I Put This off Way Too Long...33 Years Old - Colorado Springs, CO

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So, I've always whined about my boobs being too...

So, I've always whined about my boobs being too small. My husband of 16 years started out saying, you look perfect, but after many years told me if I really wanted, I should get a boob job. He loves me as is, which is great, but this is just for me. I absolutely hate how small I am. I've bought clothes, that just sit in my closet because I don't fill out the top. I'm 5'2 125lbs. I have a waist, and great hips and a booty...but no matching boobs.
I've had my consult, and really connected with the surgeon and his office staff, so I cancelled the second consult. My doctor doesn't pick size for you, he gives his opinion and your minimum and maximum but leaves the decision to you. He picked 375cc and they gave me a bra to put on, and once the sizers were in they clip the back of the bra to tighten it all up. At first I was quite shocked when I looked in the mirror, they seemed huge! My husband immediately they were perfect. I put a shirt on, and saw how great that looked and actually got excited. We tried the next size up, and the size down from there also. The 415, while not much bigger seemed ginormous and the 310 were just too tiny. We also decided on Mod+ because I have a wider chest and he wants to fill IN more than UP. While I've seen some HPs that look beautiful, it's just not what I want.
We got to play with the actual implants as well. My surgeon uses mostly Sientra textured, and I was amazed at how they feel. They're squishy, but have substance to them, unlike the saline, which we did not like at all.
My doc thinks I should do overs, since I have breast tissue to cover, and I do arm work everyday for Physical Therapy. I'm still a little iffy with that, I want that natural slope and lower pole fullness. I'll be having one more visit before my actual pre-op in September, and I'll talk with him again.
I've been reading reviews on this site for a couple weeks now, so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Obviously, we never really know how recovery will be, but I'm optimistic. I do hate pain meds though, and never take full doses. I'm one of those people that pass out for 12 hours just from a Benadryl, so Norco, Vicodin and Percocet kick my butt. I live in Colorado, and while I haven't had pot in 16 years, I have thought about asking my PS about medical marijuana instead of narcotics. We'll see though.
I'm sure I'll be pretty chatty leading up to my actual surgery, which I scheduled for my kids Fall Break from school. I will post photos of myself...I just don't have any yet...here are some of my wish pics.

Running with boobs?

So, in high school I loved running, after kids and a constantly deployed husband, who has time for running? Well, recently I have forced myself back on the treadmill. Every morning, 2 miles is what I'm at right now, hoping to get up to at least 3 miles a day in the next couple weeks.
As many of you know, running with small boobs causes zero issues. I put on a sports bra, look practically boobless, and they don't move during the run. Thank goodness I have a treadmill in my garage. I want to get back to running as quickly as possible after surgery. The cool thing is my PS's wife is a physical therapist and can write me up a plan to get back into my physical therapy and running.
What I need help with is sports bras, real ones for exercise, not just comfy lie around ones. I'm sure I can ask my surgeon in September, but I'm a planner and would love to have an idea of what I'm looking for. Comfy suggestions are welcome too, but full support is a I've concern.
I need a countdown app!

Email updates

I swear, the only time I start to get nervous is when I get my RealSelf email, and there are explant reviews. I always click them, read the whole thing, and then start to question myself.
Two things I remind myself of, I'm going with a smaller size, because I don't want to be self conscious, or uncomfortable and hindered in my daily life. Also, I have noticed a lot of the explants are saline, and the new silicone is quite safe.
Still, I get a little anxiety every time, and of course if you read one, there's a whole list at the bottom...the rabbit hole is real, and you can get lost reading negative reviews.

Anyone get real self conscious?

So, my girls have been going to the same schools for about 5 years now and after the first day back today I had a bit of a freak out...how do all of you return to school activities and drop offs and pick ups without feeling...judged?
I'm not one for flashy clothes, jeans and a tank is my fav..but I'm honestly having a bit of anxiety about this.
I'm pretty far off from surgery, but I think about backing out often, even though I really really want to do this.

