31 Yr. Old Mom, 147lbs 5'3 - Breast Lift & BA. Colleyville, TX

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When I was pregnant I gained a lot weight, 56lbs....

When I was pregnant I gained a lot weight, 56lbs. to be exact. Yikes! Yup... I know! Within the first month after having my daughter I lost 31lbs., the other 20-25lbs have always sorta stuck around (I "Yoyo" weight a lot). I'm thankful that I was able to breast feed my daughter for almost a whole year, she's now a very healthy (thank God) 5 yr old. After baby, pumping & breast feeding, the girls got bigger and stayed that way, but not with out the dreaded sagging which it is now worst after my weight loss.

It's been about 5 months since my lifestyle change of eating healthy and exercise, and I am happy to report that I've lost 32lbs. I have about 15-20lbs to go, to reach my "pre-baby younger days weight" but geez "the girls" have been through enough. I have always been a small "B". Before I had my daughter I would often wear "A", of course this would highly depend on the bra brand. I don't think I've ever been very bothered by my size, but the sag is just ugh!

Months of talks between my husband and I about doing this and going back and forth. I finally got the courage and visited 3 doctors, all Board Certified with good reputation and reviews. They all came to the same conclusion, Breast Lift and BA. After careful consideration and mostly who I felt better with, we decided to go with Dr. Robert True in Colleyville, TX. My husband came with me to all my consults and we both agreed that he would be the one to do the procedure. We felt comfortable with him and his staff, he is less than 3 miles from our home, which means easy Post-Op visits, he has his own surgical center in his office. He also practices the "awake procedure" which is performed under local anesthesia, I will be able to walk out after the procedure with minimal reaction from anesthesia. I will most likely be sleeping, however, not "under".

- Size? Hmmm.... The million dollar question.
I had 2 separate discussions with my Doctor about this. I am EXTREMELY scared to go too big. His recommendation was 500cc based on my structure and body type (I'm a curvy girl, always have been even weighing 130lbs). He believes this size will give me more on top and that it will balance my curves and give me a better shape. I think I'm going to go with 475cc just because 500cc scares me. He feels that would take me to a small "D". Even if 475cc puts me at a large "C" I'm okay with that, too.

We wanted to get this done before X-Mas. Call me crazy... I'm hoping by then I would at least be able to move around freely.

- Am I ready?
Dear Mother of Jesus, I don't know! LOL!
I'm ready for the sagging to be gone, but I'm freaking out! So many things to take into consideration. I know I'm in good hands and that God will guide this Doctor the whole time, but it still scares me.
Here's where I am:
- I have all medication ready.
- I purchased 3 support sports bras
- Ice packs are in the freezer
- Ordered a Bed Lounge/TV Pillow
I am still researching scar creams, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. ;)
What am I missing here?

6 Days Pre-Op

I'm working up the courage to post my before shots. I don't even flash my husband... bahahah

As the day gets closer I get more and more anxious and nervous. Why? Mostly because I'm scared I'm going to big and will look like a porn star, no offense to anyone- it's just not me. My mother already had a heart attack when I told her.... being Latina my mother was very conservative raising us, so as you can imagine the lecture was about 30 minutes long.... (for that day, it will most likely continue until I've already done it...) "whyyyyy?" "you don't need it", "but you're only 31" "how muchhhh? You can buy a car that much money". "Geezzz mom, that's why I didn't want to tell you. I was just going to pay a sitter to watch me and Cami".... Lol.

Anyway, this waiting game is just pure torture. I literally pass the street where my surgery will be everyday, I live so close I sometimes even run that way...My husband just laughs at me because I turn and stare as we pass it.

I will post pictures soon. I will have to remove the profile pic showing my face... or I couldn't live with myself. Hahaha

Courage... pictures of before. Ugh!!!!

Okay, I had to remove my face from profile, but here are some before images of the girls. Ew Ew Ew!

day before surgery...

Me so tired! Ha!
Only I would do this... i ran so many errands I've been up since 6a, it's 1130p on the night before my surgery and I can't sleep. Anxious is an understatement. I went to my doc's office today to talk to his Office Manager, she's been very open and accommodating so I wanted to clear up a few of my questions and concerns (although most of it had already been discussed with Doctor). What's my biggest nightmare? Yup. You guessed it. Going too big. We're sticking to 500cc because the diameter between that and the 475cc is only 1.3 difference in width, so it really doesn't make too much of a difference. We are however going with a high profile instead of moderate plus, I think I like this option better.
Wish me luck! And sleep.... :)

I have boobs!

surgery went really smooth, I was awake the whole time pretty much joking around with the doctor, the nurses were very very sweet.
I didn't feel a thing although I was awake I was pretty much in-n-out sleeping seems like it went pretty fast once i woke up the nurse showed me and they looked pretty bandaged up so I couldn't really tell how the looked I was halfway sleep right now they're sitting really high which I hope they get low because otherwise I'm not going to be very happy about them sitting so high that my chin can basically touch them.

Here is a quick shot, once I can move around better I'll do angle shots.

4 days post op - 500cc High Profile

I am 4 day post op, had my first follow up visit with my Doctor yesterday. Everything is looking good, healing just like he wants me to. They are dropping slowly, my right faster than the left, but he's not concerned about that. I've started scarring cream over my surgical tape, stool softer working like a charm. I'm eating pineapple which helps with that too. The skin of the pineapple is then boiled, drained and I drink that as a tea which also helps as a diuretic. I have very light diet, small portion of carbs, turkey patties (low sodium), and veggies, I went in weighing 152lbs one week before the procedure and the day of the procedure I was down to 147 (11/2 week).
I'm back up to 151, but I think the bloating and the fact I have two 500cc gels in me have a lot to do with that. I'm still icing, every 2-4 hours.

I have stopped taking my prescribed pain meds, im now taking motrin unless the pain get too bad. I'm done with my antibiotics just showering with dial everyday, my husband or mom wash my hair.

I'm resting a lot. My mom has been home taking care of my 5 year old and cooking my meals which is a blessing, couldn't be more thankful.

Can't wait to be back at least 70% where o can walk freely and even drive.

2 days post

Sitting so high they could wave hello to birds
Dr. Robert True

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