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Hi dolls. This is a replacement profile for...

Hi dolls. This is a replacement profile for ~rosegold. I've been considering a BBL for quite some time now. I even saved up some money last year but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to dip into my savings. I am now back on track.

I was originally planning to go to Dr. Hector Cabral in the Dominican Republic despite his horrible reputation. I even set my date and purchased my plane tickets. Upon further research and a recommendation from a previous patient I was referred to this wonderful doctor in Colombia so I quickly jumped ship and I am glad I did because it seems like Mr. Burns hasn't changed a bit. Besides, Colombian doctors are way more skilled than DR doctors in my opinion. Keywords: In MY opinion. I haven't decided on a surgeon yet because I am trying to weigh my options. I have 4 doctors in mind and all have done phenomenal work and I plan to do consults with all 4 the day after I arrive.

So a little about myself:

I am a 25 years old mother of 2. My oldest child is 7 and my baby is 5. Not only did I lose my perfect Rihanna shape post pregnancy (no, seriously), I went up 4 pants sizes and my perfect perky breasts went up two cup sizes and down 2 inches. Hah. I was a B pre pregnancy and now I'm either a high C or low D (never been professionally bra fitted). I am definitely a tiger who has earned her stripes, literally. I wear them proudly on my hips and belly. Le sigh.

Current stats:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 160lbs

Unfortunately I cannot tell you measurements because I do not know what they are. I've never been measured. =/ I am presently in a size 9. I am a ruler shape and I carry most of my weight in my pudgy midsection. My frame was fairly small pre-pregnancy (I weighed about 125lbs and I was a size 5 before I had my oldest) so hopefully I will shrink back down to that size post op.

I went to visit my PCP to get the required pre-op...

I went to visit my PCP to get the required pre-op lab work done yesterday. Only paid a $15 co-pay (I have Kaiser) and they were giving out free EKGs so I got one as well and had my pre consult with my doctor. She was not too pleased with the idea of me getting plastic surgery because she feels as though I could exercise this excess fat off in my belly. I did not mention that I was going out of the country to get work done because of the fear of having "the talk" or hearing any negativity period. I lied and told her that I was going to Miami. Sigh.

Any way, all my blood work and the EKG test came back fine and my doctor did a brief physical examination and gave me the a-okay to go under the knife. Woot! However, I am a bit worried because it seems like my hemoglobin level has dropped since I started taking an iron supplement. It has went from a 13.4 to a 12.8. Although I am still within the normal range, I wouldn't mind having a higher hemoglobin level especially since I am having multiple procedures done in a day. Funny that my hemoglobin level has seemed to have dropped when I began taking these iron supplements and here's the kicker, I was taking double the amount required. Huh!? I have since tripled on the dosage so hopefully this will bring my level up to at least a 15 when the time comes. I am crossing my fingers.

Ran into a little financial bind. I've been an...

Ran into a little financial bind. I've been an emotional wreck because my surgery is in 10 days and I need to come up with the rest of this money quick. I don't know what I am going to do. :(

Forgot to mention that I came across a great deal...

Forgot to mention that I came across a great deal via Groupon. They were selling Kelo-cote for $17 each. Regular price is $37 for ONE tube so you know I had to jump ship on this. I ordered two tubes for $34 total and just received shipping confirmation today. Woot. I am pretty much prepared. I still need to get a boppy pillow so I will browse craigslist tonight to see what I can find.

My main concern at this point is my tummy tuck incision placement. The doctor I am going to places his incision pretty high up and that is no bueno because the whole objective is to have the incision as low as possible so I can hide the scar. I ran across the perfect thin incision and I will be showing this to my doctor. Besides that, I am still short $800 and I asked my sister is going to ask my niece's grandfather to lend me the money. Crossing my fingers.

7 days, ah! I should be excited but honestly I am...

