*New Pics* Day 11 POST OP: 300/325cc Silicones & I’m in love!

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It’s been a few years of indecisiveness; whether...

It’s been a few years of indecisiveness; whether I should get a BA or not. After a little nudge from my husband and a wonderful talk with my PS. I am now scheduled for a BA on March 4, 2013. I’ve been inspired by so many women on this site that have posted their reviews, and I thought I would place one in myself; maybe someone out there can relate to my experience or help ease their mind…the same way many experiences on this site have eased my mind.

I’m 5’2”-ish (1/2-3/4 inch on some days!),110 lbs, 28 years old and am a mother to 2 wonderful boys (6 & 3 years old). I have always had small boobs (34A) but prior to having children, they were perky and wonderful! However, as many women have stated, after having kids…my breasts have seemed to take a permanent sabbatical from its perkiness. While I was breastfeeding, they were a wonderful full B to small C…so it was a little bit disappointing when the milk went away, and all that was left was a deflated, worn-out, pair of boobies.

After my second child, I began to ponder about BA, but didn’t have many friends that had gone through the procedure…also, I was just very un-informed at that time that the idea just ended up being placed on the back burner. The thought of a BA would pop up once in a while throughout the next couple years, a lot of it had to do with my insecurity naked. I’ve always been acutely aware of how small my breasts are, and it bothers me how self-conscious I become when I am intimate with my husband. He never once complains or mentions the lack of my breasts and I know that a lot (if not all) of this insecurity is in myself. That is something I need to work on myself, whether I have a BA or not.

Throughout the last 3 years, I have become more physically active due to my husband’s motivation and passion in fitness and nutrition. I work out 5-6 times a week, and love to run and lift weights. I loved the change it had on my body and the confidence it began to give me; however, as I lost weight and lost fat percentage…it was not selective in the areas it would take fat from—as you may have guessed, my boobs were one of the first to be affected.
So, after a conversation with my husband and finally hearing stories from some current friends that have had a BA; I have decided to go through with it.
On February 5, I had my first consultation with my PS (a surgeon that was recommended to me by two close friends). I was a nervous wreck and had written a good amount of questions to ask him. My husband went with me (which I was very happy about!) and the appointment placed a lot of ease on my mind. My goal was to be a full B/small C…something I was familiar with when I was breastfeeding. We tried sizers on and settled between the 300cc-325cc range. My PS mentioned that I should not be too stuck on the bra size (something I have heard more of within this site) but more of how it would look proportionally to my body size; I wanted to ensure that it still looked natural. I had booked my operation and settled with 300cc, silicone under the muscle.

Once I left the appointment, I did, probably, the same thing a lot of women do after their appointment…I went online and began to research everything and anything about BA and sizes. I was OBSESSED! I was completely set on having 300cc but began to read about losing a certain amount of CC’s when placed under the muscle. Also, several doctors had mentioned the in-accuracy of sizers and most had mentioned that about 25cc’s can be lost inside the muscles. I LOVED how 300cc looked on me as I tried the sizers and if I lost some of that size…wouldn’t it be reasonable to just go up to 325cc to ensure I am close to the size I had originally seen when trying on the sizers? I decided to do the rice test at home and placed a 300cc on one side and 325cc on the left. There wasn’t that much of a difference and decided to call my doctor and change my size to 325cc. They eased my mind when I was apologizing about being indecisive and changing my size. Apparently, mostly all his patients do what I do. He told me that it was still okay to be indecisive and that he would order both sizes in case I changed my mind again…a huge relief!

I sometimes have a problem of being too much of a control-freak and I have not stopped re-searching and looking through pre and post op pictures of individuals similar to my stats.
Questions I would like to ask if anyone is able to help me with an answer is this…
1.) Is 325cc too big? I’ve been seeing several pictures of women in these sizes and it makes me nervous since they seem huge to me! I’m trusting my PS but am praying that it won’t look un-natural…eek.
2.) High profile/Mod profile…I’m worried that this is something my PS never talked to me about. Should I set another appointment to discuss this with him? I don’t want a lot off fullness on the top and I do like the tear-drop look that some women have after BA.

I’m sorry for such a long post and thank you for taking the time to read my story

I think I have made myself more accustomed to the...

I think I have made myself more accustomed to the thought of going with 325CC. The more I research and ask questions, the more I've eased my mind and realized it shouldn't look un-natural at all. Now I am just anxious for my surgery!

I've been trying to get as much done at work as I can since I am planning on taking one week off of work. My PS had mentioned that my recovery would be between 7-10 days, and I'm hoping that's my recovery is close to that. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii the end of March, so my days off for work are limited until after that vacation.

I'm very excited to head to Hawaii with my husband but know I would still be recovering at that point (about 3-4 weeks PO). My PS had mentioned that I should minimize lifting my arms up above my shoulders for the first 5-6 weeks to ensure the best recovery. I mentioned some of our intentions on our vacation (i.e. surfing, parasailing, swimming with sharks). He had mentioned to caution away from surfing for the time being but it shouldn't be a problem if I go into a cage and swim with sharks; since I should just be wading in water for the most part...that was the biggest thing I was looking forward to so I'm glad!

I'm planning on picking up all my required medications tomorrow and also planning out my eating plan for the time that I will be recovering and be unable to physically workout.

Since it will be a couple weeks before I can return to light workout activities, I think it's necessry to be on point with my diet. Im trying to make a menu of items I want to juice...my plan is to include a lot more fruits and vegetables in my diet and include a detox while recovering. Last year, my husband and I went on an eating plan of eating fruits and vegetables, with small amounts of fish from time to time, for a whole month. I remembered feeling so much better about myself, more alert, more energy and overall just felt great inside and out. My husband is planning on taking a couple of days off just to keep me company at home and help with the juicing; I can never fully explain the appreciation I have for everything he has done thus far and the constant motivation he has given me.

Am I weird to also be excited about buying new outfits? There have been clothes I've always wanted to try out but was too self-conscious to wear it. I'm VERY excited to also update my intimates :)) VS here I come!

It's been hard to sleep these last few days. I'm...