Is 375cc too big?!

I'm starting to freak out. Lol
I was looking around the site, and worrying that 375 is too much. I'm going with mod+ so not quite as projected as hp, but it's still a lot of cc's.
i realize I am not the only one with this worry. So I thought I'd put my thoughts out there.

Ok, here's my pics.

Here are my before pics. Sports bras just totally flatten me out, I would never leave the house like this. I have pretty good shape, and I'm hoping I have a nice natural drop with the implants. Hard to see in the pics, but like most breastfeeding moms, I have no upper fullness.
Ugh...not sure why the pics are sideways?

Lucky hubby gets texts full of boobs all day

I'm an avid researcher, so I've seen at least a hundred pairs of boobs so far. When I find a really nice pair, I send the pic to my husband, because why not?
I try for commonality between them, nice rounded bottom with a natural drop and full to the center. Even before I knew the difference between HP and Mod+, I preferred the look of the Mods, so I was quite happy my doc said I'd love the Mod+.
I found a pic last night, and texted it to my husband before bed, since he was away on a fishing trip.
This girl had HPs and had a revision to Mod+ quite a dramatic change.

The boob crazies...

So, I'm not sure what personality it happens to the most, but I really pray I never go crazy about my boobs. I have seen some profiles of woman with BA and damn near perfection, complain for 3 years! Just non stop, post after post, doctors refusing to treat them anymore and yet they continue. I understand We all want those perfect breasts in our heads, but when people tell you for three years that you look perfect, I'm thinking maybe you need a different kind of Doctor?

Can time possibly go any slowwwwwer!?

So my pre-op is Sep 12, for surgery October 5th...and I don't think things could move any slower. We planned the two a little far apart, because I want to retry sizes, and needed enough time to really think on it, before he orders the implants. I'm going to talk with him again about over the muscle, and make sure we're on the same page, look wise. I need that lower fullness, but not the ball in a sock look, that image keeps me up at night.
I do like the idea of an easier recovery with the overs, but if unders will give me a better end result, I'll take the pain.
I'm going to have trouble with the sleeping sitting up. My oldest daughter broke my tailbone during her delivery, and sitting too long freaking hurts. It's worse if I'm wearing jeans, they have no give, but comfy pants should help. I have two chairs to pick from, but one is a beast, and I'm not sure what I'll have to do to get hubby to move it. I prefer the beast. Possibly because it's in a room we never use, so it's still real fluffy and wonderful to sit in.
So many things to think about, and all I can think is, are we there yet?

Anyone crochet?

I'm wondering if I'll be able to crochet during my down time. I have a blanket I need to make, but refused to work on it in the summer, too hot. October is the perfect time to get started on it though...but I don't know if it'll be comfortable to have my hands moving and close together.

My husband does not get to pick my implants...

I've been seeing in a lot of reviews, that husbands are deciding on, or asking there wives to get certain sizes. "My husband wants me to get the HP" "husband liked the bigger ones, even though I want a natural size"
Of all the things we discuss, which is anything that effects the other, or spends more than $50..my husband gets zero say in my final size decision. ZERO. He can say which he likes, and what he doesn't like, but nothing he says makes up my mind. I have to walk around with these breasts, natural or otherwise.
I can't imagine letting anyone make this decision for me, not the doctor and not my husband. My surgeon told me, back in the day of the original breast implants, the surgeons just put in whatever size they wanted...woman just woke up with giant boobs, and never had a say. This is why he will not tell me what size to get, and I appreciate that, because this is my body.
I don't ever want to look back and regret being pushed toward or forced into something I didn't really want.
Obviously, planning my surgery so far out, is giving me way more time than most to think about everything,...which isn't always a great thing :p

Workout plateau

I am having the hardest time getting passed this 2 mile hump...I need to push past the 2 mile mark, but whenever I get close I have to take a break of three days and then I'm back down to 1 1/2 miles. I've been able to up my speed, so running consistently on a 4 and then throwing in a 5 and 6 is pretty easy...but I hit a point where I just don't care to keep going. Is that normal, to just get bored or restless while running?
Any runners have some advice? Im not doing this to lose weight, I just need more activity, and some toning. I'd like to be running at least three miles a day before my surgery.

