Brazilian Butt Lift - Colombia, CO

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So, lets start from the very beginning.. I've been...

So, lets start from the very beginning.. I've been wanting to get this procedure done for about 2years now & I've been coming back to this site nearly everyday like some type of drug addict loool reading reviews .. looking at surgeons.. prices.. ect. So now it has gotten to a point where I simply can't wait anymore.

I should of really started sharing my story sooner as I've already had a consultation & even changed my mind as to which surgeon I'll be doing it with .. but hey.. better late than never.. Plus I didn't want to prematurely start telling my story & end up not having it done.. So I'll share with you guys my experiences so far.. & will keep you all posted along the way from now too.

I started off by debating where to get it done.. & by who (Obviously) ... As I have family in Colombia (& it's big butt capital of the world :P) I knew from the get-go that having it done there would be a lot cheaper, They'd be more experienced with this type of surgery, & have very high standards with their medical care.

BUT as I live in London I started looking at surgeons in the UK as it would be a lot more practical for me.. If there were any complications or problems post-surgery I could just catch a bus & make my way.. Not have to spend £500+ on a flight. It would also mean that I'd be able to get back to work a lot sooner.

So I looked into the surgeons here -
I found 2 that caught me eye, Dr.Foued Hamza (London) & another one in Birmingham (Forgot her name). I was interested in having it done by one or the other as they seemed to be the only ones in the UK to offer the BBL procedure, I found it really hard finding any surgeons that did it, let alone specialise in it. The main reason I forgot all about the Birmingham one was because I couldn't seem to find any before & after pictures of her previous clients anywhere & she expected me to travel all the way there to have a consultation in order to just look at pictures -_- I don't think so!
I get the whole client privacy thing & people not wanting their pictures shown but ??? You're going to show me anyway ???? Why not just email the ones that you're going to show me in person.

Anyway, forget her, Dr.Hamza
His assistant is a very lovely lady, helpful, ect .. But when I first contacted them about surgery I guess a language barrier got in the way, I think she's French.. We set up a date for consultation & I then asked her "When is the soonest date he has available for surgery?" ... I know of some surgeons that have over a year waiting list & I wanted to make sure he wasn't one of them. She asked me to email over some pictures & we left it as that. I booked the day off work to have the consultation.

Couple days before consultation she asked me to email the pics again, I didn't understand the urgency as he was going to see me in a couple days.. I assumed they were for the 3D image prediction thing that they offer for breast surgery.. So I sent them over

She said he needed to have a look before booking the surgery room.. surgery room? I haven't even had a consultation, why would a surgery room need booking? So that's exactly what I said to her.. Why would you need a surgery room for consultation?
She said for the surgery the next day? I'm sorry but when did I agree to have surgery with him?

Somehow she translated my question about his availability to - I want surgery the day after my consultation ?? Which I don't know who would set up surgery with someone before even having met them ? Spoken to them ? discussed anything with the surgeon personally .. you don't know what I want, how I want it ect.. I don't even know if I want you specifically to do the surgery ? but you think I want surgery the next day ??

So I told her I didn't want surgery the next day, she said she'll have to re book my consultation if that was the case as "Dr.Hamza wouldn't change his return flight for a simple consultation" So I booked the day off work for nothing.. great.. This little miscommunication put me off so bad! If you can't communicate things to him accordingly I'll end up going in for surgery.. getting a nose job when I asked for bbl & that was just a major put off.

Regardless I still went.. Paid £100 consultation fee.. He didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know & quoted me £6500. I was so eager that I would of probably paid that.. His before & after pics were okay.. Good even.. But as I had already seen some AMAZING work by Colombian surgeons I just didn't feel it was worth it. If I'm going to get it done I want to know I'm in hands of someone capable to deliver my expectations.. & I didn't feel like Dr.Hamza was the man for the job.
He's probably a good surgeon.. But not for me.

