36 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 34H to Hopeful 34C/D Breast Reduction - Colorado Springs, CO

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I went to see Dr. Dash today and was very pleased....

I went to see Dr. Dash today and was very pleased. She took time to explain the anchor procedure, how much time would be needed for the surgery, itself 3 hours, and how she doesnt use drains, and why she doesn't. She took measurements and photos. She remarked I have very heavy breast(I know, they *^#!* ) and that they are not very fatty but full breast tissue. I have a very hard time finding bras, cant find one that fits perfectly. At my size, its difficult. I have been going to a Chiro with no help and my reg physician actually recommended me a reduction after I had been constantly complaining of headaches. She is ALL for this! My doc is collecting her and my chiro recommendation, along with med records and such and sending it off on Friday. I need prayers that Aetna accepts. I am so sick of the pain in my shoulders and neck, headaches, migraines and inability to find a bra. I am exhausted to the core. She said she would likely to get 600 in left breast and 550 in the right. We have 6 weeks for Aetna to respond and we will go from there. She was incredibly friendly, professional and didnt feel rushed. Her staff is warm and inviting and makes you feel very comfortable. I am 36 5'5.5 and 157 lbs. I am going to try and lose 7 lbs in the next 6 weeks which would take me from a 25.3 bmi(just overweight) to normal weight. I am down from 161 my highest due to hysterectomy/post menopausal. I just want to feel comfortable and not hunch over in pain all the time.

Clinical review

Talked to my surgeons office today and was updated that they sent off my packet to my insurance and currently in clinical review. Not sure who does this or anything, but thats where Im at and praying for a reduction. These massive things are causing daily back of hea, upper neck and shoulder pain.


Aetna informed me that they have received my file, so just waiting now on approval. Need prayers.

I got approved!

I am SOOOOOOO excited! I got a letter in the mail today saying my insurance has authorized for a double reduction! I assume my doc got the letter today or will by Monday so I will call them and let them know what I received in the mail today! I will have my surgery before the end of the year so I will update you guys as soon as I can. Thank you for those who prayed! It worked! God is so awesome! I almost passed out! These huge things will gone soon!

Wish pics

I want C cups.. I do not want dreaded DDs.

Surgery date is set!

My surgery date is December 30th. I wish it was a little earlier because that is my daughter's 14th birthday and she seems so upset, but we'll take it and rearrange her birthday. You know how teens can be. HA! However, I am so excited. I have preop on the 8th and marking the day before. Any tips for recovery is welcome!

Ready to go!!! Tomorrow is big day!

I am ready to go tomorrow! I got my markings this afternoon and I am so pleased with how they are going to look, I can tell with just the markings. Dr. Dash is so thorough with her markings which I love because it shows she wants me and every individual to be symmetrical and be pleased with their operation. She is so personable and professional! I cannot WAIT to see what I look like after! EEEK!

Post Opp

Well, I must say the whole team of theirs are super kind, and the surgical center is heaven sent! I am so incredible thankful of Dr. Dash and her work, and her husband's work as well. I took a shower last night and didnt let hardly any water drain down my chest, I had husband's help. I just dont want to get any extra moisture in there because I know its a breeding ground for germs. But, I must say, I got a look at my breast and am so pleased, not just pleased, but thinking these are the beasts I have ALWAYS wanted! When I woke up in recovery, the nurse said, wow you are looking better. You looked white as a ghost when you first came in, so pale. However, she had me raise up to drink a soda for some caffeine since I had been fasting, to prevent headache and the first thing I noticed, NO PAIN! No pain my neck or shoulders, first thing I said to my husband, omg, the pain is gone! It is shocking how much you get used to the pain and discomfort that a surgery can remedy in 2-3 hours! I have so much more confidence. My big breast, though I did hide them well with my clothing, I still caught people glancing at them when I wore a tank, or a shirt and tank. Now, I dont feel that. They are small, just what I wanted! I feel so much better about myself, not just physical but mentally as well! So wanted to share some pics of my 1st day out of Post opp. Today is day 2, really really sore too. Had some pain in my throat and scratchy deep voice, which I had last time I had a surgery. Guess its forced oxygen back there.

