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I had two procedures. Dermabrasion and Erbium...

I had two procedures. Dermabrasion and Erbium laser resurfacing.
I had the second procedure because he was not satisfied with results, nor was I.

1. Results for first procedure...
Results that he himself wasn't satisfied with. Results that caused him to ask me if I was on steroids because they could impact my results. Even though I told him before procedure that I was not on steroids, he mentioned them again after seeing my post procedure results. This was when he offered a second procedure for free. Was not free but an additional 900$ I later found out.

2. Paying more money for second procedure despite Dr. Murphy not informing me of such.
I found out through his office staff. The anesthesia price was a separate fee due to being a different doc, so that cost made sense even though the price went up from the first procedure. But the remainder price? For gauze, sterile water, and post care products that were half the price online. And even then, he changed the products to cheaper products, after I had already paid the amount for the more expensive ones.

3. Results for second procedure...
The results again weren't obtained. Not even the percentage from the first procedure was obtained despite this being a second procedure. And once again I was asked about steroids which could impact my results. Again, I replied that I'm not taking any steroids.

4. The staph infections that I got after both procedures... The staph infections that kept coming back.
I've had procedures before from other Doctors, and have never had infections till I came here. I have permanent scars from these infections, scars that weren't even procedure related. I received an infection after both procedures. The second procedure I had an infection that wouldn't go away. Dr Murphy seemed confused when my infection wouldn't go away, despite repeated antibiotics. And once again he mentioned if i was on steroids or injecting anything to cause this infection. I did get culture samples done which Dr Murphy paid for as promised, so I know he was trying to end my infection. But to not take any responsibility for my staph was just mind boggling. Patients and Doctors know of the potential infection risk. Dr. Murphy couldn't accept the possibility that i got staph from his practice.

5. The three treatments offered for the redness.
I had two of these, but didn't bother going for the third. The nurse said this laser was meant for many things including hair removal with just a change of filter. I dont see how the same laser can go from removing redness to hair removal. That's beside the point and irrelevant. But its as if I was just offered more things to give me false hope.
I didn't even receive after photos to compare to the before photos. Dr. Murphy said that I would be getting after photos before these upcoming redness treatments. Both times, pictures weren't taken.
After photos were never taken.

I've not heard from him or anyone as far as an update on how I'm doing.
In the end, I wasted a lot of money, and time healing.

Recovery from the surgeries, recovery from the infections.
My results and infections were assumed (based on his repeated stance on steroids) to be my fault.
I don't see how I could have taken his words out of context when he kept mentioning them.

I'm have no animosity towards Dr. Murphy, I just think he should have turned me away if he couldn't produce the results he claimed. I realize my face wont ever be perfect no matter what procedure I get and from who. But, Ive seen other peoples results which showed noticeable changes. These people had one procedure performed and received noticeable results. They had their procedure done by different doctors. I had two procedures, and couldn't even get the results of one.

As mentioned above, Dr. Murphy himself said that he wasn't satisfied with the results of my first procedure. He said that steroids could be the reason for the lack of results if I'm taking them. And the same was said about the second procedure. Then the infections... They were also assumed to be from steroids as well? Really? I'm muscular sure, but i was not on steroids. The repeated accusations were very upsetting to me. And, he mentioned steroids in front of my mom and sister to which they looked at me oddly as if he just confirmed i was taking them.

I think he should stick to boobs and other procedures. Because of his practice, anything I do from now on will require extra antibiotics to prevent staph infections that will now be reoccurring I'm told.
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

He was very nice, everyone was nice. Too bad that didn't reflect towards the procedures.

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