It's been hard to sleep these last few days. I'm sure it's nerves. I've settled with 325cc saline and am very comfortable with the idea now. I've been kicking my butt at work to get ahead on a lot of things so that (I hope) I won't be called during my time off; I've also been kicking my butt at the gym...knowing I'll be unable to work out for a bit makes me a little sad..but the excitement and happiness of this procedure DEFINITELY outweighs that! How long did it take you gals to get back to the gym and have full movement of your arms? How long before you were able to do cardio? My PS mentioned that after 6 weeks, I should be good to go and I do hope so!
It was incredibly busy at work last week and, unfortunately, I had a missed call from my pre-op nurse on Friday afternoon. By the time I was able to call back, they were closed; what’s worse, they are closed for the weekend, their voicemail was full and will re-open at 6am Monday. However, my BA will be at 9:30 am that day and am concerned as to what I may have missed from the pre-op nurses call. Should I be concerned? I was given specific instructions a month ago during my appointment with my PS but hope that missing the call wouldn’t play a crucial part to the surgery (i.e. being canceled, re-scheduled). I’ve also picked up all the medications requested prior to the big day ?
-Oxycodone: take 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours
-Scopolamine: anti-nausea patch that I need to place behind my ear the night before surgery. The pharmacist also mentioned that this would make me really de-hydrated so ensure that I drink plenty of water prior to surgery; which, ironically, was the same instructions my PS mentioned to me (hydrate extremely well 2 days prior to surgery).
-Cephalexin (Keflex): antibiotics—take 1 tablet 4 times a day
-Diacepam (Valium): muscle relaxers—take ½-1 tablet every 6-8 hours
I was also told not to take any fish oil, ginseng, vitamin E, st. johns ward and garlic 7 days before surgery.
That’s it. I’ve never had surgery before and so I’m a little bit nervous about the whole process but I have full faith in my PS. I hope everything goes as well as I hope!
Yesterday, I bought myself some carrot juice and fruit smoothies since I don’t know how my appetite will be afterwards. My plan for today is to have one last hard workout at the gym, prepare food for the coming week for myself and my husband and kiddos, get my clothes out for tomorrow, light cleaning and then finally relax with the family. We bought so many movies yesterday to help pass the time for this upcoming week that we might just start one of them tonight! I can’t believe that by this time tomorrow, I’ll be getting prepped for surgery, wish me luck!

Had a hard time sleeping last night due to nerves...

Had a hard time sleeping last night due to nerves and sheer excitement! Placed my anti nausea patch on last night but because of all the water I've been drinking, I don't feel as dehydrated; just a little bit of a cotton mouth :)

I called the pre op nurse just a bit ago to let then know I had missed returning their call on Friday and she re-assured me that it was just to go over my medical history and not to worry about it since they'll just do it today...thank goodness!

There's a lot going through my mind; from "Am I sure that I'm making the right choice in doing this" to "Holy cow I can't believe it's finally here" to an embarrassing "Crap, I hope I don't do anything embarrassing while I'm asleep in surgery".

Haha, well, it's time to go take my last shower before surgery... Maybe I'll be able to post another entry before surgery...but either way, see ya later!

It's been about 4 hours post op. Woke up from...

It's been about 4 hours post op. Woke up from surgery, felt a lot of pressure but not much pain. They then gave me a little bit more medication and percocet to help and now I feel pretty darn good.

My PS mentioned that the whole surgery lasted about 55 minutes; faster than what he expected. He was impressed that I didn't bleed a lot; which helped him by not having to cauterize me!

My surgery was at 9: 30 & I was released at 11. Right now it just feels as if I had a really hard chest workout at the gym and it's a little sore. After leaving the hospital, my husband and I went to eat Pho...so yummy!

Now I'm at home, relaxed on the couch with one eye closed since I'm getting drowsy :) hehe. I took some pictures, however they are still bandaged but overall I'm extremely ecstatic! Will try to post some pics up as the days go by!

So far, my breasts feel slightly firm, which I was prepared for. I rubbed some Acrin on the tops and sides of my boobies to help with swelling and bruising and have been chugging on water..oh yes, I may have also had a few mint girl scout cookies :)) Now let me see if I am able to post pictures :) My PS ended up adding 325cc on one breast and 300cc on the other" can't wait to see them!!

P.S. Posted NEW pics 2 1/2 hours post op :))

P.S. Posted NEW pics 2 1/2 hours post op :))

Added side view pics :) Had a quick nap and feel...

Added side view pics :) Had a quick nap and feel absolutely great. Other than needing help getting myself off the couch, I'm surprised with how much energy I have! Now I'm just trying not to over do it.

Question: How long did it take you to lift your arms above your head? Also, when did you start to get your energy back and is it too early to try and start walking around the house? No chores but I feel really good and walking relieves the minimal soreness I have...

Also, is it too early for me to be gently rubbing Arnica on myself (helps minimize swelling and brusing) and when should I start massagin my breast?

THANK you to everyone that has wished me luck on my surgery...your definitely helped my spirits during this porcess. Love you all!

Gah, ignore my last post with some spelling errors...

Gah, ignore my last post with some spelling errors. I'm blaming it on my oxycodone...lol!

I've been able to hold my liquids down. I've just had some soupd and cheese and crackers. Right now I'm having a glass of carrott juice and it's delicious!! I think I'm sticking with liquid diet for the moment...just don't want to get nauseated. Speaking if nausea...I still have the anti-nausea patch behind my ear..when should I remove that? Deiniftely calling my PS tomorrow to ask some questions I've thought of today.

Been placing compress on the top of far, my...

Been placing compress on the top of far, my boobs, also ensuring I'm rubbing Arnica three times a day.

So far, the difficult part is finding a comfortable laying /seating position for bed. I didn't know how much strain you can add to your chest by just fixing the pillows or trying to sit up/get off the couch! Now I just swing my legs over to the side and use my leg strength to push me up off the couch...success! Haha!

Didn't really have a large appetite today, mainly just had soup and vegetable juice and a ridiculous amount of water. Going to try to sleep now, night!!
P .S please feel free to ask me any questions you may have!!

