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Hello, I am looking into doing VASER lipo on my...

Hello, I am looking into doing VASER lipo on my Abdominals and sides. I am a male and 40 years old and have a pretty athletic build which probably holds around 15 percent bodyfat. My major problem is my abdominals and sides. I am very confused with finding a doctor. I was looking into colombia to do the procedure and found many doctors and prices were mixed. Some doctors were charging just as much, if not more than the United States which I found odd. The doctors I have found so far are Andres Mejia, Felipe Amaya, Hugo Sancristan, Dario Juris, and Luisa de la Plata, Fabio Campo, Camillo Lemos, Fernando Munar and Alfredo Hoyos. I have heard Dr. Hoyos is very good from reading the forums but found his prices were a bit high. I am open to an option in florida but I prefer Colombia because I am on a bit of a budget and the post-op care will be cheaper. So someone just as good as Dr. Hoyos and cheaper would be great. Also I am really confused about the difference between Vaser, HD Vaser, 4D Vaser...etc. I just want the best procedure for very defined 6 or 8 pack abs. Can someone please refer me to a "best bang for you buck" VASER surgeon that can sculpt me the 6 pack abs I am looking for? Thank you very much : )
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