Pre-op and telling our girls

So, my pre-op is next Monday and I'm a bit nervous, but a lot excited. I'm absolutely going to bring one of my own shirts, the doc has what seemed to be an x-small tank and I wear an 8. I do have many many tanks, they are my fav shirts followed closely by v-neck tees.
With my pre-op next week, we decided it was time to discuss the surgery with our daughters. They are 12 and 9 so old enough to notice me coming home after surgery, and also to understand what I'm doing. The 9 year old apologized for ruining my boobs, the 12 year old clutched her chest and looked a little sick. Lol.
Very expected reactions from both girls. We told them that this is private, and they can't be talking about it at school, or with Nana, and if they have questions they should ask while we're home.
I'm hoping my recovery goes smoothly. I've had dental implant surgery, and four or five gum surgeries...those are painful and suck to recover from. They're so draining, that a week after my first double gum graft, I walked around an antique mall for thirty minutes, and was laid flat for two days after. Physically draining.
From what I'm reading, going over the muscle is an easier recovery, and I'm really looking forward to that.

Tiny freak out..

So, we all have our "perfect" look we want, and I've noticed we are all pretty set in wanting that specific look, whatever it may be.
Did anyone else really really worry about that end look? My pre-op is Monday, and I'm starting to get a little ancy and worrying about "what if he can't give me what I want?" I don't just want to be bigger, I want a certain look..natural lower pole fullness is a huge part of what I want. I'm hoping my natural shape means I'll get the look I want.
I wish I was already done.

Pre-op done!

Had my pre-op, got to try on sizers again. I actually decided not to try on the other sizes again. I liked the 375 (my implants will be 385), and I knew from the consult that up or down was no good. I took a pic with and without sizers. I also tried on one of my tank tops, and was pretty surprised how big they seem, but they look normal in my tee.
My doc doesn't put anything on me after surgery, no bra no wrap. I can wear a super loose sports bra starting the day after surgery, and then at some point he wants me to buy good supportive underwire bras, but no constrictive bras for full time.
I also paid my surgery fees, which was the worst part. Lol. I had to call my bank, and up my debit limit for the day.
So, like three weeks till surgery. I'm not nervous or anything, maybe because I've had so much time to think and plan.

Forgot to add a pic

While we were sitting and Dr. Raskin was filling out my patient info paper, hubby and I were playing with the implants on the desk. My husband pointed out you can barely see the differences in the sizes, 300cc to 5something, there were four. The only one he didn't have was my 385. I took a pic for my sister, she said, I wanna squish it!

Nipple covers

So, I'm going to order my nipple covers now, because I don't want to be stuck with any last minute cheapos.
Any thoughts on these?....

Little bit of shopping...

So I was at the BX today, looking for a Fall coat for myself. Colorado has freezing winters, but Fall whether is so wonky you never know when you'll need a light coat. I was traveling through the clothes, and almost passed by the bras, when I realized, I need sports bras! I knew I needed them, but it didn't occur to me to look during one of my many many trips to the Commissary, which is connected to the BX. Anyways, I got two dark colored sports bras, one pull over and one that clasps in the back. Then I looked over and they had a whole shelf of different silicon bras and stuff, but after searching, they didn't have any pasties.
I did find a coat, which is amazing, because I've been looking for a coat like this for a while, I'm pretty sure it will still fit after surgery.