Took my medication at 9 last night and now, 3...

Took my medication at 9 last night and now, 3 hours later, I’m having a difficult time finding a comfortable way to sleep. My boobies are currently hard as a rock; I want to massage them but had heard not to do it until a week or so after surgery. Also, I’ve been drinking so much water that I can’t help but get up and pee every hour or so!
This might be TMI but when did everyone begin to have a regular bowel movement? I’m thinking of buying prune juice and getting more fiber pills :) My pain right now (on a scale between 1=no pain to 10=WTF) is about a 2. Other than my breasts feeling stiff, they aren’t hurting…just some pressure. I’m calling my PS tomorrow to talk about massaging and scheduling a post-op appointment for next week. Because I’m feeling great after surgery, I am really hoping it won’t take me too long to go back to my normal routine.

Here are my short term goals:

-Starting to massage my breasts

-Being able to wear a swimsuit for our upcoming trip to Hawaii; since it will be in 3 weeks, I hope I am able to wear something more than sports bra in small amounts of time by then!

-Waiting for my scar to heal so that I may start placing Neosporin or something equivalent to my scar

-In two weeks, to hopefully be cleared to start light exercise (i.e. squats, lunges and even longer walks

When were you ladies able to start wearing undergarments other than sports bra? Have any of you felt your boobs get very still a couple days after surgery? Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Gosh I write so much! I'm so sorry! Just so excited about this new experience in my life ;)

I thought, perhaps, some would be interested in...

I thought, perhaps, some would be interested in hearing how my surgery went yesterday. If not, this is a great way for me to place it in a journal to remind me about the experience :)
My surgery was scheduled for 4 Mar 13 at 9:30 am. I arrived at the Surgical Center at 8:30am after rushing the kiddies to school. Once we got into the office, because I missed the pre-op nurses call on Friday, I spent about 5 minutes signing acceptance of the surgery and going over my insurance. Once that was done with, our wait time was less than 5 minutes before the pre-op nurse came to call my husband and I into the pre-op room.
Once we entered, my nurse ushered me into the bathroom to ask if I was on my period and to pee in a cup (thank goodness I was hydrated and my pee didn’t look like apple juice!).
Once that was done, I walked on to a scale so they can annotate my weight (110 lbs). She then brought me to the pre-op room where my husband was waiting for me. I changed into their fashionable green backless scrub (lol), super sexy, hehe.
A few minutes later, a nurse came in to ask me about my medical history, check my blood pressure and start an IV. I was very happy that my heart rate was 44, which I was told was in the athletic side..wohoo :)) She placed my IV through my left hand and the anesthesiologist came to go over what he was planning to do to make me feel good before surgery. I told him he was my favorite person to see lol!
Finally, PS arrived and I stood up so that he can make some markings. That was when he decided that my right breast was larger than the other; he decided he would enter 300cc on my right and 325cc on my left. He also gave me Celebrex and oxycodone to help with the post op pan (helps the transition from waking up more tolerable. This whole process took about 30 minutes and after kissing, hugging and saying “see ya later” to my hubby, they began to wheel me into the operating room. The only part that I participated and helped in while in the OR is by shifting me over to the operating table. Next minute I hear the anesthesiologist tell me he was inserting my happy medicine. My right arm was placed slightly up and sideways on a resting counter and the operating table had a warm duvet (warm air kept pumping in) to keep me warm during the surgery. They mentioned that they needed to do this since I’ll have my chest exposed in the open which can quickly drop my temperature. The last memory I had was looking at the lights on the ceiling and wondering if I will be sleeping soon.
It felt as if a few minutes only passed and I was in the recovery room with a very friendly nurse :) The first recollection I had was that my chest felt tight (as if an elephant was sitting on it) and I had a pain (on a scale from 1-10) which was about a 6 which caused me to begin shivering uncontrollably. The nurse quickly injected medicine into my IV and I felt instant relief. The only thing left was the feeling of pressure but the pain was not existent. She then offered me peppermint tea and graham crackers..I swear they were the best food I had in a long time, lol! But I’m sure everything would have tasted fantastic since I had not eaten in over 12 hours! After I scarfed my drink and graham crackers, the nurse handed me oxycodone once more…just to be safe ;)
They had slotted my surgery time to be 1.5 hours but because I wasn’t bleeding (which allowed the doctor to not have to cauterize me), my surgery only lasted 55 minutes. The first recollection I had after waking up was the dryness in my mouth. They had mentioned that they placed an oxygen tube at the back of my tongue which I suppose can result to the slight soreness and extreme cotton mouth I was experiencing. The nurses were laughing at me since every time they offered me something to eat, drink or adjust myself on the bed, I would respond with a “Yes, please” and “Thank you very much”. My husband laughed at me because the nurses approached him and said that I was the most polite patient they have ever had…lol! It’s better than having the fear that I did a #2 while in surgery!
I didn’t stay in the recovery room for more than 15 minute since I was able to walk by myself and the doctor was impressed how mentally alert and physically well I came out from just having surgery.
All in all, I loved every single staff that was there and I am very glad that everything turned out well :)
Once we reached home, I felt good but had problems laying on the couch and even getting on it. I didn’t realize how much your arms play a big part in propping you and the fact that it is connected to the chest…it would’ve been a struggle if I didn’t have my husband.
I’ve been on top of my medication but am concerned about the oxycodone (Percocet)… does it make you drowsy? I don’t know if something is wrong, but instead of being drowsy…I get a burst of energy. For example, I took a Percocet 9pm last night, went to bed and woke up at midnight. I was awake up to 3 am, where I once again took a Percocet and valium…needless to say, I have been up since midnight and don’t know what to do to rest? I suppose it also has to do with my sleeping arrangements since it can get fairly uncomfortable. The outer sides of my breasts are sensitive, especially the left one. Is this normal? Feels like a minimal sharp pain, but it’s tolerable.
Im going to try to post more pics today…until my next post. Thank you again for all the support I have received thus far..you all rock!!

QUICK QUESTION I just started to get sharp...


