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BEWARE! This is a review regarding Kim Bariatric...

BEWARE! This is a review regarding Kim Bariatric Institute

I have been in the office in 3 occasions, for 2 reasons - first, with my husband, he was the one interested. He was seen by doctor Bridget Holden. I was ok with her, but he really disliked her attitude. He is type 1 diabetic for over 20 years - all his results are very good according to his doctor, but losing weight would help him even more. Dr. Holden, in the other hand, not only she is not his doctor, but did nothing but criticized him, as having type 1 diabetes is a choice! How uneducated can she be? Don't she know type 1 is not the same as 2? After we searched her experience in google we noticed that one of her patients had to lose his leg because of poor decisions during a surgery, and we were glad not to go with her. Also, his BMI was 38 and insurance would only completely cover unless he would be 40 - so the recommendation was for him to GAIN weight. He decided against it.

Months later I decided to BMI is currently 36. They have a promotion on their website "get it for as low as $8995!" I scheduled my appointment and was seen by doctor Lee. She was brief, and then the story starts - I was seen by one of the "insurance advisers" - they all look so happy and excited when they meet you - but let that not fool you!!!

In a very excited way, she tells that she checked my insurance and that they cover bariatric surgery! I have the bmi over 35 and all I need is another comorbidity. "All we need to do is send you to a sleep study!" "all will be great!". I said that I don't think I will qualify, and that I was interested in the promotion of the website. She talks to a manager and says, YES we can go that route.

(Ps.: I did the sleep study, and as I suspected, I do no have sleep apnea)

Their "promotion" - Pretty much what they do, is try to see if you have a problem with your gallbladder, and if you do, they tell the insurance that they are doing a gallbladder procedure and instead and they do the whole thing (take your gallbladder and do the sleeve in the same procedure). I think - "a place like this, must be legitimate!" I am excited!

The first red flag came when they ask me to sign a paper saying that I agree that nothing will be shared with my insurance. I should have stopped there, that was a red flag, but again, I thought that they knew what they were doing and this place seems to be legitimate.

Again I schedule time off work to do the gallbladder exam and they see I have a "problem" not stones, something else. Awesome!!!! We can move forward. I also did the sleep study (just to confirm I had or had not an issue). Then we schedule the cardiac test and nutrition class, the last 2 steps before the surgery, I already took time off work. THEN ... I receive a call - "we have decided to discontinue the affordable program". What?! I think... why???

And the response... "well, the insurance companies are finding out what we are doing and many of them are deciding not to cover the facility portion of it. If you want to proceed, the price is $12,995". I am flabbergasted. After ALL I went through, all the time off work, all their promises, they are pretty much committing insurance fraud! They say that they are discontinuing the program, and I ask how - if while I am waiting on hold for a manager, you are advertising this "affordable program", over and over again in your messages, but suddenly, you want me to pay almost 13K for the surgery. I also mention - your website, RIGHT NOW, as we speak, advertises the "affordable program".

This company is all pretty, and nice and friendly when you get there. It is ALL a show. They you lose your time, play with your self esteem when you are the most vulnerable. All they want is to take the most out of you. Just bother to visit them if your BMI is over 40.

I asked, after all this inconvenience, the least you could do is to provide me with a discount - and an extremely manager said - $12,995 is already a discount. It is not!!! And I did the research:

Dr. Veninga - Bariatric Surgery Dallas: $10,695 (I am going with them now)
McCarty Weight Loss: $11,999
Cernero Surgery: $12,000
Dr. Kirk Weight Loss: $10,500
Nicholson Clinic (very well known): $12,200
Bagshahi: $11,000
Dr. Nirmal Jayaseelan (best for several years in the D Magazine): $12,200
My Bariatric Solutions: $11,750

Avoid Kim Bariatric Institute - they do not care about you, only your money (billboards everywhere?!)

This is a sincere review of someone that truly believed them, and wasted much of my time and money.

As I type this review, they are still offering this program on their website.
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Dr. Holden - not personable. Dr. Lee - had no issues with her. Office Staff - did not care, please read the review.

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