So I continued searching..
I had heard of a Colombian surgeon .. Dr.Harold Villalobos.. I had seen some of his work & thought he was amazing.. the before & after pics on his website weren't the best.. but the pics & reviews of him on here were amaaaaaaaaazing.. but before I could even contact him I had a catch up with an old friend of mine.. she told me she was having her nose done with a dr.leonardo buritica in cali Colombia.. she said he mainly specialises in bbls but the noses he does are pretty good too

specialises in bbls?! -- you don't say.. tell me more.

Found his website.. no before & afters :( WHYY ?!
But I found the page he has on instagram.. my gaaaaaawd !!! his work looks so good !

I literally wasted no time in contacting him. sent him my pics. he responded later that same day & quoted $3000 for the procedure :D .. I immediately started looking for recovery homes in Cali which I will post more about throughout my journey.. But he's the one ! lol At the end of this month I'll be sending over my deposit to book the date I want .. Will book flights.. & start sorting out everything else.
The only annoying thing with dealing with dr.Buritica so far is that I asked if he could give me the price in Colombian pesos as I don't work in dollars & it would b easier for me to budget & still nothing -_-

I will keep you guys posted & later upload my 'before' pics (*GAGS*)

"Before" Pics

My MAIN concern is the fat at my flanks as I feel like when I wear bodycon dresses it looks like I have 2tyres stacked on eachother.. My friends are always like .. Guuuurl just don't wear any undies with that dress.. or.. your underwear is probably just too tight... um :( yeah? I'm not wearing any.. this is me LOL

I was going to post my 'before pics' last month when I started writing my review but at the time I felt like there was no point as I was planning to gain some more weight anyway.. I previously felt like I might not have enough fat for the results that I want - So I started eating (No complaints about that)

I'm 5'6 and was weighing 70kg // 154lbs
for the past 4 weeks I've been working on gaining some more fat & I belieeeeeeve I'm now at a good weight weighing in at 74kg // 163lbs

My BEFORE before pics (last month) & my current 'before' didn't really look TOO different. the main & probably only difference was that I gained most if not all the weight in back fat :'( I've always had those lil 'bra fat' rolls.. but that's all they used to be - BRA fat.. meaning when I was butt nekid I wouldn't have the rolls.. But.. yeah.. that's not the case anymore :(


Surgeons previous work

The image on the left is the deciding picture that made me want my surgery with Dr.Leonardo buritica... His previous work.. The right is just another wish pic haha

Recovery house in Cali Colombia

I was going to stay at a place called arte y estilo natural ran by a lady called Elsa Giraldo her whatsapp number is +573148902194 if you decide to contact her make sure you add with the '+' sign as its a foreign number & it wont come up on your whatsapp unless you do so. She quoted me 2,320,000 pesos (£590 // $770) for 12 days this included -Transport to medical appointments, Transport to surgery, Food (3meals a day), Laundry, Nurse 24.7, they generally do transport to & from airport but my price was a bit adjusted as I asked to be picked up from the airport & then taken to my family in a different city.. So my price was a little more.

They also offer other services such as spa, hairdresser, massages & dentistry. These are not included in the quoted price.

I originally wanted to stay at a recovery house as staying in cali made the journey to the surgeon a lot shorter.. I also didn't want my family in Colombia to know I was having the procedure done.. I'm quite a private person & my business is my business.. I have an individual in my family that I really don't get along with who's spiteful, a gossip, judgmental, 2faced.. ect & I didn't want word to get around to her that I was having something done.. It's not her business & I've completely cut her off so there's no need for her to know anything about me. I also didn't want my family in Colombia to try and change my mind about having the procedure done... But at this point my mind is so set on having it done that nothing could potentially change my mind, & other peoples opinions on my decision are irrelevant. Plus spending nearly £600 is just stupid when I have a house in Colombia & my aunty who lives in the house below me is a nurse.. So it literally is a no brainer.