I just started to get sharp pains around my left nipple. It remnds me of being burnt there (I don't even know how that would feel). I barely move my left arm and it shoots pain on that boob. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it normal?

Added new pictures, it's still high but I'm...

Added new pictures, it's still high but I'm praying it will get fluffy and drop down in the next couple of months :) please let me know what you think of them.. Does it look un natural, thank you!

Is anyone else having difficulty sleeping? I don't...

Is anyone else having difficulty sleeping? I don't know if I'm the only one. Since yesterday morning, I have had difficulties going to bed. If you've read my prior entries, I had woken up at midnight and haven't slept since then. When 9 pm came last night, I took percocet, valium and my anti biotics to help with the stiffness of my breasts.

I still have myself propped up against a ridiculous amount of pillow, so that I'm slightly sitting up; Laying flat on my back has been very difficult for me.

Anyhow, I passed out at 9 last night only to find myself wide awake at midnight...again! No pain, but now I fully understand what women say "Morning boobies" are. They are very stiff! I had asked my PS if I can start massaging it, but he advices against it for the moment.

On a positive note, I have a little bit more motion/range on my arms; I still can't lift it over my head (which, technically, I shouldn't be doing for a few more weeks). ALSO, I can now take a shower today...yes!

I ordered some Danskin and Champion sports bra which should be arriving today. I'm not sure though if, after I shower, I would still need to use the black support wrap my PS issued to me...thoughts??

I'm no longer feeling any pain (not that I felt like I had a lot to even begin with), so I'm going to try not to use percocet (for some odd reason, it doesn't make me sleepy) unless it's unbearable and just stick with ibuprofen and valium for muscle twitching.

My goals for today:
-Glorious shower!
-Trying to sleep a little bit more; this waking up at midnight on is definitely going to be a no no
-Continuing to chug tons of water, carrot juice and beginning my detox cleanse
-Finally....have a bowel movement

I don't know about you ladies, but I have been having problems doing the # 2!

Any tips/advice you would like to share...I'm open to suggestion!! Thank you to everyone who have constantly motivated, and patiently listened to me. You all rock and I couldn't ask for a better group of excellent motivators! Xoxo :) Will post more pics later when it's not almost 2 in the morning...argh!

Day 2 of POST OP Feeling a lot better, I am not...

Day 2 of POST OP

Feeling a lot better, I am not taking percocet anymore, nor have I used valium. I am still aking my anti-biotics; but so far, knock on wood, it'll just keep getting better and better, My breasts are still high and I know it won't drop for a few more weeks (or even months) but I've been consistently placing ice pack on top of my chests.

I took my first shower today! Wohoo! I removed the gauze and kept the seri strips on...I must say..the shower was heavenly! My breasts are still stiff but they aren't uncomfortable to touch; haven't attempted to squeeze or massage them due to my PS' discretion.

Does anyone else ice the tiop of their chest? Has it been working for you? Thankfully, it has for me and it's helped me have a restful sleep. I just was not sure how long I can keep it on top of my breasts.

Another thing I'm noticing today is my bloatedness...ugh.. love my boobs, but does my tummy have to expand as well? I've read articles stating that this is due to the medications given to you which can make you constipated. So with that said, my husband has been kind enough to pick me up some prune juice and other fruits that can help with bowel movement. Also hydrating the heck out of myself with water.

When I was first taking percocet, it wasn't helping me get sleepy, but starting last night, it's been making everything around me seem foggy. I'm not really fond of that feeling, so I'm going to try weaning myself off of that completely and stick with ibuprofene. A friend of ours is having a surprie birthday party for her husband this evening and I'm not sure what to wear.

My new additions are still pre-positioned pretty high on my chest; perhaps I can wear a scarf to help conceal it for the moment. I haven't gone clothes shopping since I know the sizing will change as months past but GOSH I'm so excited to shop and go through that process!

I'm posting pictures with the gauze removed and had just finished stepping out of the shower. Talk to you later my dears!

BOUGHT NEW SPORTS BRA I ordered 3 different...


I ordered 3 different zsies brands/bras. I've posted the pictures up. The black bra is Danskin, really like it. The other two are sized 34 and 36 Fruit of the Looms. VERY comfortable.

Does anyone know when we can start wearing bras like this post op? The black wrap they gave me were very uncomfortable but Im not sure how long I am supposed to keep that on OR if I can start wearing the bras I purchased asap? Would love to hear your opinions and advice :)

HOLY ROCK HARD, BATMAN! I know I was stating...


I know I was stating that I am going t try to wean off of percocet, but after having an amazing 6 hour nap.I woke up with incredible soreness and hardness on my breasts! On a scale of 1-10, I would say the pain level at this time is about a 6. It's probably due to staying in one position for a long period of time (I haven't been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time until now) that my breasts probably began to harden and stiff up.

So yes, I have taken a percocet and valium to help with the pain. Oh well, we need to just stay on top of the pain right? No use trying to be a tough gal about it :)

On another note, I am supposed to be going to a dear friends surprise birthday party tonight..part of me is hesitant because I'm really not sure what to wear; however, the other part is telling me that as long as I bring my friends Percocet and Valium, I'm good to go...just make sure to sit and relax for the most part of the event. That won't be too much of a problem since we will be going to a sit down dinner :)

On a side note...has anyone tried coughing yet? Hehe, just had my first coughing fit a bit ago and I had this ridiculous notion that my boobs would you just explode out of my chest; so I had both my hands cupping those babies firmly..lol.

DAY 3! A slightly funny story, last night as I...

DAY 3!