7 days, ah! I should be excited but honestly I am not. I'm still short of cash. I am trying to sell my iMac now to get the rest of this money. I was also thinking about just getting a TT and FG to butt/hips this round and my breasts done next round (next year). Possibly. I am also contemplating switching to a US doctor but I paid a $1043 non-refundable airline ticket so I am stuck. Sigh. No money, 'mo problems.

Sold my iMac and my uncle is giving me the rest of...

Sold my iMac and my uncle is giving me the rest of the money so I will have all of the funds. I also leave Sunday so Friday I am going to the bank to withdraw $2k (recovery house and extra expenses) and I will just pay for everything else with my debit card. I am 144 hours away from greatness. Can you believe it? I am nervous, excited, anxious, etc. THE ANTICIPATION IS INTENSE.

I haven't started my Vitamedica surgery program yet only because the surgeon told me not to take any vitamins (besides Vit C) pre-op. Reason being, something about coagulation. However, I can start taking arnica which I start taking this weekend.

Highly annoyed. Was told that my bank well...

Highly annoyed. Was told that my bank well MasterCard charges a 3% int'l fee if you use your credit/debit card. So basically that is an extra $280 I will be paying just to use my card which will leave me broke! UGH. Sometimes I regret changing doctors. I'll need to come up with extra funds. Grr. Grumble. Groan.

I leave in less than 24 hours can you believe it?...

I leave in less than 24 hours can you believe it?
The doctor's assistant sent me an email message saying that my consultation with the doctor is at 9am Monday morning and surgery was at 7am Tuesday morning. I am so ready. I am not even nervous. I was a little worried about my baggage situation and fees or whatnot but I was reassured by an agent that everything was fine.

I think I over packed. My carry-on bag is swollen with my clothes (I pray that it will fit in the overhead bin) and my small luggage is full of extra toiletries, vitamins, shoes, maxi pads, lipo foam, safe, boppy and chux. I don't think I will need the chux but I brought it along anyway. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. I hope there isn't a problem taking along my supplements. I'm going to pray to the little billy goat that could that I will have a pleasurable and safe flying experience to and fro. I didn't have enough time to get my eyebrows waxed so hopefully I don't scare anyone away because I am definitely wolfin' it. Not sexy. I'll have my infamous Beyoncé wig on to hopefully hide them some but I am kicking myself in the ass for not bringing my mannequin wig head to rest her luxurious locs upon as I rest. Yes, I am very fancy. Even with undone eyebrows. Sue me.

I started taking my bromelain with quercetin supplement today. I am overwhelmed by how many I am supposed to take daily. I am also still taking my iron. I'll just be glad when this is over. Any who, I will have to check-in 2 hours earlier as required by the airport (flight leaves at 11:15am) so I will update once I touch down.

Bah. Updated my title. Disregard this post. kthxbi.

Bah. Updated my title. Disregard this post. kthxbi.

Hey girls, I am alive and well...I think. I had my...

Hey girls, I am alive and well...I think. I had my surgery yesterday and it was 7 hours long. Yikes! Right now I'm at the recovery house trying to recover but this pain is unbearable. I am in so much pain that I can hardly move and I will post later with a more in depth post about my flight in, surgery, etc.

Almost a week post op and I am very disappointed...

Almost a week post op and I am very disappointed with my fat grafting results. My butt looks the same, if not flatter. I have been in tears. My breast lift and new belly button looks fine, al though I haven't been able to look at my tummy tuck which has been under lots of bandage.

I have tried to keep off my butt by standing (which I can't do for long) and sitting on a pillow. I cannot lay on my tummy or side because of my implants. The first two days were hell because I had to lie in a hard ass hospital bed without support. My ass is very sore. Maybe I killed the new cells or prevented them from getting oxygen? Who knows and I don't care at this point.

Maybe getting all of these procedures done at once wasn't the best idea.

The doctor claims I am fine and will see results soon because he placed a lot of fat in my butt "allegedly". He said it didn't matter if I sat on my butt with or without support or not, will not change results. I just feel as though I wasted $11k.

