mostly while I was asleep and I would wake up with some crusty stuff. So 3 days ago I started applying some neosporin with a qtip on the skin near that corner. Big mistake! I've used neosporin my whole life, never had any issues but this time I had an allergic reaction. I woke up today with swollen, red, inflamed skin under my left eye. It actually hurt and kinds burned a little. I had to run some errands and decided to drop into my doctors office to ask Captice, Dr Heinz's nurse, if she could check it out. I didn't have an appointment but she took me back and looked at it. She told me the neosporin reaction is quite common and told me not to use it. She gave me some samples of bacitracin and some steristrips. I have to put a small strip to put some tension, taping the corners together for 8 hours a day. I can use the bacitracin when I'm not using the steristrips. She said it will heal fine because the eye area has good circulation. But I'm still a little bummed out. My eye looks worse than it looked a few days ago. I still have bruising as well. The left eye is of course a lot worse than the right. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm nervous about it.

Allergic reaction

Back to work

So I went back to work 2 days ago and with a little makeup nobody noticed anything was different! The allergic reaction cleared up pretty fast after I quit using the neosporin and looks a lot better. the healing of my bruises seems to be accelerating and I believe it's because my job is so physical??? I walk over 12 miles a day and maybe the exercise is helping.

Pretty much healed

I still wake up with alittle bit of dried "fluid" and a bit if swelling in the upper eyelids. The bruises are 99% gone but there is a tiny purple spot under the right eye. I'm very happy with my results.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

3 years ago I had a breast reduction with Dr Heinz and he did a beautiful job. I love his bedside manner, skill, and I trust him. His staff is excellent as well.

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