A slightly funny story, last night as I was making myself comfortable on the couch, I decided to multi-task by working on my homework and icing my chest at the same time. I decided to set my laptop on my lap, lay propped on (what I felt were) 50 pillows and rested an ice pack on my chest. I had taken valium, antibiotics and ibuprofen to ensure I had no reason to have to get my butt off the couch for the rest of the night. Apparantely, not even half an hour later, my husband walks in to the room and sees my hands on the keyboard, ice pack still resting on my chest and my head titlted back; mouth open and drooling.
Yep, so much for multi-tasking. Homework-0, Medications-1. Touché.
Had a better nights than what I’ve had the last two days. I was able to sleep until 6 am; and the only reason I woke up was because I had to use the restroom. I decided to take another muscle relaxer since my breasts were as hard as rocks this morning and a small dose of ibuprofen then went back to bed. The pain is pretty non-existent at this time. My biggest problem is the stiffness of the breasts. I wish I was able to massage it but was advised against it by my PS until I see him next Tuesday. Were any of you given the green light to start massaging after surgery? I really wish I could, since I feel its going to produce a lot of relief on my stiff boobies :)
Last night, I also decided to step on the scale..just for poops and giggles…DEFINITELY should not have done that. Prior to BA I was 110..last night, I weight in at 117.8lbs…what??! Has anyone else tried to weigh themselves? What was your result? I know there really isn’t any possible way I could have gained that much in such a short amount of time. I understand that there has been a lot of shock that has been placed in my body and retention of water is normal; not even mentioning the amount of fluids they placed in the IV during surgery. As I researched it more, they stated that it may take a week to 3-4 weeks to even months for everything (specifically your weight) to go back to normal..unless you’re physically scarfing bon bons and hamburgers left and right…then that’s a whole different story.
Hmm..I wonder if this explains why I’ve been feeling really bloated lately.
I am not sure if it is just my imagination, but I feel the top of my breasts softening just a little bit. When I woke for the second time a bit ago, my soreness wasn’t as bad as how I felt at 6 this morning. This can also be due to the valium still being in my system. I’m finding myself not having to cup my breasts for dear life when I cough or sneeze and getting off the couch has been a lot easier. My arm motion is slightly better too; of course, I am still unable to lift my arms over my head, but I am able to tie my hair back with minimal discomfort; since Im at home, I usually will just let it hang lose. Just yesterday, I would have to have my husband help me re-adjust my pillow but today I am able to reach my arms back and adjust it myself without help…success! Hehe
Only caution I have is to not over-exert yourself. I’ve never been fond of having to ask someone to help me, but I need to understand I now have limits (for the time being). Believe it or not, I still need help opening my medication bottles. The “puch and turn” instructions are a challenge since, when I try to do it, it shoots sharp pains on the sides of my breasts.
Still haven’t used the restroom for #2…taken fiber pills, milk of magnesia and have been drinking prune juice. Any other suggestions would be amazing!!
OH! Before I forget, I did go out last night for a friend’s birthday party. Since it was a little chilly outside, I decided to wear a lose grey sweater, skinny jeans and knee high boots. No one noticed…VERY ecstatic about it :) I did get complimented on my outfit and that I looked very happy and relaxed (I had taken Percocet for safe measure prior to the even lol). So the event was a success!

I'm not sure but I think my breasts have slightly...

I'm not sure but I think my breasts have slightly dropped (and I do mean 'slightly). There is still a lot of fullness on the top but I must say ladies....I'm loving my twins more and more each day! Just added about 4 more pictures of day 3 post op.

Well well well, Im feeling the right side of my...

Well well well, Im feeling the right side of my breast starting to soften up. My energy level is pretty high, pain is close to non existenst and soreness is very tolerable. Only problem thus far is constipation.

Going to try to fi that now; heading to the store with my family to find some items that can help with constipation and needing to buy more fruits and vegetables. Here's crossing my fingers in hopes the trip goes well!

DAY 4 POST OP Still having a difficult time...


Still having a difficult time sleeping. Finally got settled in and comfortable at 1 am; woke up at 4:55am wide awake. No pain, slight soreness but took valium since I had not taken one in almost 10 hours.

Was padding around the kitchen, filling my water up and deciding to start the day with a cup of prune juice (yep, still having that problem) when my husband came downstairs to get ready for work.

Out of the blue, he had just given me a gentle hug, kissed me on top of my head and said "I just want you to know that even before you had this procedure done, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out and nothing has changed that for me".

I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep I had in the last couple of days, or the pure startlement of that statement; but it was enough to break me down in tears. I didn't doubt his love for me, I just suppose the reaffirmation he gave me with that statement was what I needed to hear. I've been very grateful that this whole juourney, thus far, has been as successful as it has and I feel very fortunate that I have a wonderful support system that understands and accepts the choice I made. I hope and pray that everyone's morning is also starting out on the right track and I'm constantly thinking of all the women that are going through their procedures today and those that are in the process of recovery. You all are so very strong and incredibly beautiful and I feel so very lucky to have found a wonderful support system here as well :)

Sending nothing but good vibes your way! xoxo

OOPS So very sorry, I'm blaming the lack of...


So very sorry, I'm blaming the lack of sleep, but I did NOT mean to put my 4 day post op under comments. Please disgregard unless someone knows how I can remove that?

I was able to go back to sleep from this morning...

I was able to go back to sleep from this morning AND was able to rest on the left side of my body for the first timewith discomfort... AMAZING!

No pain, but my right breast (outer bottom part of it) is sore compared to my left who's feeling just dandy and content (very minimal tightness/soreness) :) About to have another glass of prune juice; I'm feeling my belly rumble but nothing is happening...yet..lol. The tops of my breasts are feeling a little bit softer and aren't sensitive to the touch.

However, whenever I extend my left arm out to reach for something, my left boob makes a weird bubbling/gurgling sound? Not very sure how to explain it. Has anyone had any experience with that? It's just crazy hearing un-natural sounds coming from my babies :) About to hop in the shower, apply some Arnica and continue to take cat naps since both kids are off to school and hubbys at work...peace and quiet..*sigh*

Added new pics** Prior to BA, I had a few...

Added new pics**

Prior to BA, I had a few lingerie items stashed in my closet for special occassions with the hubby :) I remember being so self conscious on trying them on since I didn't quite "fill in" the appropriate areas. However, today, I just couldn't help but be curious to see how different they may look with the new additions. The end result? I was very shocked and to be honest, it helped boost my self esteem a little bit more :) Now I REALLY cant wait to go shopping at VS once the healing has completed! lol

LAST NIGHTS FIASCO & DAY 5 POST OP Last night was...

