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I have been lurking for a few weeks and am...

i have been lurking for a few weeks and am learning so much from you all! thanks for your willingness to share your stories. i have five year old twins that wrecked my tummy. i was 115 pounds before pregnancy and gained 35 pounds. i will find a picture to post but i defied gravity! :)

i am scheduled for a full TT on December 27th (6 1/2 weeks away!) i know it will be here in no time so i'm busy gathering information from you...thanks to this site i have a better idea of what to expect, how to prepare and what i will need for recovery. here are a few pictures i took today!

The countdown is on ... i know i must be...

the countdown is on ...

i know i must be getting close because my very first coherent thought at 6:45 this morning was..."what am i doing? is this crazy? do i really need a TT? can't i just live with my body?"... my first symptoms of cold feet i guess. i zapped out of it by giving this rippled belly a good jiggle. aaahhh yes, now i remember.

are any of my fellow December buddies having these same thoughts? i am stalking these forums daily to be as prepared as possible and have learned so much already. i am encouraged by your stories of struggle and victory...and that with the exception of a small few, that everyone would do it over again!

so here goes nothing... starting this week i will begin purchasing supplies here and there and menu planning for my family. has anyone hired help to come and clean their house while in recovery? i know myself and that someone will need to strap me to the bed and hide the clorox wipes. just thinking i should have someone come once or twice to keep us all sane. wonder if my in laws would be willing to keep the kids a few days to give my husband a break...he is wonderful wonderful but i feel guilty he will be juggling it all while playing nurse! then again, i had a c-section with colicky, refluxy twinfants. he was amazing... steddy eddie... and we were running on fumes and fragmented sleep at best.

oh so thankful for this place to vomit my random thoughts, concerns and questions. thanks for reading and happy healing to all who have gone before me!!

Thanks to my TT i am more prepared this christmas...

thanks to my TT i am more prepared this christmas than ever before. our kiddos gifts- check! decorations- check! travel plans- check! i am usually guilty of last minute shopping/wrapping.. every. single. year.

i purchased all my PO supplies yesterday (i just couldn't find the dandelion tea i keep reading about). next on the list... meal planning/shopping/ freezing food. it is getting soooo real. i told the girls in my Bible Study last night and many of them seemed confused...the whole, "why? you are so skinny!" bit. so i gave them a looksy which caused a chorus of "ooooohhhs and wows." funny how we've all perfected the art of disguise! my spanx have been my friend since giving birth.

speaking of support, anyone willing to share their favorite CG or stage two garment? also, what are your favorite clothing items for recovery? happy happy healing to all! december ladies, here we come!

Where did the last month go?? my TT is 10 short...

where did the last month go?? my TT is 10 short days away and my consultation is tomorrow at 3,,, not sure what to expect but am getting excited! i have most of my supplies for now but hope to freeze meals this week before traveling for christmas. several friends have offered to start a meal calendar but i feel too guilty allowing people to bring dinners during such a busy/expensive season...especially for an elective surgery :) any last minute tips on gathering supplies? or anything you couldn't live without during recovery? i will update after my pre-op tomorrow! healing prayers for all of you on the flat side and those of ready to go.

I had my pre-op today...eeeek!! my surgery is...

i had my pre-op today...eeeek!! my surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am on the 27th and i;ve been combing over my packet of information tonight. ps... it says no wine for 2 weeks before surgery...how strict were you all with this? with christmas festivities these last weeks, should i be concerned? i will have a pain pump and am excited about the scopolamine patch to treat any potential nausea. i keep reading about TT friends getting sick from the anesthesia and pain meds so hope it works, along with the zofran tablets! i will also have Keflex and vicodin for pain management. i did find out i can shower when the pain pump runs out (usually 3 days) so that is a blessing!

child care is lined up, i'm getting the house in order & hope to cook/freeze meals tomorrow... so much to do, so little time left!! forget about the gifts that need wrapping (and buying!) it's getting real but i'm feeling more excited than scared. enjoying the feeling while it lasts. :) thankful for all of your inspiration and really enjoy following your stories. i am encouraged knowing there are so many of us experiencing the same feelings in this crazy, wonderful adventure! praying for all of you as you continue to heal or head into surgery soon!

I check in at 6am tomorrow morning for 7:30 TT....

i check in at 6am tomorrow morning for 7:30 TT. can't believe that it's go time. the house is clean, meals are in the freezer, my kids are lined up with childcare and i am in disbelief. started the day a nervous wreck... fighting irrational fears of not waking up, you know the drill. but after a few last minute pics of the pouch i am mostly excited! my husband is going to a great nurse and even came up with the idea of using a turntable spice rack for my post op meds/supplies! (see pic) speaking of meds...i was a bit shocked to have my px filled to find injectables (lovenex). not looking forward to that at all. also, i don't have any sleep med or muscle relaxant prescribed..is that pretty standard? will not hesitate to ask if sleeping is a bust. well, off to catch a few zzz before my 5 am alarm.
thanks for any prayers my way... will look forward to being on here as often as my post op drug induced stupor will allow. update tomorrow!!

Made it to the flat side and feeling more alert...

Made it to the flat side and feeling more alert than I imagined I would..last thing I remembered at the hospital was the nurse saying she was going to give me a good margarita..was it ever! woke up hours later to serious burning! i vaguely remember talking to staff about the burning and if i could have a pain pill. took it with two fthe dryest crackres i have had in my life... guessing because i had zero saliva! :) so i will for sure stick to a 4 hour schedule of pills at a time to stay on top of the burn. also feels like i have done a monster ab workout! but the pills kicked in quickly and i have the pain pump also... can't imagine what it would be like without it!

nurse said the incision and everthing looks great but i will be scared to look for a while! my husband is amazing...waiting on me hand and foot and even told me not to ask...just tell him what i needed from him. love him, love him. my kiddos are home now and seem a little concerned but i keep assuring him that mommy is okay. will look forward to them reading in my lap and tickle wars again but for now i will soak up the rest and catch up on my DVR.

one thing i am scared of is the injections of lovenox since i will have to give it in the inner thigh and it burns a bit, like teh heprin. any one else havce to do these...lucky me has two weeks worth coming my way :)

well...off to read until my 4pm dose . thanks girls for your support and encouragment along the way! wishing you all well!

