36 Yr Old, 3 Kids, Married, 34H to Hopeful 34C/D Breast Reduction - Colorado Springs, CO

I went to see Dr. Dash today and was very pleased....

I went to see Dr. Dash today and was very pleased. She took time to explain the anchor procedure, how much time would be needed for the surgery, itself 3 hours, and how she doesnt use drains, and why she doesn't. She took measurements and photos. She remarked I have very heavy breast(I know, they *^#!* ) and that they are not very fatty but full breast tissue. I have a very hard time finding bras, cant find one that fits perfectly. At my size, its difficult. I have been going to a Chiro with no help and my reg physician actually recommended me a reduction after I had been constantly complaining of headaches. She is ALL for this! My doc is collecting her and my chiro recommendation, along with med records and such and sending it off on Friday. I need prayers that Aetna accepts. I am so sick of the pain in my shoulders and neck, headaches, migraines and inability to find a bra. I am exhausted to the core. She said she would likely to get 600 in left breast and 550 in the right. We have 6 weeks for Aetna to respond and we will go from there. She was incredibly friendly, professional and didnt feel rushed. Her staff is warm and inviting and makes you feel very comfortable. I am 36 5'5.5 and 157 lbs. I am going to try and lose 7 lbs in the next 6 weeks which would take me from a 25.3 bmi(just overweight) to normal weight. I am down from 161 my highest due to hysterectomy/post menopausal. I just want to feel comfortable and not hunch over in pain all the time.

Clinical review

Talked to my surgeons office today and was updated that they sent off my packet to my insurance and currently in clinical review. Not sure who does this or anything, but thats where Im at and praying for a reduction. These massive things are causing daily back of hea, upper neck and shoulder pain.


Aetna informed me that they have received my file, so just waiting now on approval. Need prayers.

I got approved!

I am SOOOOOOO excited! I got a letter in the mail today saying my insurance has authorized for a double reduction! I assume my doc got the letter today or will by Monday so I will call them and let them know what I received in the mail today! I will have my surgery before the end of the year so I will update you guys as soon as I can. Thank you for those who prayed! It worked! God is so awesome! I almost passed out! These huge things will gone soon!

Wish pics

I want C cups.. I do not want dreaded DDs.

Surgery date is set!

My surgery date is December 30th. I wish it was a little earlier because that is my daughter's 14th birthday and she seems so upset, but we'll take it and rearrange her birthday. You know how teens can be. HA! However, I am so excited. I have preop on the 8th and marking the day before. Any tips for recovery is welcome!
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

Havent had the surgery from her yet, but so far she has been fantastic and professional!

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