Last night was definitely an interesting event. My husband had taken me out to dinner and I had taken Percocet and valium prior because I had accidently hit my new gals on the pantry door. What I did not account for was how the medications would affect me while at the restaurant. Everything seemed as if it was in slow motion and needless to say we didn’t stay too long.

This has never happened to me thus far, but I was having a difficult time walking by myself back to the car from the restaurant and had to hold on to my husband for support. I had felt dizzy and just plain out of it. When we arrived home, my husband had helped me out of the car but as he wrapped his arms around my waist, his finger accidently dug into the stitches under my left breast. THAT, as you can imagine, did NOT feel pleasant what so ever. I had to hold back a scream since my kids were around and I didn’t want them to be concerned, but my whole body was shaking from the pain that was shooting through me. I felt so bad for my husband since I know he didn’t mean to hurt me.

A cute story though is that, as I was placed on the couch, my 6 year old came running into the room with two pillows and told me to lean forward so he can place it behind me. He then patted my arm and kissed me on the cheek…no medications could have healed the pain as quickly as that one sweet act he did :)

I ended up just resting for the rest of the night and finally passed out.
Good news…I slept through the WHOLE NIGHT! Wohoo! Woke up feeling refreshed and both breasts are slowly dropping and softening up. Pressing the tops of my breasts causes no pain or discomfort (they actually feel really soft); however, the outer sides of both breasts are still sensitive to touch and resemble having milk built up in them (for those mamas that have gone through breastfeeding).

I’ve heard some of my friends have stated they have lost feeling in certain areas of their breasts, to include their nipples; but so far, I have feeling in all areas..my left nipple is just a tad bit more sensitive than the right one. Is anyone else experiencing less feeling on their breasts?

Can anyone explain to me what fluffing means? Is that just when your breasts start to soften? I’ve heard it resembles a feeling of it being like clouds….never felt a cloud before so I’m very unsure as to what I should be feeling when it comes to fluffing. Thoughts? Love you gals and thanks for continuing to read my posts ;)

Nervous since tomorrow is my first day back at...

Nervous since tomorrow is my first day back at work. Can't sleep because of the anxiety but it's not because I think anyone is going to notice; I had gone out a few days ago with a few co-workers and no seemed to have noticed :) I'm nervous about the soreness... I am hoping it will be tolerable tomorrow since taking percocet will be out of the question. I'm going to make sure to have some motrin and, as a last resort, muscle relaxer. My husband offered to drive me to work but I suppose we'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

Goodnight my dears and I'll keep you posted ;)

DAY 6 POST OP: Sorry I wasn’t able to post...


Sorry I wasn’t able to post any pics up yesterday for day 5, but it got pretty busy and had a little bit of an uncomfortable day yesterday.
Decided to go as a family to watch “OZ” (which was a great show by the way) but wasn’t expecting that we would be STANDING waiting in line to watch the show for over an hour. I had not planned for this, and all I had brought as pain medication was ibuprofen. I think all the standing ended up causing unnecessary gravity pull on my breasts. Needless to say, I had to take a couple of minutes of squatting in a line full of people and tried to be inconspicuous by folding my arms up underneath my breast to help with the support; and to help relieve the pain. By the time we were able to sit down, I felt slight better, however, I was constantly getting a surge of pain running through the outer side of my right breast that seared straight to my nipple.

That HURT!

When we got home, I went straight to the couch and took muscle relaxers but was concerned that as I pressed the interior part of my right armpit, a pain would should through my right breast all the way up to the nipple again. I tried to do it to my left and nothing happened. Is this something I should be concerned about??

I was finally able to settle in and have a fairly decent night’s sleep. Woke up refreshed and had a nice breakfast.
Still a little bit bloated but I have now been able to use the restroom. FYI, if you are constipated, do not STRAIN…caused my right boob to get angry and stiffen/swell/get angry at me.

I’m posting pics up with this post and I’m not sure if my boobs are dropping but I do believe they are getting just a smidge smaller (or maybe they’ve dropped which can cause me to think that). The reason I think its smaller is because I am currently using the surgical wrap that was issued to me when; on the day of my surgery, I was only able to close it with the farthest clasp (there are three hooks on this bra); today, I am able to clasp it into the middle clasp without a problem.

Would you ladies be so kind as to give me your opinions on how my boobies are looking? Are they dropping? Still high? I also placed a pic where I wore a simple tank top; boobs aren’t too noticeable in it (which is my goal) right? Love you all lots and can’t wait to hear your responses :)

I've only taken ibuprofen today but have been...

I've only taken ibuprofen today but have been sleeping so much! I woke up at 9, fell back asleep at noon, woke up at 3 and fell back asleep and woke up at 6. It's been a restless sleep; I don't know if anyone else has been having weird dreams but lately I've just been having crazy dreams.

Woke up with both my breasts being extremely stiff and sore, my right breast is slightly burning again; but the new thing that I'm experiencing is tightness on my left shoulder blade...just a bit of back pain. Im trying to masage it out but it's been a little bit uncomfortable right now.

I've been pretty muh resting the whole day and I feel like such a slug; especially watching my husband having to take care of the boys and me. Can't wait till I'm able to help him a little bit more..

DAY 7: WEEK 1 DOWN!!! Sorry for such a late night...

Sorry for such a late night post about my day; but better late than never!
Last night was quite interesting (after my last post) since I started to get sharp pains on my left chest whenever I had taken deep breaths. It honestly felt as if something was squeezing my heart.