Sorry for the typos...between the meds and this...

sorry for the typos...between the meds and this ipad keyboard i am a mess with spitting out a sentence :)

Surgery day: so i seem to have found a comfy...

surgery day: so i seem to have found a comfy position in bed...lots of pillows including memory foam pillow under my lower back. sure hope it gets me through the night but i have a feeling the burning is going to keep me awake. did anyone else have the strong burning sensation or just sharp pain? i also have some stinging around where i imagine the bulb wire to be inserted. i have two wires leading to only one bulb and drained 75 a little while ago. also, it am somehow leaking on my left side because the binder has a large wet ring. the doctor didn't seem concered though and said they will sometimes leak.

about to make my second walk to the restroom and givce myself the lovenox injection- eeek. for now my plan is to take 2 pills every four hours, including in the night. would hate to wake up with it worn off and in pain. then again, maybe the pain pump will take care of that? so far i have not slept much at all ... am mostly alert other than a few short spells of dozing off watching tv. hoping that means i will store up sleep for tonight instead. :)

thinking of all my 27th day friends out there...and happy happy healing to all in recovery!!

ps... i will post a pic of my mark ups soon... sure hope the incision is as low as his sketch! :)

PO1- hi ladies! so far, the pain has been bearable...

PO1- hi ladies! so far, the pain has been bearable.. in fact most of my dicomfort has been fighting off a headache (i am prone to them). called the doc and they said i could alternate Aleve with the Vico so will plan to do that until i kick this headache.

my husband has been amazing, dispensing meds, refilling my water, helping to lower me on the toilet, bringing me lean snacks. so blessed by his selflessness! he does have a weak stomach so i am emtying drain (was only at 25 this morning) and will be cleaning the sites today. is it weird that i am not anxious to see my tummy? feeling a bit creeped out and don't want to be disappointed. wish i could wait to see it until my post op on monday but will push through my fear! i also started giving myself the loveox shots in my inner thigh, which went better than i expected.

so far, i am feeling pretty good... just burning here and there and the beginning of the backpain i have read so much about..how long can i expect the back discomfort? i am guessing until i walk upright and my PS says no walking upright until after 4 days.

we can do it, ladies!!! all of the TT forerunners help inspire and encourage me! thanks to everyone sharing their stories/pictures and hope!

PO day 1 is coming to an end and i have to say it...

PO day 1 is coming to an end and i have to say it isn't as bad as i prepared for. we'll see what tomorrow bring (hopefully a BM!) but i am thankful

i did get my first peek tonight..PO instructions include soap/water on the drain sights & applying antibiotic ointment regularly. my husband was a champ and helped me with the process despite having a weak stomach with blood/needles, etc. i was so nervous to see the results but i think it looks great so far!! . there is swelling of course and what looks like some puckering but the incision it is low and fairly straight from what i can see. so surreal that i went through with this... am so glad that i did!

i do have some bleeding coming through the binder at the drain site... have any of you experienced this? off to post pics and read your stories!

PO day 2 is going well... i am thankful to not be...

PO day 2 is going well... i am thankful to not be experiencing severe pain..just slight burning on the right side when i first stand up. i did just take some MOM to get things going in the right direction...can tell it is about to do it's job. lesson of the day- always eat while taking a dose of pain meds. i woke up to take a round of meds at 3:30 am and was too tired to eat... by 4:45 i was super nauseated and thought for sure i would vomit. popped a zofran with a protien bar which seemed to help. will not be skipping out on food again.

feeling so guilty for my husband who is holding down the fort in every way. my kids will go to camp grandparents tomorrow which will give him a break. he has been a trooper, even cleaning my drain sites. such a blessing to have his support!

just took another look while applying antibiotic cream and i am soooo swolen and deformed looking. i also have a nasty looking spot on the left incision... and the puckering looks crazy. i am also curious if my BB is centered since for now it seems to be slightly to the left.... hoping it is all a result of the swelling so i am not really worried about it. par for the course, i know. keeping my eye on the prize of a beach vacation this summer!

healing prayers for you all!!

PO 3 and trucking right along... i wondered how...

PO 3 and trucking right along... i wondered how similar a TT would be to my csection and i have to say it has been a similar experience so far, minus the drains of course :) here is my list of pros and cons so far

*sleeping at night has not been a problem... between my pile of pillows in the bed (one of them made from memory foam for my back/rear) and the pain meds, i have found a sweet spot and am quite comfy through the night. i set my alarm once in the night to take pain pills to avoid waking up with discomfort. otherwise, i don't move a muscle and sleep better now than before the tt. :)
* i drained 10 cc over night... i only have one bulb but a tube on each side which dump into the bulb..not sure i have seen anyone else with this type of drainage. i am hopeful they come out in the morning since i am below 30 cc daily.
* i have not experienced much pain..the most painful experience so far was coming out of anestesia (severe burning)...but the nurse gave me a pill and i have no recollection of leaving the hospital, arriving home, etc.
* my husband is dreamy... he has gone over and above to serve me and our wee ones this week. he even wiped down the back of my legs with baby wipes after some urine splashed on me! sorry if TMI. for some reason the way i was sitting on the toilet caused some random splash/running. (this would be on the CON list) ha!

