Ruined my Face - Colorado

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I had 36 units of botox under my eyes and around...

I had 36 units of botox under my eyes and around them....too much. After 5 days I got bags under my eyes and the tear troughs are longer & deeper. My whole lower eye area looks like it is lower and goes to my check no definition anymore. The botox weekend my lower eyelid area allowing the fat pads to show. My whites under my eyes show so it drys out my eyes and feels like a stabbing knife pain unless I use natural tear drops all the time. I have to sleep with my head elevated. I look so much older, tired and just awful. I am depressed and am scared half to death this will not get better. Doctors and Allergan the makers of botox have both told me in time it will wear off but I read all this terribel stories on here where they had the same thing happen to them and they never got better it ruined them. I am so sad & can't stand this, I don't know what to do. I want my old face back. I looked beautiful before & just went in to look a little more refreshed for my crows feet and ended up looking like Im a old, tired person. I lost all my self confidence.

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Botox Ruined Me!!!!

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