27 Years Old, Lost my Job, Getting a Nose Job - Cologne, Germany

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Day 1 : I just had my nose job on 18/09/2014,...

Day 1 :

I just had my nose job on 18/09/2014, here in Germany. I will go through each step here in as much detail as possible. I didn't manage to take before photos , but I will find some and put them there. On the first day I had to checked the cloth underneath my nose every two hours due to the bleeding. They told me that this is normal. Today is my second day, and the amount of bleeding has much reduced, but since yesterday night the swelling has gone really up. Started with the cheeks, then the lower eyes, and now the upper eyes. I think the reason must have been that I accidentally fell asleep on the side, enough though I was resting on a huge pile of pillows in order to keep my head straight. I have read at many places that I should use some ice (not directly), on the cheeks for 20 minutes, three times a day I will try that to see if it helps with the reduction of the swelling. I have attached my photos, for the first day of the surgery and today the second day after the swelling.

A little History & Day 3

Day 3:

I have always struggled with my nose. Once in school we went on trip, and many pictures were taken by different cameras. By the time I got my share of the photos, someone had outlined my huge nose in all of them with a marker. Everyone laughed when I pointed out what had been done. I didn't know who did it, but that was the first time I noticed that I had a parrot like nose, and one too big for my tiny face ( it was tiny back then).
Ever since that day I have always been haunted by my large, wide and crooked nose. My pictures would only look good from specific angles, so all photos taken from wrong angles would end up in my recycle bin.
Obviously all your family and friends always try to tell you that your nose is fine and everything will be okay, but you can always easily tell the way other people look at you, especially when they are staring down straight at the center of your face.
I had a crush on a girl whom I worked with. One day I approached her, with a huge smile on my face. I was shy and nervous so I couldn't help myself. She looked at me and started giggling uncontrollably. When I inquired, she pointed at my face saying that when I smiled, my nose looked so much bigger and it was so funny that should couldn't help herself. Yeah, it didn't work out :)

Before I start sharing my daily progress, there is a little more that I need to share about my nose. In addition to my nose being misshapen, I have also struggled with breathing problems throughout my childhood, something known as Nasal Polyps. I couldn't exercise like other kids as a result, and some doctors even said that not getting enough oxygen was inhibiting my growth. We were very poor, so we decided to go to a government hospital. (You should never go to a Government hospital in a severely underdeveloped South Asian country). They operated on my when I was 12. I had no clue what they did. Only now did I realize what took place. Seemed like I had blocked it all out for all these years.
I was given local anesthesia, which given the country, must have been of really poor quality because it didn't really work. I felt all the pain. The illiterate doctors went all Frankenstein on me. They had a normal everyday hammer with a metallic and slender nail like object and they started hammering away. It was excruitiatingly painful. Once it was done, I went home, and bled for many months, nothing ever got better.
I was embarrassed by this whole incident, and therefore didn't mention it to my current surgeon because I thought what I had done earlier wasn't a cosmetic surgery and that it was so long ago that it wouldn't matter.
Of course I was wrong, only after waking up from the surgery did the doctor ask me about why I hadn't told him about my previous surgery. He told me that it was a total mess in there. My nose internally was heavily scarred, and bruised. He said the bone was broken in places in a wrong way and even some parts were missing, especially cartilage that goes right under the tip of the nose. In short he said, it was a challenging one. So now that I have shared all that, I am really looking forward to how my nose turns out. I honestly don't care if it doesn't look perfect. I would be just glad if I can breathe better, and especially happy knowing that whatever was messed up by those previous doctors has now been fixed. Of course I can already tell it's not he same nose. My previous nose wasn't symmetrical and was a little to the left of my face. This one looks totally symmetrical. That alone is good enough for me. Also I can tell, despite the swelling and bandages that the hump in my nose is gone and that it looks smaller.

Today is my third day. I went to the doctor and they extracted all the gauze they had up my nose after the surgery to control the bleeding. Today I was finally able to breath through my nose again after 2 days of strictly mouth breathing. Now I don't even have the gauze right under my nose, because the bleeding has stopped for now. My face is still very swollen, but I guess it can only get better from here. I will be going back on the 25th to get the cast removed, so I can finally see how my new nose looks like.

An Update after two years

Sorry it's been a while. It's funny how when the thing that bothers you is fixed, you just stop thinking about it altogether and start living your life. In the last couple of years, I can't remember the last time I had a serious thought about my nose or how it looks. I am happy to say that I haven't had any problems at all. My nose is still intact :) , it functions well, and I hardly care about how it looks anymore. Maybe I just don't care as much as I used to, or perhaps it's because I haven't heard any nasty remarks about my nose since the surgery. It helps to mention that I have moved to Taiwan since then, where my nose is considered above average in terms of being bigger and longer, but not in a bad way. In fact, I have received many positive remarks about it. Girls find it cute and some even find it sexy (perhaps due to local stereotype of a certain correlation between a bigger nose and another male organ ) :). All in all, I can't hardly complain!

To be honest, it not perfect, or exactly what I wanted, but I am certainly not going to spend several thousand dollars again for another micro-improvement (unless I become filthy rich). This was a one time deal for me. I am just going to be happy with what I have now, and focus on other things in life.
Dr. Amir Razzaghi

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