Things are much better. I am a week post op today....

Things are much better. I am a week post op today. I started taking my VitaMedica supplements too. Better late than never. Hopefully this helps with the swelling and bruising. My legs and back look horrible! I have to double up on my massages (2 hours daily) and let me tell you, they hurt like HELL. I have to control myself because I find myself contemplating ways to choke my therapist. I know it isn't her fault but I never expected pain like this. And I have a very high pain tolerance.

It isn't painful to sit on my butt anymore, the pressure from my implants have lifted some (still a little uncomfortable lying on my back), and I started laying on my sides. Nobody told me about anesthesia after effects. You all should read up on them. The headaches are a pain and I had this annoying dry cough.

I see my doctor again tomorrow. I saw him on Monday and he stuck a long needles in my belly and drained so much fluid. It didn't hurt me because I still don't have much feeling in my belly yet but I did get to see the incision. Scary. My ass isn't as sore anymore and hasn't grown anymore. :tears: It's all good. Oh well.

Also please stop inboxing me and leave comments asking me who s0blessed's doctor is. If she won't tell you then charge it to the game. There are plenty of great doctors that woll give you nice results like hers. You just need to be vocal about what you want. It's getting quote annoying honestly.

Please excuse the typos. Also keep in mind...

Please excuse the typos. Also keep in mind s0blessed, curvyj, etc all had MORE than one round to achieve the bodies that they have now. There is no guarantee that your body will reek results like theirs. There are so many great doctors in Cali. DO YOUR RESEARCH. My friend from London went to Florez and he gave her a small waist and big booty and people were saying he was conservative with his fat grafting. Again I cannot stress enough how important being vocal to your doctor is. Any certified doctor here in Cali can give you results like theirs. Just be VOCAL. I haven't seen bad work out of here as of yet.

Swelling in my feet have completely disappeared...

Swelling in my feet have completely disappeared and the bruising on my lower back and inner thighs are fading away and I thank VitaMedica for that.

Purchased Vitamin C for my iron pills because I believe the reason why I keep having these reoccuring headaches aren't just because of the anesthesia but because I am low on iron.

Saw the doctor today and he cleaned my incisions and drained my stomach. I had like 3 syringes full of fluid. Gross. My lower back (still puffy) and inner thighs is still sensitive to touch. I hate this shit.

The doctor cleans my incisions with alcohol and iodine and then spreads this thick yellow cream on it, places gauze and then bandages me up. I asked him what exactly was it and he said that it was antibiotics and grease. Grease keeps the sweat from entering the incision because your sweat carries bacteria.

At this point I am SO anxious to go home.

Home is where my life is. I need it back. Didn't...

Home is where my life is. I need it back. Didn't see the doctor today to change my bandages and drain my tummy because he had to go to some convention. My butt is filling in nicely. Hopefully it gets bigger. My waist is getting smaller and my boobs are still massive and heavy. The skin is so tight. 550cc's of silicone to be precise.

2 more days of massages. Woohoo! I probably shouldn't get excited but you all don't know my struggle. My new nipples are sensitive to touch and cold air. I HATE the sensation.

Headaches have moved from all over to the back of my head. May be because how I am sleeping at night. I am not sure but this isn't good.

I go tomorrow with the translator to the mall to get my hard faja. I am going to pick up some support bras for my new boobs as well.

Added a photo. Enjoy.

Added a photo. Enjoy.

Almost 2 weeks post op and my butt still looks the...

Almost 2 weeks post op and my butt still looks the same. I hope and pray that my butt fluffs more. I'd love more projection. I lay on my side now and I still sit on a boppy. Sigh. Regrets is all I have.

Made it back home yesterday evening. It felt great...

Made it back home yesterday evening. It felt great. I wasted no time getting it in with my boo either, LOL. Before I left I met briefly with my doctor who drained my stomach and prescribed me meds just in case I needed them. I didn't wear a faja on the plane and I am glad to say that I didn't have any swelling. However I do have some fluid build up around my TT area that NEEDS to be drained and I hope it isn't a hassle trying to find somebody to aspirate me. Sigh.