Sloshing in breast- Day 3

I am still so overwhelmed with how beautiful my boobs are. One happy mama! I am going to go see an endo up in Denver in Feb, to see if they can get my hormones back in shape, due to surgical menopause at 33, and now post, so I can lose the weight around my midsection. If that does not work, then I may try to get a tummy tuck by Dr. Dash in the Fall. I want to do everything I can now to lose it on my own. I have had many foot surgeries that have kept me immobile, but now they are on healing mend and my breast are no longer so heavy, and i can breath if I can run, well I imagine, I have not attempted that yet, I can just feel the weight already lifted.

Now.. the sloshing.. It sounds like an empty stomach when you have a lot of water and you hear your tummy slosh? That is happening in my breasts. I see her tomorrow for post opp appt, so I will see what she says. I am thinking all is ok, as long as I do not have any redness, fever, pus discharge, or out of place swelling. I believe its likely irrigation saline and residual antibiotic or the fluid that would normally drain into drains, had I had them. I am so glad I didnt get those either. I just cant express how wonderful the Institute of Plastic Surgery is here.

Update settings--Day of surgery was 12-30-2016

Not sure why I cant update my title to say my surgery was on 12/30, but it was and insurance paid for it.

Worried - 9 days post op

It looks as if one breast is larger than the other. I am so upset about that, but my left breast looks a great deal larger than the right, maybe a half a cup larger. I go to see Dr. Dash on Tuesday and I will express my concerns. Ladies, what do we do if one ends up being larger than the other, do we accept it or do we ask them to correct it and should it be on their dime? I am think it should since obviously they were paid to reduce and of course that would be expected to be both the same size.. What are your opinions? Please comment.
--Healing well, have hardness at bottom of right breast and still a lot of sloshing in that same breast. The left, no sloshing and not as hard either.

Laying down---9days post op

So one nipple goes in one direction and the other in the other direction. However, again, what I think this is is that one is settled a bunch, and the other isnt and harder, with fluid and its the one pointing wonky or the right one. When I stand, they are perfectly in line. It is much harder and still swollen. What a difference this has made!

Day 11 Post op-Breast are growing???

I am now day 11 out and I remeasured. I measured 34C at day 4, perfect I am now 36D/DD and that is just in 6 days. I am so upset. This is why I told her, even in the surgical room to er on the small c side. I asked if they would grow back, she said, "No, women over 30, rarely grow back." This is what she said. Almost all the swelling is gone now and they seemed to have settled. Typically you shrink more because you lose the swelling and instead, mine are dropping and growing. They feel heavy and the pain in my neck is there again. I am so upset.

Day 13- Loving my lady lumps

I took off a bunch of tape tonight, some fell off on its own. I was allowed to shower 24 hours after the surgery, but I was careful to not get them wet. I just sat in a bath and never washed my breast. I was too scared So... needless to say, day 13 and many showers since and I had read that many docs remove the tape at 2 weeks because it can get icky from dried old blood, discharge, etc and well it can also get damp and cause infection. So, I took some, what appeared firmly stuck tape off, just to change out, and it was actually wet underneath! These slight ripples that start to happen allows water to drain in there and although I dab my incisions when drying off, it can seep inside the tape in between incisions and a damp environment is recipe for danger. So I took 75% of the tape off and have some micropore tape on until I can call and ask tomorrow about her recommendation. I am glad I took it off. I do notice that they are starting to droop a bit. I am not too worried. I have to say, I saw the nipple incision and its sooo beautiful, flawless! I had only internal stitches. I do have what may be a dog ear on one side. Ill post a picture of that when I change out tape in a day or two. Otherwise, minimal to no pain now. I dont even pay attention to them anymore. They are finally home!