Amazon free shipping

Anyone else always adding extras just to get the damn free shipping? I know that's why they do it, getting me to spend 50 instead of 25. I'm ordering two brands of nipple covers, which I'm sure aren't at Walmart.
The sports bras I got at the BX are crazy small, even though I used the size chart according to what size I will be. I know they're meant to be tight, but wow, these were uncomfortable and I'll have to go up to a xxl. So I'll prob get an xl for after swelling is done, but I'll buy one super big one for those few days of super swelling. I have plenty of comfy loose clothes, so I'm not doing any major shopping. But, as a hint to all you ladies...THRIFT STORES! I love thrifting, it's seriously fun, and I hardly ever spend more than 20 bucks. I bought a brand new zip hoodie($8) for after surgery, my PS doesn't put anything on you after surgery, so it'll just be a hoodie for the drive home. I also buy most of my shirts at thrift stores, which is why my closet is overflowing. Unlike other stores, I can go thrifting every week, and find new things every time. I have a collection of vintage Pyrex nesting bowls you wouldn't believe. Thrifting!
So, I'm officially counting days now...I can't believe how close I'm getting..and I'm super super excited, with a tiny bit of nervous thrown in. Woohoo!

Which vehicle for after surgery?

Hubby and I are having a debate. He thinks he should drive his f150, saying it'll be easier for me to go up into it. I think he should drive my Renegade, thinking it'll be easier to go down into it.
I'm 5'2, so even though his truck isn't lifted, they are naturally pretty high up and I do have to kind of climb. But, is it worth him driving my car, and messing up the seat adjustment? I swear it takes me at least a week to fix everything anytime he drives it, since he's quite a bit taller than me.
Hmmm...many things to finalize. I'm super excited, and trying to keep any negative thoughts away.

Heavy implants?

So, I was chatting with my little sister, who was lucky enough to get double d slapped by the boob fairy. She recently lost a little weight, and her boobs are a solid D right now, and she was saying how happy she was to get a little weight off her shoulders. And I had a tiny freak out, because I'm getting 385cc, and I'm wondering if that's crazy heavy? Am I setting myself up for pain or annoyance later? So, all you 350 to 450 ladies, how are you feeling? I know the implants are like a pound each.
I won't be cancelling my surgery or anything, but I'd like to know what I'm in for.

Surgery center Pre-op

Yeash...the surgery center just called for my pre-op. Little bit of anxiety got going. It was kind of funny because he asked if I had an anxiety disorder, and I said no, but I'm freaking out a little right now. Lol. He said that's totally normal and we deal with that before surgery all the time.
I am still slightly worried I picked a GINORMOUS implant. Obviously I didn't, and everyone can make fun of me if after surgery i whine that they're too small.
I have got to stop looking up photos and stuff.

One day!

OMG! My surgery is tomorrow!!

The pillows have been fluffed!

So, today was super easy. In and out, at least that's how it felt. The staff at the surgery center was awesome, and took great care of me. Hubby got to sit with me while we went over the paperwork. I wasn't nervous at all, which comes from all my research and ALL you ladies here.
When I woke up there was just a little pressure on my chest, and when the nurse asked my pain level, it was barely a four. I had some cranberry juice, and was given a little more pain meds in my IV, then I got up and dressed to go home.
I'm keeping up with my meds, sitting in my super comfy overstuffed recliner, and hubby is taking great care of me.
I have a good amount of upper pole swelling, but I think once settled, they're going to be perfect size.
When Dr Raskin pulled out my implant boxes my husband said "those are the 500's right?" And the nurse said, total guy right there!
I'll take pics in after my girls go to bed.

First pics

So, my pain is still minimal, mostly pressure. I do really like the Demoral in place of Percocet and other opioids. It makes me drowsy, but I don't have vivid dreams or pass out for hours.
I'm drinking tons of water, and mixing Miralax into a little juice halfway through the day.
I already love the size I picked, I don't think they're too small, or too big. Right after surgery I asked my doc how it went, and he said they fit in perfect, and if we had gone bigger it would have been a tough fit.

Thank you ladies!

Thank you all for leaving the comments, it really makes me feel better.
I had a half bath last night, but got a full shower today, and it was awesome. The downside was I didn't need pain meds at all today, until the shower. And, I'm so bored. How's is it possible to be this tired, but wide awake?

