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I had Smartlipo yesterday on my lower abs. I am...

I had Smartlipo yesterday on my lower abs. I am early 30s, 1 child, and have always had this pooch since my college days. Never able to get rid of it even though I am very athletic and eat well. I fluctuate between 113-120lbs. My experience was amazing as far as the office and staff. They were so kind and supportive. No pressure to do it, no pressure to spend $.

The procedure was uncomfortable, but not painful. More "weird" than anything. I have come to the conclusion that I would have rather been under for it b/c it is mildly traumatizing if you think too much about what is going on. I had a panic attack while he was putting the lidocaine in, but the assistant was so nurturing to me she helped me tough it through. That was probably the worst part. Then the laser was actually quite easy. It is so small. Then the actual suction was beyond weird. Lots of pulling and tugging. I found it most uncomfortable around my belly button.

So far recovery has been easy (knock on wood.) I didn't sleep super well b/c I was nervous to wake up in total pain if I missed the vicodin...but as it turns out I only took 1 vicodin for the procedure and 1 after. I took plain tylenol once in the night and nothing since. I just feel like I had a tough ab workout. The compression garment is itchy, but it def helps with the soreness. I didn't drain too much at all, just changed the pads once last night before bed and am wearing only bandaids today. I did buy some additional compression tanks and garments at target and wal mart. I suggest having backup in case you bleed through and need to wash it.

I have some time yet before I can even begin to say whether it was worth it or not. I will wait to rate both the procedure results and my doc until I see what is under all this swelling. This site really helped me do my homework, so I am writing this to "pay-it-forward" to others considering their options.

Okay, so day 3 was so much easier than day 2 (and...

Okay, so day 3 was so much easier than day 2 (and day 2 wasn't so hard.) Day 4 and 5 so far are about the same. Just feel like a tough ab workout. The garment itches so that is the most discomfort of all! The swelling is always worst at the end of the day. I have resumed light/normal activity. I can carry my baby, and do light housework, walks, shopping. Not knowing you would never guess I had this done. I normally run every day so it has been hard that I can't do that, but it was expected. Also, I forgot to mention that the day of the surgery I was really dizzy/light-headed that night and almost passed out, but it was b/c of the vicodin. After I stopped that I was fine.

Still to early to tell how much I will like it, but even with the swelling I can see a small difference. When I touched the area where my little roll used to be I actually felt my ab muscle. Hooray! It is weird to say, but I felt like that pooch was a scar from how badly I treated my body when I was in college and my early 20s. It wasn't there before beer and pizza at 1am. I am soooo good to my body now, and I feel like the work I put in this is how my abs deserve to look. Silly, but it's the little things.

Make that "too early" to tell, not "to." Ugh I...

make that "too early" to tell, not "to." Ugh I hate typos...sorry!

Day 6- best day so far. Can see reduced swelling...

Day 6- best day so far. Can see reduced swelling this AM (which will most likely increase as the day wears on.) Soreness has faded significantly. Have my follow-up appt this AM and removal of the 2 stitches. Will see what doc thinks!

Doc liked the healing. Said there were no...

Doc liked the healing. Said there were no collections of fluid which will make healing easier. Going back at the 1 mo mark for photos. I can tell looking in the mirror tonight that patience is required! Grr...still swollen, and will be for quite some time. However, found AMAZING compression garment at Victoria's Secret today. Even more firm compression than Spanx. Try their new shapewear line. The high-waisted panty is great for lower ab work. The only thing that is holding me together without major discomfort from a fit standpoint. Will give them a spin and may go back for another pair. They run $38.

Day 7. Tomorrow is going to be my 1 week post-op....

Day 7. Tomorrow is going to be my 1 week post-op. Today was really easy. Wearing the compression. Was really active today. No complaints. My updates will be farther between now. Now I just wait and see!

A little over 1 wk out. Am back to running...a...

A little over 1 wk out. Am back to running...a hangnail hurts more than what I feel now. haha Looking back this was pretty easy breezy...and I love what I see so far. Just waiting until I can get back to lots of core work to see what the real payoff will be. Told my husband the reason I was most excited to get this done is so I can get back to working my abs and hopefully really see them now!

I am no doc, and every body is different. However, my opinion thus far is that this is a great procedure for folks who work out and have 1 or 2 problem areas that don't respond to the gym. I would not suggest this for weight loss. I only lost 500cc of tissue and haven't even weighed myself and don't care! It was just a spot treatment. There is no quick fix for good old sweaty, hard, work. My expectations from this are nothing more than to "boost" what I already do which is working out and eating healthy. I cannot expect perfection from a 2 hr procedure. The doc does their part, and then mother nature and I have to do the rest. That is my feeling on it so far. I think for the price and the time invested I will be happy with the I just cross my fingers and see.

Started using an at-home ultrasound device last...

Started using an at-home ultrasound device last night. Will post how it goes.

Dr. Herbert Parris- Ageless Medical Spa, Cherry Creek CO

Amazing bedside manner at this entire office. You simply won't find nicer people. ZERO pressure to spend $. Supportive and informative. Competitively priced, talented doc, convenient location, excellent aftercare.

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