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Hey, I'm 28 y/o and according to my parents i was...

Hey, I'm 28 y/o and according to my parents i was born with my nose literally pressed against my left cheek. Apparently, through daily massages in the first months of my life, this problem was "corrected" by a worried mother. I had a strong trauma as well while in middle-school but since my nose looked OK on the outide i never did really pay attention to it. However, as time went by I noticed one of my nostrils was partly blocked. On top of that, every time I ate something hot, or drank anithing warm my rhinitis kicked in and it felt like i had a broken pipe somewhere in my nose. I suffered from frequent headaches and living in Miami under constant AC all year long meant my nose always felt stuffed up. I moved to Colombia a couple of years ago and finally got my nose chequed and X-rayed. (I'll upload some of the images)

I went in on sept 10th, 2013; to get the whole combo: Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Turbinate reduction. Only discomfort before the procedure was the IV, the anesthesiologist told me he would put me on Propofol (the stuff Michael Jackson used as sleep aid) and i was out cols. It took them 90 minutes to destroy and reconstruct my Broken AND deviated Septum, Break the bones (osteomytes i guess it's called) and do whatever it is that they do with my turbinates (The swirly things in my CT scan).

As it was expected, i have a splint over my nose, and some packing inside my nostrils each with a plastic tube inside so i can breathe at least a bit through my nose.

Right after the operation, and subsequent anesthesia recovery, i was sent home with Amoxicilin, Diclofenac and Acetaminophen. They also recommended i use a Nasal Spray Solution to prevent the tiny tubes from clogging up, and I'm supposed to remain with these on for at least 7 days.

As a plus, the doctor said she had to correct a bit of the outside of my nose as to keep a balanced appearance of the nose. To my surprise, i noticed the tip of my nose WAAAY up high, but as i've come to learn, this is standard procedure because the nose drops a bit after the splint/packings/sutures are removed, so no worries there.

TODAY (day 2): I spent the worst night of my life, i finally fell asleep at around 4am (being in bed since 11pm) but kept waking up every 15 minutes or so gasping for air. My mouth was all dry and it was just unconfortable feeling blood dripping down and cloggin up inside. As expected, i was in a terrible mood all day, felt horrible, could eat properly without feeling my whole face pumping outwards and wh i swallowed it felt like i was drowning. I've slowly learnt how to work around that though and ate my first proper meal post-op tonight.

Still, my nose and the area around it (forehead, eyes, and upper lip all seem a bit numb, maybe it's the anesthetics or my nerves are just trying to find their new way throuh. Anyways, I already feel like my breathing is a bit more balanced (even tough these tiny tubes only let a portion of the air in). I'm eager to have these taken out on monday.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Day 3 Post-Op

Well, so far, I`ve been having the worst nights of my life. I wake up at least 10 times a night gasping for air and with my mouth and throat completely dry. I have to drink some water to momentarily relief this unconfortable feeling and try to go back to sleep. Pain hasn't been much of an issue so far. I bleed each day a little less, and my wife has been a sweethart and has been suffering with me troughout the nights. I'm still on my meds, i seriously considered pulling out the packing myself this morning but was ultimately persuaded by her no to do so.... i don't actually want to go through this again so i might as well man up and endure.

I still have 3 more nights till the day of the packing removal, and they will definitely feel like an eternity
Dr. Alexandra Mora MD

Good experience overall, my insurance covered the cost. Doctor is always kind of busy but i need a professional, not a pal :P. She was nice and even threw in a little touch ups of herself. Hoping to see how it all comes out. She was very recommended by other doctors i visited before and judging by the small amount of pain/bruising i'm guessing she did a hell of a job. Still crossing my fingers though.

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