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I had restylane injections to my upper eyelid for...

I had restylane injections to my upper eyelid for what the doctor termed an "a-frame deformity". After the injections my eyelid would not completely open and the eye was narrower than the other. The doctor had trammed filler across the lid and into the inner corner of the eye. It has pooled and left lumps which pushes the lid down.

During my consultation we discussed putting a small amount just under the brow to see how it would look and how the skin would react. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw what happened to my eye. A year later the restylane has hardly dissolved at all. There are also raised "track" marks where the needle was placed under the skin that are still visible.

No changes after two years.


RealSelf Doctors on Upper Eyelid Fillers

3 years and counting.....

Thank you to the doctors that answered my question as what to do with the track mark on my eyelid. After 3 years it was still there. The purple streak from the restylane had faded but the raised track mark left by the canula had not. I've been using Kelocote on the mark and it seems to be working.
As for the lumpy mess of restylane in the corner - it's still there. I have been told that restylane can last as long as 5 years in the upper lid. The injecting doctor told me 6-9 months! I was also told that it was done wrong. It should have been injected behind the muscle this was obviously done very superficially under the skin. Which explain all the lumps and bumps.

Damage to right eye from restylane injections. Eye is now wrinkled and smaller.

Damage to right eye from restylane injections.


Kelo-cote has helped with softening the look of the scar under the brow.

Before and after

Before and After

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