Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on the Arms

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This is surgery diary, from the beginning to end....

This is surgery diary, from the beginning to end. It will consist of 2 sections (Before Surgery and After which is TBA)
Procedure: Fully tummy tuck with Lipo and Lipo on the arms
My appointment is scheduled for the 4th of January 2017! Can’t wait, but also want it to be over quickly as well.
A bit of background information on me: I’m 31, have 2 kids, quite short at 148cm and weight 57kg. I wouldn’t call myself fat, but I wouldn’t call myself skinny either! I’m generally a size 10, sometimes 8 but a 12 on top because I’m bigger in size.
I keep quite fit, by walking 15,000 steps 5 days a week, that about 10km a day. I also eat healthy meals during the week and go all out on the weekends “my cheat days”.
I’m hoping all of this factors into my recovery ** fingers crossed** because I could not take lying in bed for 3 weeks straight.
Why a tummy tuck: I’ve always wanted one and even before getting married and having kids I kind of knew I would be having one. I was always thin as a teenager but the gut was always there – not so much as now after having 2 kids – but it’s been there. I remember wearing girdles when wearing dresses and generally hating my stomach. Then 2 kids with 2 C-sections didn’t help. After my 2nd son, I decided I didn’t want any more kids so it was the perfect time to think about having the surgery. I live in Australia, and tummy tuck surgeries here are so expensive. It would cost me over $10,000. I didn’t want to go to some dodgy Hospital in Thailand so Australia was the best bet. Then my sister in law told me about a surgeon in Sri Lanka (where I was born and visit yearly with my family). She wanted to get a breast reduction and the cost was so much cheaper there. I did some research and found that this Plastic Surgeon was highly experienced, studied in Australia and had excellent reviews. On a holiday to Sri Lanka in 2015, I scheduled an appointment with him and got the cost breakdown and it worked out to be half the price!
The arm lipo urge only came a couple months back. I’ve always had bulky arms! I hate them, almost as much as my stomach. I never ever wear sleeveless clothes, always wearing boleros with my lovely dresses, so I did some research about arm lipo. I didn’t want to do a arm lift. It seemed too complicated and on top of a TT. I spoke to the surgeon and he said lipo would be ok with a TT, it will be better to do both surgeries at once since I’m paying for the hospital etc…I would still need to be assessed when I go over there for my initial appointment. I really do hope I get approved for both. I know some people say that they have lumps and some sagging skin after doing it, however the fact that I cover my arms now anyway – I’m willing to take that risk. At least the overall shape will look better! I have wrinkle free quite supple skin. I think it’s a cultural thing, so hope it works to my advantage.
Doing the operation in Sri Lanka has its advantages. My in laws will be able to look after the kids, I’m on my holidays so no need to cook or clean. I will basically be able to rest and take it easy for the whole time. I am scheduled to fly out on the 26th of January so I’m a bit worried I won’t be fully recovered but the surgeon has assured me that it shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve been given a list of vitamins to take prior to the procedure which I will start buying in the next couple of weeks. I would love to hear thoughts, if anyone else has been prescribed these.
I also plan to pack
loose underwear
loose clothes
my blender
constipation medicine
Any other suggestions?
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