Surgery post op

Had my post op this morning. I attempted to wear the sports bra I bought for after surgery, and it lasted about two minutes before I felt totally squished.
I'm able to raise my arms, and get dressed by myself, which is nice because my husband was very bad at it. Poor thing takes my whining very well.
Dr Raskin was happy with my progress, said I'm healing quickly when he saw my range of motion. He did make me feel better pointing out that yes, I am still swollen so this isn't my actual size. He wants me to go get sized for bras this coming weekend, and have a bra check next Monday.
I'll post pics later today.

Quick update

I totally forgot to take a pic the other day.
I don't have a ton of pain, just random soreness. I am so glad we didn't go under the muscle. The absolute worst part of this for me, sleeping. I am a side sleeper, always have been. I can't get comfortable at night, on my back on my side, it's all bad. I had my hubby get me some Tylenol pm and finally used that, it really helped. One pill, sleep all night.
My ps wants me to get sized this weekend, and he wants to do a bra check on Monday. He says this way I'll know what kind to always buy. He prefers Dillard's, because they're more helpful, but gave me a couple stores and the name of one bra in each that he wants me to try. I'll be going Saturday.
I still have upper pole swelling. I'll get stitches out on Monday, and I can't wait. This tape is gross.

More from the first week

A few more things from this first week. My husband had six days off work, but still had college classes to do. He was super great for all of this. We've been married 16 years, so have seen just about everything with each other. I had no problem letting him wash my hair the day after surgery, even though he didn't rinse all the way. He kept up all my meds, but was a little shocked I slept all day, the day after surgery. Starting the third day I was bored, and restless, and it just got worse from there. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I can't get comfortable no matter how I lie down, and I swear that's the only time I regret this. I know it'll get better, but I am cranky when I don't get sleep. My doc said it's a problem with strong willed people, we stop taking pain meds quickly, and then refuse to use them, even if they'll help. He told me to use them at night at least. I did, once, but it did nothing. The Tylenol pm was very helpful last night, and the night before that I happened to need a migraine pill which knocks me out.
I really, really want to vacuum. I have three dogs, and a cat, so there is dirt and there is hair. On Monday I vacuumed the hardwood by the litter box, because it just had to happen. Obviously, I kinda went from the hardwood onto the rug in the back room...it was right there! And after two minutes, knew I did too much.
My cat is a big boy, at 8 months he's right at 13lbs, and I've picked him up twice, I can feel a tightness for a bit afterwards, and really have to remind myself not to do it.
Overall, I'm very glad my girls are on break, but I'm super bored not being able to do more. I drove them to dental yesterday, and that was pretty easy, but I felt a little mushed by the seatbelt. I was ogled by a dad sitting with his kid in one of the treatment areas, that also happened prior to surgery and I honestly didn't attribute it to the boobs. I'm a little nervous about commissary shopping, but it has to be done, so we'll see how it goes. I'm not conceded or anything, I honestly attribute it to the fact that I am pretty, but also short, and I swear a lot of the time guys like the fact that I look super young. Adding boobs to that, well that's just something I'm going to have to get used to.

Not one pound gained!

I avoided the scale for the last week. Finally got on today, and haven't gained one pound over the implants! Super proud of myself. Drank only water, or fruit juice, like pineapple and occasionally apple. Preplanned all dinners for hubby, no fast food here. First sweet I had was last night, needed ice cream, like, needed. Ate Raisin Bran to keep regular, and trail mix of roasted nuts and dried cranberries as snack. Pretty much my normal diet. If I can't exercise, I absolutely want to stay as healthy eating as possible. Otherwise I'll start exercise too soon, and I don't want to hurt myself.