Needless to say it was a restless night and I feared it wouldn’t be a great start for my first day back at work. However, I was mistaken :) Granted, when I woke up in the morning, I was in a terrible state since I was still unable to take deep breaths; so instead, I tried to take shallow breaths but was getting quite concerned. My husband wanted to take me to the E.R.; but my stubborn self had decided against it; I had an irrational thought of not wanting to explain to the E.R. doctor that I had BA and have them just explain it wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

So, I toughed it out, took a shower (which amazingly helped with the breathing…slightly). It took a bit longer to get ready for work than I expected which led me to have to call in to work to say I would be a few minutes late. My supervisor had known I had the procedure last week and thankfully understood. I’m normally I very “Type A” type of worker and so she understood that this was definitely not a normal occurrence for me.
Once I arrived at work, I felt great. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I had taken ibuprofen prior, but I had no soreness or pain; with the exception of the shortness of breath. I had a few close friends at work that I had told of my BA and they were very happy and ushered me into the bathroom to take I look at the end result. I was relieved that even with the swelling and it still being high, my friends were very happy and complimented how natural and proportionate it had looked with my frame. I didn’t know how much their comments meant to me…but I was very happy to have returned back to work to be met with such positivity and genuine happiness for me.
The rest of the day was a blur; I kept myself busy, I was surprised with the energy I had and everyone had seemed to notice I was very up-beat and willing to help with anything…I honestly think I was beginning to go stir crazy at home; so having people around must have brightened my mood up.
I ended up calling my PS to explain about my shortness of breath and he had mentioned that this was actually a normal reaction that my pectoral muscle was doing. He advised me that, as much as it hurts me, I MUST continue to take deep breaths every half hour to prevent myself from getting pneumonia. In a few days, the pain would go away and to take motrin when needed. Once I went home, he wanted me to take half a valium and take the other half prior to bed to maybe help with the discomfort. I followed his directions and at the moment, the pain is almost non-existent and very tolerable.
By 1pm, I found myself begin to get soreness on my breasts due to over working. I had been so excited to be back at work that I was barely taking time to just sit and breath. I began to get soreness on my back and soreness specifically on my right breasts. Eventually, I had caught up with my work and my dear supervisor (love this gal) let me leave work to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Once I got home, I had taken half a valium (like the PS requested), laid myself on the couch and fell asleep until my family came home.
I had woken up refreshed and re-energized and decided to order pizza, watch a Disney movie with the family and for the first time since the BA…I felt like my normal self again. I even did a few minutes of leg workout (air squats and lunges). This now leads me to the end of the night; I am now lying in bed, had taken the other half of the valium, Motrin to ensure I get a restful night’s sleep and will take a few minutes to read other peoples posts on this site before I get myself to bed. Tomorrow I will ensure I post some new pics since I will be having my stitches removed….dun Dun DUN! Goodnight, my dears, until tomorrow!

Hello my dear friends! I want to first say how...

Hello my dear friends! I want to first say how sorry I am for not posting within the last couple of days. CRAZY couldn’t even begin to describe my work and life schedule this week; but, I will try my best to update everything that has happened since my last update. I apologize ahead of time (since most of you know how much I write) that this will be a long post. To make it easier, I will try to organize my story by day…starting with Day 8 :)…

DAY 8 POST OP 12 March: 1st Post Op Appt

It was crazy how the day prior I had been exhausted from work, but this morning was energized and had minimal discomfort throughout the day. I was pretty excited that I was able to walk around a lot more without so much discomfort and was very anxious for my appointment with my PS.
A funny incident happened today at work when one of my male co-workers had asked me if I had just had a really hard chest workout at the gym (he and I are huge gym rats so this is a normal conversation); I had meekly stated no, but asked why he had thought that. He had mentioned he just noticed that I wasn’t swinging my arms as much today and was slumping forward as I walked around. Didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wasn’t used to the new additions to me and didn’t know my posture was different because of not being used to the slight added weight to my front ;)
Went to the appointment and my PS had me wear an open front gown and sit down and take a look at my breasts. He said that they were healing perfectly and that I was able to lift my arms parallel to my shoulders now. He also mentioned that I was able to start massaging slightly more on my breasts and ensure that one of my massages consisted of me firmly pushing down on my breast (starting from the highest part of my breast and pressing straight down to my nipples daily to help with lowering the implants. Also, he issued me a band that I would have to wrap around the top of my breasts for a maximum of 8 hours a day to also gently help guide my implants lower down on my breasts since they were still riding slightly high.

Finally, the nurse removed my stitches (btw, I had taken half a valium prior to the appointment because I didn’t know how it would feel for them to remove the stitches) which DID NOT hurt; a shocker for myself since I’ve never had stitches in my life. I barely felt a slight tug and *snip*. Apparently there was only one stitch on each side of my breast. Once that was completed she gave me further instructions to GENTLY massage cocoa butter on my breast and, in circular motion, to rub cocoa butter on my stitches. As I rub on my stitches, she mentioned that I would place pressure on them as I rubbed to the point prior to it being uncomfortable; and each day, it would feel better and better and that it would help with the swelling of the scar. She also mentioned to purchase biomedical oil (or something of that sort..) which the PS recommends to all his cancer patients to help with minimizing the discoloration of the scar. The nurse showed me a few stitches she had that she used bio oil with and some that she did not and there really was a remarkable difference…now I need to call to get the exact name again…darn my short term memory!

Want to hear AMAZING news? I was given the green light to start using the elliptical, stationary bike, stair step machine and walking on the treadmill at an incline; I cannot begin to explain how ecstatic I was to hear this! Working out always makes my mood a LOT better :) My next appointment is scheduled for April 10; which will be after my trip to Hawaii with the hubby…oh yeah!!

**Posted pics of Day 8 PO after stitches were removed :)


Since you knew my excitement about the gym, of course, the first thing I did prior to work was get my happy little but to the gym…pronto! I ended up doing the elliptical in various resistance (started at 4 then went to 10 for a bit but stayed pretty much at 6) for 45 minutes. I was told by my PS that if I used the elliptical, I was only allowed to hold on to the stationary bars in front of me and not use the handles that swing back and forth to prevent any unnecessary injuries. Most of the time, I kept my arms to my sides and just used my legs to do most of the workout and held on to the bars when I was at the higher resistance. I ended up burning 450 calories and had a “first time ever” experience of having sweat in between my boobs (aka cleavage...LOL!)..I know..maybe that was too much of a TMI for you all ;)
The rest of the day was pretty busy at work. There was a lot of catching up to do and I sometimes get so engrossed with work that I forget to rest or take a breather for a bit. BTW, the breathing pains I had prior days ago are completely gone now. I was taking deep breaths every half hour as requested and are no longer an issue. I had to stay late at work since we had crazy last minute deadlines and I had to take valium since my breasts were hardening because of all the walking and unnecessary stress I placed them in :(

Got home and felt bad for my husband since he has been a GOD sent; he had the boys showered, dinner ready and cleaned the house even though he had worked that day as well. Needless to say, I was very appreciative but ended up passing out at 6pm on the dot. I was BURNT out. I had to place that wrap my PS requested prior to passing out and, I don’t know if any of you have to use it, but the next morning…my breasts were VERY sore. I could not wait to get those things OFF!