I wanted my stay in Colombia to be a surprise for my family as I haven't seen them in 7years so I've told my aunty that a "Friend" of mine will be having surgery done & she'll be staying at my house... So please pick her up from the airport & take good care of her ;) *wink wink*

I've shared these details just incase anyone is having troubles finding recovery homes that offer reasonable prices :-*

Telling people about the surgery

Flights booked & deposit paid ! I'll be flying out on the 5th Nov, Arriving the 6th, & my appt for blood tests & potentially the surgery is on the 7th!!! :D :D :D

I originally didn't want anyone to know about my surgery.. Mainly because my mum is against surgical procedures & I didn't know how anyone would react.. I have a friend that has recently had a rhinoplasty (nose job) & she's my main go-to .. my main go-to with anything surgery related & in general everyday life. So she's the only person that has known for the past 2years.. But now that my flight is booked I figured it's time to tell my mum lol I was planning to tell her like 2weeks before leaving but I think it's best she's informed from now. Especially because she kept making plans for me as to what I should do & where I should visit when I get there ... Umm no mum.. I'm going to be swollen & in bed haha.

I told my boyfriend 1st.. I've been with him for just over a year now & he wasn't too happy with my decision.. he felt like it was random & I wasn't thinking properly & wtf?! how can you just randomly want surgery from one day to another?!.. It took him a little while to process the information & to truly understand that this is something I've wanted for a long time.. At first he was quite negative about it all but he has come to terms with it & has accepted it's happening.. I wouldn't say he's super supportive about it but it's mainly because he's worried & wishes he could be there with me. Everyday he is warming up to it a little more.. The longest we've been without eachother has been a 7days.. So 3 weeks away is going to be a little hard on the both of us.

THEN I told my mum .. LOOL She REALLY wasn't happy.. 'for what?! you haven't even had kids yet! your body is fine! what does your boyfriend think about this?! ' ect ect.. I'm a very independent person & have always paid my own way through life.. So I just let her know.. Look.. I'm not asking for permission.. I'm not asking for any borrowed money.. I'm simply letting you know this is what's happening. I'm not doing this for him.. I'm doing it for me.. So everyones opinion is irrelevant.

She wasn't happy at 1st but has accepted it too :D .. She even tried calling my bf and tag teaming against me to try & change my mind.. LOL.. I made it very clear that I'm not one to be influenced by a man.. This is for ME!.. & That's one thing I want you dolls to really remember.. you have one life.. & if you live it based on what people think.. or other peoples opinions.. you'll never be truly happy.. Live for you! what makes YOU happy.. & that goes for other areas of life.. Not just surgery.. Fuck others opinions.. Don't go through life regretting what could of.. should of.. would of happened but didn't because you let someone else influence you.

P.s - I'm super glad I told my mum as she was the one that contacted my aunty (Nurse) & she did a little extra digging for me regarding Dr.Buritica. :D All good news.

Second thoughts

Throughout this journey I've had a lot of second thoughts & I'm sure you dolls will too.. I think it's all part of the process.. Many things have crossed my mind.. I'm a very ambitious person & plan on starting my own business so things like .. Should I be spending this money on surgery instead of starting up my business? Or buying a car? I haven't had kids yet should I just wait till after? Should I just try again at the gym? ect ect

As I've said before my main concern are my flanks & enlarging my hips.. This is something I've tried so hard at gym to fix & it just doesn't happen.. bigger bum? Yes i can do at gym!! flatter tummy? Yes I can do at gym!! But it's my sides that I struggle with & truly want to fix! As for kids? I'm still young.. & I want to enjoy my body & feel sexy while I'm young.. BEFORE I have any.. Once the kids come.. It's about them!! love handles? bigger tummy? stretch marks? I wont care by then as my kids will be my main priority... But right now.. I'm living for me.. & I want to be 100% happy in my skin.. My confidence & love for myself on the inside doesn't match how I look & what I see in the mirror.. So.. Second thoughts fade away when it's truly what you want! :)

