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I have always been a big girl my whole life. My...

I have always been a big girl my whole life. My joke when people start talking about what size they were in high school is I went from 4T to plus size...unfortunately its not much of a joke. I always remember my dad saying "you would be so much prettier if you just lost the weight". I have always helped anyone and everyone and been their personal cheerleader...but its time to focus on me. I have been so blessed to have great kids, the most wonderful grand baby and the most amazing man in my life! I have my best friend who happens to be my mom cheering me all the way! I am very excited to get this party started!! I am hoping to have a surgery date for sometime in September. I have my physical, my Nutrition class, and my Stress Test/Cardiac Test on August 14th, and my EDG appointment is on the 27th. I am super excited to get healthy.


We'll I had my nutrition class and my stress test yesterday. Both went wee...I believe. I had asked about a date and they told me I have to wait for my EDG and stress test results. Currently they are booking into October so I was a bit bummed about that, just hoping to have it done by the 15th fingers crossed...I have my EDG on the 27th. My body is in a great deal of pain from my RA and being so overweight I just can't wait... :)

Only 1 step to go until I get my date!!!!

I have received the cardio clearance and I have completed the nutrition class so one more hurdle on the 27th and shortly after I should receive my date!!! EDG here I come....

Work Outing

Just posting a pic of our work outing on Friday...this was before the 3 accidents I had...yea 3 and I lived to talk about it lol. It was a lot of fun, and after reviewing the photos, it is definitely time for a change, my butt has gotten way to big!!! Wednesday is the EDG...

EDG...Check and done!!

So I had my EGD today and the results were that I have a hernia...shocker. I now weigh 172.5. I should have my date in the next few days. Fingers crossed it will be mid October... I am starting to stress a bit about the money because today at the hospital I realized that the hospital is not in my network, so I will be responsible for more costs, but they do bill you so I guess I should add it to the normal monthly bills. I am sure this will be so worth everything once I am feeling better. I was bummed yesterday because a group of people at my work are going to do a 5K together in October and I don't feel I can participate because its just to much pain for my body right now. So, I think my 6 mos to 12 mos goal is going to be to participate in a 5K. I am super excited to get this moving!!!

We have a date!!!!!

I am super excited to announce that my date has been set. It is November 3rd. I am very excited but a little bummed because thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I most likely won't be able to do the big production that I normally do, but it is a great month for my rebirth!

28 days and counting....

Well it has been a rough month for me and my family. We lost our puppy a week ago, he was only 5 months old, we had him at the vets to get fixed and as he was waking up they were clipping his nails and he just was heartbreaking to say the least. Then over the weekend I got the worst stomach flu ever... So I am getting excited about surgery only problem is that I am a planner and I can't really plan anything until my pre-op October 21st lol. I am about to order the Unjury protein sample pack and was wondering if anyone has used Unjury and what did you think? I did see today that GNC has a protein drink as well. I am trying to find ones that aren't so creamy because of allergies and phlegm...any advice on things to do to prepare 4 weeks out?

19 days and counting...still...

Well we have all recovered from the stomach flu finally. I just received the starter pack of the unjury sampler, so I am going to start meal replacement in the next day or so to prepare for the liquid diet week. Practice makes perfect right? I am very excited and starting to get a little nervous too. I am now starting to hear the stories of "I have a friend that had that surgery and they regret it because they cant just have a cheeseburger or desserts"...I told her umm yea thats why I am having the surgery to stop eating the bad ofcourse I start getting that little voice of doubt....but I am holding strong...I am very excited to get this party started....

Liquid diet!

So it's almost here...I am very excited. The diet has been not to bad granted I'm on day 1 but trying to stay positive lol. This time next Monday I will be in recovery!!!!

Day 3

Ok, so I am on Day 3, it has been rough, but surprisingly to myself I have done good and no cheating. I have also started being in tune with my mind and the old habits of eating when I get sad, angry, happy etc. Its wild to notice how much I really was eating. I am not going to lie, this has been the hardest 3 days and it seems its going to be uphill just because my stomach seems to be getting I have also noticed that there is food in every show, food in every commercial and now food constantly posted on my facebook lol. I am going to do this and I am super excited...fingers crossed!!!

24 hours to go...

