My Rhinoplasty: 1 Year post-op! woah

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I have this awful nose and I decided to have a...

I have this awful nose and I decided to have a rhinoplasty, the surgery is scheduled for june 6th! It's too soon! I'm just so sad I haven't said anything to my brothers and closest friends, just my parents know about that. The day is coming but I'm not afraid, I read a lot of comments about my doctor and they're all positive, the surgery is a little too expensive but I think it's worth it, my whole life people has made jokes with my nose, they've called me ugly a thousand times and my complex is finally gone in a few weeks, I'll post pictures and videos during my recovery so you can give me your opinion!

It's almost here!

As I said in my last post my surgery is scheduled for june 6th and today I had an appointment with my doctor to see the result in pictures. All I can say is wow! I really am amazed by the change a nose can do to a whole face. I saw 5 pics of myself with the change and I can't believe it, the difference is big, but now I'm even more excited for the surgery! I'm sure now that this is the best decision I could have ever made in my whole life. The doctor said the recovery is not painful at all and that my rhinitis won't affect the procedure or the recovery, that was a relief, I was really scared about that. The lab exams say I'm fine so I don't have trouble with that either. The appointment with the anesthesiologist is on thursday and the pre op is on june 5th, I don't know for sure what is it about but the nurse said it takes two hours, and that's it, the surgery is at 6:30 am so I have to wake up really early but it's worth it :D

I'll post pics of myself on weekend and the post op pics come in two weeks of course, thanks for reading! :)

just 2 days left!!!!

It's almost here! The anesthesiologist said everything is okay and I'm ready to have a new nose :) Tomorrow is my pre op which I still don't know what is about but at this point I don't really care that much haha I just want it to be thursday already! I cut my hair on saturday, I had it so long and I always wanted to have it short but this awful nose never let me!
Here's a pic of my face, you can see my nose is a little too everything: too broad, too long, too ugly! and that was my best angle... but whatever because it's changing in two days! :D
Of course I will add pics of myself after the surgery! every single day of recovery!

It happened!!!! :D

Yesterday it finally happened, something I waited for years! well:
At 6:30 am I arrived at the clinic, at 6:45 I started to fill out entry forms and consents, pure paperwork, at 7:00 am the nurse called me to start preparing for surgery, I was soooo nervous! Then I had to undress and put on the surgery robe and hat, then the nurse gave me the venous catheter (a little painful) and she applied to me a horrible antibiotic! she warned me that I would have itching in my private parts, but I never thought she spoke so seriously! haha it was the worst feeling! But the itching lasted less than a minute. Then I had to wait a long time until another nurse take me to the operating room, that's when I knew it was going to happen in a few minutes something I waited for years. I was placed on the stretcher, then my doctor came to brand my nose with a Sharpie, and he explained it was for guidance during surgery, a couple of minutes later my anesthesiologist arrived, he asked me a few things and that's all I can remember, then I waked up in the recovery room, I had an oxygen mask and a mild headache, then I heard a nurse said "please call Natalia's mother, she's awaken". The nurse put the mask off and gave me Gatorade, and then my parents came in :) (that was about 11:30 am). When they left, a nurse dressed me and about 2 pm I was released, I got home at 3 (my dad drove carefully) and my nose was bleeding, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't find a good position to sleep... it wasn't a good night.
Today I wasn't bleeding that much but the headache was so strong, I took my pain med and I got ready to go to my first post-op, it was at 10:30 am. They pulled off the nose plugs (still don't know how they're called hehe) and that was a relief! but it was a little bit painful, and on tuesday the doctor is removing the stitches, hope it doesn't hurt!
Here are some pics of yesterday and today, sorry for the potato face :-)
And that's it by now, I'll be posting every day of my recovery :-) thanks for reading! and sorry for my bad english... I'm colombian and still learning!

4 days since surgery

Hey! I couldn't write anything yesterday, I was feeling horrible!
Well today I'm feeling better but not as I want to ): I'm a little sad about some things... I really miss my smile, I can't laugh because my stitches hurt, and I still look like a monster, I know that's normal but when I look at the mirror I see a different person and that makes me feel sad. I'm still so swollen, I'll be posting pics in a couple of hours so you can give me your opinion, and I still have to mouth breath, please someone tell me if that's normal, thanks!

One more day after surgery

My stitches are finally out (it really hurt) and I'll get the cast off on thursday! Haven't seen my doctor since surgery, is that bad? He's been busy, and a nurse has taken care of me for the past few days, they said on thursday he was going to see me finally (I really hope so).
My rhinitis have been terrible, today I first sneezed since surgery and it was awful, blood came instantly and pain didn't wait to come too, the good news is that my nose is looking fine, better every day, my face still swollen and bruised, specially my cheeks, it's been really hard to breathe because of the nasal congestion, but I can't do anything about that ): The nurse said I can take my rhinitis med again so I couldn't wait and I took them again, and that's it by know, I'm adding a couple of pics of today, I know my hair is a mess and well... the whole face is a mess, but I really like my nose :) On thursday I'll post before and after pics so you can see the big change! sorry again for the potato face! I know I still look worse than a monster ;___;

Cast off, smile back?

well I really miss my smile! when I smile I look like E.T. and I loved smiling, even knowing I looked ugly (bc of the nose) but I don't in see other people's pics any trouble w/ smiling and I'm really asking if is normal the fact that I can't smile after the surgery! When I smile/laugh I feel a big pressure on the tip of the nose, and I don't know if is for the cast or what's going on, please someone tell me if this is normal, I'm scared ): thank you!

