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I have gone back and forth on whether I wanted to...

I have gone back and forth on whether I wanted to actually do a review or not. I decided to go forth with it because I see how supportive and informational you ladies are. I have been looking at reviews on realself for at least 5 years now. My fiance' and I just moved to Denver and its getting close to our wedding date so I decided it was time! I scheduled a consultation in Colorado Springs and one in Denver. I have been doing research for years on what I like and what I dont like. I ultimately decided to go with the doctor in Colorado springs and booked my appointment for July 8th at 12pm. After my consultation I went back and forth between getting 300 or 325cc's. I also was determined to go under the muscle because that is the most common and I was really afraid of getting CC. My mom had hers done back in 2008. She was just as flat as me and got 385 saline submuscular. one day pre-op she had cc and went in for revision then got it again and decided to live with it. I did not want the same thing to happen to me. Because I am so muscular my PS told me that it would be best to go above the muscle. He showed me lots of pictures of women who were body builders or did high intensity workouts and they had the "trick boob". I def didn't want that either so in the end I decided to go above the muscle 300ccs and i am so happy that i did!
The day of surgery was a breeze. The hardest part was getting the IV. After that all I remember is falling asleep in the OR and waking up back in the hospital bed. It was the best sleep I have ever had and I didnt want to leave. I was the last operation in the clinic so I felt obligated to get up lol. My fiance' and a nurse put me in the car and we went to the mall haha! I ate some Chinese on the way and drank some Gatorade and water. I was almost more scared that I wasn't hurting than anything else. The rest of the day was as normal except I needed help getting up and reaching items on the table. I slept on the couch upright for about 3 days which was horrible!
Day 2-3 post-op I took my meds as normal and was able to shower Sunday night. I called my doctor because I was hearing a fart noise in my right breast which he said was normal and probably fluid around my implant. I also noticed it was slightly bigger than my left which kind of concerned me but my fiance' reassured me that it was normal. I bought a few sports bras after surgery to cover up. I bought 2 med and one large. I prefer the large as of right now. hopefully they will shrink soon.
Day 4-6 post op I didnt feel like myself at all. I stopped taking my meds and went back to work on day 4 which only hurt when I had to turn the wheel. Day 5 and 6 i felt down, my stomach hurt, and I was loopy and had nausea. Oh and I was bloated/constipated for 5 days YIKES. I just assumed that happens when your body is rid of the meds. I have read a lot of reviews where the same thing happened. While at work for the last few days I have been feeling my skin pulling off my chest in between my breast. The thing is its only happening on my right side. Im scared that it might cause symmastia bc its getting really close to the middle line. P.S Im a hypochondriac if you havent noticed. I hope its nothing tho.
Day 7 post-op I am becoming more concerned about my left breast because it is still bigger and completely numb from the top to the bottom. I was warned about nipple sensitivity or loss of but didnt realize that it could be my whole breast. Its really freaking me out. Has anyone else experienced this? does it go away? Also when I lift my arms straight up you can really see the difference in size. I will upload before and after pictures to show you guys what I mean. I have my one week appointment monday.
Stats: 24 y.o 143lbs AA pre-op wanting a full C
Let me know if I missed anything. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Went shopping today

I am officially one week post op! So I went shopping just to get a few skirts for work and maybe a few tops. I was really discouraged in the first couple of stores we went to because nothing looked good. My boobs are still pretty high and look awkward in the cute trendy tops. So on to a few other stores and I finally found a wireless front snap bra. I also found a cute keyhole dress and some work pants. When I tried them on I finally felt happy about my surgery. They looked good in the bra and great in the dress. I have a few questions for my ps still but this breakthrough helped me forget about the imperfections. My apt is on Monday so it's not too far away.

10 day update

Yesterday was 10 days post op. I traveled the hour and a half to get to my ps for my appointment. When I got there the first thing I asked him was about my loss of feeling in my right breast. He checked it out and made sure that my nerves were permanently damaged. He assured me that it would just take some time. I guess I was asking too many questions because my ps and my fiancé were giving me a look and he told me to have a seat without answering my question. He took out my stitches which only hurt on one side and then showed me my incisions. They look great by the way. He then put tape on them and told me to wait a few days before taking them off for good. Surprisingly my ps told me to go out and buy wired bras. I'm pretty excited about wearing real bras but pretty nervous about how they will rub on my incisions. He said he places the tape after stitches removal for unintentional scratching. Now I know what that means. My incisions itch pretty bad so I try to rub right under instead of directly on them. Besides that nothing has changed. Just waiting for the girls to finally drop and fluff.

17 days post op

Its been two weeks since my surgery! Time is flying but I am so impatient. I cant wait until they drop and fluff. I went to Dillard's to go shopping for a couple of new bras. Thankfully they were having a semi-annual sale. I am still not comfortable with getting sized so I went in a grabbed a 30 C and D. They both fit pretty well so I decided to get both sizes. I have still been getting morning boob so I am sure they will change again. They don't look like D's so I would be okay if they didn't tho. I went to work for the first time in a real bra and it was pretty uncomfortable. I wore the C and I felt like I was popping out of it. I think that once they drop I will fell more comfortable but until then I will stick with the D's. The bra also sits right on my incisions which isnt comfortable. I cant wait to be one month post op.

3 weeks post

As soon as I submitted my last update I realized that the uncomfortable bra was actually a size 30DD. So weird that Im that big. I dont think that all of my swelling has gone down. All of the bras that I have now are tight in the breast area. My ps said that I should make sure that they are tight in the crease and loose in the cups. The first bra I thought of was the "granny bra" that I used to make fun of my mom for wearing. I couldnt find my size anywhere so I just so happened to find one in walmart in a 36 C. The band doesnt fit but the cups fit perfect. It is the most comfortable bra I have so far. My boobs still hurt in the morning and its not completely comfortable to lay on my side yet. I took my strips off at exactly 3 weeks post op and they look pretty good. There is some scabbing but they are healing nicely. I am very pleased. My right breast is still lower and larger than my left but I do feel little feeling here and there where its numb. Im pretty excited about that. I went back to my second job which includes heavier lifting and it was fine except when I had to reach up and grab something heavy. There was a pain in my rib which I found weird. my ribs have been sensitive all weekend. I have never heard anyone on here mention that. Has anyone else experienced this? I am almost one month and cant wait to buy new swim tops for vacation next month!
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