27, breast lift (no implants) and inner thigh lipo

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I have 32DD boobs (according to victoria secret)...

I have 32DD boobs (according to victoria secret) and have had large breasts since middle school. From weight gain to weight loss and having a child the girls have just really taken a beating. I've been wanting to get a breast lift for almost 10 years and am finally able to afford it and have the time to do so. Yay! My procedure is scheduled for August 19 with Dr Dash. Along with the breast lift, I am also having lipo of my inner thighs. (another $1500) .

So I just had my pre op appt today where Dr. Dash went over everything that I can expect from the surgery and recovery. Got my RX for my Percocet which I will be filling at some point before the surgery.

I am mildly allergic to bandage adhesive so she put a small steri strip on my inner arm to see if I have a reaction to it. Better to know before than after right?!
I've been lurking this site for YEARS. And it has helped me out so much in terms of education, and confidence to go forward with my procedure. So I figured I'd share my own story!

Nervous about the lipo

So I'm getting a little nervous about the procedure. Mainly because I hadn't really discussed in depth the liposuction procedure. Like where she is actually going to lipo. I mean, obviously I know she will be doing Inner thighs bec that's what I asked for but what is all included in inner thighs? Is it from the panty line to the knee? And what about the part you can see from behind? I guess I will call the office tomorrow and ask.

I got my markings today!

I'm so excited tomorrow is the big day! I got my markings today. It's awesome that I can actually visualize now what they are going to look like!




So I got home from the hospital and stole a little peek. My breasts look absolutely beautiful! It also looks like she did a small implant but no, it's all natural! Waking up from the anesthesia wasn't bad. I Was feeling pretty nauseous and hot so they gave me some nausea meds and I slept it off for another hour. I'm very tired now. But I wanted to do a quick update before I fell back asleep.

Lipo pics from day 1

Day 1 post op.

So today is my first day post op. My breasts and thighs ar hurting a lot more today. I went to target to pick up some soft bras to replace the itchy surgical bra. We think I might be sensitive to bra and garment material so I'm just using a garment that I had ready had before (like to wear under dresses) and a sports bra from target.

Day 1 post op lipo bruising

I have significantly more swelling in my thighs now since yesterday. It hurts to sit down to use the bathroom and walking is painful also.

Day 2 post op

So today I am a bit more swollen than the day I came home. Here is a side by side comparison. The white garment is the day I came home and the black garment is two days post op

Day 3 post op

The Percocet was making me super itchy, so dr dash gave me dilauded instead, which also made me super itchy. I bit the bullet and kept taking it with benedryl and it just didn't help. So now I'm only taking motrin and that has been pretty good at managing my pain. I have some colorful bruising on my breasts now, but they really aren't very painful anymore. The thighs are still swollen and they hurt more than the breasts do really. It feels like a bad bruise mixed with some burning.


Constipation sucks! I haven't had a BM in 4 days and my stomach bloat is increasing by the hour. I went with my mom to Target and she got me a bottle of magnesium citrate. It's supposed to help produce a bowel movement within 1-6 hours. I drank half the bottle and 3 hours later it took effect. Thank goodness! Seriously if you're have problems with constipation go get you a bottle of this!

I hate this crotchless garment! Need pointers

It's the Veronique brand and everything about it is amazing except the crotchless part. I feel like my V is hanging out and its not comfortable at all right there for me. I want to see in some snaps. I've tried wearing underwear over and it doesn't feel any better. Does anyone have any pointers?

Second week post op!

4 months post op

It's been 4 months, my breasts have settled nicely, they aren't as perky and full as they were right after surgery but that's because they aren't swollen anymore. I miss how full they were and am going to talk to my dr about options. I have to go back tomorrow to get some areola tissue removed from my vertical scar. She told me that this may happen before I ever had surgery so I was prepared for it. I am super happy with my results. I never ever wear a bra now, it's very liberating. I'm happy I got a Breast lift and would do it again in a heart beat

Scar revision

I had some areola tissue in my vertical scar, so I went in for a scar revision and had the tissue removed. Super happy with my results !
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dash is so friendly and personable!! She made me feel very at ease. Answered all my questions and even drew pictures. The ladies that work there are so helpful! When I found myself with more questions I just gave the office a ring and they answered them!

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