Just joined Massage Envy to keep up with my...

Just joined Massage Envy to keep up with my massages. I have my first massage next week. I am also in a frenzy trying to call plastic surgeons in my area to extract this fluid that has accumulated around my tummy tuck incision and it has been rough.

Missed my Massage Envy appointment. Oops. I also...

Missed my Massage Envy appointment. Oops. I also found a surgeon in my area willing to drain my stomach. I have to pay $150 out of pocket each visit. :sucks teeth: It'll be a month post op on the 5th. The antibotics gave me a rouge yeast infection. Gross! My lower back is still really sore and a tab swollen and still dark from bruising. My ass hasn't moved or improved so I am mentally preparing myself to accept this. No donk. Sucks for me. I guess this fluffing thing totally surpassed me. Oh. Looks like a second round is in the works. Possibly next year.

Not much to really talk about. I stopped wearing...

Not much to really talk about. I stopped wearing my bandages and I sleep with a garment off mostly. Sue me. I stopped collecting fluid at the bottom portion of my stomach but I am still collecting fluid at the top. Bah. My incisions have healed and the scars are also starting to keloid a tad bit. Sigh. I've been rubbing Kelo-cote and Whipped Products Healing Crème on the incisions but I haven't really noticed a difference. It's only been a couple weeks though. I have also started to develop stretch marks on the skin on my breasts. Yuck. I've also noticed my tummy isn't as flat as it was out of surgery. Looks like I will have to join a gym after all of this swelling and fluid goes down. My lower back is lumpy and dark and very sensitive to touch. I still haven't gotten any massages. I wonder how long this will last? Oh and I've gained weight. I weigh 160 and I was like 155 post op. I still eat unhealthy and live a very inactive lifestyle. My butt is still a little plumper than before but nothing has changed much. I think I need to stop obsessing over my ass. It's making me depressed.

So I started sending out emails for a possible round two. I've sent Salama and Sazlhauer emails so far. I decided I am going to stay in the states this time for the procedure. I am going to wait and see what my overall results will be before I decide to do anything but I just want to know how much to save up because if I do decide to go that route, I will go sometime around this time net year...also known as tax time. Hah.

Uploaded some pictures. Removed those wish...

Uploaded some pictures. Removed those wish pictures. My only wish now is to heal and fluff. Hah.

Not in the best of moods. I'm currently going...

Not in the best of moods. I'm currently going through what you call, postoperative blues. A friend of mine asked me to take frontal and behind photos of my ass for her and after viewing them, I was disgusted. I have absolutely no curve at the top where my lower back and ass meets, my lower back is still dark and a tad sensitive to touch, my non-existent hips look like there's a dent and to make matters worse, my ass looks like a square. Sigh. I emailed the doctor and demanded he tell me how many cc's he inserted in my behind. "A lot of fat" won't suffice. This is stressful because my ass was one of my main concerns going into surgery.

I can still fit into my clothes. I'm not getting any smaller. Anywhere. May be due to the fact I no longer wear a garment, not to bed or anything. I eat garbage. What's the use? I don't even care anymore.

I don't think I will be able to save up enough money for Dr. Salzhauer or Salama by next year and I really don't want to go back out the country either. I need more lipo done and another BBL. I'm over this shit already.

I'm going to join a gym and start doing some abdominal exercises because my stomach isn't as flat as it should be. I need to tighten them up.

Talked to a reliable source. Looks like a round...

Talked to a reliable source. Looks like a round two is in the making at the end of this year/early next. Even considering getting my teeth done. Not sure. Going to see what is going to happen.

Not much to really talk about. Uploaded some more...

Not much to really talk about. Uploaded some more photos. I emailed my doctor on two separate occasions asking him how many cc's of fat was injected to no avail. I have also started emailing other doctors and so far 2 has gotten back to me but all of them told me to wait until I am 6 months post op (fully healed) before I even consider a round two. I don't think I will be able to afford my first top picks for a round 2 next year so Campos will most likely be my next doctor. I am not sure.