Bought a couple bras

I went to the mall, and was really annoyed that our Dillard's has already switched to Fall hours and doesn't open till 12. We got there just after ten, and I thought we'd keep busy and be able to wait, but by 11 I headed to Victoria's Secret. Spoke with one of the girls and decided to just try the 34dd prior to sizing me. It fit so well! Super comfy, and all she had to adjust was the straps. I had planned on only grabbing one, but they were so pretty I got two. One nude, and one grey. I'll do the bra check with my PS on Monday, and hopefully he's happy too. I'm not going to buy a ton more till this upper swelling goes down more.
Overall I'm still really happy. It took a few days of talking to myself, and getting used to the size. I really thought for those first few days that I should have gone with the 350s, but now that I'm used to it, I know this is perfect.
There's no way my husbands family won't notice, obviously, but he said "let's make a game of it and see who has the nerve to say something first." It'll be his mom, for sure. We're really close, and she has no filter...it'll still be funny dealing with the family staring.

Got my stitches out

I had my second post op, and got the tape off and stitches removed. That freaking hurt. On the outer part of each incision, pulling out that part, hurt crazy bad. Doc said since it was still so tender, he wanted me back in a week, to look again and he retapped them. He also gave me a prescription to help with the swelling I'm feeling. If I put on a sports bra, I can't stand it for more than an hour, because I feel like I'm swelling under the fabric. He said that's normal, all the nerves snapping and getting confused.
We were running errands for about four hours, before and then after my appt. By the time we got home my boobs were sore AF, and I was cranky and just worn out. You might not totally feel like you've had surgery, but it catches you quick.
Im going out today to find some new shirts. I'm a jeans and tshirt girl, so most of my stuff is still fitting, but I'm finding that if it was snug before, now it feels too tight all over. I think that might be part of my discomfort with tight things right now, so I'm not throwing anything out yet.
On that note, I'm so mad at myself...the blue shirt I had on for the before pic and sizer pic, I threw it away! It was one of two that had tiny holes appear in them, and I chucked them a couple days after surgery. So, I won't have a third pic in that shirt for comparison.
I'll do another pic tonight, or tomorrow.

Two week photo

We took a pic last night. Getting the lighting right is a pain. We took two in the room, and one in the bathroom. I wonder if we'll eventually find the better spot?
I'm feeling pretty good. Slight tenderness at the incision, after a while of wearing a bra. I'm sleeping ok, it really not comfortable yet. Once I'm fully on my side, I'll be much happier. Slight stiffness when I first wake up, and sitting up I can feel pressure on the incisions. Overall I'm doing ok, no regrets for sure. Just waiting for them to look like normal boobs while I'm named. In clothes they're awesome.
I totally forgot, I did see my MIL yesterday, but I put a zip hoodie on, because I'm just not in a place to discuss it with people yet. I'm a little worried if they say anything bad, I'm not comfortable enough with the boobs yet to be ok with that. Once I'm more confident with the new additions, judgment will slide off, because I generally don't a F what people think. :)

Photos are so misleading!

So, I know I have slight unevenness, it's so minor my husband and I never noticed till my PS pointed it out. It's so minor it wasn't even a consideration to use different size implants. Even now, looking in the mirror, I barely see it. But that dang photo, it just jumps out at me. Stupid lighting.
on my surgery day we were chatting with my PS about that slight asymmetry, and he said he was so shocked to find out, during a convention he had just gotten back from, that surgeons were recommending woman get lifts on the slightly bigger breast...how is the minor size difference worse than the scar a lift would cause?

My fav shirts!

So, I have three of the same shirt, just different color plaid. They're button up, short sleeve super light fabric and I LOVE THEM! But, I put one on today and the buttons look a little stressed, and I can't decide if I'll wear them anymore.
Another shirt yesterday looked a little off when I tried it on. It's a regular tshirt, but its pinch at the V of the neck, usually the pinch lies flat and it's fine. With new boobs, the pinch puffed out a little, and I couldn't bring myself to leave the house in it.
My rule, I think, will be if I wouldn't have bought it with big boobs originally...I won't be wearing it anymore.

I need movement!