* the guilt of watching my husband do it all... including managing sibling conflicts, laundry, getting kids bathed, dressed, tucked into bed... and so on. i did blow dry my daughter's hair before church this morning and enjoyed feeling like i was contributing. i am a total "do-er" so this is super hard to be on the sidelines.
* the lovenox injections..nuff said
* the odd feeling when my binder is off- i liken it to a rollar coaster ride- just when you dropping! sort of like your tummy is falling. super wierd feeling so i much prefer to have my binder on and don't find it to be uncomfortable.

think that is all for now... overall i am so thankful for how well recovery has been so far.. knowing it could change in a moment. i am contemplating showering today..PS said i could shower after 36 hours and told me to just take the pain pump out while in the shower. this makes me super nervous so i may just bird bath and wait for him to remove it tomorrow morning.

also, for those of you that have washed your CG... do you wash and dry on low heat or just air dry? i have some drainage rings on mine that are grossing me out but my PS didn't mention anything about cleaning it. would love any feedback on this.

happy healing to all of you!!

Forgot a few on the CON list: this itching.....

forgot a few on the CON list:
this itching...holy smokes, the itching. i just want to claw my skin off...especially under my binder on the back/sides. i know it can't be good to scratch so i am trying to avoid it but yikes, is it annoying. took a benadryl but so far, no relief.

and another bummer is how easily i tire...just got up to help pack the kiddos bag for their trip to camp grandparents...didn't last five minutes before running out of steam. wheeewww, this recovery is hard on the body, even when you feel good!

going to try to sponge bath today to freshen up and my fingers are crossed i can shower tomorrow when the pump/drains come out!

Another update for the day... so i attempted...

another update for the day...
so i attempted that sponge bath and it was not quite as dreamy as i pictured in my mind. it's going to take some time getting use to being binder free... the best word to describe the feeling is floppy. it almost feels like my insides are on the outside. strange, i know. i feel much better with the binder back on but even now my tummy feels like a fish bowl..lots of random swishy, bubbly action in there. has anyone else experienced that?

while the binder was off i did take a few pics... my word am i SWOLLEN! could this be swell hell already? and caution: TMI ahead - even my vajayjay is twice the size! (another one for the CON list)

along with this attempt i helped put away a few dishes, picked up some kids toys and now i am smeared!! hoping my activity didn't compromise anything since i am feeling more pulls now. was starting to wean off the pain meds since i have not had much of it, but anticipate feeling the impact tomorrow!

my post op appointment is at 8 and i am hoping to get my first look at the BB & have drains/pain pump removed so i can take a real shower.
friends coming over tonight to visit..hoping i don't fall asleep mid-sentence!

sending lots of zzzzzz to you all tonight!

Hi TT friends... PO day 4 and am now pain pump...

hi TT friends...
PO day 4 and am now pain pump and drain free. had my first PO appointment this morning. first thing doc said when i walked in was..why are you walking that way? (45 degree angle) at first i thought he was joking since his paperwork encouraged 4 days of this monkey business... he quickly explained it was fine to walk as straight as i felt comfortable. wheewww, in that case! i postured myself at least another few inches upward and felt instant relief. my goal for this week will be getting to a walking position that does not draw a crowd when i return to work next week.

my bulb had less than 10cc in the last 24 hours so he pulled the two drains...which i didn't even notice (for those who are nervous about the pain). everything i read indicates the drains help reduce swelling but for me it has not been the case at all. i am a puffy ball from the lady parts to my sports bra. seriously, i feel like i have testicles at this point! :)

so will stay in the binder for the foreseeable future (trying the tank underneath today to reduce the itching) and will apply ointment and gauze regularly) didn't get a good peek at the BB since it was a pretty zippee appointment. he said that for now there is not much to do with it since it is stiched/glued/scabbed over. i forgot to ask him about the puckering but figure it has everything to do with the swelling at this point.

most interestingly he said the MR was around 14 cm... too lazy to look up the equivilant in inches but sounde like a lot to me! he said i am tight tight tight so to move, stand, sleep as i am comforable but not force myself into stretching things out.

as for pain level..i have never gone above a 3 or 4 so far... the most painful have been my headaches ( i get migranes) but mostly it has felt like a killer ab routine kicked my butt...and some pulling, burning at the incision/drain sights. i have stayed ahead of the pain by taking 2 HydroCo every 6 hours but i am ready to start weaning off... have addiction in my family history with some relatives so always a bit aprehensive. in fact, after my csection i came home and went straight to motrin. doc said i can start moving to 2 Aleve twice a day...and i think i will take the HydroCodeine at bedtime to help with sleep.

27th crew...have you started weaning off the pain meds? what is your current regimene?

i have felt a bit nauseated today and just tire so easily... feel like i need to curl up and rest after 5 minutes on the go. trying listen to my body to avoid it screaming back at me later.

off to take a shower and snap more progress pics today...thinking of all of you on the flat side and those getting close to it... hang on for the ride...so worth it.

healing prayers to all...

PO day 4 when you girls spoke of riding out the...

