450cc, Gummy Bear Ultra High Profile....done and loving them!- Golden, CO

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I was on RealSelf, left it, came back.....plastic...

I was on RealSelf, left it, came back.....plastic surgery is a really difficult decision. Sometimes I think I am better off being unhappy with my natural self versus the "what if" I am unhappy with the unnatural self. My biggest barrier is just saying, Ok, let's do this! I breastfed three children and, like so many other women, am left with basically skin on top of bones. I put my before's on here, not really self conscious on this website because there are hundreds of women who look just like me. I would love to have salines, just a peace of mind kind of thing. I'm almost 5'10" and do worry about rippling and CC, just like any saline implant gal I suppose.

I had a consult with Dr. Vath in Golden, CO (great, great team, office, feeling being there!) and was told I needed a lift. Which is fine, I guess my reservation is that I have seen lots of women with small, saggy breasts like mine that end up with beautiful results. I've also seen a fair number where I think, wow she needed a lift. It's also almost twice the price, however, plastic surgery is something you want to do right the first time. I'd like to do this once now and maybe a re-do later in my 50's (if I had my way).

Any thoughts, experiences, any "hey look at my results!" are appreciated at this point.

Date is set...371cc Allergan 410's

Saw Dr. Murphy for a consultation, he recommended highly cohesive silicone (gummy bears) because of minimal tissue and nothing in the upper pole. My only reservation is how firm the will feel, I'm a bit nervous they will be too hard. But I like the low rate of CC and that should one rupture, the silicone is designed to stick to itself, and not leak out like honey. I wanted a smaller size, but my breast width and extra skin I was advised not go under 350cc, and so doc said 371 mod profile Allergan 410's were the magic number. I trust his judgment and advice. I will go over all of this again on my pre-op date.

My biggest reservation is that I will not like them. I read reviews where women were SO sure they wanted implants and once they have them they end up asking themselves, Why didn't I just love what God gave me. Hopefully I'll remember at one point (before nursing three children) God gave me D cups, and my husband and I both loved them! Cheers and here's to the next chapter...

Gummy Bear or Regular Silicone.....I'm really torn

My PS recommended highly cohesive (gummy bears) due to my lack of tissue in upper pole (you can damn near see my ribs from top of boob to bottom of boob - not flattering!). Anyhow I've been reading about how firm they are and how they just stick straight up when you lay down, and then your native tissue falls to the side....I'm so torn about what silicone to go with. Just curious if any of you chose the highly cohesive (gummy bears) and how you are liking them and do they drop well and look weird when you are lying down? Do you like how firm they are?

2 two weeks till BA....more before

450cc, Allergan 410 FX.....next Tuesday it'll all be over with

Had my pre-op consult and decided to stick with gummy bear implants and we chose 400cc, which put me into the Full height, extra high profile category (my breast width was 12.5cm). I am nervous about the higher profile, but was assured it's only a cm further out than full projection and would help lift my nipples a bit. Doc said going to 450cc in the cohesive implant was necessary (versus "one-size" or 25cc up in regular silicone). I am putting all of my faith in his decision. I liked 350 sizers, but to be honest, couldn't tell a different from 350 to 400. The gal that was helping me told me to pick the larger if I wasn't sure. I got home and immediately started looking for 425-475cc implant pictures are of course freaked out thinking they were WAY too big and obvious. My husband said it'll be fine and found some great looking boobs that calmed my nerves.....thank God people post all of their pictures online, it's like valium for my nerves seeing great looking results in that size range.

450cc are in! Can't wait to meet them

Surgery done without incidence, which is great. The first 12 hours were pretty rough, and after that it's been smooth sailing. I'm taking one percocet every 4 hours and that manages the pain really well. I have to wear bandage until post op day 3, which is Friday. I keep trying to peek on the top, but all I can see is that my boobs are further apart than I thought 450cc would have been. Also, I can tell they aren't going to be too big! So thanks to all of you who gave support and advice about sticking with the bigger size! More photos to come on friday when I get to see them! It's killing me not to know....

Anyone else find it incredibly hard not to peek ??!?

Was instructed not to take off dressing until tomorrow, but the gauze and ace wrap was so loose, it wasn't doing anything anyhow, I could basically turn inside it and could see my nipples and the whole thing anyhow. Husband and I took if off to check out the work, and then wrapped back up a bit tighter than I was. My right is riding higher and more swollen, perhaps because I use my right and I need to give that side a break.

Day 3

Just some photos to log the journey. I think the picture in the shift really puts 450cc into perspective, knowing I have some swelling to lose as well...

Photo Update: can't believe what a difference each day makes....

Day 5, dropping in nicely, still feel pretty stiff. Reading others with similar implants, sounds like it takes a while for them to soften up. I can tell I am swollen on the outside of my breasts, near my armpits. Only taking one percocet at night since morning of day 3.

10 days out, stitches out.....dropping well I think....

Had the stitches out today and the nurse said I could start my scar healing; went with Scar Away silicone sheets from Amazon. Cleaned the scars with hydrogen peroxide first and put on the first silicone dressing. Not sure what to compare it to, but it certainly doesn't seem like it'll hurt. I think they are dropping nicely, my right seems to be stubborn and hanging out a bit higher and firmer. The sides of my boobs have finely started to soften up and are less sore.

Almost 2 weeks out

5 Months out

Loving them more now than previous posts! They have settled, softened and really look natural (as natural as implants look).
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Murphy was my second consult, but I really liked how straightforward and honest he was. Like "you're here to talk about implants, let's cut to the chase..." kind of guy, so ultimately I chose him. The office is nice and clean, the staff are nice. Not really great about answering back emails quickly, but when I called and spoke with gals (Natalie and Barb) the response was immediate - so I think they are just so busy with little time to answer emails. The nurse that I first met with and who took my before photos seemed cold and my husband and I had got a weird vibe, but then after my surgery she was much more personable and chatty (just seems like when you meet someone and take before photos you are vulnerable and this would be an opportune time to be overly nice and warm). Most importantly, I trusted Dr. Murphy and his decision about the implant and size. He sat me down, listened to what I wanted for a look and my goal, and then said which implant he would use, but it was still my choice. I had serious second-thoughts rigth to the last minute and Barb sat down with me and assured me Dr. Murphy is honest and knows what he is doing, and she assured me the size would be perfect. Well, they were both right! These two were exceptionally great and my only reason for not giving 5 stars across the board was some emails went unanswered and I didn't get a whole lot from my after care apts. (But I didn't need very much either....). I would strongly recommend Dr. Murphy to friends and those I care about, he does excellent work, far better than even the before/after on his website give him credit for. Excellent job, would tell anyone to have a breast augmentation there (and competitive pricing as well). And trust me, I did my research in regards to online reviews and others work. He's amazing and trustworthy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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