PicoSure ankle tattoo removal

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I am finally getting this butterfly off my ankle!...

I am finally getting this butterfly off my ankle! It's 4 years old and less than 3 months after getting it I decided I hated it. A huge, impulsive, not-well-thought-out, mistake. Doing research on laser removal I learned that this tattoo would be extremely difficult to get out (with the traditional lasers) because it's bright blue and dark black, and is on my ankle where there is less blood flow. I came to the conclusion that PicoSure was my only chance. It's less than 72 hours after my first treatment, and I don't have unreasonable expectations, so I'm not surprised it's a scabby mess! I do feel like I can really see some clearance in some places (but not in others).

1.5 weeks later

Still lotttss of healing to be done, but there is noticeable clearance in several areas! This is amazing because I've read with the traditional lasers, 2-4 treatments is required before you can even see a difference!
I am a little worried though, it appears to be extremely harsh on the skin. I had a blister leaking fluid for a week (which they told me was normal), and although that has gone away, the skin does not look much better. Still super RED and blotchy, BUT NO SCAB YET? Weird. Again, it seems to be very, very harsh on the skin, leading me to think even when the ink is gone there will be a scar there...
i had already mentally prepared for this, deciding I hated my tattoo more than I would a scar. ugh..long process.

3 weeks later

Exactly 3 weeks after my first treatment and it's about 90% healed, but i'm a little depressed because it's still totttallyyy there- still so black.

5 weeks after

5 weeks after treatment #1 and my next treatment is scheduled for exactly 3 weeks from today. I am worried because it still is not healed. There are no scabs and the skin feels pretty normal, just a little thin and dry, but it is still red!! I'm thinking of waiting 3 months between my 2nd and 3rd appointment.

Had second treatment 24 hours ago!

I just had my second PicoSure treatment yesterday. They were extremely impressed with my progress after just one treatment. And they turned the laser up this time! Yay!!
I'm very worried about the blister that's beginning to form (I didn't have any last time). The white in the picture is ointment left over from yesterday.


4 weeks after 2nd treatment, looking GREAT!

Wow, this laser really is worth all the hype! Check out how much it has faded!
* The stupid antennas are almost 100% gone (the black ink is 99% gone, what remains is just some hyperpigmentation).
* The black outline of the whole butterfly is totally gone in some places and the spots where it remains are a light greyish-blue. No where is my tattoo the deep, rich black I started with.

After 3 treatments

This is what it looked like after my 3rd picosure treatment. The butterfly antennas are completely gone and its faded a lot! I waited an entire year and before getting my 4th treatment today. I highly recommend waiting longer than 8 weeks (if you can stand it, lol!) because it faded significantly more throughout the year. I will be putting up pics of results from my 4th treatment in a couple weeks after its healed :)

Another pic

Another pic. Taken 1 year after my 3rd picosure and just minutes before my 4th!

4th treatment blister!!

Looking great!!!

1 month after my 4th Picosure and it's almost gone!

About to have my 6th Picosure treatment

Hey guys, I need to do a little venting here. Ok...so the last picture I put up in April had REALLY flattering lighting. My tattoo does not look at that good. Basically, I saw HUGE reductions after my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd treatments. After my 4th and 5th...not so much. Like I think the lines have faded a little bit, but I honestly think it looks pretty much the same! I'm putting up a pic of my tattoo that i took TODAY, AFTER 5 TREATMENTS. I feel bad about the last pic I put up because it's not accurate and I'm sure this post will be confusing because comparing the two pics looks like there's more ink there than before.

I've already spent $1,000 and am prepared to spend another $200 tomorrow afternoon to get my 6th treatment. I know the ink was very dark (high quality professional ink) and I know it's harder to remove ankle tattoos, but I saw so much improvement after each of the first 3 treatments, and then after the last 2 hardly saw anything! I'm sure a lot of you out there can relate to hating your tattoo, but feeling like the faded, spotted mid-removal remnants of the original tattoo also sucks!

Any advice? Anyone else feel like their progress stalled after the first couple treatments?

After 7 treatments

So I've had 7 Picosure treatments over the course of 2.5 years. I waited a long time between some of my treatments to let my skin heal and get maximum clearance (the nurse practitioner who does my treatments says 8 weeks is the minimum but several months is even better).
Not going to lie I am getting pretty frustrated with this process. I know I've had great results so far but these last couple treatments seemed to barely make a difference. I am getting fed up and just want it all GONE!
I am posting 2 pics - 1 with the flash and 1 without. I would say in real life it's somewhat between the two (not as dark as the first one but not as light as the flash one).
Lmk what you guys think!
Maryland Laser, Skin, & Vein Institute

Such a nice place and the staff was very nice. I feel extremely comfortable going to a doctor's office instead of one of these places that only specializes in removing tattoos. They are having me wait 2 months even though other places say 4-6 weeks, and keep it moist with ointment and wrapped in a bandage for 2 weeks, to allow for better healing and better results which I think is probably an excellent idea!

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