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Going to Colombia Jun 2014 any amazing docs Out...

Going to Colombia Jun 2014 any amazing docs Out there? I know there are many but I want someone that will give me a hugeee ass and a tiny waist lol I'm 5'4 weight 135 pounds lost over ten pounds in the last month ten more to go but I know I need to keep some if I want a bbl I feel like I have plenty of fat still though so now just looking for a doctor that will give me that tiny waist and big butt any suggestions?

Cali Colombia here I come.

So I haven't had any work done. My breast augmentation Doctor that I was originally going has he's assistant call me about a week before my surgery saying that he was not going to operate me that day because he had a meeting or something or that sort to attend. I had already requested vacation time at my job, I put a $2,800 deposit down which only $500 was what needed to be given but I was sure I was going to him so I gave more. Bottom line was it was very inconvenient and unprofessional of his behalf because I also had done my blood work prior and that was an extra $100. Bottom line is I didn't end up going with him I got my deposit and went on a shopping spree instead and bought a jug of ice cream to drown in my sorrows. Here I am years later finally going to get my breast augmentation with silicone, lipo, bbl. I'm going to Colombia. Why my decision to go to Colombia you might ask. Well main reason is I am Colombian most of my family lives in Colombia. I traveled there a year ago to be reunited with my father after 5 years. At the time I just wanted to see my dad and meet my family. My cousin from Miami (we met out in Colombia) got her boobs done. They came out nice. She paid dirt cheap too. So since then I been determined to get my dream surgery out in Colombia. I've been doing a lot of research and finally decided to go to Dr. Buritica. I've seen some of he's work. I like it and now I'm praying that he will deliver the ass of my dreams. Also my boobs he is very nice with the boobs so I'm looking forward. I was quoted 14 million pesos which is about $4200-4,500 usd depends on the value of the dollar. Right now is a perfect time to go the dollar is at an all time high. So that is a super plus! When I went it was $1=2 right now it's like $1=3 so you get more for your money. I learned my pesos pretty well when I was out there. Everything is very cheap compared to Las Vegas and California. So moving on my birthday just passed and my BF got me 2 tickets to Colombia. He knows how much I've been wanting this. This was the best gift ever! So we fly out the 17th of March and we are staying for 3 weeks! He gets to meet my dad for the first time!!! I'm so excited my BF and I have been together 4 years going on 5 so this is big for me. My dad is also very supportive of my surgery as well. He was NOT at first! There's more to that but anyway this is kinda like last minute for me considering that I'm leaving in less than 25 days
Away. At the moment I'm taking diet pills prescribed by my weight management Doctor here in Vegas. I went in yesterday and asked if it was safe since I'm having surgery and if I should stop a week or 2 away. He said absolutely not. I'm fine to take them up to 2 days before surgery and can continue after I'm done with my antibiotics. I'll still be letting my surgery Doctor know ahead of time just to double check. I'm taking them because I'm fat af right now I got carried away with the tamales over the holidays and my bday just passed I had 3 amazing cakes. My mom, my cousin, and my BF all bout me delish cakes. I had a lot of cake smh. No regrets. HA yea right. I'm juicing at the moment we will see how long that last. I want to loose at least 20-25
Pounds that would be amazing!!! Im embarrassed to say how much I weigh right now. I'm trying to loose because from all the research I did I read that you should be at your optimal weight before surgery especially if your undergoing bbl. Reason being because if you go on a diet after surgery your fat has less rate of survival. Now you know I'm not trying to loose anything once it's in my ass. I'm trying to have a donk! Lol I don't want to go through all that pain for nothing!!! Hellooooo so I'll keep you updated on everything from the weight loss a the way to the surgery. Also if anyone is headed that way during my dates let me know. I am currently looking for a dentist out there I want to get some work done in my mouth since it is way more affordable. If you know of any good dentist let me know.
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