PO day 4
when you girls spoke of riding out the highs and lows i had NO IDEA....

the high of my day was a blessed shower. i died a million deaths, it was amazing. the water was probably too hot, and i probably sat there far too long but it was better than i ever imagined! i forgot to shave my armpits bc i was enjoying it all so much. now i have an excuse for tomorrow.

i stepped out of the shower and was confronted by my LOW...while taking these horrifying pictures from 4dpo. despite me being on self imposed bedrest, avoiding processed food/salt, not having much drain output and wearing my binder so tight that i suck air- i look like sponge bob, only worse! i don't think he has a wacko belly button.

thinking i would avoid the post-op emotional nose dive- i down spiraled at the foot of my bed, suddenly crying as i thanked my husband for all his hard work, how much he loves and has cared for me, expressed fears of swell hell only getting worse, not being a present mom right now and so on.. i am not much of a crier but i instantly became a puddle.

isn't this early for the blue phase of recovery? i feel so silly bc my i realize how great it has been so far... no complications, minor pain, a supportive husband... i guess i underestimated this as a side effect. i am feeling better now... still super discouraged by the swelling and have decided not to peek or take pictures until 1 week PO. i know this won't last forever and the swelling will go down... just need to wait it out & cross my fingers the swelling doesn't negatively impact the incision/BB long term.

thanks for letting me share... glad to have this space to process. praying for you all!

Stink..just had a whole post and it vanished.....

stink..just had a whole post and it vanished.. will give bullet points
PO Day 5

*feeling hopeful today- remembering that all this swelling is my bodies way of healing. with a 5.5 inch MR i should expect nothing less. will just look forward to the first glimpses of my new waisteline when my body says it's ready
* took another shower today (remembered the pits this time!) might just take one daily to feel human
* i did notice a little bulge below my BB (it is in my pics on the front view) that was jiggly to the touch...VERY fluid...but not sure i should worry just yet with all the swelling...any thoughts?
* walking at 85% upright and my back thanks me for it
* still spending most of my time in bed- sucked into a DANCE MOMS marathon today. what a train wreck
* on that note- take my advice: avoid Duck Dynasty, unless you are a glutton for pain. you will not avoid laughing.
* been off pain meds for the last 2 days and feeling great. have not even needed Tylenol. just Aleve for headaches. i am prone to them already but wonder if they are more frequent from the TT?
* my twins came home today and how i missed them. they brought a cold with them which i hope to avoid despite lots of cuddles and TV time togehter this evening.
* my husband is still the bomb dot com. i owe him lots of love when the PS gives the green light!

hope all are well... praying for my fellow TTers and thankful to have this community to learn and recovery with

happy 2013 to us all!!!

PO Day 6 funny how much can change in a day or...

PO Day 6
funny how much can change in a day or even a few hours...
i am so very thankful for how much smoother this recovery has been than i had prepared for... and for those small strides you read about, sometimes cynically, not thinking one day's time can shape the path all that much. but as i reflect on day 6, it really is true.

from breakfast to lunch i was already walking 5% more upright... and i broke my own rule to take more pictures today. i'm fairly sure i see a slight reduction in swelling. i use the word loosely but i'll take it!

my back also feels a lot better... just sitting around propped up yesterday was hard on my back and i so i nursed it with a heating pad. i didn't sleep well either because of it but today it aches so much less.

i do have one spot below the BB that is super fluid to the touch but it doesn't travel when i push on it. do you think this could be a seroma? i called the PS but he is on vacation today so they told me to send them an email picture and keep my eye on it tomorrow. fingers crossed it is just a random pocket of swelling since it has been there since i first unwrapped on day 1.

only other news is my daughter has a 102 fever and was tested for flu this morning. results are not back yet but i am praying it is just a quick virus. thankful to be a week into recovery if i do catch it.

last thing is that my hospital CG is not going to fit well under clothing. anyone have an absolute favorite that is crotchless? i do already have Spanx but not sure i can graduate to this at 2 weeks since doc said CG for 6 weeks?

thanks for helping me through this process...your insight, encouragement and humor!

1 Week PO!! it's hard to believe it has been a...

1 Week PO!!

it's hard to believe it has been a week already... funny how the days seem to drag and fly by all at once. at times i have wanted to jump out of my skin from cabin fever but as i think about getting back to everyday life/work next week i am thankful for this down time. when do mamas get to lay in bed and watch movies & be pampered. :)

i had an energy burst today which i might regret tomorrow but i was able to help do some household chores & help fix dinner. sometimes it's easy to forget i just had major surgery!

good news is the swelling either seems to be a tad less or i am just adapting to it..both, i can live with. the small pocket of fluid like swelling is also smaller...which might have to do with me tightening my binder a bit more last night. didn't realize just how tight you can get those suckaroos.

bad news is the flu test turned up positive! yep, both wee ones have type A... and are being treated with tamiflu. the pedi also wrote me a 5 day script for prevention... praying praying it works!!! sooooooo $300 buckaroos later. normally, we would just ride it out but i cannot imagine getting the flu right now. i coughed a measly cough or two in the night and thought i was being murdered. spent the rest of the night with a cough drop lodged in my cheek. prayers for all of you ladies who have been sick and coughing.. major empathy goes out to you!!

loving seeing all the updates from you ladies ahead of me... you look amazing and give me so much to look forward to. prayers for all getting ready to join the flatside.. you will not regret it!

PO Day 8 so i probably pushed it today...my...

PO Day 8
so i probably pushed it today...my husband is at the Cotton Bowl (Gig Em Aggies!) so i have been on mom duty with two 5 year olds fighting the flu. felt like i was up more than down today taking care of this or that. it helps that i have had an energy burst the last few days but i don't want to jeprodize my recovery so it's quite a balancing act. my PS is super laid back and encouraged me to do whatever i could handle...then i read other docs so no bending over to pick things up, etc... funny how different our post op instructions can be.

with my husband out of town i have not taken the binder off today... considering single panel velcro is impossible to tighten alone ii'll be ready for a looksy tomorrow.

slept better last night, alternating between my sides and back every few hours. still itching like crazy which keeps me awake sometimes, but overall i am feeling great and have not needed tylenol for days. my headaches are also less frequent- praise God!
speaking of...say a prayer the twins sleep through the night.. has been rough round these parts with the flu/coughing and my studly husband has been the one on night duty.

considering ordering a different binder since they seem to provide better compression than Spanx from what i read. would you girls ahead of me agree with that? anyone have a CG they absolutely love? okay so maybe that's a stretch... that they can tolerate??

thanks pals! healing prayers for you all....excited for those about to take the leap!

