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About 4 years ago I had a bowel obstruction which...

About 4 years ago I had a bowel obstruction which required surgery. As a result, I later developed a ventral hernia that was repaired with mesh the following year. The cause of the initial bowel obstruction was unknown. I am 62 years old, 5'7" and 155 pounds. I am in great general health, non-smoker, physically active with no medical problems i.e hypertension, diabetes, etc. I have been planning on having a tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction for over a year. I know that having a tummy tuck may be complicated in light of my previous surgery therefore I began researching experienced surgeons. After reading about Dr. Hoyos in Bogota, Colombia and looking at images of his results I requested a consultation. During the consultation we discussed the procedures that I wanted as well as my medical history and scheduled a date for surgery. About 6 weeks prior to surgery, his office contacted me and requested flight information and a copy of my passport for hotel reservations. At that time I purchased airline tickets on Expedia and forwarded the information to his office. Dr. Hoyos requested an abdominal wall ultrasound which was done and sent to his office 4 weeks weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date. His office nurse contacted me and said it looked good and that Dr. Hoyos additionally requested that I contact the Surgeon who repaired my hernia and ask if there would be any restrictions on the use of foam or compression garments. I contacted my Surgeon and told him that I was planning on having a tummy tuck and asked about any restrictions. He sent me an email informing me that "The mesh implanted in 2011 is sub-fascial, and should not be a problem with a tummy tuck or diastasis repair. Any abdominal compression will be fine." The email was forwarded to Dr. Hoyos office. Within 24 hours his office contacted me via email and told me "the it is not possible to do the rectus plication and the surgery is cancelled." This was 3 weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date and after I purchased airline tickets to Bogota for my husband and myself. During the consultation I found Dr. Hoyos to be very professional and felt confident in my choice. Following the consultation I had no direct contact with him, only his office assistant and was extremely disappointed on how the cancellation took place. I am also left with 2 non-refundable, unused airline tickets to Bogota I traveled to Colombia just for the consultation and to discuss any issues of concern in person rather than just sending in photos. I am taking a few months to re-think this and have submitted a question on real self concerning tummy tuck following ventral hernia repair. I have already received a number of opinions. Should I decide to go forward I will select a highly experienced US doctor who has a general surgery background as well as that in plastic surgery.
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