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I have always been small chested - a 34A. I have 2...

I have always been small chested - a 34A. I have 2 kids. I have been thinking about BA for a LONG time. I had a consultation over a year ago, but I was turned off by the "drive thru" mentality of the doc - in fact, I'm sure that he wouldn't have recognized me 10 minutes after the consultation! Finally I have the money to do and went in for a consultation a few weeks ago and decided to schedule.

March 23rd is the big date and I have gone CRAZY with emotions - I'm happy, I'm excited, I have regrets, I feel selfish. Right now, reading these posts and seeing after pics I'm excited. I can't wait to wear a non padded bra and can't wait to buy a normal swimsuit! I told my boss, my husband, my sister and a couple friends but that is IT. There is no way I am telling my parents- don't want to get the 3rd degree ;-) It is really helpful that my husband is super supportive. My pre op is Monday, so I'll post more after!

So my pre op is Monday - I am supposed to take...

So my pre op is Monday - I am supposed to take pictures in of BA's that look too big, too small, and are just right. I had no idea how hard that would be. I also think I might be obsessed. It's what I think about all the time, and I'm sure I'm annoying to my husband!! I'm so happy to have found this place - it eases a lot of my fears and when I say I'm obsessed you guys know what I mean! : )
I'll post more after my pre op.....and I'll try to post pics. eeeek, I can't believe this is really happening!

So I just had my pre op - this seems so real I...

So I just had my pre op - this seems so real I almost threw up when I left the office LOL

We went over everything, my doc was awesome about answering my questions and told me to call anytime if I think of any additional questions.

I think I might have already said this but I am 5'4" weigh about 125 and am a 32A. I am 33 years old and have 2 kids - 8 & 3.

Today I decided on silicone implants and she said we are going to go somewhere between 325cc - 400cc, but no bigger than 400 on my small frame. We're going for a full C, she said if I get less than that I will be disappointed. She is awesome, so I completely trust her.

My husband is uber supportive so that helps a ton. I told her how nervous I was about recovery. She does an intercostal block which she said helps tremendously with recovery. She told me the best thing to do is know and accept the house will not be in tip top shape and my husband will not do things like I do, but it will all work out and within a week I'll feel so much better and be so happy I went through with this.

She gave me Keflex, Percocet (I'm allergic to both Coedine and Vikoden) and a muscle relaxer along with Arnica for swelling and bruising.

I can't believe how real this is! Thankfully I have to be at the surgery center by 6:00 am and my surgery is at 7:30 - so I won't have time to stew on things!!

I'll work on getting some pictures tonight.

Getting closer and I can't believe it!!!

So I'm a few days closer to my augmentation. I was...

So I'm a few days closer to my augmentation. I was feeling really nervous, but strangely enough something popped me out of being nervous - the Victoria Secret catalog!! Ha! It came in the mail yesterday and I got SO excited thinking about all the cute swimsuits I always wanted to order but couldn't!! Yay!! I am going to fill my prescriptions today, and am SO excited.
I love reading all the stories on here, they help SO much - and to all of you who had procedures this week you look fantastic!!

Tomorrow is my big day! It's weird, but I am...

Tomorrow is my big day! It's weird, but I am really, really calm (for now!) I have my house all ready to go, my clothes are all where I can reach them. I have my step stool in the kitchen.
I think it's funny when the the surgery center calls to "remind" you - like you are going to forget!!
I have to be at the surgery center at 8, surgery at 9:30 - hoping everything goes smooth. A big shout out to Musicalsoul and Mrs Lindsay - their reviews in particular have been a HUGE help to me through all of this!!
I can't WAIT to post my after pictures!!

So I'm done. I have BOOBS. The experience was...

So I'm done. I have BOOBS. The experience was cake, I stressed for nothing! Worst part was waiting! I don't know what size yet,thedocdidnt write it on my discharge papers.
Apologize in advance for spelling and making sense I'm on a lot of medicine.
Therewasnever a lot of pain (I'm sooooo thankful for the intercostal block!) just a lot of pressure
I will update,ore later when I can make sense lol
I'm sooo happy and still not feeling pain, just pressure!

So it's been almost 24 hours since surgery. I must...