PO Day 9 i was anxious to peel off the binder as...

PO Day 9
i was anxious to peel off the binder as soon as my hubs got home today... when to my surprise i appeared to be taking on some shape. thrilling, since i had been more active than ever in the last 48 hours. i enjoyed a scalding shower & even managed to shave my legs. two marks on the score board.

and it just keeps getting better.

while drying off with a towel my eye caught the measuring tape on my bathroom counter. foolish, you might be thinking. ABSOLUTELY! but what the hay. i snaked the tape around my waist and did a double take when the numbers flashed... despite my swelling i was down several inches already. see pic.

wow, wow, wow... cannot even imagine what i will look like when this swelling is gone.
cloud 9 on day 9!!

PO Day 10 well my love affair with the DVR is...

PO Day 10
well my love affair with the DVR is wrapping up.. no more marathons of Top Chef or Criminal Minds. t'was mostly fun while it lasted but it's back to the daily grind come tomorrow. thankfully i am more ready, physicaly, than i ever imagined. i am walking 95% upright. i added Spanx beneath my binder tonight as an experiement & i think it helps to get me even straighter.

my energy level is closer to 65%...after helping clean the house & several loads of laundry today i made my very first outing... fresh air and blue skies does a body (and mind) good! wheeewieee was i tired when i got home. i drove (also a first) to Old Navy in search for a few dresses i could transition back to work with. scored 4 for $40- Yesss! walked next door to Target for a Starbucks before heading home... only to make my husband endure a fashion show. (see pic of me in more than underwear and a sports bra) even with the binder and swelling he was amazied at the differences so far!

i have a follow up appointment first thing in the morning... while getting ready to shower today i noticed my BB seemed to be leaking/possibly bleeding. there was a reddish smear... has anyone else experienced this? there are still ghastly blue stiches throughout, along with glue so not sure what might be going on. fingers crossed there is no infection. i know someone that had a TT who ended up with an infection in the BB and the end result is a BB at least the size of a quarter! then again, she still rocks a bikini with pride!

off to pop two Tylenol PM and hope for a goodnight's sleep! healing prayers & lots of zzzzz to you also!

PO Day 11 mother of pearl i am tired. first day...

PO Day 11
mother of pearl i am tired. first day back to work ..i started off with a gust of energy... even woke up a few minutes before the alarm. i'd laid out all my clothes last night knowing it would be an act of God to get me to the office in time. just putting on my many layers was a chore (spanx, binder, underwear, tights, dress, cardigan, boots...does makeup count!)

sat through the a few meetings and all the "how was your christmas" chatter. feeling pretty proud of myself for pulling off this TT when the office secretary yells...what is wrong with your back? you are walking like a little old granny! who me?? BUSTED! gave the ol MR- diastis recti... 5 inch tear medical mumbo jumbo explaination... then was asked... so did they take off the extra skin also? oh yeah, ahem, that too.

people are funny... talk about an "earth to sheddingskin" kind of moment... guess i am not as recovered as i feel! went to lunch and then headed to a school to check on a teacher/classroom (i am an administrator)... by the time i walked to my car at 2:15 i was in a war with gravity and he was winning... the muscle tightness you all have written about, the end of day hunch, all of it.

thankfully my director is super gracious and flexible...she knows all about the surgery, said she didn't want to mother me but i may want to go home, take a pain pill and rest! ha. even said if i needed to work from home for however long that is a-ok. i knew it would be but didn't want to ask, and thought i was up for the challenge.

so i picked the crazies up from kindergarten and climbed back into bed by 3. looks like i will be taking her up on that working remotely offer at least a few hours a day this week.

how did you girls do with your first day back? ohhhhh, might rest my eyeballs for a few :)
healing prayers to all... and peace for those about to join us!

PO Day 11 so fried i forgot to update on my...

PO Day 11
so fried i forgot to update on my appointment. all is well... no concerns on BB... had intended to take the stiches out today but wants to give it another week. explained how they take longer to heal, incision doing great, swelling will come down over time, and so on! i asked him about DVT since i've had a throbbing in my left calf, if i might have a seroma from the itty bitty bubble of what feels like fluid under by BB, and the raised stretch marks above my incision. thanks to RS i have the curse of knowledge and he had to address my highly informed list of questions, thankyouverymuch.
forward march...till my appointment next week

...give me an R-O-G-R-E-S-S!!!! yaaaaaaaay...

...give me an R-O-G-R-E-S-S!!!! yaaaaaaaay PROGRESS!

day two back at work and i had MUCH more energy...even left the office 95% upright! didn't end up showering last night so i was anxious to unwrap when i got home. since yesterday i have been wearing my Spanx under the binder & expected significant swelling. to my surprise i appeared to have curves emerging!

didn't intend to take progress pics but was too giddy not to... man, am i sooooo happy i did this!

my BB is still a bit of concern...looking pretty gnarly and the gauze was stuck today...ended up gooey and tore some skin when pulling it off. doc wasn't concerned yesterday so might just wait til my appointment next week.

hope you all are recovering well... super excited for those headed to surgery tomorrow!!!! praying for you, ladies!

2 weeks today!! and life is good. it is really...

2 weeks today!!
and life is good. it is really hard to believe i just had major surgery 14 days ago. some highlights of the week!