I stopped wearing my garments 4 weeks post op, I don't wear any bras unless I am working and my scars have lightened some because I have been consistent applying this Kelo-cote. My stomach isn't as flat as I would like it to be so I will have to incorporate some ab exercises soon...could be because my eating habit are still the same. I plan on starting Herbalife once again. I am still disappointed about my butt but this too shall pass. My breasts haven't dropped yet and my new nipples are mad puffy. Oh and I have developed a seroma and will need to be drained again. My money has been tight so I don't think I will be able to afford another session anytime soon.

My sister and I got into it (long story) and she said some pretty hurtful things like my new body was ugly and that I am insecure and plastic. I am down and out because I really am not satisfied and maybe she is right? I am not sure. I will not dwell on it as much. My "boo" likes my new body but at times I will hear him make a comment about my "fake boobs" jokingly. At first it didn't bother me but as of lately it has been.

Oh and I also found out from a reliable source that your favorite startenders have gone for 3-4 and maybe even more round to achieve the bodies that they have now. This makes me wonder.

My lower back is still a bit sore to touch. Ouch....

My lower back is still a bit sore to touch. Ouch. I stopped wearing my garment at 4 weeks and I am thinking about starting to wear it again because my belly isn't as flat as it should be. I am thinking my doctor didn't tighten the muscles underneath enough. My breasts haven't dropped yet and I still don't wear a bra or panties...teehee. I kid. I am ready for a round two. I am thinking about going Jan next year possibly back to Colombia because I won't be able to afford Dr. Salzhauer or Salama. Contemplating Campos but I think my doctor can and will give me a cheaper quote even though I am not happy with my results. My butt is also very loose. Although I still cannot make it clap nor can I twerk. It ain't easy but I am gonna learn. I am also trying to gain weight because this next round will be my last round. It's crazy how some of you are so obsessed with plastic surgery especially when your results are phenomenal. You will never be satisfied and that is sad. I cannot talk but I do know when enough is enough and had my doctor did my shit right the first time I wouldn't still be on this site updating and contemplating another round.

One of my nipples are permanently puffy. It's quite annoying. And the other looks like a round bandage underneath my clothes. I also realize that I'm forever complaining. Blah blah.

3 months post op.

2 more days until I am 3 months post op. I got measured the other day and my waits is at 32" (an inch smaller than my pre-op measurement) and my ass is at 40". A second round is in the making.

New old news.

Went to the doctor's today and had my annual exam. Found out my implants were placed above the muscle when I specifically asked for them to be placed behind. I am also back over 160 lbs. Ha. I think this last round will be my final. I also plan on getting my teeth done. Possible a hair transplant on my left temple. I don't know yet. Would y'all judge me if I say that I have been having baby fever? I mean I just got a tummy tuck but dammit I don't think I am done having children. :(

Question? Has anybody else's immune system taken a toll on them after their surgery? It seems like I am getting sicker more. Shit isn't right. Granted I don't eat healthy or take supplements but I have never been in this bad of a shape. Hm?

Nothing to see here.

Not much to say here. Gaining weight back in the lipo'd areas but I still look good. A round two is definitely in the making. This time I want more hips and possibly and a little more fat inserted into my ass. Also, I decided I want to have another baby in the next couple years or so. Now I regret getting a TT. Should've waited like everyone was telling me to. Oh well.

Another concern is that when I stretch the muscles around my TT incision hurt. Does this make sense? This just started to happen. I will email my doctor with this concern. But nothing to really update about. All is as well as it's gonna get.

6 months post op.

6 months post op on the 6th. Borderline pleased with my results. I do know that another round is in the making but I am not sure when because I think I want to have another baby...soon. :gasps: Hopefully that happens.

