Finally got my boobies! 5' 3" 112 lbs- HP silicone unders 450cc - Colorado

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Hi everyone, I've been wanting larger breasts for...

Hi everyone, I've been wanting larger breasts for a long time and now I am finally getting them, my BA surgery is scheduled for August 30th and I'm ready to get my new boobs lol. Only one problem left, figuring out what size to go with. My boobie idol is Salma Hayek because we are similar in body shape and size and I think she has great breasts for her body. I am choosing between 450cc and 500cc which I know is not a huge difference, but when trying on sizers it was noticeable enough to me. I like the way the 450cc looked the most but because I am going under the muscle I think maybe I should overcompensate for the visual volume loss and go bigger. I am highly active and very much into fitness (i am an exercise science major in college lol) I take my workouts and active lifestyle very seriously but I am willing to trade some of that for a more complimentary bust. I like the idea of challenging myself to learn new ways to workout with large breasts, but I don't want to completely ruin who I am, because in all honesty I love me...I just want to be a bigger breasted me. The size issue has got to be the second hardest decision in this whole ordeal, second only to the decision to alter my body with surgery in any way. I am kind of a hippie in my all natural ways :) I am 5' 3.5" and 112 pounds. I am lean and muscular but I maintain a good balance to retain my feminine curves, which was never important to me until I got older and lost all of my baby fat haha, now I've had to replace that fat with muscle. So anyway I guess I'm wondering if there are any ladies out there similar to myself who can offer some size advice. Thank you for reading all this and good luck on your own journey.

Before BA photos

Here is what I look like before surgery.

My Boobie Idol-Salma Hayek

I have a few photos of Salma Hayek that I will show my PS during my pre-op appointment. I chose Salma because although hers are natural, her size is what I am hoping for. I also have a few photos of Victoria Beckham for my absolutely DO NOT want boobs. I read that choosing one boobie idol versus several is more helpful for the PS, focus on getting as many different shots of the breasts as possible for whomever you choose. Salma is hard because there are no nudes, but I was at least able to find several in bikini and low cut tops...also try to choose the same age range because with Salma hers have gotten bigger than from when she was younger.

Boobie Idol-Salma

What I don't want my boobs to look like!


No Boobie Greed here!! Using my measurements to help me decide size.

So I have been struggling over which size I am going with, as I understand that most women do. I had found myself believing in all of the "boobie greed" hype, but when I really thought about and evaluated what size breasts I want to live with I discovered that I absolutely DO NOT have boobie greed! I would much much rather go smaller and revise down the road than go bigger and be miserable and FORCED to revise ASAP. That being said I am going back in to my PS office for a third time lol, and I am bringing a sack full of clothes to try on with the sizers. After 2 months of brain busting contemplation, I now know what I am hoping for size wise...I want to be full breasted and balance out my 35 inch hips, but also I do not want to look or feel frumpy or top heavy, EVER! I am short and curvy bottomed and I have heard that the frumpy or "fat" feeling is a common occurrence with similar women who have received larger (450cc and up) implants. I am lucky to have a somewhat hourglass figure @ 30, 26, 35 so I will try on sizers and whichever size can comfortably (keyword) get me close to a 33 to 34 bust instead of my current 30 will be the winner lol...I hope this strategy works because so far nothing else has. Wish me luck and I will let you all know how it goes on Monday!

Woohoo, settled on size!

Okay so I went into my PS office for the final sizing today and I settled on 450cc!!
I tried on 425cc, 450cc, and 475cc. They honestly all looked great and 425cc was my fave but the 450cc was the winner because when I measured the bust it was the 34" that I was going for...and I know that with under the muscle you lose some so I wanted to make up for that a little bit...the 475cc was just too "chunky" feeling and it was nice to cross it off the list. I can hope to go from 30, 26, 35 to approximately 34, 26, 35...I like the idea of balancing out my bottom half and needless to say I am super excited all over and definitely ready to get my boobs! Oh and I also got my pre-op scheduled for 8-16-13! I will post some before pictures of my flat chest in the same shirt and bra tomorrow :)

Non supportive boyfriend and others.