*back to sleeping super comfortably in my favorite position- sides (and i really think sleeping without an incline helped stretch me out through the night)
* standing 100% upright most of the time...my shoulders slouch some but my abdomen and back are straight so it counts, right?
* swelling is down some..which leads to my favorite...
* an hourglass figure began emerging!
* my energy has mega increased since returning to work monday. first day back ZAPPED every inch of me but have been gaining stamina since.
* i am able to do most daily tasks..dishes, cooking, cleaning (no vacuuming yet), bathing the kiddos, etc.
* my incision is as low as i hoped it would be...well hidden under my cheekster underwear! (see progress pic)

like i said, life is good...so good i sometimes forget i am recovering...until my binder rides up under my bra at work :) it must be because i am wearing it over Spanx..it slips, slides & wrinkles it's way north throughout the day. thinking i'ill probably just move to Spanx & save the binder for night.

hope you all are enjoying the pros of your TT too.. such a gratifying decision & i have not even seen the final results!
prayers & healing your way, ladies!!

PO day 15 full work day, followed by taking the...

PO day 15
full work day, followed by taking the kiddos to the playground, then we hit up the mall... i couldn't resist the semi-annual sale at Victoria Secret...and neither should you!!! if i had this much fun with new bras, i can't wait for J.Crew bikinis to make their debut!

ps..these SIX new bras for a grand total of $100. k, ladies...ready, set, goooooo get your sexy on!!

19 DPO: still rocking through recovery..and so...

19 DPO:
still rocking through recovery..and so far, so good

another follow appointment today to get the stitches out of my BB this afternoon. i must say it was not my fave. assistant said i would feel some "slight pulling" ...she must have meant sharp pinching/stinging and tugging for five minutes :) there was slight bleeding but it looks good so that's all that counts, right?! was just surprised since i didn't feel a bit of the drain removal.

snapped a few shots in their full length mirror while i had the chance. doc said i was still pretty swollen so if i liked the results now i would really be pleased. and that was that..no word on scar therapy, exercise, or so on... was pretty zippy...looks good, see you in three weeks kindazippy! but i'm a happy girl and loving my shape already.

having some new twinges, sharp "bings" here and there if that makes sense. just feels like things are coming alive and doing what they are suppose to inside :) catches me off guard sometimes but not bothersome. still back to work, feeling mostly normal all day...then running out of steam by the time i'm tucking in the twins.

certainly can't complain..so i won't! will just keep on keep'n on and look forward to the weekly changes.

healing prayers and loads of rest to you all in your recoveries!

3 weeks PO: time flies when you have a new bod!...

3 weeks PO:
time flies when you have a new bod!

soooo, what's new?
went without my binder today- just Spanx (so could rock my skinny jeans!)... could feel my entire midsection expanding by the hour. will be a while before i'm binder free but i don't mind. like so many of you, i feel more secure & seem to swell less.

so about swell hell: don't mind the physical appearance at this point because i've settled into the 3-6 month wait. just don't love the tightness/fullness against the CG. other new things...starting to feel the incision the last few days... seems a tad tender and i'm overall more aware of it under the binder. guess it just means feeling is returning to the area & nerves are reconnecting?

so interesting, the different phases of recovery... i frequently forget i am still healing until a new sensation comes along.

thankful to be feeling so great and back in the game with so few challenges thus far. worth it, worth it, soooo very worth it!

healing prayers to all and peace for those about to join the flatside!

PO day 29 on my 35 bday... had fun celebrating......

PO day 29 on my 35 bday... had fun celebrating... all weekend long!

started with breakfast in bed..my studly husband made crepes with berries & did a starbucks run (i'm a total junkie ...they may know my name & drink by memory since i may go there everyday.). then i got a haircut which i'm sortakinda warming up to. it's at least 3 inches shorter than i had pictured in my mind, and at least 7 inches shorter overall. eeek.

when i walked in the door my precious daughter said, "ohhh mommy i just love your hair..now you look like gigi!!" niiice. :)

went to dinner with some of our best friends at my favorite restaurant and were going to see Le Mis when my man suggested we walk to the wine bar around the corner... we had time to kill before the movie...SURPRIIIIISE!! turns out he rented the place where friends were waiting to celebrate. SO fun and thoughtful and generous AND... all things to make a girl feel spoiled rotten. because i am... my new tummy says so!!

also snapped a few pics today while playing dress up. first, an old bikini from my honeymoon 10 years ago. then i threw caution to the wind and dug out an old dress. swore i would never wear it again... banana republic size 2. not only did it fit but it wasn't even snug. haaaaappy birthday to me!

as for healing... scar is coming along- glue is peeling off more and more ... sometimes with a little help! tisk tisk, i know. i've wondered if my doc did a T incision below the BB and it appears to be the case... at first i thought it was just a superficial marking but not so. guessing he wasn't counting on it since we never talked about this as an option but i don't mind... have plenty of stretch marks left over, the T incision will blend right in.

still significantly swollen..below the BB, along the incision and on the flanks. the stretchmarks are still raised due to swelling...but i'm already inches smaller & am looking forward to the changes over the next months.

back to normal life as a working mom... the only side effect at this point is muscle tightness after sitting for a while and fatigue at the end of the day. otherwise, i am feeling amazing and thankful for a smooth recovery so far.

lots of zzzzz and healthy recoveries to all my TT sisters... and peace for those about to join us!

**oops! above post should say PO day 24, not 29....

**oops! above post should say PO day 24, not 29. wish we could go back and edit previous blog posts.

4 weeks PO.. so much to say, so little time so...

4 weeks PO.. so much to say, so little time

so check out the pics instead..

will string some words together tomorrow that capture this stage recovery. nighty night!

