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Tawnya Lindsay - 7/12/2016 PRK testimonial, Dr....

Tawnya Lindsay - 7/12/2016
PRK testimonial, Dr. Chayet at Codet Vision Institute, Tijuana Mexico ~ May 27th, 2016:
I have been interested in Lasik eye surgery for myself for many years now. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. I always wanted to live without having to wear contacts or glasses on a daily basis. I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses, play sports, go swimming, go to the beach without worrying about contacts or glasses or just going natural and not being able to see very far or clearly at all. Whenever I looked into this procedure in the U.S., I was not able to get past the pricing, something I knew I just could not afford. Not many insurances companies cover any cost of Lasik, mine included. My research into the procedure never went much farther than that until recently.
I have been working with a very well-known medical optical company for just about 2 years now. I am fortunate to work in the Research & Development department where we work on multiple systems that performs Optometry surgeries. I work with many experienced and knowledgeable engineers that not only work on developing the technologies for such systems, but also go out and work with actual optometrists all over the world.
Recently, when I began researching again the idea of having Lasik surgery I decided to look outside of the U.S. I searched for the most credible Optometrists in Tijuana, Mexico as I live relatively close to the International boarder. During my online search I noticed two particular vision centers in T.J. that had more details and reviews available than any others. Dr. Chayet and Codet Vision Institute was the second search option, so I began with researching the first online option. The first institute was very adamant about having the most advanced laser technology available on market to them, but not yet in the U.S. I spoke with the engineers at work and they agreed that the laser this place had was new and up and coming to release in the U.S. soon. Aside from their technology, the website looked nice and I was able to call and speak to someone in English immediately. However this facility was so eager to get me scheduled, they were willing to schedule my consultation and surgery for the same day. Their main selling point was the technology they had, not so much what my customized surgery plan might say otherwise. My eyes being one of the most delicate and important organs in the body, I decided to keep researching.
When I brought the idea of having Lasik done in Mexico to my manager and various engineers, I was introduced to the name of Dr.Chayet at Codet Vision Institute. I also learned that other countries like Mexico, Canada, and other countries in the E.U. have access to medical technologies long before the U.S. because of the FDA approval process for release of such devices. Being able to work with such technologies before the U.S. gives these countries the opportunity to provide the procedures at a much lesser cost than when the technology is released in the U.S. I was advised of this by my top level Sr. Manager and that he and his wife have seen Dr. Chayet, and recommended him to me. When I did more online research into Dr. Chayet and Codet, I was able to find so many links and articles on his work and experience, with various U.S. optometrists referring patients to go see him. With this search I was able to see that Dr. Chayet not only has decades of experience in this field, but that he is also one of the most sought out surgeons in our region. I was not able to find any such information on the first doctor I found in my initial online search.
I first emailed in to Codet letting them know I was interested in having Lasik. Within a short amount of time the office manager, Teresa, returned my email with a call. Teresa took the time to talk to me. She asked me questions like what my occupation was, what my hobbies were and what my current vision problems were. She took the time to explain to me that before any surgery or procedure is scheduled that Dr. Chayet would need to evaluate my eyes at a consultation appointment and the various procedures that he may recommend. We spent about 20 minutes on the phone discussing options and what the next steps would be if I wanted to see Dr. Chayet.
At my consultation appointment, I was greeted and treated so politely by every member of the staff. After the staff did all the various tests and topography readings with my eyes was when I saw the doctor. Dr. Chayet was not only very polite and respectful but also took the time to explain what he saw wrong with my eyes. He explained to me that my corneas were not good candidates for traditional Lasik and recommended the PRK procedure to me. He explained the difference between the procedures to me a so that I understood exactly what would be happening to my eyes. He left the decision to have the surgery completely up to me. I felt no pressure either way. I decided on going through with the PRK procedure, which is very similar to traditional Lasik but with no incision, it is more of a “sanding” of the surface of the cornea which creates a bit longer of healing process. The surgery was scheduled for the very next day and the one day follow-up for the very next morning after the surgery.
Again when I arrived for my surgery I was greeted and treated very politely by all staff. I was in and out of the office within a couple of hours. The actual procedure itself takes less than 2 minutes per eye and I felt no pain at all. A clear bandage contact lens is placed in each eye for protecting the healing surface of the cornea. Staff in the surgery room was very respectful and comforting with Dr. Chayet talking you through the process the whole time. I was immediately able to see farther and more clearly, however with the healing process involved with the PRK procedure my vision fluctuated for the next week, as I was informed. I was sent home with the eye drops that needed to be taken every 2 hours and a post op information sheet outlining how my vision would be the next few days. The day of surgery, I didn’t do much, just rested and watched a bit of tv. I felt minimal pain or discomfort this day. The very next day at 8am was my follow up to ensure healing was on the right track. My eyes were a bit more sensitive the second day, feeling more dry and light sensitive. I then needed to schedule a follow up appointment for 5 days to have the bandage contact removed. My vision fluctuated basically just as the information sheet said it would, somewhat blurry and irritable for the first week.
I just had my 6 week follow up and my vision is 20/20 in my left eye and 20/25 in my right eye. Each day after the initial week of surgery, vision gets better and better each day. I am so thankful that I decided to go see Dr. Chayet at Codet. He is amazing as is all his staff at the facility. Each time I went there I was greeted and treated so politely by everyone. And the staff works so streamlined together it was impressive. I would recommend Dr. Chayet to anyone looking into any type of eye surgery. He has been in this industry since the 80’s, he sticks with proven and trusted technology that has proven results with minimal problems.
Dr. Chayet

Dr. Chayet is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. The doctor himself and every member of his staff are extremely kind and polite. Dr. Chayet absolutely took the time to talk with me and go over the best customized vision plan for my eyes. The office visits were timely and minimal waiting. Everything is straightforward no hidden fees or anything like that. I have recommended Dr. Chayet and will continue to recommend him to anyone who asks me about my procedure, which has been life changing. I am beyond grateful to finally be able to see.

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