14 day post op- laying down

So, a lot of my tape fell off last night and some I took off because it was really icky. I am glad I did because when I did, it was moist in between the tape and the incision, which is perfect conditions for infection to set up. I read up in here that many surgeons take the tape off at 2 weeks for that reason, it can be icky from left over dried blood and discharge from the surgery. So they change it out. Well it had been some ripples in my tape so I guess water from showers got down in there. So, this is new tape, waterproof, stretchable, adhesive, not sure if breathable, but Ill call on Monday to ask what she recommends in tape. I figure this would be good since its thicker and stretches, plus no water can get in between. Ill change it out in a week, let incisions air out for 24 hours, retape and then at week 4, they will be removed and I can start silicone tape. Boobs still sit a little unevenly, but they did before hand and I dont mind, they stay on my chest and not down on my sides! They are still so pretty, even though a little off. Who has perfect boobs anyways?!

Day 20

I am healing up so well. I just posted, a few days ago, of my incision at just 14 days post op. It is so beautiful! I am spitting a stitch around the nipple, but will have her deal with that at my 4 weeks appt. I am concerned at how my breast are sitting, but am giving it a full 6 weeks to heal. I know one breast may hold more swelling than another, so a lot of time is needed to settle into place. I can't recommend Dr. Dash and Dr. Jain anymore. They are incredible doctors and her bedside manner is one of the best I have ever seen. I have been pretty pain free too! I have minor pain, in the afternoon through evening, around the bottom incision areas, but that is from also bra pressure, which is a very thin, stretchy bra that has no wire and has soft extendable area at the bottom that provides just a small amount of pressure, which is good to keep compression on the incision to allow the incision to heal flat and not allow it to spread. I did have to remove the surgical tape and I put on micropore tape, but its transpore tape, it is breathable, clear and stretches! I tried plain micropore but it didnt stretch and i could feel it pulling when I reached. This does the trick. I kept micropore on the nipples. I, every few days, after a shower, I remove tape, since it loosens up (I take bath, then shower bc during bath, I dont wash breast, so I dont have to remove tape often. I then remove after shower), and I apply a zinc/bacitirican ointment on incisions and then go topless for a few hours to allow them to dry and allow that ointment to settle in. It is important to take good care of the incisions. Make sure you look for any odd spots, any pulling areas, raised, etc and watch them. I dont lift my breast to look at T joint because that can stretch and I have seen WAY too many women, in my group that it separates. I think too, they were not wearing tape. So WEAR the tape ladies! If your doc says its ok to not wear tape after 2 weeks, ignore him and put it on! It helps support your incision to keep incision seem together and not spreading for a wide scar. Trust me, I have had 10 foot surgeries and other surgeries, tape is your friend. Also, dont raise breast to look, minimize breast movement, get a mirror and look that way. I got a comfort flex bra by Hanes. It is super, super soft and has adjustable straps which I was wanting. I got it at Walmart, but Target carries it too, I just happened to be there and saw it. It was 10.00. Non wire and I had other ladies rush out and get one and love it too! I will post a picture of that as well. It is supportive without tugging and material is non irritating. Invest in some cheap, supportive bras. Keep your new itty bitties in something with slight support, while healing so they dont droop, that tugs on incisions too.

Not happy with results..... Per say.

