24yrs Old, 2 Kids, Never Naturally Developed the Boobies I've Always Wanted.. - Colorado Springs, CO

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I have my first breast argumentation consultation...

I have my first breast argumentation consultation ever tomorrow morning! I'm seeing Dr. Douglas Raskin in Colorado Springs. I am so anxious, EXCITED, nervous, and PROUD!

EXCITED: I can't wait to have the boobies I have always wanted. And be able to be happy with that part of myself! I have always said that if I did not have my desired size by 24 years old I would have a boob job. There was a time when I was terrified of going under the knife, I’d never had a surgery, stitches, broken bones, nothing. After having an emergency C-section with my second child I think I am mentally more prepared to have a surgery now. Yes, I know they are two completely different things but still.

NERVOUS: I of course I have no idea of what to expect out of this experience.

PROUD: Never thought that i would actually be able to do this! I am so thankful for my husband for genuinely pushing me to do this for myself. And making me feel ok with spending this amount of money on myself especially for something like this, which some men/people would think was crazy. I've known so many people out there that say they want to do all these things in their lives and never get the chance to or never allow themselves to... This is not the type of person I want to be with anything in life. However yes, I'm human that characteristics does sometimes creep itself inside my life in many aspects. So making this step has a very strong meaning to me on many different levels!!

How did you feel before your first consultation?
Were there things that you felt like afterwards that you should have been more knowledgeable on?

After consultaion

The inital consultation was great! The staff and Dr. Raskin were both very nice and professional. Everyone was eilling to answer all my questions. He's done this for so many years i have complete faith in his abilities. He is not the type of doctor who will go bigger then what your body says you can. We did the measuserments and took pics and i got to try to sizers on which was so great i didnt want to give them back lol. In the office i wanted to completely go my max but after he shouldnt me pictures of other paitents i kinda of got scared because they were so large. But none of the women were really my built or body size before or after. So i think that might play into it a lot. So im still unsure on what size i will give me my desired look.

Here are all my details and mesurements.
Details: 350cc max size
Moderate plus profile
5'6 125lbs

left: width - 12.2
right: width - 12.1
both: nipple - ntc 6t cm.
Both: creases - even.
Both: volume - close.
Pectoralis width: left - 1/2 in right - 3/4 in.
Under muscle - 1/2 inch tissue above breast.
Very wide sternum: 3 1/2 cm.
Right breast 2cm at denated  on chest wall
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