Ok, so I will be having surgery tomorrow. I cant believe that I have made it through 6 days of liquid diet and havent cheated. I am going to post pics today and I am going to try and get my measurements. I am super excited and now starting to get a smidge nerveous...I want to thank several of you for your kind words over my journey and look forward to joining all of you in this experience...THANK YOU!

Surgery is done

it appears that I have had a successful surgery. I did have to stay overnight at the hospital because I had a hard time coming out of anesthesia, but overall I feel pretty good. I have some sharp pains in the left but thats the spot they took my stomach out. So now I am eating gas strips and water and incorporating my protein. I will post more pics soon...

Day 4 post op

I am having some weird things going on that I havent really read about. The last 2 days I have been starving. I know this must be my mind messing with me, and with that in mind how do you over come it? My doc office said I can move on to stage 2 liquids today which will be very helpful with having the protein shakes, but I am freaking out a little bit that I am so hungry. I am still craving breads and sugars etc. Today it seems that the gas trapped inside is really bad and I did my walking today and even went to the store to get some cream soups. I also have to take a shot every day through monday to keep my blood thin...So really if I take a look at the big picture I have had no nausea at all, I can tolerate my proteins so really that is huge positives. I am sorry for whining, just feeling a bit down today. Tomorrow is a whole new day!

10 days post op

Well I went to my GP and I am off all meds (BP, depression and Thyroid) They are testing my thyroid to see what dose I should be on now. Most excited that my blood pressure is normal!! I have also went to my surgeon and my staples were removed and I had my barium swallow. NO LEAKS!!! SO I am officially back to work tomorrow, and after 2 weeks off I am actually excited. Well official stats now, I have lost 11 pounds since surgery and 10 pounds during that week of liquid before surgery. In total my highest weight back in July was 286 and I am down to 254. I am pretty excited, feeling very positive. 10 more days and I get to start my pureed diet. I am super excited about my pureed Thanksgiving meal too!! I have pics but these were taken the day before surgery. I will probably take more this weekend. I will chat with you ladies soon!!!

Presurgery pics 11/2/14


I will update on numbers tonight

Today is 2 months since my surgery

Today is 2 months and I am currently at 230.4. Highest weight was 5/1/14 286 lbs. Surgery weight was 263.6. So overall that is 56 pounds lost since May and 33 pounds since surgery day. I see a big difference in my clothes. I have made a goal for myself to weigh 199 by my birthday March 25, so we will see. I have also signed up for a 5k for the 28th of March. I will be posting pics soon...See ya'll later!

3 1/2 months out

Well I am 3 1/2 months out and I am currently at 224. It is coming off slowly and I am ok with it. I do not have the energy that everyone is talking about, but I believe my Thyroid is off and my meds aren't right. I am starting with a new GP in March so I am hoping that resolves some of these issues. I am definitely happy I got the surgery, i feel better and more confident. I am bummed to report that I didnt lose my sweet tooth, I had really hoped I would. I am trying to watch the amount of carbs that I am taking in and I am taking all suggested supplements except the actual vitamin, still working on that one. I have been dealing with major constipation and I know its due to my water intake...that is something I am still struggling with. I will post more and pics later. I hope everyone has a great day!

Slow journey, but at least I'm on it...

So I have been going to Dr's and trying to get my health in order. I was previously diagnosed with RA. (Rhumatoid Arthritis). I have ignored all pain and have been off meds since July. Well that is probably why I have no energy and alot of pain. So I am starting my steroid rounds and should be starting my proper meds next week. I am very much against steroids, but the pain and swelling is very bad and doc is concerned. As far as my weight loss there has been none in the last month. I have been trying to watch my eating and have had no exercise so I will hopefully be back on the exercise train soon and back to my weight loss. Overall I am doing ok, I have just been a bit down, but I am quite happy that I am gonna start my meds and getting better. Hate to sound down, I have been reading about everyones successes and I am so very happy and proud of you all. I will have the hubby take pics this weekend. On a bright note I am in a size 18 pant from a 22 and a large top from a 2x so thats all good :)
Dr. Kim

So far I have met Dr Kim and the other Dr in the practice once. They were awesome. I didn't feel pressure to rush, they took lots of time and explained everything thoroughly. I went to another surgeon and they seemed to try to talk me into the gastric bypass, which was out of my financial ability plus I have been diagnosed with RA and at some point in my life will need to take steroids which Dr Kim said that will cause major issues with a bypass.

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