I'm going crazy not exercising. Right before the surgery I was doing a daily 30 minute routine, and so happy with my results. I gave up on the treadmill...I hate that thing. maybe I'll take hubby fishing? That involves light hiking, nothing too crazy. Or go an hour away, and there's zero hiking there. We'll see, I just have to get out of the house. Then on Monday I'll ask my PS what he thinks.

Still loving my doc

Had another follow up yesterday, to get the second set of tape off. It didn't hurt this time, because scabs weren't being pulled off, so that was nice. He said everything looks great. I asked if I can start lower body and ab work, and he said yes but take it easy. He kept reminding me I was only, barely, three weeks.
I haven't gained any weight still, but I feel soft and mushy...and that isn't fun for my personality type.
i had to take my husbands truck for tires today, which meant I spent the waiting time at my inlaws house right by the store. I was there for three hours, no sweater just a tshirt, and no one said anything. I think I look a little bigger with these bras, but it's still very normal looking under regular clothes. My husband came to get the truck, and while sitting next to me kept texting me to tell his mom, and I was like, not if she doesn't notice! I just think, I'm grown, and I don't feel a need to tell anyone. That's a nice feeling. I'm not self conscious at all, I don't stress over what I'm wearing. I'm just completely happy with how I look, and that's pretty awesome.
One downside...you really get used to that super size from swelling, and as it goes away, you get a little boob greed. I'm not saying I would have gone bigger, but the shrinkage needs to stop already. I'll do some pics tonight, see if we can't find that perfect angle.

I finally slept last night

So, the worst thing of all of this, I have not been sleeping very well. The first thing I should say is, I have an insomnia issue to start with. It flares up randomly, and I am not surprised it kicked in this last three weeks.
The first few nights after surgery, I slept like the dead, on my back, because of the meds. Night four, I had stopped the meds that day, so that was the beginning of the issue.
I'm a dedicated side sleeper, so the biggest problem was having to be on my back. I couldn't get the pillows right, my back hurt and I swear the boobs were being difficult on purpose. Those first few nights were the only time I thought I made a mistake. My boobs felt huge, I was tired and super whiny, which gets worse the more sleep I lose. Luckily my husband knows this very well, and me sitting up every five minutes, annoyed at my boobs, didn't surprise him at all.
About two weeks in I was attempting to sleep on my side, with a pillow shoved between my boobs. Still wasn't sleeping, because I wasn't used to the size and they just felt heavy and painful. Lack of sleep was started to affect my migraines, which are mostly food caused. Normally I can have a bowl of ice cream, if that's my sugar for the day, and I'd be fine. But I was starting to have a permanent pain behind my eyes, and I knew it was definetely the amount of sleep I was getting.
Last night, I finally got comfortable on my side, and slept almost all night without tossing around. I woke up with the alarm, got up right away, and felt good. Today is three weeks exactly, and thank god I turned that corner.
I do have pain, in the lower pole mostly. Teressa at my docs office said there are three rows of stitches in there, so thats what that pain is. Wearing a supportive bra really helps.
I don't regret this surgery one bit. The look I wanted in clothes is fantastic. I'm amazed when I take a shower, I'm washing actual boobs! Hubby and I aren't doing too much with them yet, but they are a fun addition...it's not something you have to get used to, they're just there, and they're awesome.

Light workout and my floor buddy

Squats, lunges and a light yoga ab workout. I swear, I could do squats all day, I feel they're super effective and low impact on my joints.
And, my big boy is quite happy when I'm down on the floor with him, and comes to hang out.

Three week pic

I almost can't bring myself to post a pic, they look so uneven, but IRL they're perfect. Anyways, here ya go... :)

Fam didn't notice the new boobies!

So we went to a b-day party today, and almost the whole family was there...at least 15 people. No one noticed, looked at me weird or said anything! I've known my husbands siblings since I was 18, so they know what I look like. I was wearing kind of a flowy top, but to me the boobs are obvious, I was totally comfortable and confident.

I made sourdough!