So, Dr. Dash did an incredible job with my breast, they are pretty, but I am starting to have neck pain again. I went and got measured and am a 36DD/E. The part that I am hurt about is that I specifically asked for a C cup, largest, a small d. I even pleaded before my surgery, in hospital to go on the smaller size, please, even B. I know she probably just made them to fit my body shape at the time. I told her that I have hormonal imbalance and was going to get new meds to sort it out so I may loose weight and well I want to have matching boobs to that newer, 30 lb lighter body. Well, I did go to a DO and found out that I have hashimotos and bad hormonal imbalanced. I was estrogen dominant, which made my boobs grow. I had 34D breast before my hysterectomy 3 yrs ago and they grew to 34H/i at time of surgery. So I said, please go small, extra small because I was afraid they would grow back. She told me, women after 30, they dont grow back. Exactly what was said. She assured me. Well I dont know if they 'grew' back or this is how I ended up. They are square, and have no north pole effect. All swelling is gone and I thought a lift would cause fullness around, because DANG I had a lot of tissue she could have left up there to create a fuller, rounder look and a C... a C!!! I am back at DD/E. I was 34C 1 wk po. Now, almost 5 weeks, 36dd/E. I have not gained any weight, actually lost a couple pounds since my doc now put me on new meds, prog/estrogen blend to level me out. She may add Test later, if I seem to need it per blood levels. So, I do hope that once leveled out I may shrink? I hope? It is bitter sweet. I think they are beautiful, but still too big for me. She only took out 2 lbs. I wanted 3, total. That would have left me with a C, like I asked. I am healing so nicely. The scars are beautiful. She really has a hand for surgery, just didnt go smaller as I asked. Now if I loose weight, I will be stuck with 34F boobs again because 36E is the sister to 34F. Weight loss will be eminent due to a new med regimen. It may take a few months, but I will. I just felt the weight and pulling pain I had before surgery, return last week. That is why I got measured. They are not the size I asked for, but what do I do, do I just wait and see what they do as I lose weight, or do I go to her and say look, I asked for C and got DD/E.. This is not good. Even if they wouldnt have looked "normal" on me with my body, its what I asked because of the weight of my tissue, no fat. Advice appreciated.

Timeline pics

Here is a time line of BEFORE surgery 34H, 1 week post op, 34C (loved), 5 weeks and settled, 36DD/E. Not happy

5.5 weeks post op.

Took tape off right nipple to change and saw a pus pocket underneath. I gently squeezed and lots of pus and blood came out. I just left tape off for the night, lotioned the nipple up because it was super dry and in the am, the area was fine. I assume it was likely a stitch trying to come out, but nothing did. It is nicely healed over. My boobs have dropped. Totally dropped, as you can see in the upper pic, the 1st week post op they were sitting high, I got a lift, which is part of the reason I stuck with Dr. Dash. I liked that about her. However, I am sitting at 6 weeks with DD boobs and they are dropped again. Okay... so I said, C please, get DD and droopy ones. They are only getting worse looking as I go. My nipples look like taped pepperoni slices, odd color to them, pale and ruddish. Not that warm pink that they were before. I sent the pic to her last week, and still NO reply. I did get a reply from the front desk lady, who is super sweet, but Dr. Dash has not called or replied to the email. Sigh.. Do you think they would revise on their own dime? Since even in paperwork I asked for a C, even in surgery and I get not 1 cup bigger but 2 and they arent lifted? I dont expect them to look like implants, matter of fact, i dont want them to. I want them to end up being just like week 1. I had a LOT of tissue to work with to make them appear full up top and stay rounded and make them smaller, maybe take 200 more grams out of each breast. I just not sure how to handle this. Unfortunately 3 days ago, my husband got laid off work, unexpectedly. So we do not have insurance now. So... I am concerned about what to do. He is looking for a job so hopefully he will get a new one in a week or two, and we can have insurance again and see what to do next. Advice would be so appreciated at this point. I was just very clear on expectations and even showed her pictures of what I wanted, small, see my pic list and see 3 girls, they are lifted and small, but not implant looking, which is great. My only hope is now that I am on thyroid medication and new hormones, they will shrink some and go down to a C. sigh.. I was hoping to get a panniculectomy in Fall after I met with her in a week or two, but now no insurance, I will have to put that off. I obviously trust her or wouldnt want to go in for more work. I think she just underestimated the size when she finished. I just wanted a bit more smaller, DD bras are hard to find that are good and cheap, C's can find anywhere and will fit well. These are floppy, when I wanted tighter, firm look, which she said the lift would take care of ALL of that. Wrong. Either she didnt lift tight enough or something. Thank you ladies. Also, get some Nexcare sensitive blue tape, it works wonders. My incisions are laying VERY flat. Tape, Tape, Tape! PS, question for you ladies, can they actually make your nipples shorter? I breastfed for almost 2 years, combined and they are LONG. Its weird because before, they didnt show as much, they seem a little longer or maybe its just that they are sitting up a BIT higher and they stick out more? What is more embarrassing is I HAVE to have a thick cup, otherwise you can see them in my shirt, soft cup bra, and they are uneven. I had comment that they see nipples and they are uneven. Through my shirt. Just wondered if docs can cut those shorter? And make them a bit flatter? The uneveness was a complaint earlier, its just not getting better. Ill add 6 wk post opp pics in a few days! xo dolls!