Check list

A few dolls on here write up things you should purchase before surgery so I'll make a little list of things I have bought.
- Wipes - To clean myself with while I can't shower the first few days
- Antibacterial gel - Sanitize my hands before touching any wounds ect.
- Palmers skin therapy oil - Contains vitamin E & is used for scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin, dry - damaged skin ect.. I would personally recommend trying to get palmers scar serum instead of the skin therapy oil as it's one of the most recommended serums by doctors for scarring post surgery, c-sections ect. I just couldn't seem to find it when I was shopping lol.
- Antiseptic liquid - Just because lol
- Female urinal - I bought this because I saw a girl on here suggested it.. Basically allows u to pee while standing & as I shouldn't sit on my investment haha I thought why not.
- Basic vests - To put under my faja, A few girls mentioned some irritation while wearing their faja & had to wear some type of undershirt so I ordered some vests to help with that.
- Centrum Multivitamis - & - Vitabiotics Feroglobin liquid - My surgeon advised not to take any medication prior to surgery but I've always struggled with my iron levels so what I've decided to do is take my multivitamins up until 30 days pre-op & take my feroglobin liquid (Mainly focuses on iron & improving hemoglobin levels) up until 7-14 days pre-op & fingers crossed my hemoglobin is between 12-13 .. otherwise.. No surgery for me :'( the last 7-14 days leading to my flight I will be juicing.. here are some good juicing recipes to help improve iron levels -

Always seek advice from your surgeon first.

Faja - Some surgeons don't provide fajas or compression garments so double check with yours if it's included in the price.

for the $3000 I'm paying it includes -
-Medical expenses
- Anaesthetic
- Pre surgery tests for the heart
- Pre surgery tests for anaesthetic
- Electrocardiogram
- Blood tests
- Medication for swelling, pain, antibiotics & anticoagulants to prevent blood clots
- 1faja
- 10 post op massages

Should I need anything else I'm going to buy it there.. Any suggestions of what else I'll need??

Before gaining weight

OMG ! The day is getting closer & I can't help but get more and more excited as the days go by... Previously to gaining weight I had taken some pictures & measurements to try & compare at a later date... Today I took some new pics & boy o boy have I gained. loool

In my before pics my measurements were as follows
Waist - 31 Inches // 78cm
Hips - 36 Inches // 91cm
Glutes - 41 Inches // 104cm


Now I am measuring at

Waist - 34 Inches // 86cm
Hips - 38 inches // 96cm
Glutes - 43 inches // 109cm

Makes me sick to even look at myself ... I have this overwhelming urge to go gym & just burn it all off :'( But I have to be patient for my surgery... the worst part is the cellulite.. Cant even sit with my legs crossed cos I just look like cottage cheese... I'm not planning on gaining any more as I can't even fit into most of my clothes anymore.. my tops are too tight.. my jeans cut off circulation loool.. All i can wear are tracksuits.. & loose clothing (My boyfriends tops) :( ... Any time my friends invite me out I literally always reject the invite.. Cos I have nothing to wear :( .. I don't look good in anything anymore ...& I don't want to buy any clothes as they wont even fit me in less than 2 months.. So my routine is literally... Work... Home / Boyfriends house .. Repeat.

I can't wait for my new body !

2 weeks until surgery !!!

So I'm exactly 2 weeks until my surgery - 1week 6days until my blood tests & 1week 5days until my flight !!! As you can tell I'm excited haha.. As I work quite a lot I've already packed everything as I can't really be 100% sure that on my days off I can dedicate it to packing.. I've packed gifts for the family.. My list that I wrote here before.. Shit load of maxi dresses.. All I've got left are my everyday essentials like make up.. laptop.. ect which I'll pack the day before. - I've booked to get my hair done.. My nails.. Hair removal lool the works the day before my flight so I'm gona be lookin real purrrrty for when my aunty sees me after 7yrssss!!

