28 Yr Old, 1 Child, 5'2", 170lbs - Lower Ab Coolsculpting - Colorado, CO

I had my very first coolsculpting session today....

I had my very first coolsculpting session today. It wasnt nearly as bad as i was expecting after reading some of the reviews on here. I feels like what it is. Your fat is sucked into a vacuum and chilled. I felt light pressure the whole hour but it was tolerable. The massage after was uncomfortable but again tolerable. Will post "before" pictures shortly and update my experience as the time passes. :)

(Sorta) Before pictures

These are pics taken when I got home after coolsculpting.

Day 2: Bruises!

I knew I would be one of those patients who bruises. Someone can poke me with their finger and I'll have a bruise for a week! So, no surprise. The treated area is very swollen and tender when touched.

My regular workout routine is a no go today. Instead, I opted for a jog on the treadmill for 30 mins. My core is too tender for weights today. I am wearing a compression waist trainer which helps with the tenderness when I move around and bend over.

Overall, the tenderness is there, workout is definitely reduced, but pain is tolerable. (I promise. Even though my bruises look gnarly, I dont feel all that bad.)

Though tender and swolle

Day 5: Better

I'm on day 5 and my bruises are almost gone. Tenderness is still there but has decreased. The only time I am uncomfortable is when i set too long and the crease of my jeans dig right into my treated area. Thank goodness for standing desks at work. Lol! The swelling has gone away almost entirely and I look the same as before. Eating a healthy diet and working out 30 mins a day 6 days a week. Will increase to an hour for 5 days a week once the tenderness completely subsides. I am still numb and have begun to feel the deep itch that eveyone has been talking about. It's tolerable but annoying. I did not use any pain relievers or topical creams to get through the tenderness. I just toughed it out and here I am. I will likely not post another update until I start seeing results. Perhaps a 3 week update as some have reported noticing a difference at that time. We shall see. Until next time...

Day 5 pics

The pics on left are day of coolsculpting. Pics on right were taken 5 minutes ago. Vast improvement in bruising and swelling gone.

Two weeks out

Well, with diet and exercise I am definitely beginning to see some changes. Though they are small, it is encouraging. I have been focusing hard on core workouts because I have this fear that once the fat in my lower abs starts to melt away, I will be left with saggy skin. Yikes! Anyway, I have no more pain or discomfort. Still a little numb, but hopefully the freezing is working it's magic and I'll start seeing the full effects and results in the coming weeks. This pic posted is my day 5 pic (left) compared to today (right). My mirror is so dirty today! Lol don't judge.

Pic update

Slow but see results.


Yep, it works. :) My 2 month check in is in 2 weeks. They say that 2 months is when you typically see the peak of the results. Keeping up with diet and exercise to facilitate visceral belly fat. Feeling great!

Before and today side by side

Comparing pic from today to day 1.
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