One month PO! so hard to believe a month has...

one month PO!

so hard to believe a month has passed already. let's see... i am back to life full speed. with the exception of a few jabs here or there, i'm mostly unaware of my TT. in fact, i feel it most in the middle of the night when i subconscioulsy streeeeetch my body out. doesn't necessarily hurt but reminds me how tight i was pulled. doc says he couldn't get me any tighter...hope he's right 5 more months from now! :)

my energy seems close to 100%, mind you i've made zero attempts to work out. i did, however, mull around in the attic yesterday..digging through boxes of boy/girl baby clothes for my bff :) didn't suffer for it later, so that's encouraging. i've stopped paying mind to any swelling... what's the point? figure it's my unwanted friend for a while so we may as well enjoy life together. and enjoying it, i am. okay, you really want to know? my hubs has a ministry event tonight so dinner for me was a glass of cab with thin mints. about 5 too many thin mints. really, i started the downhill slide on my bday last week... a creamy pasta dinner with some of my favorite friends at an italian restaurant followed by a big surprise party at a wine bar..yep, pretty much did me in!

i've decided there are two types of people...those who do everything in their power to fight against that which they loathe...and then there is i...who has waved my little white flag to it. in this case, for this week, at least. might jump back in the ring tomorrow!
my next appointment is feb 5 and i'm curious to hear what he says about excersise... have new running shorts, shoes and a new bod so hoping to hit the pavement well before our beach vacay in may!

what eles? scar is healing really well... paper thin and low...not super symmetrical at this point but not worried about it. my BB seems to have some scar tissue around it from the stiches so i am being generous with the ointment for now. other than that, not much to report. thankful for an uneventful recovery so far!

hope you ladies are healthy & healing by the minute! love catching up with your progress when i have time to pop in. looking forward to this site in march...bikini central!

til next time..prayers for all!!

5 weeks on thursday... not much to report.. been...

5 weeks on thursday...
not much to report.. been a heavy week personally...death of my best friend's dad who i've known for almost 30 years..so have been mostly distracted from my recovery. there are occasional reminders along the incision or up high with the MR..minor twinges or pulls but other than those and my ongoing swelling life is so-called "normal". :)

i did register for my first race with some friends on march 23, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!" it's an all women race, including costumes and benefiting the Mercy Project. all volunteers are men and the finish line is decorated with chocolate fountains and Gatorade in champagne glasses. LOVE it! soooo, any fun ideas for costumes, ladies- i'm wide open!

other news...despite my swelling and girl scout cookie bingeing i'm down to 119 lbs... also ordered a j.crew bridesmaids dress this week in a size 2 and wishing, hoping, praying i can zip it up!... $83 for a $250 dress (major sale with promo code) means no-refunds. will take a pic when it arrives!

hope you all adding up your victories and healing well!! i check in half as often these days but love reading your stories and seeing your progress when i do! grace & peace!!

see you at 6 weeks PO!

**me again...just adding a pic from an impromptu...

**me again...just adding a pic from an impromptu swimsuit sesh today :)

6 weeks PO helloooo TT pals... gone are the days...

6 weeks PO
helloooo TT pals... gone are the days of stalking RS so i am missing you girls! ...training at an out of town conference & enjoying a cozy bed in a quiet hotel room while i update.

celebrating six weeks today which is SHOCKING. really? 27th crew, how can this be? hope you all are recovering well!

had my PO appointment tuesday and am cleared for all activity... no restrictions according to doc...just take it easy if my body says so & don't go back until my 6 month milestone.

he agrees that i'm still pretty swollen, which is actually encouraging. the whole mind game - "is this still swelling or just my new body??" sneaks up on me sometimes so i'm thankful to know it will only continue to improve.

i asked about scar therapy and according to him, studies have shown the massage is most effective, not the actual products applied. not sure i buy it but i've started occasionally massaging the incision and BB with Vitamin E. mostly bc it's what i already have on hand. i'm not so great about remembering to do it... since my scar doesn't really bother me.

so i had time to blow this afternoon and wondered into a swimsuit shop in the houston galleria. normally i would rather hang upside down from my toenails but i was giddy pulling bikinis off the rack. am kind of in love with the fringe trend this season. tried one on in white but my phone battery was too low to snap a pic! next time :)

doc did say not to go messing up his work with a sunburn this summer :) encouraged me to stick to a full piece for now since the BB takes longer to heal and mine has raised scar tissue in some areas. speaking of BB..what do you girls think of mine..should i entertain the earplug gig or just wait for it to relax when the swelling resolves? you won't hurt my feelings..grateful for feedback.

what else, what else? oh yes..took a pic of me in skinny jeans today... without the rubber band keeping them closed :) it's the small stuff. oh, and i am free to ditch the spanx and binder but am in no hurry for now.

off to read your updates and celebrate your progress... for those awaiting your TT - so worth it!
grace & peace!!

Omg, how could i forget. so while ambling around...

omg, how could i forget. so while ambling around the mall alone yesterday something happened. i got hit on! THREE times. trust me this is not normal...and i am blushing as i type. no really. and i would never tell my "real life" friends about this but am spilling my guts out to you...

so i determined it is either one of two things... houston is more sleezy than i remember or my new tummy is slamm'n. :) third option could have been the dress (covered in hearts) which might have unintentionally screamed "flirt with me, it's almost valentines!! ". i dunno but i called my husband...

"guess what? your girls still got it!" he wasn't sure if he should agree, congratulate me or be concerned . all studly like, he chose to agree...especially since he knew it meant nothing to me, was in no way tempting..just random and funny and reminded me i'm not that mid-section mommy schleping in and out of my favorite stores.

so there..i'm partly embarrassed for sharing but just couldn't resist!
cheers to new tummies and new confidence!

7 weeks PO: happy VaLeNtInEs day, TT sisters!!...