8.5 weeks post op

Well I had a Breast reduction where I had VERY full breast, not deflaited and now I have FLAT, DROOPY breasts. NO upper pole. AND VERY SQUARE. Got measured and now I am a 36DD or 34E. I asked for C cups, NO bigger. And she didnt lipo under arms, so now I have this weird flap of fat hanging over my bras. I talked to other docs, they lipoed under arms for bigger chested girls so it wouldnt look weird that there is flap of fat where it used to be connected and part of the big breasts. I am SO unhappy. I was told too, that my breasts are very square. That is NOT how breast should be. Ive already talked to other docs and said while I am healing beautifully, the lift was only at the bottom and now I have flat pancake breast. They took out too much up top so now I have tear drops and then also they should have lipoed under my arms to contour and not leave breasts looking SO weird now in bras. Or at least OFFER that as an option. I talked to another patient of theirs and they too are unhappy with breasts. EVERY time I go there and I complain about this, or that, she responds, oh its you, or well its because YOU.. not well I should have done this or that, or sorry you are unhappy, I would be glad to fix it for you. Nope. Now I have saggy deflated breasts. I would take my 34 H breast back. They didnt 1, get me to a C cup, 2, give a rounded shape, my breast now goes UNDER MY ARM! The docs AND the fitters noticed that. It is almost impossible to find a bra now b/c the cup sits on the outside of my breast. I can go up to an E but then there is enough for a fist up at the top of the cup and all pooled at bottom. Told they did a poor job. I agree. I cant find a bra now. Before, I could find some that held me up, had me round because I had a LOT of tissue up there, and now I dont..

Breast timeline

See before.. full breast, even up top. .1 week pic full and lifted, and then current, 8.5 weeks.. flat and drooped. Not to mention 2 different sizes. NO swelling, all docs say I have none, even she did. I am almost completely healed. My body has a great ability to heal fast.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

She is super sweet and kind, at first sight, breast looked great! But then as time went on and swelling left, my boobs are left droopy and flat with a square shape. Ive been told by 2 other docs, she did a poor job. I should have round breast. I had SO Much tissue, that I could have had round breast. The lift should have been done up top, now its just from bottom so now breasts are saggy and awful looking. I didnt get lipo under arms, which is standard for most docs. She didnt even offer and now I have this odd flap of fat hanging over now. My breast look horrible. I asked for C, and now I have 36DD or 34E. I was professionally measured 2xs. That is NOT what I asked for, for C, round breast as women should have and should have left tissue up top so they are not pancakes! I would prefer my 34H breast BACK. They were full and no flab flap. Every time I tried to complain about the shape, one is bigger than the other, one is higher, both are square, no upper pole, EVERY time she said its your fault, your breast, that is just you, that is because of how you are created. BS. Sorry, if other docs agree its poor, AND other docs, even in DR can do a lift and reduction where you have fullness still. NOw I am left with wonky breasts. Even the fitters said that was not the greatest job ever. I have NO bra that fits.. they tried 22 different styles, sizes, and nothing works because she left me with tear drop square at bottom and nothing up top. Flat. And my breasts go around under my arm. NO cup fits that far over. I am so unhappy and they wont offer to make them right, just tell me its my fault. I had, HAD beautiful breasts... now flat and saggy, deflated, square breasts. DONT go for breast work.

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