I plan on becoming a vegan soon. Again. I am also looking into a hair transplant. I have some thinning/balding on my left temple from YEARS which has not grown back since. I am natural and I don't put any tension on my hairline so it should have been grew back in. I think the follicles are dead. I am going to schedule myself a scalp biopsy with a dermatologist to determine the severity of the alopecia. Sigh.

7 months post op.

So here I am 7 months post op. Not much has changed. I have noticed that sometimes when I stretch I get this muscle tightened around my tummy tuck incision and I still have a seroma that needs to be drained.

I'm thinking about joining a gym to tighten up some more. My stomach isn't as remotely flat as it should be and I know if I did some an exercises I would be alright.

I will be preparing myself for my second round soon. I am trying to go before the spring next year. This time I am going to focus on my hips. I want that Yaris Sanchez look. I'm going to have fat injected into my lateral glutes and sides of butt to get those hips. I might go back to Colombia. I am not sure. The doctors there are more concerned with shaping you versus giving you the projection you want. The doctors in DR are good at projection too but I don't like the way they treat their darker skinned residents and there are too many horror stories so I am afraid that country will forever be out of the question.

Right now it looks like Mexico is the move. Dr. Campos can give me the hips I want. I was also thinking about traveling back to Cali anyway to get some dental work. I want veneers.

Clapless clappas.

Oh and my booty. Another BBL will give me what I want/need.

Here we go again!

So I've decided to go to the DR for my second round. Only because those doctors are good at projection. Now sure if I want to go to Cabral or Contreras. I do know I have a nice foundation for a second round and I think this final round will give me what I want. Focusing on my lower body this round. Bigger hips and ass like Yaris Sanchez. Looking to go in Feb or March. Anybody wanna join me? Also thinking about removing my implants. I'll stick to smaller tits. I don't want the hassle of switching them out in 10 years and eventually I will have them removed for good so why not now? If I do, I may stick to Colombia. I trust my doctor with my upper body work only.

I need to get my iron and this seroma drained before I go. Sigh. I think I will be done with plastic surgery after this.


Does anybody have his updated contact info?

You care because?

You broads on here are so funny. What you fail to realize is that people don't have to reveal their plastic surgeon if they don't want to. My reasons for not saying my doctors name is none of your concern. Most if you are bandwagon hoppers anyway. What you also fail to realize is that everyone's results may vary after sx. What one doctor did for someone else doesn't mean your body will turn out the same. Don't get caught up in the hype. I learned the hard way.

Anywho, Cabral quoted me $3800 and I'm awaiting Contreras quote as I type.

Too good to be true?

Contreras emailed me back with a quote of $2500 for a BBL and full body lipo. Whoa. This is too good to be true. I need to start saving.

Closing my account.

Reading profiles made me realize how many young women such as myself suffer from low self esteem. It's really sad. We go and spend all this money to fix ourselves and are never really satisfied so we go and hope these doctors will fix something that needs to be dealt with within. We are getting these surgeries for the wrong reasons. It's really pathetic. If you'd like to keep in touch inbox me for my contact information. Good luck to those on their journey and happy healing to those who just had surgery. Take care.

I'm lost now.

Wanted to schedule an sx in March with Cabral but changed my mind shortly after I read a lady recently died. DR is a no go. If anything I will schedule with Campos if I'm that dead set on these hips that I want and if push comes to shove I will return back to Colombia but not to my doctor.

I'm still alive.

Just lurk mostly. Don't have much to say these days. Found another doctor and another round is in order. Possibly as soon as the summer.

Oh and by the way.

m0m0s0fly and s0blessed went to Dr. Luis Hernan Gonzalez in Cali, Colombia. Bianca was kind enough to share that with me and I know for a fact they went to him because his assistant pulled Bianca's file when I tried to haggle my price and used her quote as an example. curvyj went to Villabos (as well as other doctors) and tattedupholly went to Florez. Stephanie Santiago even did a round with Sacristan after her work with Salzhauer. These girls have had multiple rounds to achieve their bodies now FYI. I'm talking 4-5 rounds and possibly more. I'm not going back to him because he didn't do what I originally asked and I am not satisfied with my lipo and BBL. I love my breasts. I am not anticipating this second round because I feel as though my needs should've been met the first time. I spent a lot of money but oh well. Lesson learned. Knock yourself out.