Pretty much the same routine as yesterday, BUT, weighed myself this morning and was 112lbs! Prior to the surgery, I was 110 and post op, day 2 was 117 (which is understandable…definitely not whining here;)) and had been bloated for SO MANY days! I don’t really know how much added weight implants added to you but I’m pretty sure I did a little jig dance once I got off the scale. Still drinking prune juice, as well as a glass of carrot juice and taking extra fiber and colon pills to help with constipation…guess it’s been working ;) Oh, and 60 oz of water daily too.

No soreness or pain at work, didn’t have to take any medication. The only time I had a slight discomfort was if I bended down to pick something up. I’m loving my breasts more and more every day and am VERY happy with the size I chose :) Worked out today again and burnt same amount of calories as yesterday and I can feel my mood just sky rocketing :)

Alright ladies, one last thing, and I know this will be TMI for some (or all) and I apologize ahead of time if this is uncomfortable information you may not want to hear. I’m about to talk about SEX. So please skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read about it :) My husband was a little bit frisky tonight and we decided to try to have sex; didn’t consult with my PS but since I really have been feeling ‘pretty’ back to normal…I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It ended up being great, the only part was that my breasts were still slightly sensitive but he was very cautious in ensuring not to squeeze them tight. Pressing down on my breasts didn’t hurt but my nipples were almost a NO TOUCH ZONE. So there you have it.

I’ve still been getting zings on the sides of my breasts and since my nipples are so sensitive, it gets uncomfortable throughout the day since I feel like it’s chafing against my bra. Does anyone else have problems with this? If so, any tips?

I think that is really all I have for now…a LONG POST…I’m so sorry!!! I do hope I help someone out with things that I write…even if it is minimal…miss hearing from you all and now I’m going to go and check on everyone else’s recovery and stories. Until the next post!

**Also posted pics from today with the band I was talking about. Let me know if you have any questions!

P.S. After Post Op Appt, I realized I was mistaken...

P.S. After Post Op Appt, I realized I was mistaken on which sides he placed the 325cc and 300cc; so correction...its my RIGHT that has 325cc and LEFT has 300 cc!

So I am off of work today and I have been googling...

So I am off of work today and I have been googling curious to see if I am able to check my breast size (for the moment). I know they will change as months pass but I can't help but be slightly curious (and impatient) :-P

So I measured under my bust and it was 27.5 inches
Measured around my fullest part and it was 35 inches

Is that equivalent to a 32/4 B...ish? Which if it is, totally stoked since a B (small C) was my target goal! Any help would be awesome as I continue to google away. Thankfully hubby is at work and kiddies at school; wouldn't quite know how to explain mommy sitting in front of a computer with shirt off and measuring tape wrapped around me :))

Day 11 So close to my 2 week, yay! Weighed in...

Day 11

So close to my 2 week, yay! Weighed in at 111lbs exact today and am happy that the eating and light workout programs have been working out pretty well :)

I have to say though, the straps that my PS gave to me to wear for 8 hours EVERY DAY until the next appointment gets my girls pretty sore and stiff once I remove the straps; but I know I need to have them for a reason so I am just gritting through and hoping my breasts will continue to drop. I’m posting some new pictures up, you’ll see a pic with me trying on the black wrap around bra I was issued post-op; and if you compare it to my first day pics, I think you can tell how much the swelling has gone down.

My boobs still fluctuate daily; especially on my activity level for that day. My energy level this morning was pretty low, I was sleepy and didn’t really pick up energy until I had an hour cat nap and woke up at 2pm. I had taken the day off work just to relax and catch up on some off work chores and homework and decided to walk and pick my son up from school. I also added a pic with me wearing an old green tank top I used to have but always wore a padded bra with it…not anymore ladies! I don’t know what it was but I just felt really great after the nap; I was thrilled seeing myself in my clothes and pretty sure was walking with my head held high and shoulders back as I went to pick my son up…lol. I had to wear a light cover over my top though since it
was windy and my nipples are SUPER sensitive.

Is anyone else having over-sensitive nipples? It gets to the point it is uncomfortable to even touch them!

Once I got home, I was in full mommy mode and cleaned the whole kitchen, bathroom and living room and folded all the laundry. I realized there I was again over doing it and my gals were the first to remind me as they began to stiffen up. So I sat myself down and relaxed with my son and watched some
cartoons with him (while I sifted through a VS magazine…whoopsie).

My husband decided to take all of us out to dinner and by the time we were seated (which didn’t take long), I began to feel sluggish and just drained. Once we were done, we headed straight back home and I laid myself down on our bed and decided to do my second coating of cocoa butter for the day. Hubby decided to walk in at that specific moment and surprised me by asking if I wanted him to rub the cocoa butter on me since I looked


Not sure what my expression was (probably looked at him as if he sprouted a second head) but since I was completely drained, and I am SURE he had an ulterior motive (lol) I allowed him to. It was just funny/strange to have him rub it on since I kept mentioning he didn’t have to be so super gentle and he kept mumbling it was just like waxing a car, you HAD to be gentle. Didn’t know I would ever find myself being compared to a car being waxed. Haha, men.

The breasts are feeling softer by the day. The tops and outer bottom sides of my breasts are feeling softer and slightly squishy and am excited as each day passes. Since our trip to Hawaii is in less than two weeks, we’re planning on doing some of the shopping tomorrow. So I will definitely be purchasing some bras; possible swimsuits as well. CAN NOT WAIT!

I honestly can not tell if I am even dropping yet; I know the swelling is going down but dropping...not sure.

*I also placed pics of my scars thus far and how they are healing*
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