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I am 40 years old , mother to a 22 month old son...

I am 40 years old , mother to a 22 month old son and am tired of the tire. I do not have a thyroid and have type two diabetes. I'm hoping this will help m get to ground zero and help me loose weight, sort of like starting new. I am nervous but also anxious. I'm getting it done in Cartagena Colombia July 17 2013!!!

Road block

Soooo went in to late my doctor know I was going to Colombia for the TT. Her opinion was that if my blood sugar level was high as it was 4 months ago I should not do the TT. So did the bloodwork yesterday and waiting results. ;(

Green light

Uff thank God all blood work came back fine and been given the green light for surgery!!

2 week count down

Ok so now it's the two week countdown and I'm feeling really nervous, haven't been able to sleep and just want to fast forward to get it over with. I'm a little scared of my flight back and changing planes in Miami.

Taking flight

I'm leaving tomorrow for Colombia and on Wednesday is the operation!! Super nervous and anxious to fast forward 1 month. Please pray all goes well

2 nd time

Well I was devastated that I couldn't do my TT due to my diabetes ;( I made the trip 6 hr flight to be told NO grrrrr. So I came back home and ate ate ate. Then Jan 2014 I decided no more and have lost 25 lbs so far. I'm beginning to look into TT again.

Losing weight

1st consult with Dr. Kasrai

Seems like I'm going to have the TT here in Toronto, so I started to do research. I had a consult with Dr. Leila Kasrai. Eva -- her assistant was very sweet and helpful. So the Dr checked me out, lifted my fat--- ughhhhh and discussed what I wanted done. I'm kind of disappointed in myself because I didn't really ask her important questions, I had to take my 2 1/2 year old with me. She usually does drain less TT but since I'm diabetic she would place one drain, and the surgery would be in the hospital. The total cost would be $10,390 higher than I expected but then again this is Colombia.


Oops meant to say this ISN'T Colombia

Weight Loss

When I started to eat healthy and completely cut out starchy carbs, sugars and most dairy back in Jan 2014 I was wearing a tight size 16 and now as of April 30th I was able to get into a low rise size 12. Of course my belly was over flowing the top but in the leg and hips it was fine. My point is, don't be discouraged , you can lose the weight. The weight loss has been only diet I haven't even begun to exercise, I plan to do so as the weather is getting much better and Canada is not in the grips of an arctic freeze.

Dr. Martin Jugenberg

I had my second consult , this time with the actual Dr. He was very direct and professional--which I liked. He recommended an extended TT and that I should lose 20 lbs, I was a little disappointed as I wanted this done no later than July and I'm scheduled for August 13th. I appreciate his directness and telling me straight up.

Everyone a his office is nice, especially Kim. This new date just fuels the fire needed to get down to a better weight for a smooth recovery.

Progress pics

August 13th

Soooo I went and paid my deposit and reserved my date for August 13th!! So I'm going with Dr.Martin Jugenburg. He wants me to lose 20 lbs so I've got a goal and hope to lose more than 20 lbs. my eating habits are good just need to start exercising.

Countdown begins

Well my surgery day is fast approaching. August 13th and I'm super nervous. Guess it's normal, I mean just going to be skinned alive have bits cut and sucked out. I've picked up all the prescription meds, had my wax done and am ready to roll. Please many prayers
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