Almost a year post OP.

Dr. Gonzalez in Cali, CO.

We all went to the same doctor. His BBL aren't the hype unless it's multiple and he's not as aggressive with lipo but he's a beast at everything else.

Still here.

Although I am not as active. I have since joined FB groups and forums which seems like that's what everyone is doing. I am planning my second round (BBL and Lipo) around the end of this year in the DR. Hope all is well.


Deleting this profile soon. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be involved in some drama on here but I've found it. If you read my profile you would see I have listed my doctor then try to insult mine, Monica and Bianca's bodies (because you went to DR and think you're better than us) yet you've been hounding and harassing me for our doctor's name (WHICH I CLEARLY POSTED) on here and in the private Facebook groups. Get a life, some self-esteem and grow the hell up. I have no qualms sharing info and helping anyone that needs it but understand that some of this stuff should be research conducted on your own. Nobody is entitled to to give you shyt. I'm one of the nicest, most helpful knowledgeable vets around but don't take my kindness as a weakness than try to gang up on me because you feel like you're better than me because you went to DR. Little girls I swear.

Alive and well.

Hi ladies. Just checking in. Prepping for my round two in DR coming February for lipo on my waist, laterals and another BBL. I also decided to return back to Colombia sometime later next year or early 2016 to get my implants removed and possibly some veneers. I haven't really looked much into it. I will eventually. I gained a gang a weight, it still looks good on me but I wish I would've kept up with it. Please exercise and try to eat as healthy as possible after sx. Your body will thank you and your results will look even better.

I now see Colombia is becoming bery popular and there are individuals that are running businesses giving our false info. If a personal hasn't operated in Colombia, I wouldn't take their advice for nothing. That's just me. People go for one round or two and think they're doctors afterwards with a wealth of knowledge. Please do your own research ladies and don't pay anybody to do something you can do yourself because most of the time, these individuals are getting their info from this website, FB groups or other surgery forums. Don't be lazy.

I have also been getting a lot of questions on who my doctor was and I clearly posted his name a few times on here so I will not be answering that anymore. Please take your time to read the whole review because I will not answer anything I already posted.


Typos. Excuse them. Thanks.


Closing up shop here. I've moved to another profile and FB groups and IG have taken over. I'm still following my doll's journeys though. Round two in DR next month and I'll be returning to Cali in December for a breast reduction.

Hi dolls.

Feels like I haven't updated this in like forever. With IG and FB groups things have gotten a little dead around here. I mostly lurk now. I think I'm gonna start posting here more because I am too through with the new bandwagon hoppers and these broads and their petty bullshit ass keyboard gangster drama. It's pretty pathetic that we can't uplift each other when there's competition.

Another thing that grinds my gears is that people do NOT read these reviews which is unfortunate because vets like myself drop gems and all y'all care about is photos. I hate when people ask me 36373 times who my doctor was and I have it clearly have it listed many times in this review. READ before you ask any questions because there's a 85% chance the answer lies in a post.

Anyway, I'll try updating more but life gets in the way. To answer any questions, I have NOT had round 2 yet but plan on it soon in November 2015 to be exact back in Colombia and yes I am on IG and if you'd like to follow my sx journey it's @HNY.J and I've also created another page to follow my second round on here and that's @BrownBeaute. I also got updated pictures on @chicabrown on here that I attempted to updated ages ago but forgot the email and password I used so I had to create another profile. I am very aware that I have username issues. Sue me.

Follow me on IG: @hny.j and my second round on here under BrownBeaute. Toddles my loves.

PS: Excuse any typos.
Luis Hernan Gonzalez

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