7 weeks PO:
happy VaLeNtInEs day, TT sisters!! hope you feel loved today no matter your facebook status! :) for me personally, it's all a bit overrated... a holiday meant to depress teenage girls! then again, i am PMSing BIG TIME this week. not in the weepy sort of way but the "i can hear you breathing and really wish you'd stop" kind. :)

so i have spent some time out of my binder to try to wean myself off a bit... feels fine until i get moving. not sure if it is the MR or the swelling but i still have that tingly inside-out feeling.

still have quite a bit of swelling but it is moving south... mostly below the BB. my stretch marks seem a bit pink/purple for now. am hopeful they fade over time. incision is healing well...i feel what seems like a splitting stitch..or the very very tip of one. hard and plasticy to the touch but it has not caused the incision to buldge or split so not quite sure what's up.

know i have a long way until i can expect to be without swelling but i sure hope my love handles shrink a bit!..if they are unrelated to swelling, i'll just get my butt in gear and work them off in time.

not much to report...often forget i just had surgery..in fact, i was trying to remember what week it was today and thought i was 8 or 9 weeks PO. life is so normal, i keep losing track of time!

hope you are healing beautifully & spoiled by someone today!!

8 weeks last thursday! enjoying the oscars...

8 weeks last thursday!

enjoying the oscars (well, sort of) not so sure what i think of seth macfarlane. meh...i'll throw in my vote for amy & tina next year..my, how i digress!

all is well in my neck of the woods... recent developments in TT-land???...well, i have ditched the binder mostly...wear my Spanx on most days to protect my incision but am compression free in the night. still feels odd to be without any compression while moving around.. .wonder when that changes?

also, you will see from a pic that i strapped on my running shoes at week 7 and started jogging. nothing impressive but it sure feels good to move.

still swelling but it's on it's way down... i even occasionally see my hip bones and ribs when i move a certain way. wow, that reads creepy but you know what i mean. i do have a pic showing how many stretch marks i have remaining. pretty crazy just how many there must have been on my attractive sack of twin skin. so i may not be in the market for bikinis after all...or if they fade a bit and i might say what the heck!

my incision is healing well...too lazy to do any kind of therapy on it.. 1: because i am too lazy/unmotivated and 2: it weird me out to touch/massage it! i figure it will do what it needs to in time without my help.

belly button still has a long crease above it, which i guess is swelling... and some scar tissue around it, but i'm not worried... still so early in this recovery and i can't imagine how much more changes over the next few months. i am crossing my fingers my baby love handles are swelling related! or could it be the bluebell strawberry ice cream i have been lapping up? worth it!

i am super happy with my TT..the recovery, the results, the after care... in fact i never mentioned it but at one of my PO appointments they gave me a bag of goodies, including: a generous gift card to Victoria Secret, lotion, soaps and a candle from Bath & Body Works, discounts on facials and other services and some sample face wash. nice touch! am going to save my VS gift card for my 6 month PO anniversary!

life is good, recovery is great... and i am thankful! healing vibes and prayers for peace & strength to all recovering or on your way soon.

Really? has it it really been 12 weeks PO. that...

really? has it it really been 12 weeks PO. that blows my mind!!

i had to count the weeks off on my calendar (twice!) to be sure. honestly, i was hoping to look a bit different this far out but putting together a progression collage helped. my tum is amazingly different than before. i wasn't aiming for perfection when i took this crazy leap and at what point i fell into that trap, i'm not sure. how quickly i can pick apart my flaws...

and so while i am picking... my lovely loves... love handles that is. i feel like they are HUGE but like i said, looking back at my before pic is shocking and a good dose of reality. i still have significant stretch marks, scar tissue around the BB and an odd bubble where my T incision is. then again, i will probably not pull off a bikini anyway so not sure any of this matters.

i am loving how flat i feel (even with swelling below the BB still), that my recovery continues to be smooth and complication free. wearing clothes that fit, and not having skin tumble over my belt loops are perks too!!

i am fully weaned off of spanx. it felt odd without it for a while but i am compression free as of last week. i have had some soreness in the upper middle abs, probably from running.

my first 5K is in the morning and i'm feeling super nervous. i have had ZERO motivation to exercise in the last month...i ran 3.5 miles just yesterday and wanted to die! (eye roll, i know!) amazing how quickly i lose endurance if i have not run in a while. i think of you super marathon girls who run your age (go shellerz) and am in complete awe! seriously, i remembered many of you as i willed one concrete foot in front of the other..so thanks for the inspiration!

not much else to report in the land of TT. hope all my TT sisters are recovering well and healing vibes to all of you recently joining the flat side or just about to!

Happy Easter!!! loved reflecting on the power and...

happy Easter!!! loved reflecting on the power and relevance of the resurrection today... now if i can just avoid the chocolate bunnies & jelly beans!

last week i was THREE months...bananas! it has zippity zipped by since those first weeks.

am out of compression, including while running. stomach feels a bit tight afterwards but in an "i have rock hard abs" kinda way and not the "recovery sucks" kind. i have started running 3 miles a few times a week...pshhhhh, no big deal to most of you but i'm crazy out of shape so it kicks my butt and feels amazing all at once. ps... the 5K last week was a lot of fun, even though i wanted to curl up in fetal position at 2 miles.:)

loving my results but crossing my fingers the love handles calm down a bit. any chance there could still be swelling from the lipo on the flanks? my left side seems especially puffy but maybe i'm just picking on myself. trying to do some massage a few minutes a day in case it is swelling...but i probably just need to sweat those babies off.

not much else to report but that i am SOOO happy to have made this decision and for an easy recovery.

happy healing to all and loads of peace for those about to join the flatside... you will be so glad you did!!

3 month pics attached!
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