Cast still not off :/

Yesterday I was supposed to come back home cast free but the doctor said that in the surgery they had to add something in the tip because it was not as projected as they were expecting, so I have to keep the cast one more week, but he changed it, he cleaned my nose (it hurt) and I was able to look at it for a few minutes and all I can say is: My God! I looooved what I saw! My new nose looks amazing, well that was yesterday, today my nose is really swollen and it doesn't look like yesterday tho, I think it's because he manipulated it so hard (to put on the new cast which hurt a lot), here are a few pics of today, you can see the tip and the bridge are swollen, btw the before/after pics are coming next week when the cast's gone, thanks for reading!

Depression is kickin' it!

Sorry guys this is a very pointless update, but if someone is feeling like me let me know please. Today has been the worst day... emotionally. I feel ugly, I really want my cast removed, that ugly bump on the bridge doesn't go away and that worries me, and the tip is incredibly swollen today, I know that is normal but when I take pictures it resembles my old nose and that freaks me out, my rhinitis has been so prominent today so I think that helps with the swelling, ugh! I hate feeling like this! has somebody been in this position? I'm 12 days post-op!

Cast finally off!

Today finally was my cast removal and all I have to say is my doctor is some kind of magician or something!!! I'm so in love with my results! I have to admit that I never thought my nose could change in this way, I always dreamed with a beautiful harmonious nose but I thought it was never going to be true, now I can look at the mirror and smile without hating the person that the mirror shows. I will never say thank you enough to my doctor, I'm so glad I decided to put my nose on his hands, well... I'm kind of speechless now! the depression that possessed me a couple of days before has officially gone! haha... my only problem now has to do with the skin, having the cast on for more than 14 days caused that many blackheads came out and made the skin near my nose (including my nose) so rough, if someone can give me an advice or some natural mask I would totally appreciate! and.. that's it by now, here are the before/after pics! If I find a pic of my before smile I'll post it, so you can see the big difference! Thanks for reading!

day 17, swelling up and down

Hello guys! Everything's been fine since cast removal except for the swelling which is coming and leaving whenever it wants to, today the tip is very swollen but in the morning it was worse, also I wanted to say something: yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and I was expecting people looking at my nose like saying "that's not a natural nose at all, just look at it" but everything went so good, I'm more confident now and that's an incredible feeling, impossible to describe. All I could think when I got home yesterday was "Dear doctor of mine... what you did to me, you rocked my life!" Haha :D here are some pics of today, you can see the swollen tip but I know that's normal, hope it goes down in a few days. By the way, as i said a few days ago, I'm having skin problems in the nose area, so today I watched a tutorial by Michelle Phan teaching how to make a natural pore strips, and I made it, it is really effective, if someone is interested inbox me and I'll give you the link of the video :)

can't believe a month ago I had my procedure!

wow a month ago I was on my first hours of recovery and now look how everything has happened so fast! I'm so sorry I couldn't update these days because my nephew was born and I was too busy cherishing him haha (btw I'm so happy he won't meet me with my old nose) but here I am again :)
I couldn't find a pic of my before smile, the only one I found was in a party or something in april, you can see how the tip dropped every time I smiled but now it is fixed :)
Well... these days I've felt way better, swelling is still up and down and some days I can notice it is uneven, my left side swells more than the right one, but the difference is not too big. I have a little bit of pain sometimes when I sneeze (rhinitis) but not always, the scars are barely noticeable and that makes me so happy :D
when I was close to week four of recovery I decided to walk and that was a very very bad decision, sun hit me so bad and at the end of the day I felt dizzy and I had a very strong headache, I understood exercising was not an option yet, but now I'm feeling better, I went for a walk today using an umbrella to protect myself from direct sun and I'm feeling good right now.
Here are some pics of day 23 and day 30 (today) :-) thanks for reading!

sorry pressed the button too soon! here are the pics

Five weeks post op

Hello again realselfers :-) today is my week number five after surgery and I'm not feeling very good today, my nose is very swollen in the tip and the swelling is uneven, plus rhinitis is kicking me so hard and that sucks and I had a little bit of pain on m left nostril, is that normal? Here are a few gross pics of today, sorry for quality, the light and the sleepy face, rhinitis kills me.