So it's been almost 24 hours since surgery. I must say I'm in affair amount of pain, but I spet decent and didn't take any pain meds all night.i got up early and took my muscle relaxer and Percocet and feeling better.
My right side hurts more than the left for sure.
My hubby is taking the kids out today so I'm going to rest and relax and take it super easy today.

It's day 3 and I'm doing really good today. I was...

It's day 3 and I'm doing really good today. I was able to take a shower (and man did I need it lol) and my hair is in a ponytail. I can get up and down wayyyy better now. No pain meds today except Advil.
I'm a little stir crazy in my house but I'm going to sit out back this afternoon once it warms up a bit.
Today is so much better than yesterday, I also slept good last night. Yesterday was pretty miserable and emotional (kept thinking whyyyyy did I do this to myself) but I'm a whole new person after a shower :-)
So I was allergic to my antibiotics that didn't help. I stopped taking those and actually have an appetite!
Keep your chin up girls, it gets better!

Day 4 check in. I'm feeling great today! I took a...

Day 4 check in. I'm feeling great today! I took a shower, shaved and am wearing a t shirt. My boobs are still really high and my back hurts from sleeping sitting up, but I'm overall feeling good. Going to have to try to remember to take it easy today so I don't get sore.

I am only taking Advil at this point, but did take a muscle relaxer before bed. I'm not a fan of sleeping sitting up :-( how long before you guys were able to lay down?

Right now I can honestly say I'm not in total love with them (they are really high) but I have huge belly (I wish I could go to the bathroom). Once my belly goes down and what I think is swelling goes down I am going to be one happy camper!

I'm hoping to be able to drive on Thursday, I have cabin fever bad. I go back to the doc on Fri to get the sutures out (I hope it doesn't hurt!) but I have talked to the doc several times. Loooovvvvve her!

Sorry for the double entry today, I thought I...

Sorry for the double entry today, I thought I would make a list of what I thought was helpful for me.
Saltines by my seat - I would eat a saltine with every pain med, even in the middle of the night so I didn't get an upset tummy
Straws are a must!
I actually labeled the top of my pain meds with markers so I could look for the right color/letter I the dark instead of having to turn on the light to read the bottle
Ice pack- I wish I would have had two, one for each side. I just switched sides every 5-10 minutes
A notebook paper to keep track of med times. Trust me after 3 doses of Percocet you won't remeber what you Tom when!
A travel contour pillow. Someone else suggested this. Seriously the best purchase I made. I wouldn't have been able to sleep without it a few nights,
Sweat pants trust me buttoning pants would have been impossible!
A back scratcher - funny but true!
My step stool - I used it to get into my high bed and for the microwave.

Sorry I guess I had a lot to say but this stuff really helped me. Good luck

So I am one week post op today! I have an appt...

So I am one week post op today! I have an appt late this afternoon to remove my tape and sutures, so I'm excited about that.
I have been feeling really good - I still can't sleep flat (booo) so I'm not sleeping that great, but I don't feel bad. I think I over did it yesterday when I felt really good because I woke up pretty sore.
I haven't really been taking any pain meds every once in awhile I need some Advil, but it's usually only once a day.
My hubby and I are going out to dinner tonight and to watch a local band with a bunch of friends, so I'm looking forward to that. I do wish I could wear a big old push up wired bra, but I'll just wear a regular non wire just for tonight.
I'm pretty darn happy with my size. I didn't tell many people and people I didn't tell have no noticed or said anything - so I got the exact results I wanted. Natural and just slightly bigger than I looked in my big ole push up bra!
I'm super duper ridiculous excited to go buy swimsuits and new cute bras and some summer dresses! YAY!!
I'm going to try to take some post op pictures this afternoon.

So here I am day 10 post op, and back at work. I'm...

So here I am day 10 post op, and back at work. I'm feeling fine - haven't needed to take any meds. I'm wearing a regular wireless bra and doing fine! Nobody has asked me or noticed anything - just what I wanted!!
Of course, the people who do know look straight to my chest, but I am proud of them - there is no padded bra - hooray!!
I can lay on my back now so I am sleeping a lot better, still can't sleep on my side, but should be able to any day.
All in all things are going good!