My boyfriend hasn't been very supportive about my breast implants but I am actually very perceptive and I feel that it comes from a weird jealousy on his part...the thing is that I am a widow and he is the first boyfriend I had after my husband passed. I care for him and love him, but it just isn't the same as what I had with my boys' father :( I only bringnthis up because it affects the way I react to certain things that happen and I just don't care enough what my boyfriend thinks to change my mind. I did over a year ago and regretted it immedietly and from it know for sure that I want breasts, I always have, and now no one will stop me. My boyfriend keeps saying things like he should go get a bigger wiener and stuff lol (TMI sorry) and even bringing up the money thing, even though we do not share finances at all so that was a lost argument. I am in shape and he is not and really we are exact opposites when it comes to looks and fitness lol and I think he just believes that he is not good enough for me sometimes so he is downplaying my boob job so that I won't feel "too" good about myself and leave him or something kind of stinks but mostly for him, I decided to just be happy about getting boobs and I have no longer been bothered by his feelings or thoughts about it. I really just wanted to get that off my chest and share with the ladies who may be having similar issues. It took me awhile to realize that I am allowed to do a few "selfish" and or "silly" things for myself and I am not a monster if I choose to disregard someone else's feelings about the subject. I work out and eat clean and put a lot of effort into my body and the choice to have breast implants to compliment my curvy muscular body is 110% my own...and I will dang well enjoy the privilege and not allow someone else to ruin this joyous occasion. :)

My wish pics

I finally sat down and stared at boobies all night to find a few wish pics to show my PS before my BA! Lets hope this is a realistic goal for me :)

Let's try this again lol

Accidentally pressed post update instead of add photo...would be nice to be able to edit posts.

Pre-op...2 weeks to go!!

I went in to my pre-op yesterday and it went great, I am totally excited now! It's starting to feel very real, but this time I am not nervous (I canceled once before). I got my prescriptions for pain meds, antibiotics, and anti-nausea. I chose 450cc HP, my PS said this would be large for my frame but I would have great cleavage and more than likely this size would give me a DD. woohoo! I thought I was getting Mentor but when I tried on sizers for the final time, these ones were Natrelle, not that it's a big deal because the difference between the two brands is very slight, just more curious than anything. Guess I'll find out when I get my warranty warranty cards for body parts, now that is awesome! Sorry I'm just super is either going to be the longest or shortest 2 weeks of my life.

1 week to go!

I am down to 7 days before surgery...woohoo! Not much to update other than that. I will try to remember to take a few good photos before my surgery, but the lighting in my bedroom is horrible. I am no longer nervous or unsure of my decisions on size or the risks of surgery etc...I am just ready to get my boobies :)
I have prayed about this decision for many hours and I know that even if I have complications and require explant (worst case scenario) I will recover and be happy that I took this path. I have plenty of scars and stretch marks that document major milestones in my life, so I view this procedure as just another one of those milestones.

Only one more day of padded bras!

Today I was taking off my 3 padded bras that I have been wearing to school everyday (def can't be completely flat one day and weirdly huge the next)...and I realized that after tomorrow I can totally take all of my padded bras and all the other crazy things I own in order to give myself the illusion of boobies, to the Goodwill.
I was going to toss them out in a blazing celebratory inferno lol :) ...but decided that I'd rather pass them on to fellow members of the itty bitty committee...
I just can't believe I'm going to have breasts...Wahoo! I'm hoping all goes well and I will post again after my surgery...good luck to all the rest of you as well.

Final before shot!

I wanted to do a clear final "before" shot with an unpadded/unlined, no wire sports bra on. Sorry the lighting in my house mixed with my bad camera on my phone makes for lousy photos...and just for future reference this sports bra is a size extra small.

Woohoo! Got my boobies yesterday!

