43 Year Old.. Ready for an Improved Me - Coeur D Alene, ID

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I've been looking at this site for the past year....

I've been looking at this site for the past year. I love looking at the before and after's. I'm 2 days away from getting my tummy tuck with liposuction to the flanks. I'm very nervous and extremely excited. I had my first child when I was 20 years old and gained 70lbs each pregnancy. I've gained and lost that 70lbs over the years many times and no matter my weight my stomach did not go away. It's affected how I feel about me. I'm so ready to feel better when I look in the mirror. I will post before and after photos soon.

Night Before Surgery.... 6:00am check in

I've cleaned, mowed the lawn, cleaned the garage, caught up on laundry and grocery shopped. I will soon be taking my shower for the night and hope to get some sleep. My boyfriend will be taking me to the surgery center in the morning. Later my two daughters plan on being at the hospital with him when I wake up. I was feeling anxious when my oldest got here so we took some before pictures which I will post soon and she took my 15 year old home with her so I can unwind some. I will post again when I can.

15 Days post op- still having a rough time

I was supposed to go back to work today but Dr. wrote me a note for another week. I so hope I will be feeling better because I need to get back to work. All my PTO will be used up since FMLA and my Extended Illness bank of over 208 hours would not let me use it since this was cosmetic. What a real bummer to find that out.

My Doctor and staff have been amazing. I went in for my one week post op and everything was looking good. I'm super bloated and I weigh more. Today I was 186 when I went in I was 181. I figure it will go down. When this bloating goes down.

Well dummy me thinking I'm so strong and feeling great was cleaning, laundry, dishes, went to the Mall for hours pushing around a walker but feeling great. Could have been the meds. Day after that I went to the beach with my kids and just sat in a chair and enjoyed watching them swim. Nice day. After that we went to Costco and I walked around way to long and started feeling lousy. Then to another store and home. By that time I was completely exhausted and pushed way beyond my limits. I knew I had messed up. I was bleeding through my bandages and totally freaked out. My 15 year old got me in the shower and it was spurting out of a pin size hole and I was very emotional. My daughter called the Dr and since it was old blood coming out of my body he didn't seem to worried. It happened again the next morning so I went in so he could take a look. He used a rather large needle and pulled blood out and said I had a hematoma. It's still leaking a lot which means I'm constantly changing my bandages and hope this part of it is over soon. My Dr did not use drains so I'm not sure if this is normal. I feel great other wise and really trying to limit everything now which is so hard for me to do. I have to get back to work next week. I can't wait to see what this looks like at the end. I have months before this swelling will go away. I really thought I'd wake up and magically be skinny. Ha no such luck it does look better though.
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