2 weeks post op - I can't believe it! I'm soooo...

2 weeks post op - I can't believe it! I'm soooo happy with them! All of my old shirts that I love look awesome and they are filled with BOOBS not padding :-)
I'm feeling pretty good. My skin was super dry so I followed MusicalSoul's advice and got some Palmers Cocoa Butter and it made a WORLD of difference, I feel SO much better now.
My breasts are actually a lot softer and have dropped a tiny bit. My PS doesn't recommend massage until after your 3 week visit, so I haven't done anything there yet. I'm wearing a fabulous Warner's bra which is pink and flowery and cute that I found at KMart for only 9 bucks and has been the most comfortable out of all the ones I purchased. - 36C baby!! :-)
I can FINALLY sleep on my side and so I have been sleeping a lot better and I FINALLY got rid of my big ole surgery belly so that's good news and I feel great!
I've been working and I'm sore at the end of the day but don't feel bad. I have also carefully followed the advice of my PS and haven't lifted more than 10 pounds and won't until I hit the 4-6 week mark so I think that's helped too.
All in all I am super happy with my size, my nipples are uber sensitive but I figure it's a good sign that I have sensation there.
I think that's it for today. :-)

3 Weeks Post op today, I can't believe it! I am...

3 Weeks Post op today, I can't believe it!

I am pretty much back to normal, with the exception of working out. I have been really careful not to overdo it because I get sore pretty easily. My nipples are still ridiculous sensitive - hoping that will end soon! My skin is tight but using the Cocoa Butter helps that quite a bit. I still wear a bra all of the time, but mainly because my nipples would hurt if my shirt rubbed on them!

I have my 2nd post op on Monday and that is when we will start massage, looking forward to that only because I read that massage really helps desensitize the nipple area and helps the nerve zingers.

I am super, duper happy I did this. I am so happy with my size, and even the hardest day of recovery is worth how good I feel now! I can't wait to buy swimsuits and lingerie and cute wire bras (3 more weeks!!)

So today I went to Victoria Secret. I grabbed a...

So today I went to Victoria Secret. I grabbed a 36C cute bra and happily walked into the fitting room - it didn't fit! I had the girl come back and size me and to my surprise I was a 34D or a 32DD!! I was shocked!!
I tried on TONS Of cute bras, spent way too much money and left so happy! I could have CRIED In there! It was the first time I could go in there without asking for the most padded bra, I was embarrassed to get sized and I got to purchase REALLY cute stuff, not the plain black push up!! I called my hubby on the way home just to share the news! That seriously made everything worth it - all the pain, the big ole post op belly, the sensitive nipples - ALL worth it!! I'm so happy now! I posted a couple pics of some bras that I tried on :-)

So I am officially 8 weeks post op tomorrow. I am...

So I am officially 8 weeks post op tomorrow. I am super happy I LOVE my new body. I haven't had any issues, I can sleep fine on my sides, feels weird to sleep on my tummy. Not a lot of people have noticed if I hadn't told them but I FEEL so much better!!
I have had a little trouble finding bras (Non VS bras) sometimes I'm a 32D or a 34D other times a 36C and the last one i got is a 36D so I can't just buy them without trying them on. A small, small sacrifice considering before I just got the most padded, plain 32A!

I have another post op on Monday, I'm hoping I can go back to playing racquetball and working out and running. Last appt a few weeks ago I was only cleared for light cardio - I put on a few pounds I'd like to lose!

All in all I am happy with my decision I have NO regrets so if you are considering after you do your research and find a doc you feel comfortable with - go for it!! :-)

***5 months post op *** So I am 5 months post...

***5 months post op ***

So I am 5 months post op and VERY happy with my size. I'm glad I didn't go bigger - for a little while I had boob greed but now I think I am perfect. My hubby loves them, I look very natural and I am very happy. My nipples (especially the right one) are still sensitive, but the doc thinks that will get better and I think it's a lot better than a month ago.
All in all I am super happy with my size, my surgeon and I don't have one single regret. I have TONS more self confidence all the way around. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doc, amazing experience! Highly recommend, she spent a great deal of time with me and thoroughly answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns.

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