I am SOOO glad I paid for the deposit.. Not everyone is required to but as I HAD to do it on a specific date based on my flights & work ect I just felt it was the smart thing to do & boy o boy was I correct... Dr.Buritica posted on his instagram account that he won't be performing any surgeries from the 9th till the 13th Nov... My surgery is booked in for the 8th !! Imagine I didn't pay for a deposit.. Or left it all last minute?! - At first I was a little concerned about my after care as he wont be in Cali for just under a week but he messaged me & reassured me I'd be in good hands with his recovery team... He'll be giving me his personal number post-surgery incase I want to contact him or have any worries & he can give me an answer right away.. Which was a major relief as he can sometimes take forever to reply on his other number..

I had a blood test done about a month ago as I started feeling extremely tired at work.. So so tired to the point if I just laid down I'd probably fall asleep instantly.. Blood test came back & the doctor told me that my iron was very very very low.. So I started taking ferrous sulphate instantly & religiously everyday & have been doing so for the past 3weeks or so.. I'll be taking it up until my surgery.. That's literally my only concern right now... Will my iron & hemoglobin levels be okay for surgery?! fingers crossed !!

I'm probably not going to write any more updates until I'm post surgery.. There isn't any wifi at my house in Colombia .. So I'll be sure to write up my updates on my laptop & then post them once I can.


I've been wanting to update this for the longest time but depression has hit me HARRRDDD! I had written up these entries for you guys so I'll just post them now.

1Day Pre Tests – Money issues –
So last night I could hardly sleep as Dr.Buritica messaged me telling me that he hadn’t received my deposit of £500 ($671)... I placed this deposit 5 months ago ! I’ve sent receipt of payment 3 times! & he chooses the day before my tests to tell me this? I was very annoyed & worried because he had said that the money would of more than likely been sent back to London?! Wtf.. His way of dealing with it was – You’re just going to have to pay the full amount & talk to the company you sent the money with when you get back to London.
I don’t think so.
I messaged the company I used to send the money at 4am (9am for London) & explained the situation.. The lady I spoke with was so lovely & understanding .. She immediately looked on the system & sent me pictures that show that the status of the payment has already been paid into his account. Sooooo?!? Wtf?
Unfortunately it’s bank holiday today over here & therefore Buritica couldn’t contact them..His mobile banking only shows the past 2 months of transactions & the woman couldn’t contact bancolombia either.. So I’ll just have to wait & see what happens tomorrow with payment.

(Payment was sorted out - had to get a receipt straight from bancolombia proving the money was in his account)

1 day pre-op

Had my blood taken.. Heart checked out & also met the anesthetist . Thank God everything came back good.. I was so worried that my iron would be too low for surgery.. Glad all those beetroot & spinach juices have worked!!! Had to go pharmacy & buy some Iodine liquid that I need to shower with tonight & once again before I leave for surgery... Also had to buy 4 pills.. 2 to take before going to sleep & 2 to take 1hr prior to surgery.. My aunty who I’ve mentioned is a nurse let me know that they help to make you sleepy & also to prevent any allergic reactions.. Was given 2 boxes that contained injections .. 1 to take at 5pm today.. The other will be given to me post surgery to help prevent any blood clots.
When I met dr.Buritica he told me that I had gained a lot of weight from the pics I originally sent – which is true lol .. But he made it clear that it was quite a loooot lol... he said he’d probably end up taking around 6litres of fat from me
I was contacted later in the evening – Booked in for surgery at 3am.. 3 fucking A M ?! – Asked if it could be changed to 6 am or something a bit later. I was told no.