So, this is a huge deal for me. I love baking, and sourdough breads are my favorite to bake and eat. I have a dinner roll recipe that must be kneaded, and I was a little concerned I wouldn't be able to start this early in the season. I managed the kneading with only minor muscle fatigue, all while on the phone troubleshooting an internet issue. I also have a no knead recipe, that I use more, so that'll be much easier to do...except dumping the dough out of my giant dough bowl.
I'm 4 weeks out from surgery, and really happy with my decision. The placement of the implant seems to be why I'm recovering quickly, and I'm thankful for that. I'm also totally in love with how my breasts look right now. I do need a night time sports bra though, I really need the support. One of the assistants at my docs office also made a great suggestion, because I'm always shoving a pillow between my boobs when I'm on my side. She said to get a pack of tube socks, put them inside each other, making a nice roll...and use that like a booby body pillow. I'm picking up the socks today, we'll see how it works tonight.

Mini update

So, I'm feeling really great. Not too much pain, besides random zingers and burnies. My boobies are starting to be jiggly when I move around, which is pretty cool. They're evening out as well, and I'm no longer worried about how they look in clothes.
One question, it still feels weird when I push into my husband for a hug, when does that stop? the implant feels weird, do I get used to that or does it eventually stop? I'd like a full body, squishy hug, and it's just not working out right now.

Quick pic!

Here's an update pic. I tried taking one myself, but it never comes out right, so I had to wait for hubs.
As my doc pointed out, my left breast points slightly to the side, no big deal. I'm not really fazed by the irregularities anymore, I just love my boobs.

Bra sizing

Does Victoria Secret size transfer to other brands? Or should I just continue to try on bras, instead of ordering online?

Had a follow up

So, I saw my doc yesterday, mostly for that stitch I could feel on my incision. He tried to get it, but it pushed itself back down under the skin more, so I'm just going to keep an eye for it again. Since the skin wasn't broken or anything, it wasn't too painful, but he put neosporin and gauze over it anyways.
I can start fully working out now, but still lighter weights. I'm going to find the lululemon store here in town so I can try on a TaTa Tamer, since I'm not really sure of my size. The ladies in the office agree that my VS size won't be the same as other stores, so trying things on is smart.
I asked my doc if my lower pole is going to go any lower, and he said he expects this to be my end results, which is super exciting. I'm loving their look, in clothes and naked. He did say, keep wearing supportive bras. His biggest problems come from the ladies who "think they're sexy" and go around braless in their tight tshirt...seriously, he's super funny. Anyways, he was saying if I don't want them sliding lower and lower, keep up with bras because gravity and age are always fighting us.
I have another appointment in three weeks, but I'm also feeling for the stitch, and have to go in right away if it pops back up. I asked about scar cream, and he said not yet.
Oh, I tried on one of my most favorite plaid shirts, but didn't wear a bra to see how it fits. My boobs are so big, they're making the shirt too short :(
Sadly, my 12 year old is close to this size, so I'll keep them for her. I say sadly, because she's like a quarter inch away from being as tall as me...at 12...13 next month. My baby.
Ok that's it for now.

Forgot to add

I dislike the new "home page" or whatever they want to call it. The feed has all this stuff I don't need, or want to see. Yuck.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

The atmosphere in this office is wonderful. It's very calm, and quiet, which is great during that first nervous consultation. Dr. Raskin was my first consult and my husband was basically telling me to just book the minute we walked out. I thought, well I'll go to my second consult just because. Four days later, I got the sweetest note in the mail from Sandy, thanking us for coming in and I honestly, called them five minutes later and booked the surgery. Dr Raskin is straight forward in how he speaks to you, he's not selling you something, he's explaining what he can give you and I was never confused or misled. You're taking your clothes off in front of strangers here, and being comfortable in that is important. I had my second post surgery follow up today, and I'm just so happy with how everything has gone. The surgery center was awesome, and everyone there is also very nice and kept me from really having any nervousness at all that day. I really recommend going in for a consult with Dr. Raskin, you'll be quite happy you did.

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