Well I had my augmentation yesterday. It went very well, did the check in, nurses asked me a bunch of questions, PS drew on my boobs, then the anesthesiologist gave me a "margaritaville" cocktail...and I was out! When I woke up I felt a little sick and when I got home I threw up everything I tried to eat and was miserable, but then I figured out it was the pain pills so I switched to Tylenol and I have felt awesome ever since. I took a shower and checked out the new girls for te first time, they look awesome already...I mean they are weird looking but I can see that once they relax, they are gonna be AWESOME! I'm so happy I went through with this and I hope it continues to go as well as it has so far.

Day 2 of recovery and doing great!

Day 2 of recovery...still off all meds except antibiotics and the occasional dose of tylenol and doing great...I get worn out pretty easy which is totally new to me lol and I have to admit I'm already worried about not being able to work out my lower body...I'd really hate to lose all my muscle and have to start over again but if so I will at least have a winter goal haha...I really don't like the flat granny butt I get when I don't do squats and lunges. So I took some pics this morning after my shower...I can't see a huge change but I do see a noticeable difference, I think the swelling is going down and the boobs are coming out of the armpit a little...boy this is gonna take forever :)

Previously unsupportive boyfriend is singing a new tune :)

So I will do an official 1 week post-op update tomorrow with pictures, after my first post-op appointment but in the meantime I just wanted to let everyone know that my recovery has been awesome, with no pain and only minor discomfort. The girls are dropping slow, but they were stuffed in there tight :) I have no bruising and the scars are looking good under the steri strips. My boyfriend, who was previously kind of being a jerk about the whole "boob job" thing, has since changed his tune lol..he said to me today that even though he was against the surgery because I was "smoking hot" before, he loves the new girls and can't wait until be can play with them (heehee) and that now I'm even more smoking hot lol. This is wonderful to hear because although I'm sure he was genuinely happy with the way I looked before, I wasn't. I am so happy and joyful that I finally went through with this and I no longer feel like there's just something missing (other than my workouts haha). I played in my own closet with the multitude of clothes I never really ever worn and I have to say that for the first time ever...I had a great time trying on clothes...everything looks so good on me now! I'm loving this feeling.

1 week post-op

I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and everything looks great, I got the remainder of the steri strips removed. My PS was surprised to have not heard from me at all post-op and told me that they all thought I would be in a ton of pain because I went so large for my tiny chest, she told me I must have a crazy high tolerance for pain, which I guess I do. I am not a big fan of bragging and have no intention of doing so but I would instead like to say that I have had an amazingly easy recovery because my doctor is obviously skilled and because I believe that if you set your mind to do something in a positive way, it can be achieved. I decided very early on that no matter what happened I was going to have a healthy recovery without pain pills and I would be happy and positive and feel great with my decision, or more simply put...I utilized the best of "mind over matter". With all that being said, today was the first day that I woke up and didn't feel like a big gorilla was sitting on my chest lol...the sides and tops are finally getting somewhat squishy, I've been sleeping on them for the past few nights so I think that helps. I do have to wait another 2 weeks to learn the massage techniques because they are still so tight, and I was told they would look a lot bigger lol...woohoo for that. I like the way they look now and I can see that they are going to be much better than what I didn't have before haha, but the boobie greed still says "bring it on"! :)

Almost 3 months

I love my boobs! They are soft and full...they look huge from any angle but the front. I couldn't have imagined this decision to go any better. I have had no trouble and they feel like I've always had them. The extra attention that my boobs get from guys and girls was kind of a worry of mine but now that I have them it doesn't bother me one bit. In these pics they are not lopsided it's just that having one arm out to take a pic makes them look funny.

More pics

Grand Junction Plastic Surgeon

I love my PS...I am not a cancer survivor but I admire that she is experienced with helping breast cancer survivors and her augmentation work looks amazing. She has a wonderful disposition. I obviously hope the best for my surgery and I am confident that she will deliver nothing but the absolute best.

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