Last pics before surgery

Surgery day

Woke up. SUPER SLEEPY cos of those damn pills – Honest to God part of me didn’t even wanna get outta bed but had to force myself! My driver arrived half an hour late to pick me up & made me 15 mins late -_- It defo wasn’t a good start to the day. Was taken to a room to sign a shit load of paperwork.. Was then taken to a room where I had to take all my clothes off & given a robe type of thing? Little hospital shoes & a hair net & was made to wait with 2 other girls to be taken to surgery. During this whole process I luckily never felt any nerves. Dr Buritica came into the room to get me.. I was taken to the surgery room which was completely and utterly FREEZING ! .. Buritica started drawing all over me showing me where he was taking fat from & asked roughly how big I wanted my bum.. I told him my main concern was to sort out my hips but to stuff as much as he could into my bum haha ... I told him big hips & big bum but to please not make it ridiculous.
He left the room and I never saw him again lol.. The nurse that was there put a needle in my hand & then bathed me in iodine solution.. She then guided me onto the bed making sure my arms didn’t touch my body as I could contaminate myself.. The anesthetise came into the room.. Told me her name & I don’t remember anything else lol .. I was out of it.
WHEN I WOKE UP!! Omg! Worst pain imaginable.. Most of the girls opted to get an epidural and gas for pain relief but I’m quite scared of epidurals & their long term effects so I decided not to.. Most girls on here describe the pain as being hit by a car or a truck.. Listen.. I got hit by a car when I was younger and this is defo 10 times worse.. I felt like I needed to vomit because of how much pain I was in (I never did) but it felt like it.. I was SUPER uncomfortable..I normally can’t lay face-up too long cos it hurts my back... Being in this position was killing my back.. Not to mention.. WHY AM I SQUASHING MY BUM?! – Most girls wake up felling cold? I didn’t feel cold at all.. They give us all a heated blanket just incase.. My tummy felt sooo numb
I immediately started trying to stand up cos I was still half out of it & worried about squashing my bum lol.. They kept coming over to lay me back down.. I then started crying cos of the pain I was in.. Crying & crying & crying.. Finally they gave me some kind of pain relief & put my faja on me.. started patching up my incision sites & slowly getting me to stand up. They advised my aunty that I needed to stay that night at the clinic as the dr had taken out 5litres.. But my mum had told her to take me home. I was in so much pain I coulda cursed my aunty out but by the time we got home I didn’t feel too bad.
Just before we left the clinic I started draining a shit load of watery blood.. Which caused me to get extremely dizzy.. Felt sick again & had to get taken to my car in a wheelchair.

1day post - massages

In what I paid Buritica it included 10 massages in Cali.. But as I’m staying 30-40mins away in Palmira it’s literally impossible for me to travel there everyday for 10days especially in the pain I’m in... So he reffered me to a place in Palmira – Aquarium Spa - & I didn’t have to pay any extra either. 1st massage wasn’t too painful but over the days as I started to get my feeling back it KILLED! You can really feel which areas the dr went to work in.. I’m so swollen & tender.. & everyday we have to re-open my incision sites as they always close. I’m so upset as I feel as though he barely put anything in my bum.. They say it takes 3 months to see the final result so I guess time will tell.. Patience ! – nearly fainted twice.


kept getting a pocket of liquid inside me that didnt drain out - So they'd put a syringe in & pull it out every day / 2days until it stopped filling up

Explicit - Click to view

There's so much more that I would of loved to share with you all in detail but I'm now 1 month & a week post op & this depression is just too much for me to even be bothered to type.. I have some go pro footage of my massages that if I feel better I'll post at some point but I literally can't stand looking at my body right now.. I've cried for like 2 hours simply because I've been on this website.

I'm really not happy with my results so far.. I basically looked how I did before I ever gained the weight for surgery.. all he did was sort out my hips.. no bum.. no nothing.. He says im still swollen and with time my bum will get bigger but I don't believe anything he says.


Super depressed that my bum looks no different.. every one says he did a great job but i honestly dont see it.. I'll agree that he fixed my hips but most definitely didnt do anything to my bum... I'm so heart broken & emotionally drained from all this experience.. people are always like - Your bum was big enough anyway... WELL.. not for me.
The most annoying part of this all is that he refuses to look at a persons wish pics.
If he had atleast looked he would of put my mind at ease that he knew what i wanted..
Dr.Leonardo Buritica

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