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I am a 26 mother of four. My parents didn't have...

I am a 26 mother of four. My parents didn't have the money to fix my teeth when I was younger so I'm doing it it myself now.
I am so embarrassed by my smile. I never show my teeth and when I do I feel like that's all people see is the girl with jacked up teeth.
The plan is to do 7 extractions. 3 wisdom teeth (I only have 3) and 4 second molars to make room for my front teeth to move back. After the extractions, the majority of my front teeth have cavities tht need filling. Finally once that I all done I can start my Invisalign journey. He thinks it should only take 8-12 months which seems too fast for my level of crowding.
This is a very emotional thing for me. My husband thinks I'm over exaggerating it but he doesn't understand how much this affects me and how deeply I despise the way my teeth look. I am ready to smile an be confident in my smile. I'm ready to so something for me.

Saw the dentist again yesterday

I have a consultation coming up with a specialist who will be doing my extractions. I had a panoramic X-Ray done yesterday which I am hoping to get a copy of so i can add on here. Also I was wrong on which molars they will be removing. I though it was my second molars but it's all four if my first molars. Once the extractions are done, I have a list if the teeth that need fillings. Because money is an issue for me we are doing all this "pre Invisalign" work in small steps.

Unexpected extraction

I reciently started experiencing severe pain in one of my molars. They did an X-ray and determined that there was an infection in the root and I would either need a root canal or an extraction. I had just had a tubectomy 3 days prior and was in enough pain from that. I decided I would rather have it pulled so it would just be done with. This particular tooth has caused me issues before and I was not willing to sit with this tooth hurting me for another week before I could get the root canal. I have added my panoramic X-yay that was done before the extraction. The tooth in question is the top right one far back. You can see how big the previous filling was. I will also add a photo of the tooth after it was extracted.

Saw the specialist today

Today was my appointment to speak with the specialist about my upcoming extractions. Overall it was an uneventful appointment. H looked at my panoramic X-ray and that was pretty much it. I have decided to use IV sedation for my extractions. Waiting to hear back from my insurance company to see how much they will cover before I book the extractions.
The extraction I had done a couple weeks ago has healed up nicely along with my incision from my tubal. This month has been pretty crazy for me lol.

Cant afford this :(

So....i have my extractions booked. Thats all fine and dandy but i asked for a pre determination to be sent off for the invisalign itself. My insurance will only cover up to $2500 and the submitted expense for the invisalign is over $8000. There is no way I can afford this treatment. We are a single income family. we have four kids. :(
Im fairly certain my invisalign journey is over before it has even started. Im going to talk to my dentist and see if monthly payments are ok but even that is going to be practically impossible.

Getting nervous

Well my extractions are coming up. Less than 2 weeks away now. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. Im having 7 teeth pulled!! Two of which are impacted and slightly under the jaw bone..I have my pre op consult a week from today. I will update after that appointment.


Seriously. I am so disappointed right now. I just got back from my extraction consult. I brought my predetermination in so I could pay for my portion. And it's $1700. I thought it was going to be $150. So yeah I don't have that kind of money to just spend so I had to cancel my extractions and re book them for nov. Hopefully I can save enough by then.
Dr. Naqvi

Dr. Naqvi and all of his staff are very friendly and always make you feel welcome.

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