33 Years Old, Mother of 1 from London, BBL in Colombia, CO

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Hey dolls I'm 33 years old and have 1 child or...

Hey dolls I'm 33 years old and have 1 child or teenager I should say and feel the need to change the things I am not happy with.

I'm not new to plastic surgery as I have had a tummy tuck and min thigh lift 3 years ago in Tunisia after I lost a considerable amount of weight and WA left with loose skin. Although I thought that doctor done an ok job, after seeing other people results I wouldn't say it was good at all.
Any how moving forward I am now looking to have liposuction and BBL. although I like the look of a big booty on myself I know I don't want to go overboard so I am more wanting my back fat removed and to be sculpted into the hourglass silhouette.
At 1st I wanted to go to somewhere in Europe but after looking around at the doctors there I want really convinced I would get the results I wanted, so my search then lead me to the Dominican Republic and was interested in going with dr Beaz of dr Fatima Almonte. Unfortunately they didn't have the dates I wanted available so my search then lead me to Cali Colombia and I saw some of the great work that was coming from there. My 1st choice was dr heano but he was booked so I then liked the work of Dr plaza so went ahead with him.
My quote for surgery labs insurance faja x2 ect WA $3,200 and a deposit of $500 dollars WA required also.
My surgery will be on the 22nd of February and I'm excited, nervous, Edgar ect so I jut want it over with now.

The recovery house I will be taint at is sophistique solutions recovery house and o far their communication has been great and she has been very helpful.
The pictures attached are the picture I sent to the doctor.
Not a nice site at all.

I promise to give you guys a truthful update on EVERYTHING especially a there isn't much on here about the Colombian Drs

48 hours till I become snatched by Dr Plaza

Hey dolls my time is getting closer and closer and I'm nervous, excited, scared ect. But I'm in Cali now so I guess there's no turning back.
I done some measurements again today

Height 5ft
Weight 66kg
Bust 37
Directly under bust (where back fat is) 33 inches
Waist 33&1/2 inches
Hips 40 inches

I met with Dr plaza and he is nice. I told him I want hips with projection but not a shelf booty lol so fingers crossed he does a good job.

Oh btw anyone who is travelling from somewhere that is cold be prepared for a shock as it's really hot here. I'm dreading being stuck in that damn faja in these temperatures.

Pray all goes well for me dolls and I will be sure to update you.

Wish pics

I said I wouldn't use wish pics but now I'm getting nearer to my sx I just can't help myself

Surgery postponed :(

Ok dolls so I was supposed to have my surgery done today 22nd but the night before I was told by my coordinator that my time is gonna be moved from 12:00 and she's not sure when.
On the morning of the surgery I was waiting to hear about when my surgery will be and after 10 she sent me a message to say "he can fit me in at 4pm"
Oh he'll no was my response. I made it clear that I do not want a tired doctor operating on me so they will have to change the day.
Luckily they made had an availability for 23rd at 8am which is much better as I don't want to go last.

So wish me luck guys and I will let you know the scoop once I'm ok xx

I made it to the other side

Hey guys
I had my surgery with Dr plaza yesterday and I'm happy to say that all went well.

I'm not in too much pain thank god. But I do have nausea which is the effect of the anesthesia.
I had my 1st massage today and it was quite uncomfortable especially in my back. But from what I have seen so far I am happy with the results.
I will bring my phone to the next appointment and take some pictures to post for you all to see. Xxx

Sorry I've been gone so long

Hey hunnie bunnies.

Sorry I've been gone for so long. Just been busy with work home life ect.
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.

Dr plaza is good but be precise about what you want and make sure he gets you fully.
The after care from him wasn't the best as he is very busy so it's hard for him to see all his patients I guess but with the massage ladies being so good and working closely with him they kinda got you covered.

The recovery house is nice but small and at times for me it felt a Lil bit closed in as I like open spaces. The owners are nice and so are the nurses who provide the care for you. I must let you know that they do not speak English so you will have to use translator on your phone.

The recovery for the lipo ain't no easy ride at all. Your swollen and stiff and according to the Dr it takes about 3 months to see your results.
It's still early days but I am ok with my results. I do feel it coukd have been better but I guess I should be glad I'm not that horrid square shape and now have more ass

1 last pic

Same black dress 2 weeks post op
Dr Luis Eduardo Plaza

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