7 weeks and happy

Hello again guys!
tomorrow marks 7 weeks since my procedure and I'm really really happy with my results, last week I had the appointment with the doctor and I started my nasal massages last wednesday, the swelling has gone down significantly but some days it comes back, it's really weird and my nostrils are uneven too but not all the time. There is something really annoying and it is a constant itching on the alar side, more in the parts where the stitches were, it's getting more and more annoying and I don't really know what it is, if someone could tell me if that is normal or not I would totally appreciate!
And that's it by now guys :) here are another Before-After pics and the 7 weeks post op pics! thank you so much for reading!

14 weeks, almost 3 months post-op SO HAPPY

hello guys! It's been a month since I last updated and I just want to apologize for that, I ended the summer break on aug 4th so time runs fast fast fast. Well in this past month happened a few things worth saying here: the first one that pissed me off was the fact that when I was about to mark 10 weeks I found out I still had a stitch on the right alar side, I wanted to cry! but it was no big deal... the next day I realized it, I went to the doctor to remove the stitch... and the doctor never showed up, ugh that was horrible, the nurse put it off but I really wanted the doctor to see me... I didn't like that at all... but well, I'm in love with my results so I decided not to be angry with my doc lol, he is so down to earth so... well.. it was a little mistake.
Another thing I wanted to say is that when I came back to school, nobody NOOOBODY noticed the surgery and I was SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! I thought people was going to make fun of me or whisper or all those things we imagine when we're self concious about things... but not even the closest friends noticed, and well I shortened my hair so people only talked about that :D
And the rest... well I'm so so so so happy there are no enough words to express how much, I'm way more confident right now, I even feel beautiful sometimes.. uhhh never knew how it felt like. I've never had a boyfriend, per say, but I met someone I'm starting to fall in love with and... the cool thing is I think he likes me too... well I'm pointing this because my confidence now lets me interact with men so... yay :D I hope it turns into a relationship and well you know... ^.^ I like him and blablabla :-)
Besides that sad episode (stitch still in) I think my doctor did an excellent job, and I will never regret this decision... now I see life with different colors, no more black&white! thanks for reading and well here are the pics

3 months YAAYYYY :D

well.. 3 months and a week :-)
Time really flies, this time there is nothing new to add :) Everything has been going good since the last update, the only thing I don't like is the daily nasal massages, I forget them sometimes or I feel too lazy to spend 30 minutes touching my nose, besides that everything is normal
I'm adding 3 pics of today, and I'm starting to forget how my old nose looked like, that is a VERY VERY GOOD thing :D

6 months post-op! really!?!??

6 months guys... 6 months!! can't believe it, it feels like it happened a couple of days ago! well actually I mark 6 months in 3 days but I wanted to update a little earlier :)

There haven't been many changes, I had a terrible flu like a month ago and I thought it was going to be difficult bc of the surgery or something, but it was like normal, that was a relief!
And well... every day I feel like this was the best choice ever made, I don't regret anything, not a single thing, my life is different now... seriously. I couldn't be happier, every time I want to talk about how it changed me, I end up out of words, it really changed me c:
Here are a few pics, sorry for the bad quality, the cap (cold times) and the potato face, thank you for reading.

8 months post-op, happy happy happy

Hello realselfers! long time, no see!
I did not update before because I was waiting to have another appoinment with my doctor :)
I was re-reading what I've written here and wow I am amazed, what a journey huh?! Anxiety, pain, depression and then the happiness... it is so amazing... this surgery definitely means a before/after mark in my life, and I'm so glad it is that way. Life has been better in so many ways, confidence being the key of the whole thing :-)
Well I had the appoinment last monday and the doctor said the nasal massages have been successful so far :D my nose progress is so good and the swelling is about to go down in a 100%, my next appoinment is in june, when I mark a year! A YEAR! Can you guys believe it?! we wait for a procedure for years and after the surgery time really flies, it is so crazy.
I'm adding a few pics of today, I've noticed a few and very mild changes since the last update, I think every day I'm liking more and more my new nose :)

Thanks for reading! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to leave a comment or inbox me, I'm always around!

1 year post-op!!

I've been thinking a lot about that day, when my life changed forever. It all started as a dream... how would confidence feel huh? and then I decided to do it, the procedure I had been longing for years. All the researching and waiting were exhausting and now I'm here, celebrating one year since I did it. I can't be happier with this decision. When I look back and remember my life before that day, I realize it was more than a plastic surgery, it was like a new beginning to me. I can't even express in words what this means to me, feeling this confidence is so magical now. I'm really happy for this and still can't believe it's been one year!
I also want to say I am so glad I found Realself before I started my journey

more about the 1 year post op

ummm I don't know why there is not even half what I wrote :l
well as abstract... I was saying that next week I'm going to update again, when my doctor sees me!
see you next week realselfers! appreciete you so much!
Mauricio Linares

this is the webpage of my doctor if anyone is interested: Now I'm pretty sure he is the best plastic surgeon of my country! I will never stop thanking him for what he's done to me!

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